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Chapter-5 Kya hua Mannu itni raat ko kahan saree leke bhaga?

, Mai me tujhe sab kal samjhadunga,ab sone ja hara hun gud night!.His mother was very curious to know whats the matter,it almost took off her sleep that night as she was very possessive about her son and Manav on the other hand too couldnt sleep,he thought about Mairas cup of tea,her smile,her laugh,her childlike worried face,that window episode,that delicious fish fry all that made him hold his side pillow tight and kiss it,he thought it to be Maira,he thought to himself just a matter of two years and then after he would marry her he would hug her,cuddle her in his bed the same way,he would kiss her soft skin and they would make

beautiful babies,the thought of which gave butterflies in his stomach.He then began to think of the day after,he was more excited to see her in a saree,every year girls in the freshers function would wear the most lavish sarees draped in a stylish way and wore it low waist just to show off to Manav and he didnt pay a heed to them.Its the first time he is excited to see a girl in a saree and that too his most adorable,his beloved Maira.He looked at the moon again smiled and slept. The next morning his mother continued to paster him to tell him the saree story and he finally told, Mai zarasal meri ek bohot achi dost hai bechari ke paas saari nahi hai aaj function pe pehenne ke liye,isiliye le gaya

tha!,he said making an innocent face. Accha teri kabse saheliyan hone lagi,tu to ladkiyon ko bhau hi nahi deta,jara mujhe bhi mila main bhi to dekhun aisi kaun si dost hai teri jo tu pagal ki tarah raat ko saree den eke liye bhaaga! Aare mai tu mujhe ab paka mat main aaj function khatam hote hi tujhse milwane le aaunga use,Thik he?,abhi main chalta hun der ho rahi hai! Thik se jana aur jaldi le ke aana,his mother smiled and said to him and he got shy and ran. There Maira woke up early morning getting tensed about the saree,she kept on thinking continuously but went in vain,she had no idea at all how to wear a saree.She quickly made Rehan ready for school and sent him after which,she began to

experiment.She put on the petticoat and the blouse after making them fit.She looked at the mirror consciously for the first time,the once upon a time skinny body had now turned into a beautiful fleshy curvaceous body.She noticed her cleavage was visible now in the blouse which was flat few years ago,there were curves around her waist,her belly looked fleshy,maybe she thought her age for marriage was coming that she had this sudden transformation of her body now.She bit her tounge at this stupid thought of hers and concentrated on wearing the saree again.It was the most sensual garment of an women and she was a very shy girl.She was worried that her waist would be exposed so she wore the petticoat high waist first above

her navel.This made her look funny and she laughed at herself seeing in the mirror.She then bought it slightly down just on the navel but it failed again it made her lower abdomen look fat and so finally she bought at a bit down just below her navel and it looked perfectly fine.But again it made her shy plus the saree was transparent too she made a frowned face and looked at the mirror and then got reminded of Manavs comment that she looked lovely when she frowned and it made her cheer up and she started wearing it.Each time she tried she failed,she got tensed now,she has to get ready and reach college within 1 hour.So she roamed around all the rooms in that condition carrying the saree in her hand in vain as she did not know what to do now.

Manav entered her house,he thought of going for function together that day,so he quietly entered the drawing room and saw her from the back,she suddenly turned around and as soon as she saw Manav she scremed like a little girl and he too scremed seeing her in a blouse and petticoat,she at once ran inside her bedroom and there was silence,she was red with awkwardness and shame,tears were rolling down her cheeks.Manav felt so guilty of himself.He got goosebumps seeing her that way he didnt know what to say her now,she must be feeling so embaressed.He finally got the courage and called her, Maira I am sorry yaar,mujhe sacchi me pata nahin tha ki tu saree pehen rahi thi, maine socha ki tu taiyaar

ho gayi isiliye main tujhe lene aaya tha. She still was silent and he spoke again, Mairu kuch to bol varna main sacchi main samajh lunga ke tu mujhse naaraz hai aur main khud ko maf nahin kar sakunga,kuch to bol! Maira felt bad for him she then peeped trough the door only taking out her face and said, Mannu mujhe saari pehenne nahi aati,main kya karun abhi to bas 40 minute bache hai function ke liye.Manav thought what shall he do now then suddenly he got reminded last year he and his friends did a drama in their college and he had to be an women and wore a saree,it was a funny drama,he knew nicely how to wear it and told her, Dekh ab to koi pehenane wali nahin milegi,par main teri help kar sakta hun mujhe aata hai,he said biting

his tongue at her.Maira stood confused staring at him with rolling eyes and said, Pagal to nahin ho gaya tu mujhe kaise pehenaye ga! Aare main apni aankhe band kar lunga pakka promise,main tujhe instructions deta jaunga tu pehenlena thik hai meri ma! Chal tab thik hai,she said in a confused tone and called him inside and he came closing his eyes as promised.He went on instructing her carefully and methodically and she was surprised how did he knew so well. Galti se bhi aankhen mat kholna Mannu!,she commanded in a childlike tone and he said, Aare tujhe mujhpe itna bhi bharosa nahin hai kya!,he shouted.But he was the naughtiest fellow,hoe could he miss such a chance,whenever she

concentrated on her saree he slowly opened one eye at looked at her, What a pretty waist he thought to himself,he had never seen such a beautiful feminine structure his entire life and he closed his eyes again and was lost in fantasizing about her,he thought after all these were all his assets and gave a naughty laugh. Kya hua tune aise kyun hasi mari,kahin tu dekh to nahi raha? Aare tu mujhpe jasusi karma chor aur jaldi kar,hua? Haan ho gaya bas yeh plates nahi mil rahe hai niche.He then went towards her leaned down and adjusted her plates near her feet, Yeh lo ab thik ho gaya ab isse kamar me ghusa lo.She then unconsciously tug it inside her belly forgetting that his eyes were still open and then when she

finished turned at him and then screamed, Mannuuuuu tune apne ankhein khole rakhe the kyun?, Aare mujhe dosh de rahi hai tune to is baar band karne nahi bola main..main.main bhul gaya is baar jaek to maine teri bari help ki aur upar se tu mera charitra pe shakh kar raha hai chi chi chi chi!. Hoga hoga chod drama ab aur chal,she said and he looked at her properly after wearing the saree for the first time.She looked statuesque in that beautiful onion coloured saree,she looked more beautiful than ever.Her long hair was left open which made her look more beautiful ,the saree embraced her curves which he had never seen before,she wore beautiful black stonned earrings and a gold bracelet and a thin

gold chain and put on a light peach coloured lipstick.She was a bit shy in the saree as it was transparent and exposed her belly so her hand was in middle all the time.Manav realised that and it made him smile,he wondered what an innocent creature she was,he looked at her face and sighed, Oh Rabba!.She quickly asked in a childlike curious tone, Main kaisi lag rahi hun! Ummm.ummmm.bilkul Mrs Manav Singh! and it made her go and beat him and as soon as she went forward to beat him she slipped off and she was about to fall Manav hurriedly got hold of her.His hands came on accidently on her bare waist.Her whole body shivered when she felt his touch.It was the first time she felt his touch like that,her stomach

thumped,Manav got goosebumps once again,he felt like never leaving her butter soft waist.Both felt somewhat guilty inside and Manav get her go slowly taking care that she would not slip again. Chalo Maira hum chalein. There was complete silence between them as they continued walking and till they reached the college.As soon as the teacher saw her she hurriedly took her inside and Manav couldnt even wish her good luck and he felt really low this time.He sadly proceeded inside the function hall and after a few minutes it started.He excitedly waited and kept on looking for Maira but couldnt see her,it was Jaspreet who made her grand entry first in a red low waist saree like she wore as usual to impress him,she gave a glace at him and he

looked away which made her boil inside again.All the girls he noticed exposed off their assets in their sarees,it was only Maira who was so innocent, so shy,so pure,he thought.Suddenly she appeared at last,Jaspreet gave a sarcastic laugh as soon as she entered she whispered to her friend, Badi aayi hamari behenji saree pehenke!,and the song started soon.The teacher gave them to mikes,one to Jaspreet and the other to Maira which made Jaspreet insecure again.Mairas eyes searched helplessly for Manav and finally noticed him,he waved his hands highly at her and gave her a big thumbs up and his warm smile,which made her happy and relaxed and she started singing flawlessly.All this things made Jaspreet burn out of

jealousy,because her eyes was constantly at him and his eyes were at Maira.Mairas voice was the softest,it took Manav in a different world,Jaspreet voice was a bit loud, it was Mairas voice which enchanted the song beautifully in a soothing manner hearing her voice made Jaspreet even more jealous.Finally their song was over,both Manav and Maira wanted to spend time with each other instead of seeing the whole function,so he decided to take her home this time.They both began to walk slowly through the silent gallis which were covered by shady trees and which smelled pleasant due to the newly blooming flowers. The kept on walking slowly and silently he smiled at her intensely and she gave a shy smile in return.Everytime she smiled like

that it took him heaven and melted him.His silence was killing Maira,she wanted him to say something,say his silly jokes,pull her leg and all.Suddenly he cracked his naughty jokes, Kitni upar saree pehenti ho tum!,Maira was shocked, Kya? Dekha nahin sab kudiyan mujhe impress karne ke liye kitni sexy tarah se saree pehenke aati hai!,he said giving a naughty smile and blinking one eye. Toh tum chahte ho ki main bhi tumhare liye waise pehenu?,she said giving a childish frown looking angrily at him and he thought she looked more adorable now and whispered to her ear, Tu toh apne husband ko bhi nahi dikhane wali kuch bhi,to main kya chiz hu?,he ran after saying that and she ran to beat him.she couldnt in that saree and

finally gave up went inside the shade of a tree and inclined in its trunk,she silently looked at him,his playfulness,his happy chirpy nature which never missed a chance to make her happy,who was always a helping hand to her in this alone world,he made her wear a saree today,the thought of itself so lovely and sweet,she kept on giving sweet smiles seeing him which made him confused and he came towards her and asked, Aare aise has rahi hai,main to socha ki aaj to main gaya hahahaha!,she came closer to him and looked intensely at his eyes and he was speechless and said with the softest tone, Thank you Phir se yeh shabdh kyun?maine kaha tha na yeh sab shabdh ainda hum nahin bolenge ,he blinked at her.

Nahin main hasna bhul gayi thi agar tujhse nahi milti to shayad. Shayad kya? Shayad kabhi. Theher ja wahi aura age kuch mat bol agar isiliye tu mujhe thank you bolna chahti hai to mujhe tujhse kya bolna chahiye? Tune to mujhe zindgi ki sahi maina sikhaya hai,jeena sikhaya hai,he said intensely giving a soulful look at her,which made her sparky eyes brust at out and he hugged her at once tightly.Maira didnt know what was happening just she knew that she didnt want to let this moment go,that she could die in the warmth of his arms and so did he.He never wanted to leave her,he wanted to give her all the happiness in this world

everything.just everything!!!!