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Chapter-7 It was a sleepless night for Maira that day.

She rolled around her bed whole night looking at the piece of paper and kissed it anf she herself felt shy and then pressed the paper close to her heart and she thought it was the most beautiful feeling she could have ever experienced.She felt a sudden comfort in her heart,she got the secured feeling that Manav was always going to stay by her side no matter what,she got goosebumps and butterflies in her stomach when she began to think about the courtships which they will do,how will she face him now,how will she tell him,she was feeling extremely shy now.She then began to think about her marriage,when she will be his wife,he would pamper her,care for her,she thought about their first lovemaking,the baby they will have,all these thought made her body shiver and she grasped her pillow tight and it bought tears to her eyes.She felt like telling him just now about what she felt,there were so many things she wanted to tell him,she wanted him near her,she wanted to feel his love,his presence,his touch,she wanted to hug him. Manav on the other hand was very much tensed about her response,he hoped that she too felt the same thing about him,he looked at the moon the whole night and thought about her,"Meri Mairu kal please haan kehe dena ,haan kehe dena......haan kehe dena..............,he kept on repeating. The next morning he put on his favourite blue coloured shirt and white pyjama,made his hair decently,wore a Kolhapuri chappal and rushed to college,his mother was shocked to see him dressed so decently today.And Maira too put on her favourite salwaar kameez.A light purple churidaar,made a loose plait,put on beautiful tiny gold jhumkis,beautiful maroon coloured Mojdis and she was ready,she looked at the mirror and smiled to herself,she bit her lower lip out of shyness and excitement and left Rehan in school and rushed to college. And as expected manav was standing on the shade of the amla tree at the starting of the college galli.His heart beat became faster and faster as he saw her coming,she was coming with her heads down unable to look at him,she was so shy.Finally when she came to him she handed him a pieceof paper and went away.His hands were shaking when he was going to open it,it read,"Mere Mannu mujhe kya shadi ke baad bhi saree pehenaoge?" He at once looked at her she turned back and smiled at him giving a purely intense look of love,he at once ran towards her and hugged

her,both hugged each other,there were tears in each others eyes,they couldnt stop from crying.he then looked at her eyes,it bloosomed with love and his eyes were intense with love for her,it spoke volumes,and her eyes were his answers to his unspoken questions.He quickly grasped her hands and said,"Chalo mere saath?" "Kahan?", "Yahan ki sabse khubsoorat jagah pe!",he blinked at her and ran taking her.They reached Anand Lake,it looked so beautiful with the morning sunlight,the flowers bloosoomed all over as it was spring time,only two days left for holi.The flowers fell on the still waters of the lake.They both sat under the shade of that hanging tree,from which the flowers were falling in the lake,she put her head on his shoulder and he encircled his arms around her back placing his head on hers.she held his hands,she never wanted to leave that hand,that warmth she never wanted to let go from her life.He spoke to her softly,"See the still waters of this beautiful lake,they are just like you,they are so quiet,so smooth but still the deepest and so beautiful,but I want to see the water dance,I just hopeI will be able to make it dance.Maira was never touched so much like she was touched now with his words.One one understood her in her entire life the way he did.She looked at him with her deep eyes,he stroked her hair and she said,"When the soft warm breeze of the sun gently flows over it and unites with it it dances".He hugged her again and they were enclosed in each others passionate and pure warmth. Days passed by and their courtship became more and more beautiful day by day.They were the most beautiful couple in Madhupur.The were very shy in their classes as everybody came to know about them.Jaspreet stopped talking with Manav,she always spent time thinking about what did Maira have in her which she didnt have.They both were so lovely and sweet together that everyone wished they both settled happily together after their studies were over.Manav constantly seeked for chances and stared at her waited for her glance and when she managed to look at him and give hima shy smile,the whole class whisteled. They both were such that,they knew everything about each other even without speaking,by looking at each others glances and gesturesthey could understand each others feelings.Whenever he saw her,he just wanted to hug her and cuddle her,and sparkle her life with all the happiness he could,he felt she was his innocent baby and

she felt he was her protective shield her cuddly bear,upon whose arms she can spend her entire life and die on it. One day they were sitting under that same tree again nearby the lake.Maira was feeling hot with her hair open and he said cutely,"meri highwaistmati garmi lag rahi hai kya de me baandh deta hun!" "Tu baandhega,kaise",she said with rolling eyes looking at him like an innocent baby. he pulled her rolling his hands over her waist near him,it tickled her body and she laughed and he as usual went to heaven hearing her laugh.He took her hair strands,the smell of her long hair intensified his senses,it took him to a different world a world of purity and love.he then slowly began plaiting her hair taking the strandsone by one. "Aare mere Mannu tujhe beni karna aata hai",she said in a super happy tone excited like a child. "Mai ne sikhaya pehele woh chulhe pe baithti thi aur khana banati aur mujhe keheti ki agar uske baal sukh gaye ho to use beni kar dene,isi tarah se maine sikha." Maira looked back with her lovely glance at him and said,"Mai aur ter ishta sabse pyara hai". And he stroked her head ruffled it adorably and she cried,"Aaah bohot shaitan hai tu Mannu",and brusted to her sweet laughterand then said,"Chal aur ek kaam bachi meri shaadi ke baad". "Aacha meri Mairu toh yeh baat hai rukh tujhe to main",he pulled her more closer and bagan tickling her and cuddling her and she was uncontrollable and begged him,"Mannuuuuuu..........chod.......chod.....please Mannuuuu...",andfinally he left her giving her a tight pull of cheeks."Tu bhi na Mannu,kitna shararati hai,hahahaha"..... "Aare pehele baal to dekh lethik tarah se bana hai ki nahin.She sat down by the bank of the lake,put her feet down in the water and took her hair front over her chest and and touched it softly and slowly with constant gaze,there was smile in her face and mesmerising warmth and love in her eyes,Manav just kept on staring at the pure soul his heart was filled with her pureness,he felt complete,the moments of love and pure romance can never be described in words,their love was beyond romance,beyond everything,he pulled her hair sitting by her side and she ouched giving a pouting glance,and he smiled naughtily and then gently stroked her hair looking at her intensely and she was in sync with his intensity.she closed her eyes as he caressed her hair,he then gently and softly kissed her neck,her whole body

tickled and shivered at once,her belly thumped,heart was struck with a thunderstorm,she grasped his hands tightly with hers,the warmth of his breath and the soothing purity of the love with which he kissed took her to heaven.He then slowly at last kissed her rosy fluffy cheeks holding the other cheek gently with his hand and the whole world stopped for her,she rubbed her feet crushing the mud at once,which sent gentle waves in the water and the water danced,the still water danced!

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