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What is the SaaS and Cloud opportunity?

When you hear integration of systems across business units, geographies, and exte rnal vendors you should think cloud. The cloud (internal and external) is designe d to provide ease of access across multiple locations while working and scaling efficiently. Benefits of cloud architectures include less bandwidth, fewer server resources, access from anywhere, browser based access, simplified integration, simplified m aintenance, easier to manage upgrades, and more to deliver easier to manage glob al operations. Note that many of these benefits are the result of web based desi gns which are often the core of cloud architectures. ........................... Cloud computing, an internet based computing where software, shared resources an d information are served to devices such as computers, electricity grid. In this details about how the work is getting done is hidden from its users. It describ es a new consumption, delivery and supplement model for IT services. It is kind of by-product that provide access to remote sites accessible through internet. P ractically applications area of cloud computing not limited. It is latest techno logy in market. When someone talks about the cloud computing system, it is very helpful to divid e this system into two sections, one is front end and other is backend. They are connected with each other via a network and mostly internet is used for fulfill ing the requirement. The front side is the interface for the user and the back e nd is the cloud section for the whole system. Front end The front end of the cloud computing system comprises the client s device (or it m ay be computer network) and some applications are needed for accessing the cloud computing system. All the cloud computing systems do not give the same interfac e to users. Web services like electronic mail programs control some existing web browsers such as Firefox, Microsoft s internet explorer or safari. Other type of systems has some unique application which provides the network access to its cli ents. Front end is a technical term which refers to the interface though which a user can use some kind of services, so don t get confused with this term. Back end Back end refers to the some physical peripherals. In cloud computing back end i s cloud itself which may encompasses of various computer machines, data storage systems, servers. Group of these clouds make a whole cloud computing system. The oretically, any cloud computing system can include practically any type of compu ter machine program that can be imagined by a human being such as from video gam es to data processing, software development to entertainment. Usually, every app lication would have its individual dedicated server for services. A central server is established which is used for administering the whole system . It is also used for monitoring client s demand as well as traffic to ensure that everything of system runs without any problem. There are some set of rules, gen erally called as protocols which are followed by this server and it uses a very special type of software known termed as middleware. Middleware allow computers that are connected on network to make communication with each other. If any cloud computing service provider has many customers, then there s likely to be very high demand for huge storage space. Many companies that are service pro viders need hundreds of storage device with digital in nature. Cloud computing s ystems require minimum twice the units of storage devices, system needs to keep all the information of its clients. That is because devices like, computer often

break down. The cloud computing system must have a copy of all the data of its client s. Making copy of data is called redundancy.

-With Regards Mohit Verma