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Questions & Answers

Many questions asked by many different persons... ~ Answers from God the Father and Jesus Christ

- Answers regarding the Witnesses, the Signs of the Times & the Rapture - Answers regarding the Day of the Lord, the Tribulation & the anti-Christ - Answers regarding Salvation, the Millennial Kingdom & Heaven - Answers regarding Punishment & the Final Judgement - Answers regarding the Modern Day Religions, Churches, Pastors & Teachers - Answers regarding the Modern Day Traditions, Holidays & Deceptions - Answers regarding the Bible, Obedience, Grace & the Law - Answers regarding other topics

Answers regarding the Witnesses, the Signs of the Times & the Rapture:
- Lord, are you coming only for those who are looking for You (the Rapture)?:

- Jason asked this question: Is it OK to tell people The Lord is returning this year (2011) to gather, according to

The Letters, or is this date-setting?:

- Question regarding this quote from The Lord,Turn now from the churches, for it is finished... The bride is prepared and shall be taken out from among them: Is this only the people in the churches, or everyone? Because I was thinking of others that dont go to church, just some random person, they could repent and turn to The Lord today, and be raptured tomorrow... Right? (If the Rapture happened tomorrow): - Regarding Trents question: Lauren admitted that she cant study, trumpet, and do letters and love enemies...

Do you think that bothers The Lord? And regarding Laurens response to this quote in the Letters: Therefore, I am coming quickly and will take those who are ready... Those who have treated others as they would be treated, and done to others as they would do unto Me... Yes, all those, in whom I see of Myself, shall be snatched away!... Lauren said,When I read things like this, my stomach goes in knots. I cant do these things. I try to do unto others as I do unto The Lord, but it has become a burden to me. I cant do it, so if I cant do it, why would God leave me behind for not being able to?:

- Regarding an expensive Jesus statue, in front of a large church, which was struck by lightning and burned down:
- Lord, is the earthquake in Haiti part of Your judgment?:

- Regarding signs of the coming of the Son of Man:

~ title=Behold_the_Signs_of_the_Coming_of_the_Son_of_Man_/_The_Time_Has_Come_For_All_Things_to_Be_Broken_Atop_and_Benea th_the_Rock ~

- Regarding the 144.000 Witnesses: title=The_Witnesses_Shall_Prepare_the_Way_of_the_Coming_of_the_Son_of_Man%2C_the_Holy_One_of_Israel

- Regarding Ezekiel 1 and Regarding Those God is Sending into the Day of The Lord: %2C_So_Shall_It_Be_With_Those_I_am_Sending..._The_Mystery_of_God_Revealed_to_The_Chosen

- What does it mean, in the book of Revelation, when it says: The 144,000 did not defile themselves with women; they kept themselves pure?:

- Regarding someone who claimed to be speaking for The Lord, saying, If the churches do not repent, My Spirit will soon be removed.:

Answers regarding the Day of the Lord, the Tribulation & the anti-Christ:
- Regarding the Day of the Lord: %2C_Bitter_Sorrows..._The_Day_of_Deliverance_and_Judgment...The_Day_of_the_Lord

- Regarding the Length of the Day of the Lord:

- Regarding the Ten Days of trouble:

- Regarding the number of the beast and the antichrist:

~ ~ %2C_Think_Not_of_Outwardly_Things_of_Evil..._Evil_Has_Lost_Its_Grip_on_The_Redeemed

- Regarding a dream about the anti-Christ & the End Times: ~ ~ ~ %2C_Desecration_and_Blasphemy_Must_Come...They_Will_Be_Hollowed_Out_and_Burned_With_Fire

Answers regarding Salvation, the Millennial Kingdom & Heaven:

- Can our Salvation be lost?: %2C_Forever_Shall_It_Belong_to_the_Redeemed

- Question asked by Timothy, for Craig and Trina: Lord, will they be able to have their own children in the

Kingdom to come?:
- Will we still be married during the Millennium?: - Will we have our pets with us in the Kingdom?:

- Question asked by Timothy, for Jessica: Lord, will her friends still be her friends, in your Kingdom to come?:
- Lord, is Jack Van Impes idea of Heaven correct?: - How will we age in Heaven?: - Question regarding John 3:13, where Jesus said,No one has gone up into Heaven; there is only the One

who has come down from Heaven, the Son of Man: Lord, how can this be, when the Bible also says Elijah was taken to Heaven; and Enoch was also taken?: %2C_and_Sits_at_the_Right_Hand_of_Power

Awnsers regarding Punishment & the Final Judgement:

- Regarding the judgment of those who are raised at the end of the thousand years (the second

resurrection): - Regarding Eternal Torment: %2C_Shall_Gather_and_Return_in_His_Glory %2C_and_Evil_Shall_Be_No_More_in_the_Earth..._And_That_Which_Was_in_the_Beginning_Shall_Be_Again..._Evil_Blotted_Out %2C_Righteousness_Reigns - Regarding the sharing of dreams & visions about Eternal Torment: title=The_Diviners_Divine_False_Visions,_the_Prophets_Prophesy_Lies,_and_Every_Dreamer_Shares_Deceptive_Dreams,_Brought_ Forth_from_Their_Own_Imaginations

- Do the devil, the beast, and the false prophet really suffer day and night, without end, in the lake of fire?:

- Regarding Matthew 19:28, which says, So Jesus said to them, Assuredly I say to you, that in the regeneration, when The Son of Man sits on the throne of His glory, you who have followed Me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel , Jason had asked if Judas would be one of those twelve?:

Answers regarding the Modern Day Religions, Churches, Pastors & Teachers:
- Regarding the Modern Earthly Churches and Who the True Church Is: - Regarding the Modern, Earthly Churches of Men and Their Rejection of This Word and The Shutting of

Their Ears to This Trumpet:


~ %2C_Our_God_and_Savior#Revelation_is_Greater_Than_Knowledge
- What of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and their claim to be the true church and remnant?: %2C_No_Walls...Only_One_Spirit_and_Love_in_Christ%2C_Forever_and_Ever! - Regarding children being "slain in the spirit", as certain churches call it:!_Says_The_Lord - Lord, what do you say, regarding those who take it upon themselves to be spiritual warriors, rebuking

demons in Your name?:

- Regarding someone who claims that the Apostle Paul was a false apostle: - Regarding Joel Osteen: %E2%80%9D_Preachers%2C_Even_All_of_Them_Among_These_Churches_Who_Have_Become_Enlarged_by_Human_Hands %2C_Built_Up_and_Named_to_Their_Own_Glory. - Regarding Todd Bentley and the like:!

- Regarding modern false prophets:

- Lord, what do you say about new age spirituality, psychics, mediums, Buddhism and the like?: %2C_Called_Wisdom_and_Truth..._All_in_All%2C_a_Leading_Away_%28Regarding_New_Age_Spirituality%2C_Buddhism %2C_Etc.%29

- Regarding Believers in Christ Taking Part in a Jewish Fast During the Month of Av: %2C_and_Among_You_Oh_Olive_Branches%2C_Have_Fasted_Unto_Me%3F!_Says_The_Lord_God

Answers regarding the Modern Day Traditions, Holidays & Deceptions:

- Regarding modern day Holidays and Traditions: ~

- Should we celebrate the December holiday (Christmas)?: ~ %26_Resurrection ~! _/_Stand_Steadfast_Against_the_Winds_of_Deception_and_Lying! - Is celebrating Halloween OK?: - Regarding 'Thanksgiving': %2C_Offer_Up_Praise_and_Thanksgiving_Before_Your_God..._Be_Set_Apart_For_His_Glory

- Regarding 'Easter':
~ ~

- Regarding Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the like: %2C_Our_God_and_Savior#Stop_Lying_to_Your_Children
- May we still give gifts to our loved ones, as long as it doesnt take place on the 25th of December, and if

we do not call it Christmas?: %2C_For_Its_Ways_Lead_Only_to_Blasphemy_and_Sin - Regarding the holidays and the conflict which arises among family members, between those who keep

them and those who have forsaken them, because of the word of The Lord:
- By putting God first and refusing to take part in the modern holidays, are we dishonoring our parents

and family, who say we should take part?: %2C_Choose_Righteousness..._Choose_Me - Regarding the Myth of Past Lives and Reincarnation: %29 - Is the magician, Chris Angel, getting his power from the evil one? Or is he just producing optical

illusions with his tricks?: - Regarding reports of people being raised from the dead and coming back from death:

- Regarding Genesis 9, where Noah drank too much wine, and Ham, his son, saw him naked and

uncovered: Many churches and Christians believe and teach that Noah cursed Ham and his son because Ham committed a
homosexual act with Noah, while Noah was drunk from the wine. Others believe that Ham had sexual relations with his mother, while Noah was drunk from the wine, and this is why Canaan and Ham were cursed. These same churches use Leviticus as evidence for their belief. Are these teachings correct?: title=Mistranslation_and_Misinterpretation_Leading_to_Great_Obscurity_Among_Many_Faces

- Regarding the so-called gospels of Thomas, Judas and Mary: - Regarding the Book of Enoch:

Answers regarding the Bible, Obedience, Grace & the Law:

- Is it right to worship Jesus? Or do we only worship God alone?: %2C_For_He_is_the_Way_to_the_Father_/_Honor_Him_Who_is_Sent_by_the_Father...This_Honors_the_Father

- Regarding the Bible and the Letters: %3F_Who_Has_Cupped_Their_Ears_to_Listen%3F..._Says_The_Lord
- Regarding those who say the Holy Spirit would never tell you to obey the Moral Law (The Ten

Commandments):! - Regarding the Sabbath:

~ ~ ~ %2C_Our_God_and_Savior#Sabbath_Peace

- Regarding the Feast of Unleavened Bread: - Regarding The Feast of Trumpets: - Regarding Passover: - Regarding Marriage in the Eyes of God: - Regarding Submissiveness in Marriage: - Regarding Sex:

- Regarding Divorce: - Regarding Tubal ligation: - Is it OK to use birth control pills?:

- Regarding Abortion:
~ title=God_is_the_Fosterer_and_Protector_of_Those_Tossed_Away_in_Bitter_Ignorance ~
- Regarding the Importance of Breastfeeding:

- What does this mean, Wisdom is justified by her children?:

- Is it OK to wear jewelry, with symbols of faith (crosses, etc.)?:

- Trent asked The Lord this question, regarding Luke 15:11-32: Have I become hard like the older son?... Lord, let it not be so! Have I put my hand to tasks, and forgotten to build up compassion for those who have gone astray? Is this story meant to convict me, Lord?... For I do not want to depart from Your heart.: %2C_Our_God_and_Savior#The_Spirit_of_Truth_Brings_Conviction

- Jesses prayer request: Timothy, please pray that pride wont become an issue for me, because I just wanna walk with YahuShua only.: %2C_Our_God_and_Savior#Prayers_of_The_Sincere_in_Heart

- Jonathan asked: Hey Tim, Im being faced with a few dilemmas: A close friend made me the godfather of her son. They are having a birthday celebration for him this Sabbath, then having him christened at a local church. Ive been praying about this, and feel that it would be okay to go to the birthday, but Im not sure about the christening. I want to do what is right in The Lords sight, having proper reasoning for my decision.:

- Jason asked this question, during mens fellowship: He says to let go, be broken, give up... How do we do that? How do we go about it?:

- Concerning 1 Timothy 5:8... Is it more important to provide for our immediate households, over those of our brothers and sisters in Christ, and the orphans they care for?:

Answers regarding other topics:

- Why does there have to be so much evil and suffering in the world?: %2C_The_Wicked_Blotted_Out..._Behold_a_New_Day - Why do I worry like I do? What can I do to relax more and be at more peace and enjoy life more?: - Why would angels long to know the deep things of Christ?:

- Did Dinosaurs exist?: title=All_Things_Were_Ordained_From_the_Beginning...No_Other_Name_is_Given_by_Which_You_Must_Be_Saved
- Has the universe always been there?: - Regarding Judas Iscariot: - Regarding the Shroud of Turin: - Regarding "The Passion of the Christ" Movie: - Regarding David Berkowitz (Son of Sam): - Regarding Addiction (Smoking): %2C_Before_the_Lord..._In_So_Doing%2C_You_Will_Find_the_Strength_to_Overcome_%28Regarding_Addiction%29

- Regarding Suicide, cremation and capital punishment: title=The_Judgment_of_God_is_True_and_Without_Question._The_Error_of_the_People_is_Great %2C_Brought_Forth_Out_of_Deception_and_Evil_Arrogance%2C_Leading_to_Corruption_and_Death
- Was Jesus ever ill?: %2C_Assuredly_I_Tell_You%2C_You_Have_Done_It%2C_Even_Unto_Me%2C_Their_Father%2C_Says_the_Lord_Your_Redeemer - What is the definition of a Jew?: - What is The Highway of Holiness?: - In the Letters, what does darkness of faces mean?:

- Regarding Blaspheming the Holy Spirit: %2C_Nor_Blaspheme_His_Spirit%2C_For_It_is_Holy - Lord, how do I pray for those, who blaspheme Your Word and persecute Your servants? How do I pray

double for them? What does that mean?: - Speaking of the Truth, or keeping the peace?: %2C_the_Truth_and_the_Life...Proclaim_My_Name_and_Sing_Praise%2C_So_All_May_Hear - Do we try to remain friends with those who have separated themselves from us?:

- Question asked by Timothy: Lord, can You help me better understand John 16:13-15?:

- Question asked by Timothy, for Michelle: Lord, is Michelle being tormented by a demon? Is that the cause of her headaches and pain?: title=The_Inner_Sanctum_of_Peace_Resides_in_Love_for_He_Who_Was_Sent_from_God_to_Earth_in_Love_for_All

- Regarding Roselles question: I saw this video, where this man was tying all the blood moons in the past century, and he went to the NASA website... All the blood moons, that occurred in this century, have all been at Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles. In 1949 and 1950 at Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles, and 1967 and 1968 (Six Day War) at Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles; and again, according to NASA, is predicted in 2015. I was wondering if The Lord will speak to us about the connection of these blood moons to the past Pentecost. I pray He does, according to His will.:

- Roselles email: Hi Timothy. I was wondering if it would be too much to ask you, to lay your hands on me for healing. I have herniated discs in my neck after an injury at work. I know that I will get healed. The Lord has been continually healing me since I got hurt. We are moving to Colorado from Illinois, and well be passing through Nebraska this coming Sabbath. If it would be a possibility, I would love to hear from you, to tell me where we can meet with you. Thank you so much!:

- Tabathas question, regarding the following verse in The Letters: One who is awakened can not remain so, unless they eat of Me and of that which I provide. For all those who slumber, slumber because they lack in thirst and no more wish to eat. For these is there much pain and sorrow, because that revived soon falls back to sleep and eventually dies (From Awaken... Partake of the Living Bread - Volume 6). I know that salvation cant be lost, but that eventually dies throws me a curve. So salvation would not be lost, but refinement would be much needed and necessary? So those who dont accept once saved, always saved have misunderstood what it really takes to be saved, not just believing (since satan himself believes), but to thirst and hunger for a relationship?: title=Blessed_Are_Those_Who_Hunger_and_Thirst_For_Righteousness..._For_They_Have_Truly_Received_of_Me

For many more Letters from God and His Christ, see: