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Ju ly-2010 The FAHS V olume 2 • Number 6 REPORT Mike Ettinger PRESIDENT 727-397-1221 Bill



Volume 2 • Number 6


Mike Ettinger PRESIDENT 727-397-1221
Mike Ettinger
Bill Buston V-PRESIDENT 727-323-2029
Bill Buston
Mary Fletcher SECRETARY 727-781-5949
Mary Fletcher
Warren Brown TREASURER 727-595-2773
Warren Brown

Summary of the July 10 Meeting, St. Pete Museum of History

David McLay, for President Mike Ettinger, called the meeting together at 11:05, at the St. Petersburg Museum of History. Present were Joe Rubin, Judy Van Hart,Warren Brown, Bill Buston, Mary Fletcher, Donna Sheehy, David “Mac” McLay, Chris Fiore, Darrin Guilbeau, Ron Streicher, Bill Barnes, Bill Buston. Clive Newcomb, Bill Buston, Terri Griner, Gerry Martas and C. Wells Berry. WARREN BROWN, Treasurer, reported reported we are doing ok with

renewals and the treasurery has money in it. Members are around

  • 840. Secretary’s report: June was approved. President’s Report David McLay, in for Mike Ettinger who was vacationing, read some upcoming dates: June 22, Lakeland Mtg. with Ernie Sanborne Hall of Fame agreement. July 15 on Channel 3, Tony Jannus

Ju ly-2010 The FAHS V olume 2 • Number 6 REPORT Mike Ettinger PRESIDENT 727-397-1221 Bill

history film and again on the following Sunday,

August 3, Facilities

Utilitation Meeting at the St. Pete Museum, 5-7 PM, Meeting with the St. Petersburg Mayor, July 12, 9 am.David announced Airlines Interna- tional will hold their meeting in St. Petersburg in 2014. Tony Jannus Society-David McLay attends the meetings. The awards dinner will be Oct. 29 at the St. Petersburg Vinoy. Tickets are $175. The Society has adked to have the Display model of the Benoist on exhibit. Bob Walker expects to have it done by then. AWAPS Terri Griner gave a status on the Saturday breakfasts and the construction on AWAPS Building and future plans for a museum. Albert Whitted’s new control tower may be ready in 3 months FAHS is in need of someone to continue a data base of e-mails for members and 2014. Ronni Levy has resigned from the Board and has turned that project over to David McLay. There was a June 22 meeting with Sun’n fun Museum over the Hall of Fame and their wanting to take control of the event and limit the free tickets. FAHS sent a letter back July 2 stating their position in not wanting to give up control of the nominees but will give the names to the Sun’n Fun Museum by October to give them time to get the

Ju ly-2010 The FAHS V olume 2 • Number 6 REPORT Mike Ettinger PRESIDENT 727-397-1221 Bill

presentations done. Bill Barnes made a motion, seconded by Mary Fletcher, to endorse FAHS’s July 2nd letter. Motion passed. Flight 2014 News: The marketing plan proposed by Darrian Builbeau has been put on hold until a planning board can be put in place. Chris Fiore has been in touch with Kermit Weeks and he has not found a Roberts 6 cylinder engine. Chris and Ron Streicher are composing a letter to send out to search for one. Chris asked anyone who knows of one available, to let him know. There is a DOT conference in Tampa August 7 and David McLay made a motion to have the August 7th meeting at Peter O’Night Airport and then go over to the DOT Confer- ence. The motion failed and the meeting is to be at our regular time and place at the St. Pete Museum. Members did agree to a delegate to go over there after the FAHS meeting and work the room. Meeting was adjourned at 1:10 PM Mary Fletcher, Secretary.

Ju ly-2010 The FAHS V olume 2 • Number 6 REPORT Mike Ettinger PRESIDENT 727-397-1221 Bill

Mark Your Calendar October 29, 9 am

St. Petersburg Museum AIAA presentation and plaque designating St. Petersburg Central Basis a Historic Aerospace Site.