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The Maqasid are undoubtedly rooted in the textual injunctions of the Quran and the Sunnah, but they look mainly at the general philosophy and objectives of these injunctions often beyond the specialities of the text. The focus is not so much on the words and sentences of the text as on the goal and purpose that is advocated and upheld. By comparison to the legal theory of the sources, the Usul al-Fiqh, the maqasid al-Shariah are not burdened with methodological technicality and literalist reading of the text. As such the maqasid integrates a degree of versatility and comprehension into the reading of the Shariah that is, in many ways, unique and rises above the vicissitudes of time and circumstance. At a time when some of the important doctrines of Usul al-Fiqh such as general consensus (ijma), analogical reasoning (qiyas)and even ijtihd seem to be burdened with difficult conditions, conditions that might stand in a measure of disharmony with the prevailing sociopolitical climate of the present-day Muslim countries, the maqasid have become the focus of attention as it tends to provide a ready and convenient access to the Shariah. It is naturally meaningful to understand the broad outlines of the objectives of the Shariah in the first place before one tries to move on to the specifics. An adequate knowledge of the maqasid thus equips the student of the Shariah with insight and provides him with a theoretical framework in which the attempt to acquire detailed knowledge of its various doctrines can become more interesting and meaningful. My posts will be based on my lessons which my teacher based on the book Maqasid al-Shariah by the 20th century Tunisian scholar, Tahir ibn Ashur. CONCLUSION

Maqasid the Shari'ah or more popular with the Islamic Jurisprudence maqasid term goals to be achieved by the Shari'ah in the true servant maqasid hukum.Umumnya maslahah focused on attracting and rejecting mafsadah of mankind.

Hukm sharia is the patron of the evidence the Shari'ah, it is not a stranger from the evidence the Shari'ah but therein, either directly or indirectly.

Islam as a way of life is good for all nations and all times be sourced revelation that the evidence contained in the Quran and al-Sunnah.Dalil-evidence limited quantity

will not be limited to applications where a mujtahid is not only to understand the evidence purely lateral, but look at the aspects maqasid syariah behind the true servant of the law.

Hence, the importance of understanding the maqasid syariah for a mujtahid and legal scholars can not be ruled out to ensure that the assessment made against it in line with the requirements of an al-Syari '.

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