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Page 10 — 4th July 2007 The Midlands Herald Page 11 — 4th July 2007

Exciting demand-driven expansion at Jackson Sports: Personal service at a family

Blomeyers Electrical in Pietermaritzburg terested to know that they also handle insur-
Jackson Sports cc, as it
is known today, was started
in 1933 by the late Maurice
ance replace-ments.
If your sound system has been stolen — Tim Jackson, trading as
Exciting news from Blomeyers Elec- Brother Mark is also a senior member and M.T. Jackson Sports Outfit-
trical in Victoria Road, Pietermaritzburg, heads up the appliance repair workshop very even if it was purchased elsewhere —you can
contact them for assistance. ters.
is that this family-owned business has successfully. Tim Jackson died in 1964
recently expanded on the back of in- In fact, he is regarded as one of the best Thanks and acknowledgements to all
The business has grown since it was estab- and after a short period of
creased demand for hi-tech products. advisors in this field in the country. alternate management, Peter
Blomeyers purchased the adjacent Kevin Blomeyer takes the role of financial lished from humble beginnings, and has be-
come a familiar and integral part of the Jackson joined the business
wellknown “Beds for Africa building” manager, and he oversees the airconditioning in 1967.
at 238 Victoria Road and immediately department with his sales assistant, Sonya Pietermaritzburg community.
Mark wishes to emphasise their apprecia- Much like Blomeyers
set about transforming it. Goswell. Electrical, we pride our-
“We’ve consolidated the two build- Inside the appliance showroom tion of the goodwill that exists in the commu-
nity, and thanks everyone that has supported selves in the fact that we are
ings,” financial manager Kevin Blomeyer Blomeyers’ showroom is managed by a family business and offer Above: Sports specialists at Jackson’s Sports at 240 Victoria Road, Robin
explains, “and have altered part of it to Romilla Naidoo, who is also a member (share- them over the years. Elliott, Peter Allan and Stephen Anley, show off some of the store’s equip-
And of course, it’s not forgetting the sup- personal service to not only ment in the showroom.
accommodate an audio and television holder). our regular customers, but
department displaying the latest in LCD Her division offers highly-competitive pliers.
Many of these are identified with the ad- to schools, clubs and government organisa- tant service — using the most sophisticated
and plasma televisions as well as hi-fi prices on all appliances, which range from tions. digital machine.
and surround systems by selected brands blenders and juice extractors to state-of-the- vertising that has been placed around the bor-
ders of this feature, and have contributed to Conveniently situated in Victoria Road, we We have over the years employed some great
such as Pioneer, Akai and Panasonic. art microwaves and TV sets. are basically a destination store with plenty sportsmen such as Jackie McGlew and his
“The extra space has also enabled With this vast range of products on offer, make this feature possible.
“May we continue on this strong relation- of short-term parking. brother Robin, and of late Butch James for a
popular companies such as AEG/ she aims to equip the homes of young couples Our dedicated staff are all experienced short spell.
Electrolux, Bosch, Defy, and Whirlpool with new products at very reasonable prices. ship for the future!” he concludes.
Above: Kevin Blomeyer poses For that excellent, friendly family service, sportsman and can offer sound advice on all This encourages young sportsmen to come
with sales assistant Sonya
to install built-in kitchens in far better Appliance repairs and field service products. in and see their hero.
please telephone Blomeyers at 033-392 4250
Atlas Lamp & Stove Goswell in the airconditioning
department. Blomeyers is ex-
display areas of the latest in kitchen ap-
An addition to its very busy workshop on
the premises, the business has a field staff that or call in at 240 Victoria Road, As an independent sports retailer, our prod- Our special thanks must go to the Blomeyer
uct range is vast, concentrating on basically family for being such wonderful landlords and
cited to be doing a number of He confirms that people are taking services kitchen equipment, refrigeration and Pietermaritzburg !
airconditioning contracts, in- the nitty gritty of sportsmen and not fashion business friends.
cluding the Compen Building,
more and more interest in gas hobs, par- electrical repairs in all the major guest houses lines. Racket restringing is also a very impor- Telephone 033-342 2445.
Our congratulations the new Quarry office develop- ticularly with the electrical outages, and
consequently the store has added a range
and hotels in the Midlands, and refrigeration
ment by H. Collins and Son, and airconditioning in hospitals such as
to you on your and a new development at 120
Victoria Street. Domestic
of gas appliances that both look striking
and are extremely functional.
Grey’s, Edendale, Montobello and St. Anne’s.
Inside the airconditioning department
Nicoway Hair Studio the first in Pmb to specialise
aircon installations have
beautiful expansions reached an all-time record,
with a client base extending
Introducing the
Blomeyers management
Blomeyers is currently very busy install-
ing and maintaining airconditioners for do-
Above: Romilla Naidoo (showroom manager and member); the Blomeyer brothers
Mark (head of appliance repair division), Kevin (financial manager) and Ian (head of
Nicoway Hair Studio is now situ- in the hair and change the wave
ated in part of the Blomeyers Build- pattern of hair without any dam-
in hair-straightening
appliance division); Vinod Singh (spares department manager and member) and
throughout the Midlands. Blomeyers really is a family business ! mestic and office blocks — mostly LG units Doug Cryer (electrical contracting and member) at the upgraded rear entrance. ing at 240 Victoria Road, after relo- aging effects whatsoever, while
Ian Blomeyer —as well as ducted airconditioning systems Offstreet parking at McLean Street. cating from Allandale. permanently straightening frizzy,
heads up the appli- for various retail and office blocks. “We specialise in hair-straighten- curly and unruly hair.
ance division and is In this regard, the business is particularly Blomeyers is also excited to be doing a number of contracts, in- ing and are the first in “We are qualified in ethnic,
a senior member in proud of its longstanding relationship with the cluding the Compen Building, the new Quarry office development by Pietermaritzburg to do this,” says Caucasian and Asian hairstyling,”
the business. Fern Hill Hotel, Kevin points out. H. Collins and Son, and a new development at 120 Victoria Street. Pinky Subbigadu, the owner of the Pinky adds.
Domestic aircon installations have reached an all-time record, with salon. “I also have a stylist who spe-
Above: Sales staff Wade Peters and Yeshan Chutterpaul, who has worked in the a client base extending throughout the Midlands. “Results achieved with the pat- cialises in beard design shaves,
industry since 1988, in the brand new audio and television showroom. The electrical contracting division ented Ionic Professional Hair Care hair graphics and Henna tattoo-
As Blomeyers has grown over the years the electrical contracting Retexturising System are immediate, ing for the summer holiday.”
and jobbing section has more than tripled in size, headed up by Doug and even renews and rejuvenates hair For several years now Pinky
Cryer, who is also a member (shareholder). so that it is softer and smoother. has represented KwaZulu-Natal in
Doug is proud to be associated with many major building develop- For centuries Japanese naturalists the S.A. Hairdressing Champion-
ments such as the recent Pearce House expansion at Hilton College, have been using nature’s curative ships, where she has excelled.
the Broadacres housing development near Birnham Wood, and Dis- negative ions to restore and rejuve- Currently she attends work-
count Steel’s new warehouse and admin. block in the city. nate the body and mind. shops and seminars to keep up
In addition, each year the business does all the electrical contract- Now the Bio Ionic system har- with the latest styling trends.
ing for “Art in the Park” free as a service to the community of nesses this powerful natural energy Telephone the salon at 033- Above: Pinky Subbigadu poses with her qualified staff at her new upmarket
Pietermaritzburg. to deliver nature’s negative ions deep 345 9607 or 082-921 8607. salon at 240 Victoria Road in Pietermaritzburg.
Inside the vitally-important spares
The spares department is managed by Vinod
Singh, another mem-ber (shareholder).
Here can be found most electrical com-
ponents for the DIY
specialist and most
major common spares
:hl\a8 for your electrical ap-
@hf^89iiebZg\^l8 And, as Kevin
\hg`kZmneZm^l8 comments, Blomeyers
also prides itself on
Zg]8pbla^l8 wholesaling electrical
:ehf^r^kl8=e^\mkb\Ze8 components to many
smaller electrical
Zee8ma^8[^lm8hg8ma^bk8 firms.
k^\^gm8^qiZglbhg Brand new
Then there is the
brand new sound
showroom — high-
ppp’[hl\aZiiebZg\^l’\h’sZ lighted in the opening
paragraphs above —
where you will find
Yeshen Chutterpaul in
charge and ably as-
sisted in sales by Wade
Readers will be in-