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What do you see ahead Ior yourselI in the next Nine years?

I want to be in a Managerial Position, which will always provide challenges and opportunities Ior growth.
How do you see the Iuture
Ior this industry?
A stable, considering the demand oI Oil & Gas all over the world
What do you consider to be
your job's most important
Knowledge, skills and experiences
What is the overall structure
oI your job and how did you
Iit the structure?
~QUALITY ENGG->6c inspectors-~supervisors-~workers
I am 6uality control engg and I am in mid level
What are the career paths in
this position?
Senior Engg, then Asst Manager, then Manager.
What would you consider to be the most important aspects oI this job?
The responsibility and timeline to complete a particular task with Quality.
What are the skills and
attributes you value most Ior
someone being hired Ior this
Sincerity considering time
Loyalty to company and his own commitments and Policy.
Hard work
And the most important is Honesty.
Have you previously
successIul in this position
progressed to within the
company you have worked
Could you describe a typical
day or week in this position?
What are the challenges
Iacing this position?

Timeliness to complete a particular task Give any or the week date

What are the most
immediate challenges oI this
position that need to be
addressed in the Iirst three
Immediate take over the job responsibilities and working as
What are the perIormance expectations oI this position over the Iirst 12 months?
FulIillment oI the re6uirements oI this position as stated above.
How will you be evaluated at
Petro Star Mount, and how
What are the next steps in
the interview process?
Question re6uires clariIication considering it`s the interviewer
process to decide the nest steps/level during the interview.
What level oI management
did you consider this
position to be?
Generally we are being oIIered the middle management position.
Please see the position in the organization chart oI this particular
Tell me about a suggestion
you have made
The applicant must be judged on the basis oI his experience and
expertise in particular Iield.
Tell me about yourselI:
I am simple, hardworking, result oriented with sincerity and
disciplines characteristic person
Why did you leave your last
For the career growth and challenging opportunity which can
enhance my skills
What experience do you
have in this Iield?
I have 6 yrs experience in 6uality control in piping, welding
Do you consider yourselI a
What do co-workers say
about you?
C0-Operative and Disciplined considering work.
What do you know about
Petro Star Mount?
What have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year?
l enrolled myself lnLo a course useful for Lhe nexL verslon of our currenL pro[ecL l aLLended
semlnars on managerlal skllls lmprovemenL
Are you applying Ior other
Yes I am applying, let see where I get lucky
Why do you want to work
Ior Petro star Mount?
Considering my desire to take my career to new heights, I think your
company is a growing one and having a huge projects to be
execution.say something abt the past record also.
Do you know anyone who
works Ior us?

What kind oI salary do you
As suitable to my job proIile/responsibility/experience which I have.
Are you a team player?
To be successIul in a team environment you must:
Enjoy other people's company
Be non judgmental and accepting
Be a listener
Be likeable
Be empathic
Accept other opinions
How long would you expect
to work Ior us iI hired?
As long as the job re6uires my service to your organization.
Have you ever had to Iire
anyone? How did you Ieel
about that?
What is your philosophy
towards work?
My philosophy towards work is give a honest day work Ior a honest
day pay.The work given by customer is important. Just Iinishing the
given work can be done by anyone. We should always think how to
add more value that beneIits the customer.

II you had enough money to
retire right now, would you?
No, because I think I will work till my satisIaction irrespective oI
how much I earned
Have you ever been asked to
leave a position?
Explain how you would be
an asset to this Company
I'm a very good worker. II you give me the opportunity to work here,
not only will i be a good worker, but i will implement new ways that
will allow me to work more eIIectively and eIIiciently
Why should we hire you?
Because I am not the most desirable person but I can assure oI the
best I can deliver to your organization
What irritates you about co-
II co-worker starts gossiping during work hours will irritate me and
also iI he doesn`t completes the work given by me.
II they are in-discipline at work.
What is your greatest
To create a Iriendly work environment with successIul discharge oI
assignment without supervision .
ability to prioritize, problem-solving skills, ability to work under
pressure, ability to Iocus on projects, proIessional expertise,
skills, positive attitude
Tell me more about your
experiences in this
6ualiIication and since when
you have been working on
this proIession till date?
It was a good experience , many ups and downs, I had learn many
things in this proIession and still is there to learn, in our proIession
there is never end oI learning.
I had 6 yrs experience in 6uality control in Iield oI oil and gas sector
working in piping structure, welding ,Iabrication and inspection.
Why do you think you would do well at
this job?

believe I will do well in this job because I have the
relevant skills and experience.i would learn new things
& Iace new challenges in new environment that's why i
can do this job well
Explain about your dream job.
I just want to put my best in the present job and any
other challenge iI oIIered in Iuture.
What kind oI person would you reIuse to
work with?
Gossiping person, backstabber,lier,

What is more important to you: the
money or the work?
Both are related with each other. Thus my personnel
choice would be a good money with the help oI Hard
work and dedicated time schedule
What would your previous supervisor
say your strongest point is?
I believe my supervisor would say that my strongest
point is that I`m reliable, hard-working, eIIicient, timely,
and responsible
Tell me about a problem you had with a
No such issue had happened
It is saIe to keep supervisor happy iI any problem
What has disappointed you about a job?
whenever i do job which is hardly possible Ior others
and i was not appreciated get disappointed
Tell me about your ability to work under
Every responsibility comes along with pressure. iI you
in school, there is also pressure. pressure to perIorm
better than everyone. Instead oI avoiding pressure, we
should try to cope up with situations. b'coz only pressure
oriented responsibilities yields positive result
Do your skills match this job or another job
more closely?
Depend on the job oIIered by you
What motivates you to do your best on the
I`ve always Ielt that it`s important, both to me
personally, and Ior the company and the clients, to
provide a positive customer experience.
Are you willing to work overtime? Nights?
yes, iI my job and my work wants me then i can work
over night . and on weekends also.....
but Ior 365 days in a Year NO
How would you know you were successIul on
this job?
when i hear a complement like.
"have done a great job Irom my sub-ordinate
Would you be willing to relocate iI re6uired? yes
Are you willing to put the interests oI the
Company ahead oI your own?
Describe your management style.
To be sincere & honest at work. Better not to involve in
subordinate's personal matters.
To provide a Iriendly environment (but work is Iirst
To be very clear in terms oI each person's role in the
project (or organization).
What have you learned Irom mistakes on the
Every one makes mistakes but only Iew people can
realize there mistakes and they don't want to repeat those
mistakes again..... i am the one in those Iew people, i
don't want to repeat the mistakes which had done by me
in my job/work
Do you have any blind spots? no
II you were hiring a person Ior this job, what
would you look Ior?
dedication, hardwork, good communication
skills, patience, ability to meet targets
Do you think you are over6ualiIied Ior this
I`m looking to make a long term commitment in my
career now. I`ve had enough oI job-hunting and want a
permanent spot at this point in my career. I also know
that iI I perIorm this job with excellence, other
opportunities cannot help but open up Ior me right
here. In time, I`ll Iind many other ways to help this
company and in so doing, help myselI. I really am
looking to make a long-term commitment
How do you propose to compensate Ior your
lack oI experience?
I would looking Ior a hardworking and dedication to
his/her job

What 6ualities do you look Ior in a boss?
He should have a proper 6uality to guide his/her
employee. He should have decision taking tendency and
can control his team & team members. He should have
capacity to lead the team according to circumstances
Tell me about a time when you helped
resolve a dispute between others.
Keep them clam and discussing about the problem
What position do you preIer on a team working on a project?
Honestly with my personality, I preIer being in charge oI team projects. Only because I know I would be most
likely the only person who can get the job done right.
Describe your work ethic.
Positive outlook
Respect to co-workers
Inter-personal relationships
Understanding approach
Empathy and sensitivity
Honest and sincere
% JhaL has been your blggesL
professlonal dlsappolnLmenL?
Be sure that you reIer to something that was beyond
your control. Show acceptance and no negative Ieelings.
Tell me about the most Iun you have had
on the job.
We had Iun and had a party on one oI the client
project completed by its targeted period.It was like a
celebration the client even given everyone bonus
Do you have any 6uestions Ior me? Does your company gives me what I demand

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