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Some of us know that the Scripture tells us in many places that if we call upon His
Name, He will hear us and will answer us; or all who seek my Name...things like that.
There are man "names" by which He is known throughout the Bible/Torah/Tanakh,
starting in Genesis through to Revelation. They are not all introduced and given in the
opening chapters of Genesis; if you study this aspect of the Torah, you will see the
"Names" by which He becomes known, are "Names" befitting a charactertic or quality of
the makeup of Who He is in Totality. For this post I will simply list those "Names" in their
Hebrew with the equated English translation. Perhaps it will give someone something
to meditate upon.....They are listed in the order as they are revealed in the Torah,
starting with Genesis.

Elohim - G-d, Mighty Creator

El Roi - The G-d Who Sees Me
El Shadday(Shaddai) - G-d Almighty (one of my favourites and possibly because of a
modern day Christian song - and by the way there is also Judaic song using it as well)
El Olam - The Everlasting G-d or The Eternal G-d
Yahweh Yireh - The L-rd Will Provide
Yahweh - L-rd
Adonay (Adonai) - L-rd, Master
Yahweh Rophe - The L-rd Who Heals
Yahweh Nissi - The L-rd My Banner
Esh Oklah, El Kanna - Consuming Fire, Jealous G-d
Qedosh Yisrael - Holy One of Israel
Yahweh Shalom - The L-rd is Peace (O boy, do I need this one; I should perhaps take
own advice and cry unto Yahweh the midst of life's storms and challenges;
not just "pray" for "shalom/peace" but use His Name Yahweh Shalom)
Yahweh Tsebaoth -The L-rd of Hosts
Yahweh Tsuri - The L-rd is My rock
Yahweh Roi - The L-rd is My Shepherd
Hashem - The Name
Melek - King
Ish - Husband
El Chay - Living G-d
Maon, Machseh, Magen, Metsuda, Migdal-Oz - Dwelling Place, Refuge, Shield,
Fortress, Strong Tower
Shophet - Judge
Miqweh Yisrael - Hope of Israel
Yahweh Tsidqenu - The L-rd Our Righteousness
El Elyon - God Most High
Yahweh Shammah - The Lord is There (I am also told that the name Shammah -
which by the way, you'll see is my handle and was the one word I spoke when
baptized...but didn't find out the meaning until 2 years later!!! - is the name of the
New Jerusalem....pretty awesome...)

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Ab, Abba, Pater - Father

So, there ya go. Some things to think about and perhaps start using when we are
praying unto Him to answer a question or meet a need; really think about the Name that
He is known by that fits that situation, and use that specific name!

Shalom from Shammah....Have a blessed day! He has blessed me, through His stormy
weather conditions here in my city with a day off work....Thank You Yahweh!!

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