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Hi All, Writing this to throw some light on call flows when MNP(Mobile Number Portability) will be implemented in India.

There is one very interesting a full form of MNP floating in industry "Mujhe Nahi Pata", hope after reading this we will be able to say goodbye to that :) Before coming to the point i would like to elaborate some terms which will used later in explaination. 1) MNPDB--> Mobile Number Portability Database, where in all details of subscriber is stored. 2) Ported In/Out--> Ported In/Out subscriber are those which have changed there Service provider Exp: A was originally Airtel Subscriber and availed MNP and changed to Vodafone so A will be Ported in number for Vodafone and Ported out Number for Airtel. These terms are enough to get a feel of normal mobile to mobile in MNP.

Here i have taken example to Vodafone Delhi where Subscriber A in MSC1 and Subscriber B in Coverage of MSC2. Let us now go through signaling flow in steps: 1) Subscriber A dials Subscriber B 2) MSC1 receives B number and SRI is sent to MNP server instead of HLR as in case of traditional call flow. 3) MNP checks its database and founds that this is own subscriber and relays that SRI to HLR. 4) HLR on receiving SRI check the VLR address of subscriber and send PRN to MSC2. 5) In response to PRN MSC2 returns with MSRN. 6) HLR forward that MSRN number to MSC1 in SRI Response Message 7) MSRN is now dialled out from MSC1 to MSC2 to establish the voice path between two MSCs After this call flow remains same as in case of traditional call flow which is already posted in this blog.

**There may be some changes in call flow as Implementing MNP is operator specific, they implement the way which is best feasible for them. But Implementing Concept remains the same