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Ascension Show Over-almost Yesterday when I went to work I tried scanning the multiverse/astral as usual to see what would

happen during the day and use my own multidimensional abilities to smooth any rough spots. This has been a constant practice of a few years now and greatly enhances the quality of my work day. (This is something those with mulidimensional abilities will do routinely) To my surprise the astral was completely collapsed and totally blocked as if with clouds. It was not working right. Now this morning, Thanksgiving Day, the clouds have cleared and the new earth emerges. It seems that Gaia has finally ascended bringing her entire ecosystem with her. This marvelous achievement required the creation of a new holographic 3d model under new rules. In effect, creating something within the universe that had not existed before, a crystaline light powered 3d. Today as things seem to be settling down into normal physicality within the universe I sense most of our space brothers stationed upon the moon where they withdrew from the astral storm. The astral is completely empty and earth is kind of regrouping. There are still some highly charged areas that are discharging energy but each discharge reduces the tension. There is a boundary or line of demarcation halfway between the moon and the earth which most space brothers can no longer cross. There are only a few that Gaia trusts enough to allow passage. This has been a life and death struggle for her and most space brothers did not understand her requirements. Upon earth living in physical bodies are those that have ascended with her. Those of original earth physicality will benefit the most since they have been with her the longest and this is her ascension. Starseeds, wanderers, space brothers and all other lightworkers in physicality will benefit as well but in a more limited way. They do not yet contain the full DNA sequence that she used for her ascension process and this was an organic ascension happening through DNA activation. They will remain safe through use of their own multidimensionality through the coming changes and when they finally leave physical earth at the time of their choosing through death they will be allowed to be reborn and come back at some point in earth's future to live here once more. They may of course simply chose to leave, but the door is always open. Ramifications of this ascension are immense since a new level of reality has been added to the crystaline universe. Life will never be the same. Eath's moon will continue as the connection point or staging area for her interaction with other life forms not already on her surface or interior. Channeled contacts should continue with greater freedom and clarity as some of the most difficult communication obstacles have already been surmounted. What does this mean? Don't know yet! The next step is to cool down the high tension areas,

middle east, euro crisis and all the great world problems in general. With each energy discharge, with each day that goes by things will be better. So much of the old has fallen away that when the light enters the system at the winter solstice next month it will not be activating old stuff. Exciting times indeed! bright blessings -joe

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