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The Guest Room

It is serviced by designated room attendants, room boys or chambermaids. This is serviced twice a day- morning and late aIternoon or
Room attendants who report Ior the Iirst shiIt perIorm the room make up and installation oI room amenities. They also attend to
service morning shiIt beIore perIorming the night service. The night service usually includes the turndown oI beds, make-up oI
bedroom and bathroom, reIill oI thermo jug with water and other guest services.
According to Number of Beds
O Single Room a room with single bed, good Ior one person.
O Twin Room room with two twin bed two single beds, good Ior two persons.
O ouble Room a room occupied by two persons with one double bed or matrimonial bed.
O ouble-double room with two double beds or 2 queen beds occupied by two or more persons. It is sometimes called Twin
O Triple Room room occupied by three people, may have one double bed and a roll away bed or 2 single beds plus a roll
away bed.
O "uadruple room occupied by Iour people; may have two beds or more.
O Family Room room with at least one double bed, with one more single beds, designed to accommodate, one small Iamily.
According to Price, Lay-out and Facilities
O Economy room designed Ior an economical rate, usually short oI standard Iacilities like air conditioner, television and
other amenities.
O Standard room sold at moderate rate, equipped with standard Iacilities and amenities like air conditioner, television,
toiletries, bed night table, etc.
O e Luxe a more luxurious and spacious room with amenities oI superior quality, solid at much higher price than standard
O Studio a room with a studio bed- a couch which can be converted to into a bed. It may also be called an executive room.
O Connecting Rooms two or more rooms with entrance doors Irom the outside door between them through each bedroom
without going out oI their rooms.
O Suite a room with a parlor or living room connecting to one or more Iull sized bedrooms, equipped with luxury amenities
and sold at a higher price than other rooms.
unior Suite sala and bedroom is not sound prooI or no separation at all.
!enthouse Suite a suite usually located on top Iloor oI the property.
Executive Suite serves also as an oIIice Ior a businessman with Iacilities and amenities in superior quality.
!residential Suite special amenities such as butler, swimming pool, grand piano, Jacuzzi, etc.
istorical Suite with historical background.
ospitality Suite suite used Ior entertaining visitors; serving as Iunction room or parlor.
1ypes of Beds
O $ingle Bed 39 x 75
O Twin Bed - 39 x 75
O ouble Bed/Full size Bed 54 x 75 (common bed in hotel)
O ing size Bed 76 x 80
O "ueen size Bed 60 x 80 middle size bed bigger than double and smaller than king size dimension.
O Baby Crib
O xtra Bed
O Foot Bed
O urphy Bed also called a wall bed, pull down bed or Iold-down bed is a bed that is hinged at one end to store vertically
against the wall, or inside a closet or cabinet.
O Twin Hollywood Bed a twin bed annex with headboard.
O Jabar Bed A bed named aIter a basketball player because oI its extra long length.
O Trundle bed or Pull-out Bed shallow bed on wheels.
O ater Bed
O $oIa Bed
O Air Bed
O ouble eck
O Tatami Bed - typically a Japanese platIorm bed with insets Ior Japanese tatami mats to lie.
Parking Area Helipad Restaurants Bars
CoIIee $hop $wimming Pool Gym or Fitness Center Game Room
isco Videoke Room Clinic Pharmacy
GiIt $hops $ecretarial $ervices Facsimile $ervices -mail $ervices
Casino Tennis Court $quash Court Pelota Court
ini GolI riving Range $auna Jacuzzi
Post OIIice Airline OIIice View eck Bridge
Lobby Travel Agency OIIice Parking Valet $ervice Ballroom
Laundry Valet $ervice ConIerence Rooms

cco22odation with Food Package
1. n Pension Plan |3 meals included|
2. emi Pension Plan |breakIast and one lunch or dinner|
3. B & B Plan |bed and breakIast|
4. Rooms only |separate charges Ior meals|




ain oor with agic ye Laundry Bag Laundry List
Closet with Hangers with $aIety eposit Box asy Chair Luggage Rack
resser irror with Table and Chair CoIIee Table Beds
Television with Remote Control Night Table Compendium
ReIrigerator with ini-Bar Tent Cards Telephone irectory
Remote Control Ior Air Conditioner $ewing it $aIety Procedures
$hoe itten, $hoe Horn, $hoe Brush atches Room $ervice enu
o not isturb/ ake-up $ign elcome Letter T.V. Guide
aste Can with Trash Bag Notepads Pencils
ini Bar List and Prices Pillow with Pillow Case Pillow $lip/Inner $lip
CoIIee, Tea, $ugar, Cream Bed $kirt & Bed Pad BreakIast oorknob enu
Bedroom $lippers Bed $heets/Bed Cover oolen Blanket
Bible/Reading aterials/Philippine Tourism Book/
Chain Hotel Brochures, etc.


Bathroom oor Bathrobe Hand Towel Face Towel $hampoo
Lavatory $ink with Vanity irror Bath Towel Hand $oap Bath $oap Bubble Bath
ater Closet with Bidet Bath Gel Body Lotion Hair Conditioner Toothbrush
Bath Area with Tub Toothpaste
$having it or isposable Razor


A room that has been cleaned by the room boy or chambermaid, and has been inspected by the supervisor.
This room has no baggage, is not used and there`s no occupant. This room is ready Ior sale or Ior occupancy.

A room that has been registered.
The guest may be IN` at the moment or OUT` at the moment. It has guest`s baggage or belongings. These rooms are cleaned every

A room that has no baggage or guest`s belongings, anymore, but normally the room has been used and messed up, and usually dirty.
Its leIt by the previous occupant are placed and reported to the lost and Iound clerk.

An occupied room with guest baggage or belongings, but the guest did not turn in Ior the previous night. The guest could have slept in
another place, or could have an accident and was not able to return to his room. This should be reported immediately to the supervisor
in order to have a check, who in turn checks with the Iront desk.

A room that cannot be sold or registered to guests Ior the reason that something is wrong with the room usually that needs repair. This
should be visited periodically to check iI repair has been done or needs a Iollow-up on report.

A sign usually leIt hanging on the doorknob outside the room by the guest, and does not want to be bothered by anyone. This room
cannot be cleaned and you cannot even knock on the door, but it has to be reported to the supervisor Ior Iurther action. II by the time
the second shiIt arrives and the sign is still on, the supervisor calls the guest, and iI no one answers, the manager is alerted to check on
the room. $omething might have happened.

A sign usually leIt hanging on the doorknob outside the room by the guest, and wants his room to be cleaned immediately. This room
should be given priority and should be cleaned Iirst.
AIter cleaning the room, the sign is hanged on the doorknob inside the room.

A room that has a second lock or another lock, and leIt LOC`.
ThereIore, the housekeeping key and the guest cannot open the lockset.
This room cannot be cleaned. Only the manager`s master key can open this room. He, thereIore, decides to open this room or not,
depending on the problem or situation. $ometimes, the guest can be reached by telephone. Try calling by phone beIore knocking or
opening the room.

A room occupied by a person connected to the hotel either the owner, stockholder, manager, supervisor, or staII approved by the
This room has no charge Iree oI charge (FOC)`. ThereIore, in cleaning, this is given last priority by Housekeeping. The same with
supplies, iI stocks are limited. The paying guests are given priority.

A room given Iree oI charge` to occupants, but the hotel normally gets something in return, either an exchanged deal, trade, or sales.
Unlike House Use Rooms, these rooms are not last priority in cleaning, even iI these rooms are Iree oI charge.

A vacant room but already reserved, and cannot be assigned to someone else since this room has already been committed to its
occupant. This is usually reserved Ior VVIP, a VIP, a tour group, convention, seminar, or a speciIic request Ior room numbers such as
Iacing the sunset, the sea, corner room, residential suite, etc.

A procedure in a room being cleaned Ior the second time, such as, turn down service, during delivery oI towels, soap, etc. or cleaning
vacant room.
This is normally done in a Iew minutes. uch less time than ake-up` cleaning.


1. SINGLE OCCU!ANCY- a room occupied by one (1) person
2. OUBLE OCCU!ANCY- a room occupied by two (2) persons.
3. TRI!LE OCCU!ANCY- a room occupied by three (3) persons.

NOTE. Normally, rooms are charged by the number of persons occupying. There is an extra charge for the third person in
the room. This differs from the number of beds in the room, usually the number of beds and persons are the same.

:estroo2 Cleaning Proced:re

1. Turn on all lights to determine whether there are any burned-out bulbs.
2. Turn oII unnecessary lights.
3. Inspect the closets, dresser drawers, and the back oI the bathroom door Ior any articles that might have been leIt behind.
4. Remove soiled linens Irom the bathroom.
5. $trip the bed(s), inspecting the spreads and blanket oI stains, burns, or tears.
6. Remove and shake out sheets and pillowcases (guests have been known to store cash and other valuables overnight in their
7. CareIully remove trash Irom the wastebasket to insure that valuables oI the guest have not been mistakenly thrown away and
that no glass or other items that might injure a room attendant are contained in the waste.
8. mpty ashtrays on to newspapers, to guard against a lighted cigarette.
9. Clean and vacuum the room and bathroom.
10. Check the Iixtures and Iaucets when cleaning the bathrooms to make sure that they are operating properly and have no sharp
or broken edges.

Three types.
1. orizontal cleaning - position the attendants at the Iarthest side oI the room and the cleaning movement takes him Irom
three cleaning movement takes him Irom there going towards going the room.
2. 'ertical cleaning - position the attendant either at the top or bottom oI a surIace.
3. Circ:lar cleaning - position the attendant at the door and the cleaning movement goes either clockwise or counter


#easons for knocking at or bu::ing the guestroom before entering.
1. Protect the privacy oI the guest.
2. Prevent embarrassment oI the employee.
Using the buzzer, push twice.
Using the knuckles oI your hand, knock emphatically at the door, pause, and then knock again. nocking should be
loud enough Ior the guest to hear you inside but not loud to disturb guests in the other rooms. hen the reason Ior
knocking or buzzing is Ior service wait Ior the customer to respond beIore entering.
a If there is no answer, enter the room; but:
1) II the guest is asleep or in the bathroom (that is why he did not respond), leave the room quietly and
lock the door.
2) II the guest is awake butin a state oI dressing, say 'xcuse me $ir/adam, then leave the room
andlock the door.
3) II the guest is awake and dressed, greet the guest, identiIy yourselI and say 'xcuse me, $ir/adam,
when would you like your room to be cleaned ? (or state your purpose Ior entering the room.)
4) II the guest is out oI the room , proceed with your duties.

b If the guest answer either through the door or opens the door:
1) Greet the guest, identiIy yourselI, such as 'Room attendant, when would you like your room to be
cleaned, $ir/adam? (or state your purpose Ior coming to the room). II taking a vacancy report,
reply 'Room attendant, just checking, $ir/adam.

c o not disturb sign is hanged on the doorknob:
1. o not knock or buzz.
2. II the sign has been on the door Ior the whole period oI the shiIt and the room attendant was
unable to service the room, he should report this to the $upervisor beIore going oII duty, so the
supervisor can take the appropriate action.


1. ntering the room
2. Check mini bar
3. Bed making
4. Bathroom cleaning
5. Vacuuming
6. usting
7. Replenishment oI supplies
8. $pray with air Ireshener
9. $pray drainages/ crevices with insecticides
10. Complete room assignment/ room boy`s report
11. Close door


1. Pull the bed away Irom the headboard
2. Position yourselI at the head portion
3. At the head side place the bed pad straighten and smooth
4. Place Iirst sheet on bed and allow to extend over on end at head touching the Iloor, tuck, miter corners.
5. Place second sheet on top oI the Iirst sheet allowing it to extend over top oI bed about 1 Ioot ( wrong side up)
6. Place blanket on top oI the second sheet with top approximately 1 Ioot Irom top oI the bed.
7. ress pillows
8. Place bread spread on the bed
9. Position pillows in proper place side by side
10. Return bed to original position


1. Open the bed- remove bedspread and turn one side oI sheet/blanket up to make it easy Ior guest to get inside the sheets and
2. Place doorknob sign/breakIast menu on top oI the pillow
3. Replace drinking water with Iresh one.
4. Change soiled, used towels.
5. Clean ashtrays/trash can iI ever necessary.
6. Clean bathroom iI necessary
7. Re-make the bed iI used
8. Replenish consumed supplies
9. $witch and leave night lights on


1. Open exhaust Ian/ open windows iI possible.
2. $trip the bed
3. Clean waste cans/ashtrays
4. ust and check the bulbs
5. Polish the window /mirror
6. ake the bed
7. $weep/polish the Iloor
8. Replenish supplies
9. Clean the bathroom


1. Bring a large, discarded paper such as old news paper, packing paper or trash bag.
2. ump the waste onto the paper
3. II you see anything in apparent value, remove it Irom the waste can. $surrender it to the Iloor supervisor.
4. Roll up paper and put it on the trash bag on the attendant`s cart.
5. ipe basket with the dump cloth. ry and return it to its proper place
6. Replenish standard supplies and amenities in the bathroom up to par
7. mpty and clean the wastebasket. Put it back in place.
8. Clean the Iloor starting Irom the Iurthest side oI the bathroom going towards te door.
9. Take a last look to check iI there is something that you have Iorgotten to clean or cleaning supplies that were not removed.
10. Turn oII the lights and close the door.


1. $oak toilet
2. ash tumblers, jug, ashtray, soap dish, and set aside.
3. Clean tub area
4. Clean toilet bowl
5. Clean vanity counter
6. Clean Iloors/wipe dry
7. Replenish linen/supplies
8. $pray with deodorizer
9. Take a last look


1. Remove all soaps and guest toiletries. Fill tub with a quarter-Iull hand oI hot water, apply cleaning agent and with the bath
sponge systematically clean the tub and surrounding tiles.
2. Pay particular attention to chain and stopper, chrome Iittings, shower curtain and the area directly outside the tub.
3. Rinse all areas thoroughly
4. ry the tub systematically with an old clean discarded towel. Check Ior maintenance dripping taps, loose bath handles, chain
and stopper attached to the bath tub, loose tiles, and water draining eIIiciently.


1. Flush the toilet bowl
2. $prinkle toilet bowl cleanser around the side oI the toilet bowl
3. Leave cleanser into work Ior as long as possible
4. ash outer sides oI pedestal, both sides oI seat and lid and cistern with cloth wrung out in disinIectant water.
5. BuII up with the soIt dry cloth
6. Brush inside the bowl
7. ipe round underside oI surIace rim oI bowl
8. Flush the toilet bowl
9. Check Ior maintenance-loose seat and cover; Ilush; water running; toilet blocked; Ilush working.
10. Replenish standard supplies and amenities in the bathroom up to par
11. mpty and clean the waste basket. Put it back in place.
12. Clean the Iloor starting Irom the Iurthest side oI the bathroom going toward the door
13. Take a last look to check iI there is something that you have Iorgotten to clean or cleaning supplies that were not
14. Turn oII the lights and close the door.


1. Bottom oI shower curtain is sponged completely
2. Tub tiles and Iixtures are sponged with solution.
3. ried so they shine
4. $mall amount oI solution is pour into the basin, so that the container, Iixture and mirror can be sponged last using the
remaining solution in the bucket


ow to conduct proper room checking:

1. Look Ior N/BL sign
2. nock on the door
3. IdentiIy selI and purpose
4. Open door slowly
5. Check room status record
6. Close door slowly



Look for deficiencies in.

O Lights and lamps
O Air conditioning and/ or radiator
O Fan and ventilators
O Telephones, Iax machine, copiers- iI possible
O Radio, television, radio player, reIrigerator
O ini bar
O Curtains (hook, rails and runners),
O indow and door locks and Iittings
O Tea and coIIee-making apparatus
O Broken Iurniture and Iittings
O Carpet and other Iloor covering deIiciencies
O eIects in paint work or wall paper
O Anything shabby, worn, deIective which needs replacement
O Anything that might cause accidents


Possible fire ha:ard
Check for.

O Cracked or broken tiles, washbasins, bidets, or baths
O Blocked drains, shower nozzles
O iscolor mirrors
O Fungi
O eIective shower curtains
O Broken towel rails, toilet or bidet Ilushes
O Leaks (all varieties)
O eIective taps
O eIective switches and electrical Iittings
O Anything that could adversely aIIect the health, welIare or temper oI guest