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Creative Brief Monster Energy Co Monster Khaos The Juice is Loose

Sarunas Babonas BA Business Studies

Creative Brief
Client: Monster Energy Co Version No: 1 Project: Agency briefed on: Review Date: Agency brief issued: Presentation Date: Job No: Release Date: Author: What is this brief for? Outdoor Advertising of Monster Energy drink at Sporting Events, Half Time shows in particular

The Company and the Market

Soft drink market has grown by more than 30% since 2006 showing huge potential to increase sales. Consumers have started using energy drinks as alternatives to normal fizzy drinks such as Pepsi, Coke, Sprite etc. The unique USP for this type of product is the energy boost it offers with each drink, something people need more and more these days as they live busier and busier lives. Monster Energy Co controls around 23% of the energy drinks market. Monster have never used mass media before. Monster logo is a clawed M to represent the wild side of the drink (appendix 3)

The Background
The main purpose of the activity is to maintain steady market share growth by increasing sales. The activity should be a mixture of Advertising, Direct Marketing and Public Relations within the marketing communications mix. Currently Monster is using grassroots efforts (teaming up with extreme athletes) as primary product placement method and mainstream media advertising (edgy website, interactive web banners, direct mailing) as secondary marketing strategy. Even though these methods have helped Monster overtake Red Bull in sales volumes, they are now proving to become less effective and a new, modern campaign is needed to maintain current and secure new market share. Red Bull are currently using cartoon TV ads, Red Bull cars and sporting event sponsorship as well as signing of athletes as main ways of promoting their product.

The Product
The campaign will focus on Monster Khaos drink. Catch phrase 50% Juice,100% Monster which also makes for a good USP as no other drink like this exists. The taste is different from the original drink as 50% of its content is made from juice. Many reviews state it does taste better than the original and contains fewer calories per serving. The price is around $2.00 per can in the US and around 2.89 per can in the UK good value for money as you get double the amount of drink as you would buying a can of Red Bull. Potential to attract a new audience as the drink is portrayed as more health conscious. Packaging Black can with a grey frame and an orange Monster logo to represent the juice content. Does seem attractive but isnt much different from the original. Available all year round although may be more popular during sporting events. See appendix 4 for current product placement. First originally launched at the beginning of 2010

The Problems
Lack of product awareness from consumers No mass media campaigns in product history By some Energy drinks are perceived as bad for health ( Not just Monster)

The Objectives
The main objective of the campaign is to increase awareness of the new product (Inform and Remind from DRIP module) which should eventually lead to increased sales. To promote companies move towards healthier energy drinks Promote the product as the healthier option (as 50% Juice)

The Target Audience

Primary target audience - C2 and D males aged 16-24 Teenagers who want to look cool Keep up with the trend. Students who need the energy for lectures be it after partying or hard studying. Secondary target audience 25s to 40s who lead busy and demanding lives and still need the energy to do more. Aspirational target audience famous athletes- Preferably NFL players in America or footballers in the UK and rest of Europe. Product is fairly cheap so every consumer is the main decision maker however teenagers may easily be influenced by friends. No research found however after reading several reviews and top 5 energy drink ratings Monster was amongst the five. The reviews were fairly positive although a few did say the aftertaste was bad.

The Proposition
Khaos will give you a boost so intense youll be able to perform when it matters and the best part about it its 50% juice.

The Support
Really emphasise on the fact that it is 50% juice as none of the other main competitors have to offer a drink with so much juice. State a few medical facts. i.e. health benefits from 50% juice content.

The Competition
The main competitors are Red Bull (40%), Rockstar (12.3%) and Full Throttle (4%) of which only Rockstar offers a similar product. Red Bull has very limited variety (original, sugar free, energy shot and cola). Rockstar have several drinks with fruit flavour but the juice content is only 10% - nowhere near what Khaos has to offer. Full Throttle same as Red Bull have only few basic varieties but nothing similar to Khaos.

The Desired Response

Get everyone into hype about Monster energy drinks. Expecting to see almost instant increase in sales of the Khaos energy drink. Use of Monster girls is essential to attract desired audience attention.

The Measurement of the Work

By comparison of sales figures pre and post campaign. Growth/Reduction of Market Share.

The Media and Creative Requirements

A new, fresh and sexy (to attract males attention) sign in a shape of an arrow or a monster can will have to be designed (need to be big enough for everyone to see). Monster would like to advertise at big events such as football games, concerts or festivals. The ad will need to cover main games/festivals throughout the season. Advertising space during SuperBowl in America, Premiership final in the UK, UEFA cup final in the rest of the Europe. Monster logo must not be altered.

The Production Requirements

Only 3 or 4 colours will be needed, mainly black and orange. Monster girls will play an essential part in the whole campaign. Ad must be visually striking.

The Budget
Total market spend in 2010 25.9m. Monster owns 23% of the market so 5.9m spend for 2010. 5.9/12months*6months = 2.95m budget for the campaign + unlimited use of monster girls and trucks if needed.

Project Schedule
Ready to go live by end of December 2010. Launch campaign in January covering several games a week. Continue until Premiership final in May then finish campaign.

Main source of data Other sources - very good presentation. Review Sources

Appendices 1. Monster website snapshot showing the athletes Monster have signed. Can also see the cool looking, edgy website which relates to youth. Source -


Monster Truck, usually driven by sexy Monster girls to attract attention. Also used at small events with girls giving out free Monster drinks. Source - s=offroad&t=&product=102522&n=template4&d=products&listTemplate

3. Original Monster Logo Source -

4. Current product placement vs competition. Source -