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Al Tamayoz Model School

Science Department

Action plan



Schedual From : 11-92011 To : 1-102011


Grouping students according to percentages Implementing the spirit of discovering and investigation among students

Analyzing the results of diagnostic test

Science teachers

resources and costs the results of diagnostic test test s papers

success criteria Analyzing the results Classifying students into groups Making alternative experiments
Answering the questions of problem solving And scientific thinking Cooperation with colleagues during group work

recording system Have been analyze d and saved on excel Follow up files

evaluating evidence

Result analysis and recommendation s

Using investigating and exploring methods Using problem solving to stimulate thinking during classes

During tr1

Science teacher and lab supervisor

Scientific experimen ts

ADEC EXAM Science club

Stimulating creativity and scientific thinking Increasing the level of educational achievements

During tr1 &2 Science teachers

Work sheets with high level thinking

EMSA exam

Taking much care of the talented and excellent students Acquiring them advanced scientific skills

Following up the students during the classes and presenting enriching work sheets Using problem solving to stimulate thinking during classes Joining students in science club and talented and gifted club
Making a specific part

During tr2&3

Science teachers

Symbolic gifts to students

Students' achievement s in talented and gifted club and science club and get advanced positions in competition s

Students' achievements and get

School Principle Abed-El aziz Shahdad

Science Coordinator Mostafa Hanafy