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AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY-BANGLADESH Dhaka, Bangladesh Faculty of Business (MBA) COURSE OUTLINE Academic Term Course Code No Class

ID Course Name Section Pre requisites Credit point value Course Instructor: : : : : : : : Fall 2011 MBA 5210 B:01314 Human Resource Management F, ST 8-930PM, Room 122 None 03 Mashid Rahman, PMP E-mail: Phone: 01926662220

Introduction: This course is designed to give the students a comprehensive idea of how the most important and critical asset of an organization, i.e. human resources are managed. The basic concentration of this course is to explain the recruiting, retention, utilization, and development of human resources of an organization. The course discusses how to raise the efficiency & productivity of human resources through the application of effective human resource policies and practices Course Objectives: The main objective of this course is to familiarize students with Human Resource management. And the tools and techniques, its roles and applications in decision making. Teaching Methodology: The course will taught using PowerPoint presentations and lectures. Relevant case and examples outside the books will be discussed. Students are highly encouraged to raise questions and thoughts and make it more participation-oriented class. Students are encouraged to bring in examples that they may have read or experienced. Lecture Planner Lecture Planner Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Day 1 Introduction Fundamentals of Human Resource Management Chapter 2 Review, Quiz 1 Employee Rights and HR Communications Chapter 2 Recruiting Chapter 6 Day 2 Introduction Strategic Implications of a Dynamic HRM Environment Chapter 1 Human Resource Planning and Job Analysis Chapter 5 Review, Quiz 2 and Case Study Foundation of Selection Chapter 7

Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16

Review & Quiz 3 Case Submission & Review Midterm Exam Midterm Review Socializing, Orienting, and Developing Employees Chapter 8 Review, Quiz 1 and Case Study Employee Benefits Chapter 12 Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Work Environment - Chapter 13 Review, Quiz 3 Case Submission & Review Final Exam

Review In Class Midterm Exam Midterm Exam Midterm Reviews Managing Careers Chapter 9 Establishing the Performance Management System Chapter 10 Review, Quiz 2 and Case Study Understanding Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining Chapter 14 Case Studies In Class Final Exam Final Exam

Grading Breakdown Criteria Attendance + Case Studies Quizzes Mid-term Examination Total Points 10 30 (3 X 10) 60 100

Grading: University grading policies will be followed. Midterm & Final grade have equal weigh.

Required Text: 1. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management by David DeCenzo and Stephen P Robbins. Eighth Edition.

8. Attendance, Class Participation & Student Integrity Class attendance 100% class participation is expected. Absent in 3 or more classes during any term shall result in loss of letter grade. No make up quiz/exam. If a quiz is missed, average of the two quizzed to be divided by 2 shall be added to the total score. No plagiarism is expected from students. If found, student shall be given a straight F.