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Chapter-3 The whole class was silent when Maira told her name.

The were looking at her curiously and she got awkward and a bit scared seeing them staring at her in this manner.She put her head down and sat slowly took out her books from her bag and slowly and softly turned the pages whereas Manav turned pages in the speed of catching a train he thought as he was eyes were glued to her . She had beautiful delicate fingers with a pink pearl on her index finger and a beautiful leaf shaped gold ring on her ring finger which made Manav tensed if she was engaged but he was positive and smiled again and his friends noticed all this with great interest,they had never seen him this way.She wore small pink stoned jhumkis matched with her

salwar kameez and her hair was loosely plaited the loose curls kept on coming in front of her face always and she kept on putting them behind her ear but again they would reach her face which Manav felt was so adorable he so wanted to talk to her,to know her,where did she stay and everything about her.And on the other hand Jaspreet was getting insecure of her,she clearly understood that Manav was starting to like her.It pissed her off and she kept on thinking what did this ordinary girl had which she didnt.So she decided to rag her personally this time since there was a custom to rag every new comer so she thought it was a nice platform to insult her infront of Manav. The classes were over and Manav was searching for her

since girls comes out earlier than boys and he used to sit in the last so he lost track of her.This is the first time he did all his classes since his eyes were glued to Maira all the time but his friends left before him and he was surprised to see suddenly a strange scene in the college field.He noticed his friends and Jaspreet and her girl gang surrounded Maira and there were tears rolling down her cheeks.He understood something was wrong and at once rushed there. Kya ho raha hai yeh sab?Yeh ro kyun rahi hai? Jaspreet then replied proudly, Kuch nahn Manav hum Maira ko bas bol rahe the ki jake Jagdish ko pyar ka ishaar kare par ise to yeh bhi nahi aati. Manavs blood was boiling at her words all he could see was

Mairas vulnerable face which looked at him and her eyes met his which were red which asked for help.Manav at once stormed in like a hero and slapped Jagdish who was laughing and turned violently at Jaspreet and said in a rough tone, Sharam aani chahiye tujhe Jaspreet!koi aisa salukh karta hai Maine koi bura suluk nahi kiya,hamari bhi to ragging hui thi hum to nahi roye the! Han hamari ragging hui thi par kya tujhe dikhai nahi deti yeh ladki kitni massom hai,yeh ragging nahin saf saf bol kyun nahi deti ki tu jalti hai Maira se!Ad agar aainda aisa kiya na to tum sab ki complain jayeggi principal ke pas! Mairas eyes were fixed innocently at him which melted him even more.Jaspreet was

boiling inside and when Manav asked Maira, Chaliye ji main aapko gali tak chod du, she boiled even more.She at once made a face at Maira took her girl gang and went away . Manavs friends were feeling guilty about what they did but at the same time they were happy because they realised that their dear friend was finally in love.They secretly followed Manav and Maira to spy on them. Manav was slowly following her light footsteps,Maira was still keeping her eyes down and walking,her sweet perfume drove his senses mad.Maira finally broke her shyness a bit and said to him, Thank u ji. Hearing these words Manavs heart was brusting inside Thank u kis liye ji yeh to hamara farz hai ki hum ragging

ke naam me huye dhabbo ko khatam kare,saying this he looked at her for any reaction and she smiled shyly which melted his heart again. Aap apni nazrein hamesha jhukayi hui si kyun rakhti hai?,She then finally managed to look at him and smiled,her smile reached her eyes which made her think how beautiful human being must be she.He then forwarded his hands to her saying, Manav,Manav Singh,she shook her hands shyly with him and the moment his hands came in contact with her she felt a certain warmth something which she could not figure but this warmth was like almost the same warmth which she felt when her mother used to hug her. Aap yahan nayi hai? Ji

Kahan se aayi hain aa Ji Peshawar. Accha to aap peshawari hain!,saying this both laughed,he then quickly said Aap ye mujhe ji ji mat pukariye hum to ek hi class ke hain na aap mujhe Mannu pukariye yahan sab mujhe Mannu hi pukarte hain.She looked at him and felt such a cute fellow he was his name suited him and smiled again but then finally both realised that the gali was over. Gali aa gayi Mannu main chalti hun,her soft voice made Manav want to ask her to repeat those again but he said, Aapse milke mujhe khusi hui Mairaji, Mujhe bhi aap aur ji mat bulao bas Maira bulao,her eyes twinkled as she said it which took Manav to heaven again,

Done done!to kya hum dost ban sakte hain?Mairas eyes met his again,he extended his hand for friendship which made her feel so happy she didnt know why but she got a great sense of satisfaction inside and she smiled and shook hands with him her petal like soft hands almost made him feel never want to leave those hands and the same happened to Maira too the warmth of his hands gave her so much comfort that she wanted him by her side always.Both didnt want to leave at that moment but they had to,just then he quickly asked her, Maira tumhari naam ka matlab?? She laughed and said softly, Chandand turned and went away and Manav kept on thinking how much her name suited her she was like a moon itself. He

waited there till her sight dissapered and was delighted like a mad when she once turned back to see him and she melted when she saw he was still there and he still kept on smiling. But suddenly he realised that he could do something more so he secretly followed her by the mustard fields and the creamson hue of the dusk reflected on her and made her look more beautiful and he speeded towards her path till she finally reached her house.It was a small old fashioned house.As she opened the gates, a small chubby boy came out running and shouted happily Didi didi!,Manav thought it must be her younger brother.Maira hugged him and picked him up saying, Motu aur kitna bhari hoga kuch din baad utha nahin skunga.This scene melted Manav

again he dreamt how lovely will she be with his kids and it gave him goosebumps.She closed the door and Manav too took his cycle from behind the jackfruit tree where he had hidden and as he was about to go the tree shook and a jackfruit fell on the ground and Maira asked her brother, Rehan jake dekho to khirki se kya hua hai, Didi kuch nahi bas ek larka cycle leke is taraf se gaya aur Kathal gir gaya. Maira ran to see who it was and she was lucky to catch Manavs final glimpse and that thing gave all the love signals to her and there was a shy smile on her face. Didi tum use janti ho? Chod na chotu aise hi jarahata bechara.

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