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00 No O1 Title Important soft skills as perceived by dental clinicians at Faculty of Dentistry , University of Malaya Dental students perception towards the practice of four handed dentistry in Faculty of Dentistry. University of Malaya. Patients perception towards dental treatment provided by dental students Associated risk factors in Burning Mouth Syndrome(BMS) : A retrospective study Prevalence of oral mucosal lesions in dental outpatient attending primary dental care unit at Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya Presenters & Supervisor 1) Quek Szu Fang 2) Tan Kiat Ling Dr. Maria Angela Gonzalez 1) Khoo Siew Mei 2) Khor Yee Xian A/P . Dr. Noor Hayaty Binti Abu Kasim 1) Tan Cheng Lin 2) Teoh Yean Peng A/P. Dr. Chai Wen Lin 1)Noor Farhana Muhammad Raflee 2)Aida Idayu Ahmad Sudir Dr. Thomas George Kallarakkal 1) Lim Ee Lian 2) Lim Sze Ming Prof. Dr. Siar Chong Huat



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10.40-11.00: TEA BREAK Time 11.00 11.20 No O6 O7 Title Root and Root Canal morphology of mandibular first premolars in three Malaysian ethnic groups An analysis of root and canal morphology of extracted permanent maxillary first and second molar of Malaysian Malay population. Comparing the accuracy of Raypex 5 and Root 2 X II in detecting apical foramen in close and open apex Analysis of removable partial denture service offered by Faculty of Dentistry University of Malaya from 2005 - 2010 The effects of custom tray space relief on dimensional accuracy of Poly Vinyl Silicon impression material. Evaluation of surface roughness of different types of composite resins using sof-lex polishing systems Presenters & Supervisor 1) Chng Chia Chee 2) Tham Wey Sian A/P. Dr. Thong Yo Len 1) Hazwani Bt Noorul Amin 2) Siti Asmak bt Subahir Dr. Jacob John Chiremel Chandy 1) Choo Si Xuan 2) Nirmal Kumar A/L Kunji Krishanan Dr. Zeti Adura Binti Che Abdul Aziz 1) Safwanah Muhamad Nor 2) Hamizah bt Masrom A/P. Dr. Laith Mahmoud Abdulhadi 1) Ainul Husna binti Md. Supar 2) Hanis Farhana binti Mohd. Hisamuddin Dr. Siti Fauzza binti Ahmad 1) Nur Syafiqah Mohamad Baharudin 2) Siti Sarwani Yusoff A/P. Dr. Hadijah Abdullah









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1.00-2.00: LUNCH BREAK Time 2.00 2.20 No O12 O13 Title The effects of desensitizing tooth paste towards dentinal tubules occlusion Drinking water quality from coolers and taps Presenters & Supervisor 1)Anis Adibah Bt Misroni 2)Zarikh Hafiza Saqina Bt Zaberi Dr Marina Bt Mohd Bakri 1) Nurul Iman binti Mohd Nor 2) Nurulaini binti Yusof A/P. Dr. Fathilah Binti Abdul Razak 1)Yeoh Oon Take 2)Tee Kang Long Prof. Dato Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Razak 1)Kong Yi Yong 2)Hamizah Ghazali Dr Wan Nurazreena Wan Hassan



Tooth enamel changes after power bleaching and comparison between different application times Orthodontic treatment in Malaysia. Whos doing what?



3.20 3.40: TEA BREAK Time 3.40 4.00 No O16 O17 Title Incidence and causes of delay in surgical repair of cleft lip and cleft palate Outcome of primary lip surgery in cleft lip and palate patients Cancer risk habits in two selected Chinese communities Presenters & Supervisor 1) New Ze Hau 2) Siah Bing Jian A/P. Dr. Siti Mazlipah 1)Amirul Effendy bin Mohd Zulkarnaen 2)Azharuddin bin Norshahri Prof. Dr. Zainal Ariff Ab. Rahman 1) Khoo Yoke Leng 2) Tan Bee Chin Prof. Datin Rashidah Esa




Scientific Committee/ 11/11/11

3 Time 9.15 No P1 Title Tissue Response of Type 2 Diabetes towards Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy. A Retrospective Comparative with Non Diabetic. Peri implant tissue status around mandibular implant supporting full overdenture. Effect of Muscle Relaxant and Posture to Condylar Position. Multicentre Audit In Management of Mandibular Condylar Fractures. Effects of CPP APF on salivary parameters and fluoride levels : Comparison of two methods of application. Presenters & Supervisor 1)Goh Yet Ching, 2)Lau Shee Lang, Prof. Dasan Swaminathan 1)Shazni Seman, 2)Abdullah Syafiq Abdul Malek, Prof. Tara Bai Taiyeb Ali 1)Nurul Atikah Zaaba, 2) Norcahaya Abdillah, Dr. Ismadi Ishak, Dr. Ahmad Izzat Mohd. 1)How Mun Sin, 2)Ng Jia Mei, Dr. Aung Lwin Oo 1)Chew Ya Yin, 2)Liaw Choo Nee, Dr. Lily Azura Shoaib

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10.30-11.00 : TEA BREAK Time 11.00 11.15 No P6 P7 Title The Effects of Phenotypic Switching on Cell Surface Hydrophobicity and Antifungal Responses of Selected Oral Candida Species. Surface Roughness and Candida Albicans Adherence of Urethane Dimethacrylate Denture Base Resin. A Comparison of Various Methods Used to Count Axon Fibres in Repaired Peripheral Nerves. Push-out Bond Strength of Fibre Post Cemented With New Dual Curing Resins. Accuracy of vinyl polyether silicone as a new impression material in implants Presenters & Supervisor 1)Fatin Afifa Mohamad, 2) Fatimatun Aisah A.Tajuddin, Dr. Wan Himratul Aznita. 1)Nurul Rabizah Bt. Mohamad Husrin, 2)Neshaannthy A/P Valu, Prof. Norsiah Bt. Yunus, 1)Nur Salsabila Saadon, 2)Prasanna a/p Chandraseharan, A/P. Dr Ngeow Wei Cheong. 1)Caroline Teng Huay Sin, 2)Mak Wen Chin, Prof. Lui Joo Loon. 1)Syuwari Azhar Azman, 2)Mohd Syukri Mohd Tain, A/P. Dr. Wan Adida Azina Mahmood

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12.15-2.00: LUNCH BREAK Time 2.00 2.15 No P11 P12 Title Oral Diseases Risk Assessment among Patients Attending Oral Health Education Clinic in University of Malaya. Oral Health Related Quality of Life on a Selected Malaysian Adult Population. Presenters & Supervisor 1)Ho Shu Lan, 2)Yong Jia Sheng, Dr. Asma bt Mohamed 1)Nurul Fariha Mohd Radzali, 2)Norsyazana Abdullah, Dr. Rathna Devi Vaithilingam.

Scientific Committee/ 11/11/11

4 2.30 2.45 3.00 P13 P14 P15 Temporomandibular Disorders in Faculty of Dentistry , University of Malaya Orthodontic treatment needs and outcome in University of Malaya The Usage of Tooth Mousse And Fluoride Varnish among Children by General Dental Practitioners. 1)Pang Yok Wen, 2)Tan Hui Ying, Dr.Nosizana Mohd Salleh 1)Lim Jia Sheng, 2)Yoong Min Yet, Dr. Roziana bt. Mohd Razi 1)Kong Yi Yong, 2)Lim Soo Ting, A/P. Dr. Sabri Musa.

3.15-3.45: TEA BREAK Time 3.45 No P16 Title Knowledge, Behaviour and Perception Between Parents Who Had Child With Oncology Disorder and Parents who had Medically Healthy Child. Investigation of Knowledge, Awareness and Attitude of Clinical Dental Students towards the HIV/HBV Positive Patients Coming to the Faculty Dentistry, University Of Malaya. The Understanding of Four-Handed Dentistry among Year V Dental Students : A Survey Study Anxiety among Undergraduate Dental Students in three main Public Universities in Malaysia. Presenters & Supervisor 1)Fatin Adibah Ghazali, 2)Nur Sakinah Amran, Dr. Syarida Hasnur Safii. 1)Hilman Safwan Sugiman, 2)Siti Nor Aisyah Radzi, Dr. Priyadarshni Bindal. 1)Mira Emilia Amir, 2)Nor Asyikin Bakri, Dr. Mariam Abdullah, 1)Gerald a/l Stephen Joseph, 2)Wong Shu Chyn, Dr. Marhazlinda Jamaludin .



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