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v3.5 revision 1.

2, Public-Release - MAIN Added, Files synchronization feature Allows to check and update important files with server without installing ful l setup. Also usefull to minimize problems because of users patch. Fixed, Access violation on XP for PC without HTI(WinUsb) installed Check For updates and Signle module update removed(replaced with Synchronize F iles) - NK(Nokia Service Tool) Added, optional SX5 serial used for SL3 NCK calc (*) Added, Latest flash update definition to setup Added, Options to disable/enable RAPIDO new protocol for USB flashing Added, Options to disable/enable embedded SBL for XGOLD flashing Added, HTI SoftTMA Resistor selection (*) Added, Local storage definition for DCC and RFBB data. Added, DCC data verify after write Improved, DCC data write (If DCC write fail, DATA will be written as PM) Fixed, Download in background deadlock bug Fixed, PM erase bug (was early stoped on newer BB5 phone) Fixed, DCT4 flashing Fixed, New ProductProfile write - QCD(CDMA Service Tool) updated patch definition to version 1.4 added unlock definition for: Haier Q9+-INAV1.04-100326-JWD, method: patch ock added unlock definition for: ZTE SM_C36X_RBTL05NV1.0.0B05, method: direct ock(untested!) fixed unlock definition for: ZTE TM_S189_RBTL35NV1.0.2B01, method: direct ock fixed unlock definition for: ZTE TM_S168_RBTL35NV1.0.0B02, method: direct ock see "modules\{9A05071F-D3A6-484B-8E3E-C6F47311C78C}\supported_phones.txt" list supported models - BB (BlackBerry Tool) Added, Factory lock status on device scan Minor bug fixes (*) required HTI firmware version 00.17 or later -----------------------------------v3.5 revision 1.1, Public-Release - MAIN Introduced HTI Firmware version 00.17 After update, Device PID will be changed. required new driver (data\drivers\hti\HTIWINUSB.inf) Reworked communications library for all supported interface. - NK(Nokia Service Tool) Added, STANDALONE DCT4PLUS RSA Unlock for HTI (*) Added, STANDALONE DCT4/DCT4PLUS RPL for HTI (*) Fixed, DCT4 UEM imei read on HTI Added, RPL backup/restore for RAPIDO phones using USB. SX4AUTH is now automatically performed after "Repair SD".

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Fixed, RPL restore on Dual Asic phones. Improved, SL3 SIMLOCK RPL restore (If SIMLOCK restore fail, DATA will be writt en as PM) - BB (BlackBerry Tool) Improved Device scan Added, STANDALONE MEP Code Calculator(*) Total 236 MEPS supported Added New MEP list to MEP definition file(mep.dat) Updated "supported_mep.txt" Added HTIUpdate tool in case BLADE server is problem. HTI now initialized as additional security device when working with USB connec tion, this will allow to use STANDALONE features using USB connection. (*) required HTI firmware version 00.17 -----------------------------------v3.5 revision 1.0, Public-Release - MAIN Update HTI button now alwasy enabled. Added local ping check for 'Server List' Added taskbar progress support for Windows 7 - NK(Nokia Service Tool) Fully reworked flashing routines(workaround for HTI flashing bug) Fixed, Download in background task BB5 Secure Storage and Certificate validation moved to Certificate manager pag e BB5 Secure Storage, Certificate validation, Recover CERT, Load RFBB from serve r also supported with USB connection Minor bug fixes SL3BF updated to version 3.4 added task scheduler, usefull when working with more files fixed, random salt option bug (duplicate salt automatically fixed oon this version) - BB (BlackBerry Tool) Added New MEP to MEP definition file(mep.dat) Updated "supported_mep.txt" - QCD (CDMA Service Tool) Added flashing definition file for: Haier C2071 updated patch definition to version 1.3 added unlock patch for: Haier C2071-P1.01.21_V00.21 see "modules\{9A05071F-D3A6-484B-8E3E-C6F47311C78C}\supported_phones.txt" for list supported models -----------------------------------v3.5 revision 0.0, Public-Release - MAIN Added, visual detail when MXKEY plugged to HTICCID. HTI firmware update routine implemented. Introduced HTI Firmware version 00.08 - NK(Nokia Service Tool) Added, STANDALONE security repair function for all hash for RAPUYAMA,RAPIDO,RA

P3Gv4 phones. required HTI with firmware 00.08 (please update your HTI) SX4AUTH (PA_SL/PA_SL2/PA_SL3/PA_SIMLOC30) SD REPAIR (PA_SL/PA_SL2/PA_SL3/PA_SIMLOC30) SIMLOCK REPAIR (PA_SL/PA_SL2/PA_SL3/PA_SIMLOC30) NCK CALC (PA_SL/PA_SL2) SL3 BF HASH CALC (PA_SL3/PA_SIMLOC30) SL3 NCK CALC (PA_SL3/PA_SIMLOC30) Improved, HTI FBUS protocol routines Fixed, Manual erase address selection. Minor bug fixes -----------------------------------v3.4 revision 2.1, Public-Release - MAIN HTI drivers updated to version 3.04.07 HTI ccid drivers added to setup. HTI communication protocol updated - NK(Nokia Service Tool) Fixed, HTI flashing bug Fixed, ATF flashing bug Added, 'Get Address' support for USB connection Added, flash size selection for manual erase Added, ATF protocol for loader v10 or higher Fixed, minor bugs SL3BF updated to version 3.3 support for oclHashcat-lite-0.05 - QCD (CDMA Service Tool) Fixed, ZTE QSC6010 flashing bug. updated patch definition to version 1.2 see "modules\{9A05071F-D3A6-484B-8E3E-C6F47311C78C}\supported_phones.txt" for list supported models -----------------------------------v3.4 revision 2.0, Public-Release ** Initial release which support MXBOX/HTI FLASHER - NK(Nokia Service Tool) Added, SIMLOCK_PA idendifier on BUS check option in config Added, STANDALONE SX4AUTH,SD REPAIR,SIMLOCK REPAIR,NCK CALC,SL3 HASH CALC and SL3 NCK CALC for HTI FLASHER Added, flash update v11.10.000.2 to setup Fixed, BB5 manual flash erase (NAND) Fixed, Old Infineon flashing bug Fixed, some bugs SL3BF updated to version 3.2 * support for oclHashcat-lite-0.03 and ighashgpu_v0.80.16.1 additional files are required to use this version - oclHashcat-lite-0.03 ( please extract all contents to directory(see readme.txt) "\modules\{3EBAF427-9F55-419F-8A75-385DFC651169}\sl3bf\oclHashcat-lite-0.03" - ighashgpu_v0.80.16.1 ( please extract all contents to directory(see readme.txt) "\modules\{3EBAF427-9F55-419F-8A75-385DFC651169}\sl3bf\ighashgpu_v0.80.16.1" command line and others option could be adjusted by editing sl3bf.dat at "\modules\{3EBAF427-9F55-419F-8A75-385DFC651169}\sl3bf\sl3bf.dat"

by default we will use "oclHashcat-lite-0.03", which is support newest AMD GPU (HD6xxx) - QCD (CDMA Service Tool) Added, Flashing support for: TELEEPOCH based products (Haier C710) TECHFAITHWIRELESS based products (Haier C200,C2000,C6200,CG100,C2001,C5 000 and soon) TCLMOBILE based products (Alcatel OT-203C, Nexian NX981) ZTE QSC11x0 products (S168,S189) ZTE QSC6030 products (C36X) Added, Patch definition update button from config Added, SPC code extraction from image file Added, ROM,EFS base address detection from image file Added, Auto image base address set for full dump image Added, CDMA NAM read/write support Added, image(bin) file load/save support Added, Copy to clipboard and Paste from clipboard for EFS function Improved, Flashing(Read/Write) speed updated patch definition to version 1.1 see "modules\{9A05071F-D3A6-484B-8E3E-C6F47311C78C}\supported_phones.txt" for list supported models -----------------------------------v3.4 revision 1.9, Public-Release - QCD Introduced new module: CDMA Service Tool for Qualcomm based phones Initial release, required license #5 to be activated. Features - Flashing - Flash read/backup - Memory Dump - NVM backup/restore - EFS explorer/backup/restore - Unlock - MEID read/write - ESN read/write - SPC read/write Currently supported devices: Huawei ZTE LG Haier Other brand will follow required usb drivers can be found at 'data\drivers\cdma' directory - NK Fixed, Fixed, phone) Fixed, . Fixed, Added,

Flashing bug (device handle lost when flashing with flasher boxes) XGOLD flashing bug (unexpected boot acknowledge sequence received from GPU bruteforcer bug on random salt skipped with random salt mode option

DCT4PLUS RSA Unlock bug for old models (Asic type 2) BT_DATA and WLAN_DATA repair on DCT4 online logger for BT_DATA and WLAN_DATA repair, please input BT_ADDR/WLAN_ADDR(MAC AD DRESS) in 6 bytes hex(eg: 00AABBCCDDEE) ------------------------------------

v3.4 revision 1.8, Public-Release - MAIN Added, Credit Convertion Dialog on 'Check Credit' (you can convert for FREE yo ur DCT4 credits and BB5 credits into SL3 credits) - NK Added, XGOLD213 devices(RM-607,RM-608,RM-643,RM-644 etc) usb flashing support (dead/alive) [WF] Added, XGOLD101,XGOLD110 IMEI backup/restore Added, XGOLD101,XGOLD110 IMEI auto backup on safeflash Added, Battery voltage information during scan phone in usb mode Added, Use Dictionary option for GPU bruteforcer(using salt.dic as salt sequen ce) Fixed, GPU bruteforcer hang at 99% if random salt is selected Fixed, Phone Generation filtering Fixed, Error read/write bug on usb flashing process Improved Features compability between usb/flasher interface Improved Broadcomm Usb Flashing Automated XGOLD phone detection Revised XGOLD flashing protocol -----------------------------------v3.4 revision 1.7, Public-Release - NK Added, Local SL3 unlock using GPU Bruteforcer [WF] Go to [IMEI & Security->Online Logger] (Dont forget to select BB5 gener ation :)) Added, Camera Configuration data write from PM in manual mode. Fixed, ATF communications problem. Improved After flash handling on Usb flashing Address list now cleared when "Load Erase File" and "Get Address" - ALC PIDs list sorted, more user friendly. Added x64 ft2k drivers to the main setup. -----------------------------------v3.4 revision 1.6, Public-Release - NK Added, Certificate Reset function Allows user reset NPC/CCC/HWC/VARIANT. Panel located to [IMEI & Security->IMEI rebuild] Added, ALS calibration function. Page located to [Phone Test->ALS Cal] Added, Provider info on Multilocked phones Added, Phone timers edit. Allows users to edit life timers, read calls received, calls dialed, la st call and calls all Updated providers.ini based on Annex to ITU OB 958-E (No. 958 15.VI.2010). Make SIMLOCK RPL selected by default Repair SD button moved to PM Tab Reset NPC button removed as no longer needed(replaced by Certificate Reset) - ALC

Larger font for PID list as requested by user. Added module) to the main setup. -----------------------------------v3.4 revision 1.5, Public-Release - NK Fixed, USB flashing bug (RAP3G,RAPIDO dead after flash). Improved, USB boot protocol for better/stable communication. Added, lifetimer reset support for BroadCom platform). Added, Skip UEM write option for Online Logger. Minor bug fixes. - BB Added, Manual MEP list selection (manual checkbox selected by default). Minor bug fixes. -----------------------------------v3.4 revision 1.4, Public-Release - NK Added, USB flashing support for BCM21351(Broadcom platform). Added, USB RPL Backup support for RAPUV1,RAP3GV4,BCM21351. Added, USB RPL Write/Restore support for RAPUV1,RAP3GV4,BCM21351. Added, Auto RPL backup on Buscheck for USB(BB5) connection. Added, Camera & Flashlight Test. Fixed, USB flashing bug (RAPUV1,RAP3GV4). Fixed, XGOLD flashing bug (new PBL version). Minor bug fixes. -----------------------------------v3.4 revision 1.3, Public-Release - MAIN, LIB Improved BLADE client system for better server transactions. Fixed, Language files enumeration bug. - NK Added, Baud selection for X-GOLD flashing. Fixed, USB flashing bug (STNFMS N8815,N8500). Fixed, DCC data user store bug. Fixed, SD customkey detection on SD Auth. Minor bug fixes. - BB Added Latest MEP for BlackBerry Unlocker, see supported_mep.txt Better error handler on server transactions. -----------------------------------v3.4 revision 1.2, Public-Release - NK Added, flashing support for MAEMO devices(Nokia N900, etc) using Usb cable. Added, flashing support for X-GOLD/Infineon devices(1202,1616,1800, etc) using UFS,JAF or modified serial cable. flashing works for normal or dead phone, using UFC cable. for serial connection, you might modify cable by adding trigger/ignitio n on the DTR or RTS pin(same as old siemens). Added, Auto Flash loader option based on selected interface.

Added, Models sorting option. Fixed, BB5 fast flashing bug. Minor bug fixes. -----------------------------------v3.4 revision 1.1, Public-Release - MAIN, LIB Added, ATF BOX support. Added, Serverlist data caching. Added, Credit check function. Fixed, options menu not displayed when themes is enabled. Small changes on ProgressBar style. - NK Added, BB5 Flashing support for ATF BOX. Added, Download tasks window. Usefull for backgroud download monitor when using Image DL. Added, SD customkey detection on SecureStorage validation. Added, Automatic SD cusmkey selection of SUPER SD Auth and PMM Auth function. Improved, SUPER SD Auth routine to fix session timeout issue. Added, Important Data Share/Store. *RFBB data user store. This will upload RFBB(PM1,PM309) data from the phone to server. *DCC data user store. This will upload DCC data from the phone to server. *CERT data user store. This will upload CCC,HWC,VARIANT data from the phone to server. Fixed, "Canvas drawing error" on Image DL. Fixed, Imei changes patch bug. Fixed, Old asic Sp unlock bug. Fixed, ADL flashing timeout bug. -----------------------------------v3.4 revision 1.0, Public-Release Major changes. - MAIN, LIB Introduced BLADE-X and BLADE-Z server system. BLADE-Z will accept request for Card services (Registration,Update License, Si gn Application, and soon) BLADE-X will accept request for Nokia and BlackBerry services(BB MEP calc, DCT 4RPL, DCT4PLUS SIMRPL, BB5SD, BB5SDAUTH, BB5SIMRPL, BB5NCKCALC and soon) Servers are run in 4 hosts, priority could be selected from server list option s. Due to keep the server stability, older server will be removed and all older r eleases are obsolete. - NK Removed DCT4PLUS activation, all MXKEY users now can use DCT4PLUS unlock for l imited number of phones. Minor bug fixes. All modules recompiled for new api compatibility. removed NKC module, as DCT4PLUS activation are no longer required. ########################################################## ########################################################## v3.3 revision 1.8+fix, Public-Release - MAIN Improved check for update routine.

Application will check new version on start up, if update found balloon toolti ps will be displayed. - NK Fixed, DCT4 UFS flashing bug. Fixed, BB5 UFS flash bug on rev 1.8. - HTC fixed crash on startup due to "winusb.dll" not found. -----------------------------------v3.3 revision 1.8, Public-Release - MAIN Major changes for sign application routine to avoid server overload. Improved First time activation process, will automaticaly updating license 0,1 ,2 and signing application. - NK Added, "Export as Text" option for VCARD backup DCT4PLUS Direct Unlock implemented, for activation please use 'Nokia Unlocker' module. BB5 Slow flash bug fixed. Added module to the main setup. -----------------------------------v3.3 revision 1.7, Public-Release - MAIN Added, support for JAF BOX firmware 01.B4 Fixed, Runtime Error when multiple instance loaded Small ui changes, added module icon in menu. - NK Added, BB5 Warranty Unlock function Warranty Unlock will read unlock codes without direct write to the phone Thus will make sure that the phone`s warranty is not void, a window will dis play the phone information, unlock codes and intruction to enter the codes as well. a template file as html doc located to "\modules\{3EBAF427-9F55-419F-8A75-38 5DFC651169}\codtemplate.htm". you might edit this template as you want as long as keep the variables "%mod el%","%imei%","%provider%","%codes%" and %codes7%. Added, CMLA_KEY and SUPERDONGLE_KEY RPL backup Added, New Loader/Protocol support for JAF BOX (RAPIDO,RAPU based phones) Added, Multi-ReLock support As requested by some user, now possible to LOCK the phone to multi-providers . As the providers settings are maybe outdated, you might need to edit the pro viders list. ini file setting located to "\modules\{3EBAF427-9F55-419F-8A75-385DFC651169} \providers.ini". the format is [8DIGIT MCC+MNC]=[PROVIDER_NAME] COUNTRY eg: 23430000=Virgin United Kingdom Added, Method1(old) and Method2(new) option for DCT4PLUS SIMLOCK Patch (will b e used in future DCT4PLUS unlock updates) Fast Flash routine will collect the list image files and process with one boot . Previous changes(rev 1.6 Partial-Update) Added, BB5 RAP3GV4 USB Flashing(eg. Nokia X3-00,X6-00) Added, Dead Usb option for normal usb flashing This will force software to use dead usb protocol without need to reconnect the Nokia USB ROM connection. Many Minor bug fixes - BB

Previous changes(rev 1.6 Partial-Update) Added, manual checkbox to allow input IMEI+MEP manually(in case of usb connect ion problem). Added, Engineering Screen Unlock code calc. -----------------------------------v3.3 revision 1.6, Public-Release - MAIN Added support for JAF BOX firmware 01.B2 - NK Fixed, BB5 Certificate Write This will fix, VARIANT or HWC write error because of obselete CERT data backu p(RPL backup from other tool) Improved, DCT4 boot problem (UFS) Final fix for DCT4 flashing bug on some PCs. Minor bug fixes -----------------------------------v3.3 revision 1.5, Public-Release - NK Improved, Universal BB5 NCK Reader. Now should works for ALL BB5 phones except pure SL3. for example: 5800 hash CAEEB.. with version 3x or 4x. Fixed, Universal SUPERDONGLE Authorization Agent(SUPER SD Auth) specially for empty board(erased or bad PM) Minor bug fixes - BB Added error handler when IMEI and MEP is empty, user could enter manualy. -----------------------------------v3.3 revision 1.4, Public-Release - BB Initial release of BlackBerry Unlocker added to full setup. Works with all BlackBerry models,old and new MEP. MEP database will be updated when new MEP available. more features will be added at future release such as: Flashing, Repair. - NK Added, FREE Universal BB5 SUPERDONGLE Repair works for SLPA and SL20(RAP3Gv2,R AP3Gv3,RAPIDO) Possible to Repair corrupted/erased SD Key which affect in SECURITY_TEST fai led and WD enabled. Button located to [IMEI & Security->IMEI rebuild->Repair SD] Added, Universal SUPERDONGLE Authorization Agent to reflect the SD Repair feat ure SUPER SD/SX4 Auth also works with Original SD and Custom SD made by other to ols(Mt-Box,UB,Genie) Repairing SD issue and Doing SX4 Auth has never been easier with MXKEY :) Button located to [PM->SUPER SD Auth] Added, Single SIMLOCK RPL backup for SL2/SL3 phones Button located to [IMEI & Security->Simlock->Backup SIMLOCK RPL] Added, Apply DSP Patch into PM upload option PM308 from file will be patched instead phone`s PM. Fixed, DCT4 bootloader bug Minor bug fixes -----------------------------------v3.3 revision 1.3, Public-Release - NK

Added, FREE Universal BB5 SIMLOCK RPL Maker works for SLPA and SL20(RAP3Gv2,RA P3Gv3,RAPIDO) Possible to Rebuild/Repair,UNLOCK or LOCK to spesific provider. Fixed, 'Invalid Security Block' bug small GUI changes specially when using Style1 Fixed, BB5 APE flashing bug Added, Manage SIM option Used to Read or Write 'Simlock.bin' file to be used to make customized SIMLO CK RPL Improved, read simlock.bin for SLPA phones. Fixed, HWC write bug Minor bug fixes -----------------------------------v3.3 revision 1.2, Public-Release - MAIN Improved, interface communication routine (more stable) Fixed, socket communication for some pc(AMD bug?) Fixed, failed re-load module Fixed, registration bug - NK Fixed, NFP extract Fixed, WD2 flashing (UFS) Minor bug fixes -----------------------------------v3.3 revision 1.1, Public-Release - MAIN Some changes with Check updates mechanism - NK Added, FREE Universal BB5 NCK calc work for SLPA and SL20(including hash 9DDBF CFE6E73CED7D8C6268C8EB85723) Added, BB5 Certificate Validation Usefull to identify SECURITY_TEST problem specially if SUPERDONGLE is valid Button located to [Phone Test->Various] Added, FREE BB5 Certificate Recovery to reflect the CERT validation features This will make restore CCC,HWC or VARIANT by product code from server databa se. Button located to [IMEI & Security->IMEI rebuild->Recover CERT] Minor bug fixes -----------------------------------v3.3 revision 1.0, Public-Release #Major update - MAIN Improved, Application Signing system ~ client time will be checked before signatures generation to avoid duplicate error request. ~ date-time issue bug on server side fixed. ~ no messages will be displayed if signatures invalid when working in FREE mod ule(siemens). Added, Server status info on server check ~ ping check removed, so there will be no more firewall problem. Redesigned, Modules Manager page ~ This will make the posibility to update single module at future updates. Check for daily update re-enabled. ~ application will check update once a day and will be displayed in tooltips w hen new update found. - NK Added, BB5 RAPIDO STN8815(N96) usb flashing(Dead Usb also possible)

Fixed, 06,80) Fixed, Fixed, Added,

DCT4PLUS ASIC 0x3168 patch unlock and imei changes (2630 v52.70, 2680 v BB5 Flashing (partitioning bug) Fast flashing bug when using JAF box. PM308,1 backup on 'BB5 SW downgrade fix'

Other modules recompiled for major api changes. -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 5.6, Public-Release #Minor update - MAIN Improved, Application Signing system ~ Before signing request, sw will set system datetime from ntp server if datet ime is not correct. ~ Note: Make sure you have set you computer date,time. ~ The application signing system will not work on the computer with invalid da te time ! Removed, Ping on server check - NK Added, Detailed information for each 'Quick Fix' function. -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 5.5, Private-Release #Minor update - MAIN Added, Application Signing system ~ This is new application security improvement ~ Application will check it signatures when needed, this will check unique car d id, application version, and signature datetime validity ~ New created signature will be valid for next 6 month after signing ~ It means that after new update, you might need to 'Sign Application' if the current signature doesnt meet the requirement. Fixed, Windows Vista SP2 compatibility. - NK Added, BB5 RAPU USB Flashing(spesially for new Flash) Added, Dynamic Camera Configuration upload ~ This features located at 'Phone Test->Camera' Added, TIKU CDMA Product Data (PREPAID_CS_TYPE) fix using server calculation ~ This features will consume credit, how much it will take will be displayed o nce you logged in using 'Dongle Id' ~ The Service tag is 'DCT4 IMEI+PRODUCT DATA' Added, BB5 RAP3NAND Erase User Area in the 'Quick Fix' tab ~ Usefull to fix BLANK/BLINK or doesnt switch on problem. Added, BB5 PA_SL identification from PASUBTOC Added, New CS type info for newer phone Improved, FAST flash routine ~ SW will keep in flash mode when processing image file, means that it will sk ip boot and loader upload if config from each file is similiar. Improved, BB5 RPL write ~ SIMLOCK_DATA will be uploaded after NPC write, since new BB5 phone will only accept SIMLOCK_DATA if NPC is valid ! Fixed, BB5 'Security block invalid' bug -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 5.4, Public-Release #Minor update - MAIN Refixed, Windows Vista & Windows 7 compatibility.

- NK Added, BB5 'Restore SIMLOCK' from '*SIMLOCK.back' or '*.PM' or '*.RPL' ~ The button located at 'IMEI & Security'->'IMEI Rebuild'->'Restore SIMLOCK' Fixed, DCT4 unknown flash bug(BUS check) Fixed, DCT4 CS repair when phone could not go into LOCAL MODE Refixed, DCT4 bootstrap for UFS interface Fake Progressbar for BB5 flash erase reenabled. - VCOM Recompiled PK83.bin for new api compatibility -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 5.3, Public-Release #Minor update - MAIN Fixed, Windows Vista & Windows 7 compatibility. - NK Fixed, BB5 SIMLOCK_DATA/KEY PA_SL3 write Fixed, BB5 RAPU-YAMA phones flashing Fixed, DCT4 flashing bug(DEAD after flash/unlock) Fixed, loading module sometimes failed Improved, Module stability -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 5.2, Public-Release #Minor update - NK Fixed, WD2(PPM) flashing using UFS -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 5.1, Private-Release #Minor update - MAIN License #0 needs to be activated(activation is FREE) to load module. - NK Added, DCT4 ASIC 0x3168 standalone 'on the fly' patch for SP UNLOCK and Imei C hanges ~ This feature need License #1 to be activated(activation is FREE) Added, Low Level format before CNT write Fixed, Image Download 'in background' hang BB5 Secure Storage Validity now support PA_SL3(unlocked) phones Many Minor bug fixed. -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 5.0, Public-Release #Minor update - MAIN Added, Dongle License status Info in the Dongle Maintenance GroupBox Added, Update License Button ~ Used to activated custom license of the card which will be used for spesific feature/module To preserve bandwidth, Refill Button will be enabled if Counter < 50 % - NK Added, BB5 PA_SL2 NCK Calculator using security server ~ This will unlock most PA_SL2 phones with protected PM308:1 ~ This feature need License #1 to be activated(activation is FREE) Added, BB5 PA_SL2 Counter Reset Added, SAFE Erase routine while using 'Custom Flash Erase' on the 'Advance Pag e' ~ SAFE Erase will Protect PM Data from erase specially when doing 'Erase WHOL E flash'.

~ Usefull for recovering a DEAD phone without loosing SIMLOCK DATA Fixed, BB5 Secure Storage Validity for PA_SL3 phones Added, Automatic NPC backup while doing 'Skip SX4 Auth' and 'BB5 SW Downgrade Fix' Minor bug fixed. -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 4.1, Public-Release #Minor update - NK Fixed, PMM auth bug(application closed) -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 4.0, Public-Release #Minor update - MAIN Binary will no more run inside Virtual Machine Added, Intrusion detection against code framework manipulation -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 3.2, Public-Release #Minor update - MAIN Minor bugfix - NK JAF BOX stability and compatibility improved ~ This will also fix problem with flash dead,random stops/hang when using JAF BOX Added, Bus Check routine for 'Nokia USB ROM' ~ Usefull for 'NORMAL' phones which could not connect to USB due to phone lock or something else ~ After sucessfull flash bus check phone will reboot to local mode, so you can do fbus operation such as: reset user code/factory reset Added, Wlan settings in RF/BB tab Fixed, Keypad test start bug Fixed, Sometimes hang after flash erase Wlan settings also included when backing up ProgData -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 3.1, Private-Release #Minor update - Application core module loader routine changed Private version released to test windows version compatibility -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 3.0, Public-Release #Minor update - MAIN Fixed, Random crash on rev 2.2 Added, UI Style option - NK Added, BB5 SW Downgrade in 'Quick Fix' ~ Use this option to patch PM308,1 Downgrade subblock without full flashing. ~ Usefull for phones which 'DEAD' after PM308 write or RPL backup write Added, Skip SX4 Auth Option on 'PM options'. ~ PM options is button with '>' in the PM tab Fixed, Multiple Content selection form vpl files. Fixed, DCT4 Manual Logger error if no service selected Phones image background color now changed to be match with variant Color on ma rket selection -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 2.2, Public-Release #Patch update - NK

Fixed, DCT4 Slow Flashing when using JAF interface. -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 2.1, Public-Release #Patch update - NK Fixed, UEM req timeout bug on previous release (rev2.0) -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 2.0, Public-Release #Minor update - MAIN MTBOX boot fixed. Regular minor bugfix - NK Added, BB5 Secure Storage Validation on 'Scan' ; This will validate if SIMLOCK or SUPERDONGLE_KEY is corrupt or not. ; Usefull to determine WD timer or CS issue for BB5 phones. ; Phone with SUPERDONGLE_KEY corrupted, will affect in SX4 auth unsuccessfull or WD problem. ; Phone with SIMLOCK corrupted, will end with CS problem. Added, SIMLOCK2 phones detection (with PM308 protected/read only) ; SIMLOCK2 ('SL2' or 'SIMLOCK2' firmware) phones RPL backup will not work with this phone because of SUPERDONGLE_KEY cannot be restored. Added, ASIC_ID(RAP/OMAP) chip name information Added, flash size information Fixed, BB5 'get address' Fixed, BB5PLUS RPL backup read/write ; Restoring from RPL backup after EEPROM will also restore SUPERDONGLE_KEY so phone will not have WD timer issue. Forced to change phone mode to TEST_MODE when doing factory reset and Self Tes t. Added, DCT4 Manual Logger -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 1.4, Private-Release #Patch update - MAIN Improved, Scard api (spesially for ccid reader compatibility) - NK Improved, BB5 RPL upload/write ;Specially for phone which support SL2+SL3 simlock, by default old protocol wi ll be used and it its failed new protocol automatically be used. -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 1.3, Public-Release #Patch update - MAIN Improved, privilege adjustment ; hopefully will solve not starts problem ?! ; So far tested with XP XP2(OEM), Vista Ultimate(NOT OEM), Vista Ultimate SP1 (OEM) - NK BB5 SIMLOCK SL3 Structure upload from RPL backup added. -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 1.2, Public-Release #Patch update - NK Added, Support for BB5 SIMLOCK SL3 Structure upload Fixed, WD2 CBUS Loader parse for correct BT flashing -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 1.1, Public-Release #Patch update - NK

Fixed, Online Logger not shown when 'Imei changes' disabled. Fixed, BB5 Restore Imei+Write RPL -----------------------------------v3.2 revision 1.0, Public-Release #Major Update - MAIN Added, UI Localization ;languages selectable from 'quote' menu ;locale files stored to 'locale\*.xml' directory ;added, Chinese (Simplified) language for test (translated using Google Trans late, so am sure its not 100% correct), unicode enabled. ;full localization might be added at the future Added, balloon Tips stored to locale files Fixed, Application not opened in some PC caused by not previlege account (spec ially XP SP3 and Vista SP1) List of loaded drivers version are now displayed at start up Server list are now selectable Added, posibility to play custom sound on error/finish Added, Card Serial Port drivers ;allow to use serial(comport) based reader for the card Added, 'Nokia USB ROM' virtual device to be used for BB5 USB DEAD PHONE flashi ng Fixed, Connect<->Disconnect bug (appl. crash) - VCOM Small change in UI Changed, PK-83 binary to support new drivers - CCS Fixed, nkser(6088,6066,7088) driver handling when flashing stop at the middle of process - NK Added, BB5 USB Flashing ; Supported loaders RAP3Gv2+APE(external loader), RAP3GV3+APE, RAP3GV3 NON APE+DEAD FLASH, RAPIDO NON APE+DEAD FLASH, RAPIDO +APE, RAPIDO (RAP3NAND) NON APE+DEAD FLASH. ; Version check mechanism is possible when flashing NON DEAD phone ; LANGUAGE only option also posible for fast and safe phone update Added, Multiple version of flash update/loaders ; selectable from 'quote' menu 'Config->Directory' ; Newer phones might need newer flash loader, by default is '' Fixed, BB5PLUS RAPIDO SL2 spunlock Added, Pinout image for UFC based cable (press small button near phone image) ; pinout images are stored at 'data\image\pinout' directory Multiple Data Package directory are now possible (usefull when working with Mu lti-OS PC) Added, 'Force WHOLE flash' on erase(Advance Page) to allow RAP flash full eras e (Last chance, if NPC reset still not work to revive DEAD/BLINK Phone) Added, PP file read Added, Phonebook/Contacts backup and restore (Phone Settings->Selection:User S ettings) Removed, Host setting (please use 'select server' from Main Server List page) - SIEM Siemens module recompiled for new api compatibility -----------------------------------v3.2 final bug-fixed, Public-Release - NK

DCT4 RPL server host changed, to fix timeout in some country Improved, DCT4PLUS "on the fly" unlock patch and imei patch Added, AMS loader v. to the installer minor bug fixes - VCOM Fixed, Active-X initialization to fix rx no respond in some pc -----------------------------------v3.2 FINAL, Public-Release - MAIN Improved Server communication Added, Support area access Goto Options->Server->Server List (make selection on 'Support') then Go to Support button will enabled - NK Added, Standalone BB5PLUS SL2 No TP Unlocker PM Auth checkbox also added for some phones which need SUPERDONGLE to b e authorized while writing PM120 and PM308 Added, DCT4PLUS "on the fly" imei changes Improved, DCT4PLUS "on the fly" unlock patch (+new security also supported) Improved, PM read and write (if field not checked will be skipped) To Open PM, you can now Drag And Drop PM file to listbox Fixed, BB5 loaders bug for new phones Fixed, image download Fixed, BB5 auto set RX2 Fixed, DCT4PLUS Online Logger bug minor bug fixes - VCOM Fixed, PK-83 binary for MXKEY REV 2.0 compatibility Siemens FREE module recompiled for new api & library compatibility. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ v3.1 Beta16 , Public-Release - MAIN Removed old card protocol(MXKEY REV 1.X/ROCKEY6), for this release only MXKEY REV 2.X card supported - NK Fixed, loader issue Added, single phones setting (VPP,RX2, Fast checkbox now saved to config for e ach phone) Added, BB5 No TP Unlocker, Dejan RAP3GV2 unlocker removed. supported HASH: BAF3A9C3DBFA8454937DB77F2B8852B1,E9EFF4BFAA5393217CA6B17755FC3E14,CAEEB B65D3C48E6DC73B49DC5063A2EE,9A28E119033B91D14D22838C86D0D53C supported ROM: 273F6D55DFAAF68F,191EC665DFAAF68F,F28A211FCEA7B19D,A8C1D6713E691FF8,F2C 6EBADC86E6189,F28A211FAC901AEE(untested),4B9B75103E691FF8(untested) Fixed, `highlight market` bug minor bug fixes - CCS Improved, communication. Dead phones full flashing now working ================================================================================ ==== v3.0 Beta15 RC, Public-Release - MAIN

help file updated minor bug fixes - NK DCTL/LINDA fully implemented with Custom erase to fix old 9210i CS problem Fixed, Image DL (server communication protocol changed) Fixed, BB5 custom certificate backup Fixed, New PP files manual upload Improved, SUPERDONGLE auth (show the detailed error msg) Improved, User code reset for BB5 phones minor bug fixes -----------------------------------v3.0 Beta14 RC, Public-Release - HW MXKEY LiTE dongle firmware version 00.14 released (Improvement dongle check, to avoid CARD BLOCKED) Please update using SW build beta14 only. - NK Added RAP NAND option in manual erase Added, CRC check before flashing if declared in definition files(BB5) Image DL in background mode improved (CRC check) minor bug fixes -----------------------------------v3.0 Beta13 RC, Public-Release - MAIN Fixed, MXKEY (ROCKEY6) dongle detection. - NK Image DL in background mode now possible Added 'skip Restore' patch for DCT4PLUS unlock Fixed, PPM2 image parsing minor bug fixes - VCOM Fixed, registration popup Added, PK-83 Dongle emulation (you need to install CCS3 Tool first before it w orks) -----------------------------------v3.0 Beta12 RC, Public-Release - MAIN Fixed, dongle registration popup - NK DCT3 fully implemented Fixed, BB5 flash for new phones some improvement and minor bug fixes - CCS Fixed, 6066/88 flash -----------------------------------v3.0 Beta11 RC, Public-Release - MAIN Improved, dongle communication routine Fixed, Self Update - NK MTBOX DCT4 flash supported. Improved, DCT4&BB5 Online Logger Improved, RX2 auto enabled Added, Simple hint "detailed" BB selftests Added, DCT4PLUS (asic type 11) phone UEM read Fixed, PP extract for DP2.0 phones - CCS Added, Forced RX queue for better handle of dead phone flashing Fixed, Emergency mode Image DL enabled

- OTHER Added, Latest mxLogger client(v1.4b) in setup -----------------------------------v3.0 Beta10a RC, Public-Release - NK Fixed, BB5 Online Logger Fixed, BB5 RAP NAND (with RX2 enabled) flashing Added, Full BB5 RPL backup for new phone (SIMLOCK+SIMLOCK_KEY,WMDRM_PD) Added, BB5 user code reset(blocked counter) and status, will not lose user dat a. Improved DCT4 Asic 11 Online Logger (Imei challenge issue) Added, auto create folder option on configuration window Fixed, DP2.0 folder listing -----------------------------------v3.0 Beta10 RC, Public-Release - MAIN Added, Support forum and homepage menu (News) - NK Added, Image DL button (direct image download from support based on product co de, currently for BB5 products only !) Implemented, RX2 loader support (UFS FW v28 only !!!). Implemented, Show detailed options in configuration window Added, Auto select Gen when "Scan" product in configuration window Added, Auto set RX2 for BB5 in configuration window Added, market highlight for easy market choise in configuration window Added, Auto set RX2 for BB5 in configuration window Added, BB5 CNT page size detection for auto CNT convertion Added, Skip if not empty option Added, Manual PP write file Added, BB5 MMC and SD card content flashing Added, BB5 verify NPC option on write RPL Added, BB5 skip spesific section on write RPL Added, BB5 skip (certificate) erase option on write RPL Added, BB5 Reset NPC Added, BB5 online logger client (instant !!!) Added, BB5 RPL write on RX2 enabled phones Fixed, DCT4 MM flash handling Added, DCT4 imei OTP/UEM read via FBUS for non CUI phones. Added, Latest DCT4PLUS ASIC11 sp unlock patch method(Patch on the fly) Added, DCT4PLUS ASIC11 online logger client Added, extended GSM/WCDMA band type set Improved, BB5 (RAP/CMT) NAND flash handling Improved, Flash chip info. device page size and type now displayed. Improved, DCT4PLUS ASIC11 ask read + manual IMEI/ESN input when UEM damaged Changed, 'Browse' to Directory setting in configuration window - CCS Improved, QCOM protocol for faster flashing Improved, Dead phone flashing handle Added, Phone code read for 6088,7088 phone Added, Image DL button (direct image download from support) Fixed, Userarea backup/restore -----------------------------------v3.0 Beta9 RC, Public-Release - MAIN Improved, Check for updates (more control to updates) Implemented, Online News(add RSS feeds and forum news) Implemented, Options to enabled/disabled spesific module

- NK MTBOX Partially supported(FBUS function) Improved, DCT4 boot Improved, Auto phone detection (always "Scan phone" or "Bus check" before any operation!) Improved, CDMA phones compatibility Improved, Keyboard test map (now possible to test all keys including communica tor series) Added, Various tests (Camera,IR,MMC,SIM,USB) Added, Band & System mode control Added, CDMA NVD (Pri) management (under Phone Settings tab) Added, CDMA CS product type read Added, RF/BB PM backup/restore Added, BB5 CNT 128 K convertion Added, COMBOFLASH detection Fixed, DCT4 write RPL (add DATA1/2 only options) Fixed, BB5 Custom erase Fixed, DCT4 APE flash(better error handler) Improved, DCT4 SP unlock routine Improved, CDMA tuning (SET,CAL and PANEL data are now readed and written corre ctly) Redesigned, PMM, Phone Settings, CDMA tune & Quick Fix page(under services tab ) Reconstructed, BB5 'Dejan K' unlocker Introduced, DCT4 read flash works for Asic type 2 phones only (check 'Phoenix format' for writable output) - just for test ! Introduced, DCT4 Non Volatile Data(NVD) management (in development, not finish ed yet) - CCS Added, ARMPRG/Bootloader manual select to handle 'dead' phones Fixed, Invalid hex error while flashing Improved, Phone explorer routine and ui -----------------------------------v3.0 Beta8, Public-Release - MAIN Fixed, "Check For Updates" bug Fixed, UFS baud problem (DCT4 erase issue?) - NK Fixed, DCT4PLUS non patch unlock (1600,1110i) Added, Automatically save RPL backup on "Bus Check" for DCT4 Fixed, DCT4 Erase ! (hopefully fixes this common issue, tested on 3 different PCs Intel/AMD based) - VCOM Fixed, Incorrect registration popup -----------------------------------v3.0 Beta7, Public-Release. Whats NEW: - [MAIN] Added, "Dont Show This Again" checkbox of UFS FW update confirmation dialog Improved, Check For update routine will allow to update module separately on f uture updates - [CCS] Added, New Module CCS "Foxconn PST"(NK CDMA ODM QUALCOMM) Features: * Flashing using HEX/ CBB (Bundle Files) * Normal Flashing or Emergency Mode (*+5+POWER) supported

* Flashing Emulation * Security Code Read/Write * SPC read/write * LCD contrast Read/Write * Reset File System (PRI) * Userdata Backup/Restore * EFS File Explorer * And soon - [VCOM] Revised, VCOM module - [NK] Added, Patch SIMLOCK flashing option + SKip SW patch on Init Simlock (1650 bu g) Improved, Flash erase routine Added, UEM WD test Added, Verify UEM option on DCT4 RPL write - [SIEM] Fixed, SGOLD baudrate issue and other minor. Version Information: Main: mobileEx.exe, version: mobileEx.dll, version: Modules: ccs.dll, library version:, module version: 1.00 nk.dll, library version:, module version: 1.00 7 siem.dll, library version:, module version: 1.01 vcom.dll, library version:, module version: 1.02 Required Dongle revision: MXKEY, FW ver: 00.11 MXKEY LiTE, FW ver: 00.13 *) = BETA = FINAL -----------------------------------v3.0 Beta6, Public-Release. Whats NEW: - JAF BOX fully supported. - Added, Flash Emulation mode(to verify flash files, will not write to the phone ) - Added, Support for BB5 RAPIDO phones(RAP NAND flash handle) - Added, Easy IMEI restore(Automaticaly search for backup from '\data\backup\RPL \' folder if available) - Added, DCT4 Mass Memory device(NAND) flashing support - Added, UFS FW V 2.8 update dialog if needed(required for RAPIDO phones handle) - Added, UFS Driver update dialog if 'NO CONNECTION' - Fixed, N-GAGE Adsp flashing bug(CRC error=Contact retailer). - Fixed, DCT4 Online IMEI Logger (ESN issues) - Fixed, WD2 boot (increasing boot timeout) - Fixed, User Code changes - Fixed, BT MCM image upload - Fixed, Erase whole flash routine - Fixed, Reset DATA1 (WD2 bug) - Fixed, TIKU flashing with huge image header stoped

Fixed, DCT4 UCP 128k convertion(2865 issue) Fixed, DCT4 PLUS SpUnlock bug on old models Removed, Joker module from installer Added, SIEMENS Tool(EGOLD, SGOLD) module.

and other minor. Required: MXKEY, FW ver: 00.11 MXKEY LiTE, FW ver: 00.13 -----------------------------------v3.0 Beta5, Public-Release. Whats NEW: New MXKEY LiTE firmware introduced, FW ver: 00.13 - Added, JAF FBUS protocol (Flashing bus not implemented yet) - Added, Component version info on load. - Fixed, Erase whole flash bug on multi flash chip phones. - Fixed, BT flush after firmware update. - Fixed, BB5RPL decryption fail when write RPL. - Added, Product code auto selection on "Scan" and other minor. Note: for MXKEY LiTE dongle user, you need to "Update FW" first. -----------------------------------v3.0 Beta4, Public-Release. Whats NEW: - re-constructed & improved, DCT4PLUS unlock patch - RELOCK now possible, also support 1200/1208 all version(click "No" when yo u asked to restore flash block) - re-constructed, DCT4 CNT 64->128k convertion. - Added, support for new product profile type(BB5,DCT4PLUS). - Fixed, crash (application closed) on VCOM module. - Improved, FBUS scan (will change phone mode if needed) - Fixed, PM write function (BB5 RF & BB parameters bug) and other minor. -----------------------------------v3.0 Beta3, Public-Release. Whats NEW: - re-constructed, CDMA Tuning. - re-constructed, Quick repair page (BT repair, LCD reset, etc). - improved, Online Updater. - added, CDMA NFP folder to model selection. and other minor. -----------------------------------v3.0 Beta2, Public-Release. Whats NEW: Almost all elements are new, the most important part of this eta was that it was finally recoded from scratch. Not implemented yet: - JAF interface support

DCT3/L function DCT4PLUS unlock patch BB5 generic unlock and some other.

This brand new exe will supports MXKEY and MXKEY LiTE What is MXKEY LiTE? its new dongle for mobileEx, SmartCard based. What about future support about MXKEY? We released MXKEY LiTE for costumer satisfaction. MXKEY LiTE will be cheaper, and thats why we call it "Lite". MXKEY will be fully supported as MXKEY LiTE, note that there was no differences between MXKEY and the LiTE version. Unimplemented features will be added as soon as possible. while that, you could also request feature MXKEY LiTE quick driver instalation: !!! Do NOT install Smartcard reader before installing drivers. goto "C:\mobileEx\3.0\data\drivers" then click "instdrv.exe" to install the Read er driver. This is PCSC ISO7816 compatible reader, you could also use any PCSC c ompatible reader to work with the card. ----------------------------------v3.0 Beta, Pre-Release. Published to beta-testers.