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INTRODUCTION The earth is made up of materials that are essential conductive.

A fault current will flow to the earth through the live conductor, provided it is earthed. This is to prevent a potentially live conductor from rising above the safe level. All exposed metal parts of an Electrical installation or electrical appliance must be earthed. McML recommends Maintenance Free Earthing LORESS Highlights 1.Copper bonded steel electrodes for faster dissipation of fault current. 2. High fault current carrying capacity. 3. Low in resistance and impedance. 4. No salt& charcoal. Instead, a highly conductive, non corrosive earth enhancing compound is used. 5.Electrodes are easily driven until they reach natural soil. 6.Rigid boltless connections. 7.CPRI tested.

This system consists of Electrodes ,Couplers and Earth enhancing compound.

Earth Electrodes

Copper bonded Earth rods are made from *cold drawn steel core compiles with ASTM-A-370 *Tensile strength no less than 80,000lbs,per sq .inch-PSI

*steel rockwell hardness-B80 minimum *Each rod is made by molecularly bonding 99.9% pure electrolytic copper with a thickness of 10 mil(250 microns)minimum ,meets or exceeds UL standard *to prevent oxidation of copper bonding ,each rod is treated with Benzol-trizole derivative. *Dimensions: Dia : 12.5 ,14.2,17.2,19,25mm Length:1200,1400,1500,1800,2000,2400,3000mm

COUPLERS Couplers are used when more than one electrode is required to be driven .These thread less compression type couplers are made of copper alloy. Chamfered on both ends for easy driving. Dimensions:

Dia : ,5/8,3/4,8/8 and 1

EARTH ENHANCING COMPOUND LORESS earth enhancement material is superior conductive material that improves earthing effectiveness especially in areas of peer conductivity (rocky ground,ares of moisture variation,sandy soil etc.,)

* it mainly consists of graphite and portlans cement * it is having conductivity,improves earth humidity,retention capability * it is non-corrossiv and highly hygroscopic * its resitivity is less than 0.2 ohms-meter * it is suitable for installation in dry form or in a slurry for *it is thermally stable between 10 to 50 degrees temperature *it will not dissolve, decompose or leach out with time *it is environment friendly * it is not explosive, cause burns, irritation to eye, skin etc., Quality process certification: ILAC ACCREDICATED LABORAORIES (NABL, INDIA) GROUND CONDUCTOR

Copper Tape are manufactured from High Conductivity EC grade. Bare Copper Tape PVC Covered Copper Tape Tinned Copper Tape Flexible Copper Braid for interconnection Earth Electrode and

Equipotential bus bar in equipment room. PVC covered standard Copper Conductor Bare copper standard conductor Copper coated steel strips for cost effective solutions.

RIGID AND BOTLTLESS CONNECTION The Electrical connection between the electrode and the ground conductor is made through exothermic welding; eliminating the use of nut and bolts thus ensuring a rigid and corrosion free connection. CLAMPS Earth rod clamps are manufactured from Gunmetal/high strength copper alloy suitable for use with combination of rod size and tape or conductors. ROD TO TAPE CLAMP-TYPE A ROD TO TABLE CLAMP-TYPE G SPLIT CONNECTOR CLAMP-TYPEB Most suitable for unthreaded rods. FITTINGS U-BOLT ROD CLAMPS-TYPEE Gunmetal clamp suitable for connecting copper tapes to the Rods U-Bolts manufactured from copper alloy. U-BOLT RODD CLAMPS Heavy Duty Clamp made of gun metal for connecting copper round connectors to the earth rods. EARTH LATTICE Earth Lattice is made from copper tape of various combinations. Copper tapes are of electrolytic grade copper.Sizes:500x500, 600x600, 900x900, 1000x1000mm EARTH PLATE

Earth Plates are made up of electrolytic grades solid copper sheet and also available in steel sheet with electrolytic grade copper bonding, Plate size: 500x500, 600x6000, 900x900, 1000x1000mm LIGHT WEIGHT EARTH PITS Manufactured from high quality polymer.And lid is manufactured out of HDG steel. This is also available in FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) INSTALLATION The earth electrode shall be installed in a pit excavated either by auguring 4or 6 inches hole or manual excavation upto a depth of minimum of 8 feet. The remaining length of the electrode shall be driven deep into the earth with the help of sledge hammer .The enhancing compound shall be filled into the augured holed in slurry form and allowed to set. The total depth of the earth electrode can be increased by joining the earth rods with compression couplers to reach the natural soil. Ring Earth: In case it is required to achieve an earth resistance of less than 1.0 ohm, it is possible to connect three or four single earth pits in a ring form.

TAPER POIINTED: AIR ROD These rods are made up of high conductivity EC Grade Copper and Aluminum .Rods can be installed with or without multiple points. Rod Dia: 14.2, 17.2mm Thread Dia : 5/8, 3/8 Rod Length: 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 mm ELEVATION ROD Manufactured fro high conductivity copper to BS 2874 & Aluminum to BS2987 Rod Dia : 14.2, 17.2mm

MULTIPLE POINT Multiple points are made from Copper Alloy & Taper Spike from EC Grade Copper. Thread Dia : 5/8, 3/4"

Thread Dia : 5/8,3/4 Rod Length: 500, 800, 1000, 1300 mm AIR TERMINAL BASE Manufactured from Gunmetal& Aluminum. Thread Dia : 5/8,3/4 Rod Dia : 14.2&17.2 mm RIDGE SADDLE Manufactured from Gunmetal. This is for supporting lightning conductor Air Terminals on the Roof Ridges. Thread Dia : 5/8, Max. Tape Size: 30x6 mm RIDGE SADLE Manufactured from Gunmetal& Aluminum. This is used to support & continue elevation rod. Rod Dia : 14.2&17.2 mm ROD TO TAPE COUPLE Manufacture from Gunmetal & Aluminum. This is used to connect Elevation Rod to Earthing Tape. Rod Dia : 14.2&17.2 mm Thread Dia : 5/8&3/4 TAPE CLIP Manufactured from copper & Aluminum. They are used to support &secure Flat Tape Size: 25x3, 38x3, 50x3 mm D.C TAPE CLIP Manufactured from Gunmetal & used for supporting &securing of flat tapes structure. Tape Size: 25x3, 25x6, 38x6, 50x6 mm SQARE TAPE CLAMP Manufactured from Gunmetal. Suitable for 4 way connections, straight through Or Tee joints for tapes.

Tape Size: 25x3, 25x6, 38x3, 38x6, 50x6 mm OBLONG TEST CLAMP Manufactured from Gunmetal. Suitable for straight through Tape joints. TAPE Size: 25x3, 38x6, 50x6 mm FLAT TEST CLAMP Manufactured from Gunmetal. A disconnecting joint between down conductor system & Earthing system can be formed using this clamp. The clamp can be used as 4 way clamp. Tape Size: 25x3, 38x6, 50x6 mm BI-METALIC CONNECTOR This connectors are used in Bi-Metalic Earthing system.It is recommended to use inhibiting compound with this assembly. Tape Size : 25x3 Cu., 25x3 Alu. mm BLACK PLATE HOLDFAST STEM This connectors are used in Bi-Metalic Earthing system. It is recommended to use inhibiting compound with this assembly. Tape Size: 25x3 Cu., 25x3 Alu. mm BACK PLATE HOLDFAST STEM Manufactured from Gunmetal.Required for installation of tape, when tape is to be secured away from the face of wall. This should be used appropriate DC Clip. CLASS-A ADVANCED LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEM (E.S.E TYPE Lightning Conductor According to NFC 17-102 Stamdard) McMLS class A E.S.E. Lightning Conductor is a product to protect large field effect from one point by becoming active with the lightning risk due to increasing atmospheric electrical field effect in lightning weathers. The head part of CLASS-A E.S.E Lightning Condutor

is formed by four main parts. 1. Air Terminal 2. Ion generator 3. Accelerator and Atmospheric Electrodes 4. Grounding Connection Terminal.

The Lightning Conductor is produced in the cross section and in the quality that can carry the biggest lightning observed. It is equipped with ion generator, induction coil and protective high impedence. This generator is placed in the special epoxy resin. So, ion generator is protected against the negative effects of external environment. Accelerator and atmospheric electrodes are designed in a way that can be charged with different potentials and with this feature, it is aimed to make work the electrodes as both additional ionization producing resource and as accelerator. Grounding connection terminal, makes the ground connection of the head .At the same time connection with the roof pole is provided with the pipe that the terminal exists. The products of CLASS-A E.S.E.Lightning Conductors are produced with completely rustproof materials and this feaure is documented by TUV certificate. Products resistance to lightning current is tested in BET laboratory. Early ionization interval and according to it early ionization way is documented by the tests made in the ICMET laboratory. The most important factor in CLASS-A E.S.E.Lightning conductors is protetion radius. It is dependent on protection diameter level calculation and the ^T value, which is found in the products test results. Protection radius is calculated according to the protection levels (complying with the standard NFC17-103). CLASS-A E.S.E LIGHTNIG CONDUCTOR Ref .no M-A Explanation .E.S.E type Lightning Conductor According to NFC 17102 DT (ms) 68 Material Stainless Steel Size (cm) Weight (kg) 59x12 2.8

D T: 60ms

MLSC-10 (LIGHTNING STRIKE COUNTER) The Lightning Strikes are detected and monitored by MLSC, Which is able to give some information about the service necessity of the Lightning system. MNLC orks with an inductive effect of the lightning strike current . The events are monitered by a mechanical counter display. Currents detected form 2 to 200 kA Mechanical counter with 6 digits Does not require any external power supply Non resetable serial counter MA-1T (CLASS-A LIGHTNING CONDUCTER TESTER) The Active Heads can be checked by the MA-1T Tester every time. The Tester will indicate ok or FAULT with the help of Red or Green LED. Its connection cable can be long up to 100meters.


S*-Encapsulated power Spark Gap I imp=50Ka.120KA (L/N), UN=230V/50Hz, Imax=100KA.160KA, UP<_1.3KV2.5KV SB*-Lightning Arrester Class-1 In=85KA (8/20), UN=120V..400V, Imax=100KA, UP<_950V.1600V SBT*-Lightning Arrester Class-1 In=80KA(80/20),UN=120V 400V,I=80KA,U<_950V.1600V SBN*-Encapsulated GD Tube I=80KA 100KA, U=255V/50HZ, I=120KA..150KA, U<_1.3KV..1.5KV

POWER SUPPLY SYSTEMS LIGHTNING ARRESTERS CLASS-I+II S1PC*-1 Pole Lightning Arrester I=60KA150KA (80/20) S3PC*-3 Pole Lightning Arrester I=60KA150KA (80/20) S1PC.1*-1 Pole Lightning Arrester I=60KA150KA (80/20) S3PC.1*-3 Pole Lightning Arrester I=60KA.150KA (80/20) S1PC.0*-1 Pole Lightning Arrester I=60ka150KA (80/20) POWER SUPPLY SYSTEMS LIGHTNING ARRESTERS CLASS-II, POWER SUPPLY SYSTEMS LIGHTNING ARRESTERS CLASS-III

EXOTHERMIC WELDING PROCESS The exothermic process is a simple and efficient method of welding copper to copper or copper to steel. The welding process is a molecular weld. It has the same melting point as copper The major advantage is that no external power is required in the process. It uses high temperature reaction of powdered copper oxide and aluminum. The reaction takes place in a semi-permanent graphite mold. MOLD: The mold is made of semi-permanent graphite and is used for making the exhothermic connection.Under normal usage , these high temperature graphite mold can last for an average of 100 or more connections

WELD POWDER: This powder is the one which is melted along with steel disc from the weld. FLINT GUN: When making a connetion flint igniter are used to ignite the starting material. MOLD HANDLE CLAMP:

Mold handle clamps are required for all molds for fixing and locking the mold to the right position. MOLD CLEANING BRUSH: Slag can be cleaned from the molds by using a brush. The brush is used to clean the graphite mold without damaging the mold.

BENEFITS: >>Permanent molecular bond. >>No external power or heat source required >>Welded connections never get loosened. >>Current carrying capacity equal to or greater than that of the conductor. >>Electrical resistance doesnt increase. >>Minimal installation training required.