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Dr. T.K. Jain.

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Identify =which is a fact,
which is judgement or
• She looks good in Red dress
• The population is growing at an
alarming rate
• The doctor prescribed some
medicines to Ram
• The first statement is a judgement – as it talks
about opinion – it may differ from person to
• The second statement is an infrerence based on
data regarding population – it is comparison of
data and a conclusion drawn from that – here we
don’t know the data – but we know the conclusion
based on data.
• Third statement is a fact – it can be observed,
studies, or touched or felt by persons and it is
objective reality. The doctor prescribed some
medicines, is a proof – noone can deny.
Which is F, J, I (as per
previous question)?
• This is black Cat.
• All black cats are auspicious.
• Black cats are more attractive then
other cats.
• 1- F
• 2–J
• 3–J
Which is F,J or I
• Afterschoolian Keshav has a website
• The website has blue colour
• Plastic is not bio-degradable.
• All are facts.
Which is J,I,or F?
• It is difficult to type in Hindi.
• He is typing a letter.
• Dogs prefer eating bread to eating
• 1- J
• 2- F
• 3–I
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