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Authorized capital The authorized capital of the proposed bank will be limited to Taka 100 (one hundred) billion splited into 10 (ten) billion shares at a rate Taka 10 each. Sponsors capital The sponsors are committed to raise paid up capital to Taka 41.5 (forty one and half) billion at the time of incorporation of the bank. Future issue In addition to the above the proposed bank will issue at least for the equal portion of the paid up shares within 3 (three) years to the public from the date of business commencement. Regulatory capital As per the regulation of the Bangladesh Bank the capital structure will beconfined as under for the proposed bank. Tier 1 Capital: The Core Capital comprises of the highest quality of capital elements that will be consist ofA) Paid up capital; B) Non-repayable share premium account; C) Statutory reserve; D) General reserve; E) Retained earnings; F) Monitory interest in subsidiaries; G) Non-cumulative irredeemable preference shares; H) Dividend equalization fund. Tier 2 Capital: The Supplementary Capital represents other elements which fall short of some of the characteristics of the core capital but contribute to the overall strength of a bank and consists ofA) General provision; B) Revaluation reserves Revaluation reserve for fixed assets Revaluation reserve for securities Revaluation reserve for equity instrument C) All other preference shares; D) Subordinated debt.

Tier 3 Capital: The x Capital consists of short time subordinated debt (original maturity less than or equal to five years but greater than or equal to two years) would be solely for the purpose of meeting a proportion of capital requirements for market risk.

(ii) Details of Fixed Asset Expenditure Sl# 01 Types Land & Building (For purchase land & construction of building) Furniture & Fixture Interior decoration Office furniture Steel furniture Locker Display board Fire extinguishers Equipments & Machineries Air conditioner Generator Photocopier Counting machine Protectographer CCTV PABX Telephone line Fax machine Transformer Computer sets Motor Vehicles Total Y-2012 2,00,00,000 Y-2013 2,00,00,000 Y-2014 3,50,00,000










1,66,00,000 5,21,71,000

1,66,00,000 5,21,71000

3,50,00,000 10,38,15,000

(iii) Details of Operating Expenses The operating expenses will be as of the industry norms. That will be customized as and where the management feels to do so. Even though, we state here under the group heads, line items and expenses sustained by statues which will confine the operating expenses. i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) ix) x) xi) Salary and allowances; Rent, rates, taxes, insurance, electricity, etc; Legal expenses; Postage, stamps, telecommunication, etc; Stationery, printing, advertisements, etc; Directors fees; Managing directors salary & allowance; Auditors fees; Repair & maintenance; Depreciation; and Other expensesa) Bank charges b) Security & cleaning charges c) Professional charges d) Entertainment e) Books, newspaper & magazine f) Subscription & donation g) Travelling expense h) Training expense i) Conveyance, labor charge j) Business development expense k) Liveries & uniforms l) Medical expense m) Annual general meeting n) CDBL charge o) Sanitation & cleaning p) Photograph & photocopy q) Custody fees r) Discount & commission paid s) Other charges t) Other management expenses u) Sundry expenses.

(iv) Details of Staff Expenses Staff expenses include all the expenses will be paid by the bank for its personnel including the executive directors. The bank wants to keep itself loyal to the laws of the state and in that connection promises to include all expenses as where required at the inception of that binds. Meanwhile the bank prepares the layout of its staff expenses as followings: Salary: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Base pay House rent Utility Medical Hospitalization Festival bonus Entertainment allowance Conveyance allowance

Allowances: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) Maternity allowance Paternity allowance Leave encashment Leave fair assistance Life insurance Servant allowance Lunch allowance Education allowance for children Traveling allowance Daily allowance Performance/ target bonus Others

Compliance head (As per Labour Law-2006): a) b) c) d) Provident fund contribution of bank Gratuity Compensation Workers profit participation fund (mandatory)

(v) Details of Preliminary Expenses Preliminary expenses will be the cost beard by the promoters to incorporate the Bank and to get the license from the regulatory bodies. A snapshot of the preliminary expenses which predicted by the promoters area) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) Expense for the Name Clearance from RJSCB; Application processing fee to Bangladesh Bank; Registration fee to RJSCB for incorporation; Stamp and other fees to RJSCB; Advisors fee for drafting the MOA & AOA of the bank; Certified copy fees of IT-10B of the sponsors; Fees for the preparers of feasibility report; Fees for the consultancy regarding incorporation; Meeting expenses of sponsors; and Others. (vi) Market shares of Deposits, Credit & Investment

The market shares of Deposits depend on some factors like area of operation, targeted depositors, scale of benefits, rate of government securities, socio-economic factor and overall the schemes offered to the concerns. Keeping the above in mind the bank designed its deposit mix which presented here with the below pie chart.

Market share of Depodits

C/A & other A/c--10% SND---6.5%


SB A/C---6%


Credit & Investment The market shares of credit and investment depend on some factors like area of operation, industrialization, growth rate of economy, scale of economics opportunity, socio-economic factor, rate of government securities and overall the schemes offered to the concerns. Keeping the above in mind the bank designed its credit and investment mix which presented here with the below pie chart.

Credit & Investment

Agriculture---25% Industry---- 20% Construction---5% Power---10% Transport----5% Trade---5% Housing----10% Banking, Insurance & Leasing--15% Professional & Mis.---5%

(vii) Basis of Interest Income, Other Income, Income from Off-Balance Sheet Activities, Interest Expenses & Loan Loss Provisioning