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The Concise Navi Dictionary v. 11.

Compiled by Taronyu (Richard Littauer) Last updated: September 11th , 2010
This is a Navi Dictionary, without derivations to help searching. Thank Tuiq for allowing it to be. Bold indicates Navi word. Italics indicate English denition. Plain text indicates grammatical categorisation: parentheses indicate further notes. I have included mid-dots in the IPA to mark where inxes are to be placed, where tpre-rst1ar2on are the positions. Proper nouns have been capitalised. Knowledge of lenition processes, including vowel reduction and ellision, will be assumed. Note also that allomorphs, where specied, are subject only to personal preference. Abbreviations: = morpheme boundary + = leniting morpheme boundary <> = inx morpheme adj. = adjective adp. = adposition adv. = adverb conj. = conjunction c.w. = compound word dem. = demonstrative intj. = interjection inter. = interrogative n. = noun num. = number part. = particle pn. = pronoun prop. n. = proper noun v. = verb svin. = stative intransitive verb vtr. = transitive verb vin. = intransitive verb

I have sourced every word as best as I could. This sourcing is placed in a subscript after the IPA transcription, and tells where I, or the source from which I received a word, initially got their word from Frommer. In early March, Frommer sent us a list of words which he had: these are the denitive source now, and not the ASG. Some words are not present in that list, but have been conrmed by Frommer if they are here. Words that are modied by unproductive afxes are included here if Frommer has used them: words that have a modied semantic meaning due to a productive afx have also been included likewise. In order of canonicity, from most to least: PF = Paul Frommer M = The Movie JC = James Cameron G = the Avatar Games ASG = The Survival Guide 1

P aaw: ["Pa.Paw] P F adj. a few, several (Used with countable nouns in the singular form) ampi: ["Pam.pi] P F v. touch ango: ["Pa.No] P F adj. soft (of a sound) aw: [Paw] P F num. one awkx: [Pawk] P F n. cliff awlie: [Paw."li.E] P F adv. once (in the past) awlo: ["Paw.lo] P F adv. once awm: [Pawm] P F n. camp awpo: ["Paw.po] P F pn. one individual awsiteng: ["tEN] P F adv. together awstengyem: [Paw.stEN."jEm] P F vtr. join two things together (ii) awve: ["Paw.vE] P F adj. rst (ordinal) nsyem: [Pn."sjEm] P F adj. complete rp: ["P.RIp^] P F vtr. move eal: ["PE.Pal] P F adj. worst efu: ["PE.fu] P F vtr. feel, sense, perceive eko: ["PE.ko] P F v. attack ekong: ["PE.koN] P F n. beat (rhythmic) em: [PEm] P F vtr. cook engeng: ["PEN.EN] P F adj. level eoio: ["PE.o.i.o] P F adj. ceremonious evan: ["PE.van] P F n. boy (colloquial) eve: ["PE.vE] P F n. girl (colloquial) eveng: ["PE.vEN] P F n. child evengan: ["PE.vE.Nan] P F n. boy evenge: ["PE.vE.NE] P F n. girl A a: [a] P F pn. which, that a: [a] P F afx adjectival attributive marker alaksi: [a."] P F adj. ready alm: [a."lIm] P F adv. far away, at a distance alo: [a."lo] P F n. time, turn, instance, one of a number of repeated or recurring actions alu: ["] P F conj. that is, in other words (Used for adpositions) alunta: [a."lun.ta] P F conj. because, from the reason apxa: [a."pa] P F adj. large asim: [a."sim] P F adv. nearby, at close range atan: [a."tan] JC n. light atanvi: [a."] P F n. ray atokirina: ["Ri.naP^] JC n. seeds of the great tree 2 atxkxe: [at."kE] P F n. land atxkxerel: [at."kE."REl] P F n. map au: ["a.u] JC n. drum (made of skin) au: [a."u] LA intj. exclamation of consternation aungia: [a."u.Ni.a] P F n. sign, omen awnga: [aw."Na] P F pn. we ayfo: [aj."fo] or ["] P F pn. they aylaru: [aj."la.Ru] P F pn. to the others (contraction of ay+laheru) aynga: [aj."Na] P F pn. you all, you (pl.) ayoe: [aj."o.E] P F pn. we, us (exclusive) ayoeng: [aj."wEN] P F pn. we, us (inclusive) (ayoenga base for sufxes) ayu: [a."ju] P F n. things (never plural u) evi: ["] P F n. kid (affectionate form of eveng child) ewan: ["PE.wan] P F adj. young ewll: ["PE.wl] P F n. plant " eylan: ["PEj.lan] P F n. friend eyng: [PEjN] P F v. answer, respond eyt: [PEjt^] P F n. the symbol 8 (not the value eight) ia: ["PiP.a] P F vin. end, conclude ia: ["Pi.a] P F vin. lose oneself (spiritual sense) it: [Pit^] P F n. bit, a small amount itan: ["Pi.tan] JC,P F n. son ite: ["Pi.tE] JC,P F n. daughter > itetsyp: ["Pi.tE.tsjIp^] P F n. little daughter (term of endearment) awn: [PI."Pawn] P F vin. remain, stay heyu: [PI."hE.ju] P F n. spiral ok: [Pok^] P F n. remembrance okrol: [Pok."Rol] P F n. history (ancient) okvur: [Pok."vuR] P F n. history (non-ancient) om: [Pom] P F adj. violet, purple, magenta ompin: ["] P F n. violet, purple, magenta ong: [PoN] P F v. unfold, blossom opin: ["] P F n. color, colour ora: ["Po.Ra] P F n. lake u: [Pu] P F n. thing (object, fact, abstraction) uo: ["Pu.o] P F pn. something upe: ["Pu.pE] P F inter. what (thing) upxare: [Pu."pa.RE] P F n. message

ie: [."i.E] P F n. vision (spiritual) o: [".o] P F adp. below txle: [."t.lE] P F n. request E eampin: ["] P F n. blue, green ean: ["] P F adj. blue, green ekxan: [E."kan] P F n. barricade, obstruction eltu: ["El.tu] P F n. brain eltu lefngap: ["El.tu lE."fNap^] P rr n. computer eltur ttxen si: ["El.tuR tI."tEn si] P F vin. be interesting, intriguing eltu si: ["El.tu si] P F vin. pay attention, quit goong off F fa: [fa] P F adp. with, by means of fahew: [fa."hEw] P F n. smell fay+: [faj] f prex these fpa: ["] P F n. top fewi: ["fE.wi] P F vtr. chase f: [fI] P F prex this fu: [fI."Pu] P F pn. this (thing) ffya: [fI."fja] P F adv. this way, like this fkem: [fI."kEm] P F pn. this (action) fpo: ["fI.po] P F pn. this one (person or thing) ftrr: [fI."tr] P F adv. today > " ftseng(e): [fI."tsEN(E)] P F adv. here, this place ftxan: [fI."tan] P F adv. so, to such an extent ftxon: [fI."ton] P F adv. tonight fkarut: ["fka.Rut^] P F v. peel fkay: [fkaj] P F adj. hateful fkew: [fkEw] P F adj. mighty fkip: [fkip^] P F adp. up among fko: [fko] P F pn. one, they (singular usage) (unspecied agent) fkxake: ["fka.kE] P F v. itch fkxen: [fkEn] P F n. vegetable (food) : [fl] P F vin. succeed ew: [flEw] P F n. throat fmal: [fmal] P F vtr. sustain fmawn: [fmawn] P F n. news, something to report fmetok: ["fmE.tok^] P F v. test fmi: [fmi] P F vtr. try, attempt (with the subjunctive) fnawe: [fna."wEP^] P F adj. cowardly 3 fnawetu: [fna."wEP.tu] P F n. coward fne: [fnE] f nel prex kind, type fnel: [fnEl] P F n. kind, type fnepe: ["fnE.pE] P F inter. which kind fngap: [fNap^] P F n. metal fnu: [fnu] P F v. quiet, be quiet fo: [fo] P F pn. they fpak: [fpak^] P F v. hold off, suspend action fpe: [fpEP^] P F vtr. send fpeio: [fpE."i.o] P F n. challenge (ceremonial) fpi+: [fpi] P F adp. for the sake of, for the benet of fpl: [fpIl] P F vtr. think fplfya: ["fpIl.fja] P F n. thought pattern, way of thinking fpom: [fpom] P F n. well-being, peace, happiness fpomtokx: [fpom."tok] P F n. health (physical) fpxkm: ["fp.kIm] P F v. enter frau: ["fRa.Pu] P F pn. everything frakrr: ["] P F adv. always, all the time fralo: [fRa."lo]" P F n. every time, every instance, each time frapo: ["fRa.po] P F pn. everyone frato: ["] P F part. superlative marker than all (behaves like an adp.) fratrr: [fRa."tr] P F adv. daily, every day " > fratseng: ["fRa.tsEN] P F adv. everywhere fratxon: [fRa."ton] P F adv. every night frawzo: [fRaw."zo] P F intj. all is well, everything is ne or OK emzau: [Em."za.Pu] P F v. pass (a test), overcome eo: ["E.o] P F adp. before, in front of (place) etrp: ["Et.RIp^] P F adj. favourable, favorable, auspicious eyawr: [Ej."awR] P F adj. correct, right eyk: [Ejk^] JC,P F v. lead eyktan: ["Ejk.tan] JC n. leader txle si: [."t.lE si] P F vin. request (with tsn clause for object)

frp: [fRIp^] P F vtr. bite frrfen: ["fr.fEn] P F vtr. visit " frrtu: ["fr.tu] P F n. guest, visitor " ftang: [ftaN] P F v. stop ftawnemkrr: [ftaw."] P F n. past ftr: [ftR] P F adj. left (not "right) fte: [ftE] P F conj. so that, in order to (with subjunctive verb in dependant clause) fteke: ["ftE.kE] P F conj. so that not, lest (with subjunctive verb in dependant clause) ftem: [ftEm] P F vtr. pass by (something) ftia: [fti."a] P F v. study ftu: [ftu] P F adp. from (direction) ftue: ["ftu.E] P F adj. easy, simple ftxavang: ["fta.vaN] P F adj. passionate ftxey: [ftEj] P F vtr. choose ftxey: [ftEj] P F conj. whether, or ftx: [ftI] P F n. tongue ftxlor: [ftI."loR] P F adj. delicious, good tasting H ha: [ha] P F adv. so, in that case hangir: [haP."NiR] P F n. afternoon hahaw: ["ha.haw] P F vin. sleep ham: [ham] P F adj. previous hamalo: [ha."ma.lo] P F adv. last time hangham: ["haN.ham] P F vin. laugh hapx: [ha."pI] P F n. part hapxtu: [ha."pI.tu] P F n. member hasey: [ha."sEj] P F adj. done, nished hawl: [hawl] P F v. prepare hawng: [hawN] P F n. overabundance hawngkrr: ["] P F adv. late " hawnu: ["] P F v. protect, shelter hay: [haj] P F adj. next hayalo: [ha."ja.lo] P F adv. next time hek: [hEk^] P F vin. be curious, odd, strange, unexpected I ien: ["iP.En] JC n. stringed instrument io: ["i.o] P F adp. above ioang: [i."o.aN] P F n. animal, beast

ftxv: [ftI."vP^] P F adj. bad tasting ftxoz: [fto."z] P F n. celebration, happy occasion fu: [fu] P F conj. or fuke: [fu."kE] P F conj. or not furia: ["fu.Ri.a] P F conj. that (subordinate clause marker) futa: ["fu.ta] P F conj. that (subordinate clause marker) fwa: [fwa] P F conj. that (subordinate clause marker) fwel: [fwEl] P F adj. broken fwew: [fwEw] P F vtr. look for, seek, search fyao: ["fja.Po] P F n. path, way, manner fyape: ["fja.pE] P F inter. how fyawntxu: [fja.wIn."tu] P F vin. guide (with dative of thing guided) fyeyn: [fjEjn] P F adj. ripe, mature, adult fyeyntu: ["fjEjn.tu] P F n. adult person

hewne: ["hEw.nE] P F adj. soft (of an object) heyn: [hEjn] P F vin. sit hiyk: ["hi.jIk^] P F adj. funny, strange hang: ["hI.PaN] P F n. insect hi: ["hI.Pi] P F adj. small, little (in size) hkrr: ["] P F n. second, very short time " hm: [hIm] P F adj. small (in quantity) hmtxampe: [hIm."tam.pE] P F inter. how much hmtxan: [hIm."tan] P F n. amount hol: [hol] P F adj. few holpxay: [hol."paj] P F n. number holpxaype: [hol."paj.pE] P F inter. how many hrrap: ["hr.ap^] P F n. danger hu: [hu] "P F adp. with (accompaniment) hufwa: [hu."fwa] P F conj. although hufwe: [hu."fwE] P F n. wind hum: [hum] P F v. leave, depart

irayo: [i."Raj.o] JC n., intj. thank you, thanks irayo si: [i."Raj.o si] P F vin. thank, give thanks

l+: ["I.l] or [I."l] P F adp. by, via, following K ka: [ka] P F adp. across kakrel: [kak."REl] P F adj. blind kalin: [ka."lin] P F adj. sweet kaltx: [kal."tI] P F intj. hello kame: ["ka.mE] P F vtr. see, see into, understand, know (spiritual sense) kan: [kan] P F v. aim kangay: [ka."Naj] P F adj. valid (cognate with ngay true) kanu: ["] P F adj. smart, intelligent (for a person) kar: [kaR] P F v. teach karyu: ["kaR.ju] P F n. teacher kato: ["] P F n. rhythm kavuk: [ka."vuk^] P F n. treachery kavuk si: [ka."vuk^ si] P F vin. betray kawit: [kaw."Pit^] P F adv. at all, not at all (see ke...kawit all) kawkrr: ["] P F adv. never " kawng: [kawN] P F adj. bad, evil kawtu: ["kaw.tu] P F pn. no-one kaym: [kajm] P F n. evening (before twilight), late afternoon k: [k] P F vin. go krp: [k."P.RIp^] P F vtr. push kmakto: [k."] P F v. ride out kpx: [k."pI] P F n. rear (part or section) > ksatseng: [k."sa.tsEN] P F adv. out there ke: [kE] P F adv. not keaw: [kE."Paw] P F adj. divided, torn apart, strife-ridden keu: ["kE.Pu] P F pn., adv. nothing, nothing at all, not at all kea: ["kE.a] P F adj. no (before a noun) keftxo: [kE."fto] P F adj., intj. unhappy, upset, How sad! kefyak: [kE."fjak^] P F,P rr part. isnt it?, right? kehe: ["kE.hE] P F adv. no kelfpomtokx: [kEl."fpom.tok] P F adj. unhealthy kelku: ["kEl.ku] P F n. home, house kelku si: ["kEl.ku si] P F vin. live, dwell > keltsun: [kEl."tsun] P F adj. impossible 5 kem: [kEm] P F n. thing (action), deed kemlu: ["kEm.lI.Pu] P F n. verb kemluvi: ["] P F n. inx kempe: ["kEm.pE] P F inter. what (action) (c.w. from kem action, deed) kem si: [kEm si] P F vin. do keng: [kEN] P F adv. even, so much as kenong: ["kE.noN] or ["kE.noN] P F v. model, represent, exemplify (ii) kerusey: ["kE.Ru.sEj] P F adj. dead keteng: ["kE.tEN] P F adj. different ketuwong: ["kE.tu.woN] P F n. alien kew: [kEw] P F num. zero kewong: ["kE.woN] P F adj. alien key: [kEj] P F n. face keyawr: [kE."jawR] P F adj. incorrect, not right keyeung: [kE."jE.PuN] P F n. insanity ki: [ki] P F conj. but rather, but instead kifkey: [ki."fkEj] P F n. world (physical, solid) kilvan: [kil."van] P F n. river kin: [kin] P F v. need kinam: [ki."nam] P F n. leg kinamtil: [ki."nam.til] P F n. knee kin: ["ki.n] P F num. seven kip: [kip^] P F adp. among kive: ["ki.vE] P F adj. seventh (ordinal) kong: [kI."PoN] P F adj. slow km: [kIm] P F v. spin kng: [kIN] P F n. thread ktee: [kI.tE."PE] P F n. service kllfro: [kl."fRoP^] P F v. be responsible " kllk: [kl."k] v. descend " kllkulat: [kl."^] P F v. dig up " kllkxem: [kl."kEm] P F v. stand " kllpa: ["] P F n. bottom " kllpxltu: [kl."pIl.tu] P F n. territory " kllte: ["kl.tE] P F n. ground > " klltseng: ["kl.tsEN] P F n. position " kllvawm: ["kl.vawm] P F adj. brown " ko: [ko] P F part. solicit agreement koak: ["ko.ak^] P F adj. old, aged (for living things) kop: [kop^] P F adv. too, also ley: [I."lEj] LA intj. war cry

kuup: ["ku.Pup^] P F adj. heavy (physical weight) koren: [ko."REn] P F n. rule, guideline kurakx: [ku."Rak] P F v. drive out krr: [kr] P F n. time " krrnekx: [kr."nEk] P F v. take/consume time (ii) " krrpe: ["kr.pE] P F inter. when (c.w. from krr ti" me) Kx kxa: [ka] P F n. mouth kxam: [kam] P F n. middle, midpoint kxaml: ["kam.l] P F adp. through (via the middle of) kxamtrr: ["] P F n. mid-day, noon " kxamtrrmaw: ["] P F n. the time immediately after noon," early afternoon > kxamtseng: ["kam.tsEN] P F n. center, place in the middle kxamtxomaw: ["] P F n. after midnight kxamtxon: ["kam.ton] P F n. midnight kxangangang: ["kaN.aN.aN] P F intj. boom (onomatopoeic) L lahe: ["la.hE] P F adj. other, else lam: [lam] P F vin. seem, appear lapo: ["la.po] P F pn. other one (person or thing) laro: ["la.Ro] P F adj. clean latem: ["la.tEm] P F vin. change (leykatem vtr. change) > latsi: [la."tsi] LA v. keep up with someone law: [law] P F adj. clear, certain law si: [law si] P F vin. make clear layompin: [la."] layon n. black layon: [la."jon] P F adj. black le: [lE] adjective PF lefkrr: [lEf."kr] P F adj. current " lefngap: [lE."fNap^] P F adj. metallic lefpom: [lE."fpom] P F adj. happy, peaceful, joyous (not for people) lefpomtokx: [lE."fpom.tok] P F adj. healthy lehawng: [lE."hawN] P F adj. excessive lehawngkrr: [lE."] P F adj. late " lehrrap: [lE."hr.ap^] P F adj. dangerous " lek: [lEk^] P F v. heed, obey lekin: [lE."kin] P F adj. necessary lekoren: [lE.ko."REn] P F adj. lawlike lekyeung: [lEk."jE.PuN] P F adj. insane, crazy 6 lemweypey: [lEm."wEj.pEj] P F adj. patient len: [lEn] P F vin. happen, occur leNavi: [lE."] P F adj. having to do with the Navi, the People lenomum: [lE."no.mum] P F adj. curious lerk: [lE."RIk^] P F adj. leafy lertu: ["lER.tu] P F n. colleague lesar: [lE."saR] P F adj. useful letam: [lE."tam] P F adj. sufcient letrr: [lE."tr] RL adj. daily " letrrtrr: [lE."] P F adj. ordinary " > " letsranten: [lE."tsRan.tEn] P F adj. important > letsunslu: [lE."tsun.slu] P F adj. possible lew: [lEw] P F n. cover, lid lew si: [lEw si] P F vin. cover leyekrr: [lE."] P F adj. early " lfya: ["lIP.fja] P F n. language lfyaolo: ["lIP.fja.o."loP^] P F n. language group, language users lfyavi: ["] P F n. expression, bit of language lu: ["lI.Pu] P F n. word lupam: ["lI.Pu.pam] P F n. accent, pronunciation kxan: ["ka.nI] P F adj. forbidden kxawm: [kawm] P F adv. perhaps, maybe kxayl: [kajl] P F adj. high kxener: ["kE.nER] P F n. smoke > kxetse: ["kE.tsE] P F n. tail kxeyey: ["kE.jEj] P F n. error, mistake kxitx: [kit] P F n. death kxll: [kl] P F n. charge, running attack " kxll si: [kl si] P F vin. charge " kxu: [ku] P F n. harm kxuke: ["ku.kE] P F adj. safe kxutu: ["ku.tu] P F n. enemy

lupe: [lI."Pu.pE] P F inter. what (word, utterance) lm: [lIm] P F svin. far, be far lng: [lIN] P F vin. oat in the air, hover lok: [lok^] P F v. approach lok: [lok^] P F adp. close to lonu: [lo."nu] P F vtr. release, let go lor: [loR] P F adj. beautiful, pleasant to the senses (non-human) M ma: [ma] P F part. O (vocative marker) makto: ["] P F v. ride maw: [maw] P F adp. after (time) mawey: [ma."wEj] CM adj. calm maweypey: [ma."wEj.pEj] P F svin. be patient (ii) mawkrr: ["] P F adv. after, afterwards " meem: [mE."PEm] P F adj. harmonious mefo: ["] P F pn. they, those two mekre: ["mEk.RE] P F n. supplies melo: ["mE.lo] P F adv. twice menari: [mE."na.Ri] P F n. eyes (two) meoauniaea: ["E.a] P F n. harmony, living at one with nature meuia: [mE."u.i.a] P F n. honor (honour) meyp: [mEjp^] P F adj. weak mi: [mi] P F adv. yet, still, as before mikyun: ["mik.jun] JC n. ear mip: [mip^] P F adj. new m+: [mI] P F adp. in, on mfa: ["mI.fa] or [mI."fa] P F n., adv. inside mkam: [mI."kam] P F adp. between mn: [mIn] P F v. turn mnyu: ["mIn.ju] P F n. turner N na: [na] P F adp. like, as

lrrtok: ["lr.tok^] P F n. smile " lrrtok si: ["lr.tok^ si] P F vin. smile " lu: [lu] P F vin., svin. be, am, is, are (predicative copula, existential verb) (signies possession with dative of possessor) luke: ["lu.kE] P F adp. without lumpe: ["lum.pE] P F inter. why lun: [lun] P F n. reason

mso: [mI."so] P F adv. away (position) mllte: [ml."tE] P F v. agree " moe: ["mo.E] P F pn. we two, us two (exclusive) mokri: ["mok.Ri] P F n. voice mowan: [mo."wan] P F adj. pleasing, enjoyable (physically, sexually) mrr: [mr] P F num. ve " mrrve: ["mr.vE] P F adj. fth (ordinal) " mui: [mu."i.] P F adj. proper, fair, right, justied muni: [mun."Pi] P F v. cut mune: ["mu.nE] P F num. two munge: ["mu.NE] P F vtr. take, bring mungwrr: [muN."wr] P F adp. except " muntxa: [mun."ta] P F adj. mated, married muntxa si: [mun."ta si] P F vin. mate (with someone), marry muntxatan: [mun."ta.tan] P F n. husband, male spouse muntxate: [mun."ta.tE] P F n. wife, female spouse muntxatu: [mun."ta.tu] P F n. spouse muve: ["mu.vE] P F adj. second (ordinal)

natkenong: [nat."kE.noN] P F conj. for example, as an example narng: ["naP.RIN] P F n. forest nawm: [nawm] P F adj. great, noble naer: [na."ER] P F n. drink, something able to be nawmtu: ["nawm.tu] P F n. great person drunk nayn: [najn] P F n. the symbol 9 (not the value nafu: [na.fI."Pu] P F adj. such nine) nang: [naN] P F part. surprise, exclamation, en- nk: [nk^] P F vtr. drink couragement ne: [nE] P F adp. to, towards (direction) nari: ["na.Ri] P F n. eye nem: [nE."PIm] P F adv. back (direction) nari si: ["na.Ri si] P F vin. watch out, be careful nef: [nE."f] P F adv. up (direction) 7

nekll: [nE."kl] P F adv. down (direction) ne kllte: [nE" "kl.tE] P F intj. get down " nekx: [nEk] P F vtr. burn, consume nemfa: ["nEm.fa] P F adp. into, inside neto: [nE."to] P F adv. away (direction) netrp: ["nEt.RIp^] P F adv. luckily, happily new: [nEw] P F vtr. want (with subjunctive verb) newomum: [nEw."o.mum] P F vin. be curious, want to know neympin: ["] P F n. light color neyn: [nEjn] P F adj. light colors, shades of white ni: [ni."] P F vtr. grab nikre: ["nik.RE] P F n. hair nitram: [nit."Ram] P F adj. happy (of people) n: [nI] adverbial PF naw: [nI."Paw] P F adv. only nawtu: [nI."Paw.tu] P F adv. alone (as one person) nawve: [nI."Paw.vE] P F adv. rst neoio: [nI."PE.o.i.o] P F adv. ceremoniously neveng: [nI."PE.vEN] P F adv. like a child, immaturely neyng: [nI."PEjN] P F adv. back, in response, in answer nia: [nI."PiP.a] P F adv. nally, at long last nit: [nI."Pit^] P F adv. a bit, a small amount (abstract) nul: [nI."Pul] P F adv. more nawnomum: ["no.mum] P F adv. as you know, as is known nayoeng: [naj."wEN] P F adv. like us, as we do nftue: [nI."ftu.E] P F adv. easily nftxavang: [nI."fta.vaN] P F adv. passionately, with all heart nfyao: [nI."fja.Po] P F adv. in a manner nfyeyntu: [nI."fjEjn.tu] P F adv. like an adult, maturely nhawng: [nI."hawN] P F adv. too, excessively nhek: [nI."hEk^] P F adv. strangely, oddly (sentence, not manner, adverbial) nkong: [nIk."PoN] P F adv. slowly nkanu: [nI."] P F adv. intelligently, in a smart way nkeftxo: [nI.kE."fto] P F adv. unfortunately, sadly nlaw: [nI."law] P F adv. clearly

nlkeftang: [nIl.kE."ftaN] P F adv. continuously, incessantly, without stopping > nltsan: [nIl."tsan] P F adv. well nmun: [nI."mun] P F adv. again nmwey: [nIm."wEj] P F adv. calmly, peacefully nmweypey: [nIm."wEj.pEj] P F adv. patiently nn: [nIn] P F vtr. look at nNavi: [nI."] P F adv. like the Navi, Navi-ly nngay: [nI."Naj] P F adv. truly nprrte: [nI."pr.tEP^] P F adv. pleasurably, wel" come (assumed zolau), gladly, with pleasure npxi: [nI."pi] P F adv. especially, pointedly, unambiguously npxim: [nI."pim] P F adv. erectly, rightly nrangal: [nI."Ra.Nal] P F adv. wish (contrary to fact, with perfect or imperfective subjunctive) nsti: [nI."sti] P F adv. angrily nsung: [nI."suN] P F adv. besides, additionally, furthermore nswey: [nI."swEj] P F adv. optimally, best nsyayvi: [nI."] P F adv. by chance or coincidence nsyen: [nI."sjEn] P F adv. lastly ntam: [nI."tam] P F adv. enough (after an adjective) nteng: [nI."tEN] P F adv. too, also, as well, likewise ntengfya: [nI."tEN.fja] P F adv. as, same way as ntut: [nI."tut^] P F adv. continually ntxan: [nI."tan] P F adv. much (abstract), very nw: [nI."w] P F adv. on the contrary, conversely nwin: [nI."win] P F adv. fast nwotx: [nI."wot] P F adv. all (of), in toto, completely nzawnong: [nI."zaw.noN] P F adv. safely nong: [noN] P F v. follow, proceed after nulkrr: [nul."kr] P F adv. longer (time) " nulnew: [nul."nEw] P F v. prefer (ii) nume: ["nu.mE] P F v. learn numeyu: ["nu.mE.ju] P F n. student > numtseng: ["num.tsEN] P F n. school > numtsengvi: ["] P F n. classroom, division of a school

Ng nga: [Na] P F pn. you > ngatsyp: ["Na.tsjIp^] P F pn. little you, you little ngawng: [NawN] P F n. worm ngay: [Naj] P F adj. true ngaytxoa: [Naj."to.a] P F intj. sorry, my apologies (acknowledgment of guilt and regret) ngng: [NN] P F n. stomach ngzk: ["N.zIk^] P F adj. difcult, hard ngenga: [NE."Na] P F pn. you (honoric (honouric) form) O oe: ["o.E] P F pn. I, me oeng: ["wEN] P F pn. we two, us two (dual inclusive), you and I > oetsyp: ["wE.tsjIp^] P F pn. little me, little I oeyk: [o."Ejk^] P F n. cause oeyktng: [o."Ejk.tIN] P F v. explain (why) (ii) ohakx: [o."hak] P F adj. hungry P pao: ["pa.Po] P F n. side pak: [pak^] P F part. disparagement pam: [pam] P F n. sound pamrel: [pam."REl] P F n. writing pamrelfya: [pam."REl.fja] P F n. spelling pamrel si: [pam."REl si] P F vin. write > pamtseo: ["pam.tsE.o] P F n. music > pamtseotu: ["pam.tsE.o.tu] P F n. musician pate: ["pa.tE] ZS v. get to a place, arrive pawm: [pawm] P F v. ask pay: [paj] P F n. water, liquid payfya: ["paj.fja] P F n. stream payoang: [paj."o.aN] P F n. sh phem: ["p.hEm] P F vin. arrive pngkxo: [pN."ko] P F vin. chat, converse, have a conversation pngkxoyu: [pN."ko.ju] P F n. chatter, converser pngkxoyu lekoren: [pN."ko.ju lE.ko."REn] P F n. lawyer pnu: ["] P F n. promise pnutng: ["] P F vtr. promise (a thing to someone) (ii) > pts: ["p.tsI] P F n. badge pe+: [pE] P F afx inter. marker 9 peun: ["pE.Pun] P F vtr. decide pefnel: [pE."fnEl] P F inter. which kind pefya: [pE."fja] P F inter. how pehem: [pE."hEm] P F inter. what (action) (c.w. from kem action, deed) pehrr: [pE."hr] P F inter. when (c.w. from krr ti" me) pelu: [pE."lI.Pu] P F inter. what (word, utterance) pelun: [pE."lun] P F inter. why peng: [pEN] P F vtr. tell peseng: [pE."sEN] P F inter. where pesu: [pE."su] P F inter. who peu: [pE."u] P F inter. what (thing) pewn: [pEwn] P F n. neck pey: [pEj] P F v. wait, wait for piak: [pi."ak^] P F adj. open piak si: [pi."ak^ si] P F vin. open pil: [pil] P F n. facial stripe pizayu: ["] P F n. ancestor pmtxan: [pIm."tan] P F inter. how much pwopx: [pI."wop] P F n. cloud plltxe: [pl."tE] P F v. speak " po: [po] P F pn. he, she poan: [po."an] P F pn. he ohe: ["o.hE] P F pn. I (deferential or ceremonial form) osss: [o.I"s:] LA intj. angry snarl, watch it! olo: [o."loP^] P F n. clan oloeyktan: [o.lo."PEjk.tan] JC n. clan leader omum: ["o.mum] P F vtr. know (note inx) ontu: ["on.tu] JC n. nose ngeyn: [NEjn] P F adj. tired ngian: [Ni."an] P F,SW adv. however ngim: [Nim] P F adj. long (physical length) ngop: [Nop^] P F v. create ngopyu: ["Nop.ju] P F n. creator ngrr: [Nr] P F n. root " ngul: [Nul] P F adj. grey, drab ngulpin: ["] P F n. grey nguway: ["Nu.waj] P F n. howl, viperwolf cry

poe: [po."E] P F pn. she polpxay: [pol."paj] P F inter. how many pom: [pom] P F v. kiss pongu: ["po.Nu] P F n. group of people, party prrkxentrrkrr: [] Skxawng n. day ti" " " me smoking pleasure, vibrating tongue (Navi idiom) (c.w. from prrte pleasure, kxener smoke, trr day and krr time) prrnen: ["pr.nEn] P F n. infant, baby " Px pxan: [pan] P F adj. worthy pxask: ["pa.sIk^] P F intj. screw that!, no way! (vulgar) pxasul: ["pa.sul] P F adj. fresh, appealing as food pxaw: [paw] P F adp. around pxawpa: ["] P F n. perimeter, circumference, border pxay: [paj] P F adj. many (used with singular or plural noun forms) pxel: [pEl] P F adp. like, as pxelo: ["pE.lo] P F adv. thrice, three times pxey: [pEj] P F num. three pxeyve: ["pEj.vE] P F adj. third (ordinal) pxi: [pi] P F adj. sharp R ral: [Ral] P F n. meaning ralpeng: [Ral."pEN] P F v. interpret (ii) ram: [Ram] P F n. mountain > ramtsyp: ["Ram.tsjIp^] P F n. hill ramunong: [Ra."mu.noN] P F n. well rangal: ["Ra.Nal] P F v. wish rawke: ["Raw.kE] P F intj. alarm cry, call to defense r: [R."P] P F part. do not (for negative imperatives, commands only) reo: ["RE.Po] P F n. head rel: [REl] P F n. image, picture > reltseo: ["REl.tsE.o] P F n. visual art > reltseotu: ["REl.tsE.o.tu] P F n. artist reng: [REN] P F adj. shallow (physically) renu: ["] P F n. pattern rewon: ["RE.won] P F n. morning rey: [REj] P F vin. live

prrnesyul: ["pr.nE.sjul] P F n. bud " prrte: ["pr.tEP^] P F adj. pleasurable (of an activi" ty) prrwll: ["pr.wl] P rr n. moss " " pukap: ["pu.kap^] P F num. six pum: [pum] P F pn. possession, thing possessed (dummy pronoun for modied nouns or pronouns) puve: ["pu.vE] P F adj. sixth (ordinal)

pxim: [pim] P F adj. erect, upright pximaw: [pi."maw] P F adp. right after pxiset: [pi."sEt^] P F adv. right now pxisre+: [pi."sRE] P F adp. right before pxiswawam: [pi.swaw."am] P F adv. just a moment ago pxiswaway: [pi.swaw."aj] P F adv. in just a second from now pxiyern: [pi."jEP.RIn] P F adv. immediately (not as soon as pxiswaway) pxm: [pIm] P F adv. often pxor: [poR] P F vin. explode pxun: [pun] P F n. arm pxuntil: ["pun.til] P F n. elbow

reyeng: [REj."PEN] P F n. the Balance of Life reypay: ["REj.paj] P F n. blood rikx: [Rik] P F vin. move, shift position rim: [Rim] P F adj. yellow rimpin: ["] P F n. yellow rina: [Ri."naP^] P F n. seed rk: [RIk^] P F n. leaf rkean: ["] P F adj. leaf green ro+: [Ro] P F adp. at (locative) rofa: ["Ro.fa] P F adp. beside, alongside rol: [Rol] P F v. sing rolun: [Ro."lun] P F intj. Eureka! Ive found it! ronsem: ["Ron.sEm] P F n. mind rum: [Rum] P F n. ball run: [Run] P F vtr. nd, discover rusey: [Ru."sEj] P F adj., n. alive, living, living thing rutxe: [Ru."tE] P F intj. please


S sanok: ["saP.nok^] P F n. mother (from saatenuk C ) sanu: ["] P F n. mum, mommy (affectionate form of sanok mother) > sanutsyp: ["^] P F n. little mommy (used for young girls) sasem: ["saP.sEm] P F n. parent saa: ["sa:] LA intj. threatening cry salew: [sa."lEw] P F v. proceed, go san: [san] P F adv. saying, quote sar: [saR] P F vtr. use sat: [sat^] P F pn. that (lenited form of tsat, irregularly lenited after ftu from) sau: [sa."u] LA intj. exclamation upon exertion, urgh s: [s] snume prex instrumental noun sfpl: [s."fpIl] P F n. idea snume: [s."nu.mE] P F n. teaching, instruction snumvi: [s."] P F n. lesson sspxin: [s."spin] P F n. disease, sickness, illness > sspxintsyp: [s."spin.tsjIp^] P F n. minor ailment sekrr: ["] P F adv. present " sempu: ["sEm.pu] P F n. daddy (affectionate form of sempul father) sempul: ["sEm.pul] P F n. father set: [sEt^] P F adv. now sevin: [sE."vin] P F adj. pretty (of people) seykxel: [sEj."kEl] P F adj. strong (emotionally, spiritually, not physical), condent seyri: ["sEj.Ri] JC n. lip si: [si] auxiliary verb, postpositional nonbound verb do, make PF sim: [sim] P F svin. near, be near s: [sI] P F conj. and (connects two things, can be attached as s: for clauses use ulte and) sk: [sIk^] P F adv. unquote slpey: [sIl."pEj] P F vin. hope (with tsn for thing hoped, unless in independent clause) (ii) slronsem: [sIl."Ron.sEm] P F adj. clever, smart (thing) > sltsan: [sIl."tsan] P F adj. good sn: [sIn] P F adp. on, onto skaa: [ska."Pa] P F vtr. destroy skepek: ["skE.pEk^] M adj. formal skien: ["ski.En] P F adj. right (not left) skxakep: ["ska.kEp^] P F adj., adv. probable, probably skxawng: [skawN] P F n. moron, idiot skxom: [skom] P F n. chance, opportunity sl: [sl] P F conj. but sleyku: [slEj."ku] P F vtr. produce slu: [slu] P F v. become smar: [smaR] P F n. prey, hunted thing sngap: [sNap^] P F vtr. sting sngi: ["sN.Pi] P F vin. begin, start (with subjunctive) sngikrr: ["] P F n. beginning, starting " time sngiyu: ["sN.Pi.ju] P F n. beginner sngel: [sNEl] P F n. garbage, trash, rubbish > sngeltseng: ["sNEl.tsEN] P F n. rubbish place, garbage dump snumna: ["] CP adj. dim (of a person) soaia: [so."a.i.a] P F n. family sok: [sok^] P F adj. recent som: [som] P F adj. hot sop: [sop^] P F vin. travel spaw: [spaw] P F v. believe sp: [sp] P F v. jump spee: [spE."PE] P F vtr. capture speetu: [spE."PE.tu] P F n. captive speng: [spEN] P F v. restore spule: ["spu.lE] P F vtr. propel spuwin: ["] P F adj. old (not for people), former spxam: [spam] P F n. mushroom, fungus spxin: [spin] P F adj. sick srak(e): ["sRak(E)] P F part. inter. marker for yes or no questions sran: [sRan] P F adv., intj. yes (colloquial) srane: ["sRa.nE] P F adv., intj. yes sraw: [sRaw] P F adj. painful sre+: [sRE] P F adp. before (time) sre: [sREP^] P F n. tooth srekamtrr: [sRE."] P F n. the time before " noon srekamtxon: [sRE."kam.ton] P F n. before midnight srekrr: [sRE."kr] P F adv. before, already, ahead of " time sresea: [sRE.sE."Pa] P F v. prophetize, prophesize, prophesy


sresrrong: ["PoN] P F n. before dawn " sretonong: [sRE.ton."PoN] P F n. dusk, evening before sunset srew: [sREw] P F vin. dance srung: [sRuN] P F n. help, assistance srung si: [sRuN si] P F vin. help starsm: ["staR.sIm] P F vtr. gather, collect stawm: [stawm] P F vtr. hear stn: ["stP.nI] P F vtr. catch steftxaw: [stE."ftaw] P F vtr. examine, check steyki: [stEj."ki] P F vtr. anger, make someone angry sti: [sti] P F vin. anger (intransitive), be angry sto: [sto] P F v. refuse (to do something) stum: [stum] P F adv. almost stxong: [stoN] P F adj. strange, unfamiliar, unknown sung: [suN] P F vtr. add sunu: ["] P F vin. be pleasing or likeable, bring enjoyment T ta: [ta] P F adp. from (various uses) taem: [ta."PEm] P F adv. from above taleng: ["taP.lEN] P F n. skin talengean: ["] P F adj. skin blue tafkip: [ta."fkip^] P F adp. from up among tafral: [ta."fRal] P F adv. therefore, because of that takip: [ta."kip^] P F adp. from among takuk: ["ta.kuk^] P F vtr. strike talun(a): [ta."lun(a)] P F conj. because, from the reason tam: [tam] P F vin., intj. that will sufce, that will do, OK tam tam: [tam tam] M intj. calm, be content, there there tangek: ["ta.NEk^] P F n. trunk (of a tree) tanh: [tan."hI] P F n. star, bioluminescent freckle taron: ["ta.Ron] JC,P F vtr. hunt taronyu: ["ta.Ron.ju] JC,P F n. hunter > taronyutsyp: ["ta.Ron.ju.tsjIp^] P F n. little hunter tatep: ["ta.tEp^] P F vtr. lose track, lose awareness of something tatlam: [tat."lam] P F adv. apparently taw: [taw] P F n. sky taweyk(a): [ta."wEjk(a)] P F conj. because, based on the cause

sutx: [sut] P F vtr. track, follow, lock up swaw: [swaw] P F n. moment swey: [swEj] P F adj. best swir: [swi."R] P F n. creature swizaw: [swi."zaw] P F n. arrow swok: [swok^] P F adj. sacred swotu: ["swo.tu] P F n. sacred place syaw: [sjaw] P F vin. call, name syay: [sjaj] P F n. fate syayvi: ["] P F n. luck, chance sy: ["sj.P] P F adj. bitter syen: [sjEn] P F adj. last, nal syep: [sjEp^] P F vtr. trap syo: [sjo] P F adj. light (physical weight), lightweight syulang: ["sju.laN] P F n. ower syuve: ["sju.vE] P F n. food (collective noun, cannot be pluralised)

tawng: [tawN] P F vin. duck, dive tftxu: [t."ftu] P F vtr. weave tftxuyu: [t."ftu.ju] P F n. weaver ttxaw: [t."taw] P F vin. return te: [tE] JC part. used in full names tel: [tEl] P F vtr. receive telem: [tE."lEm] P F n. cord tem: [tEm] P F vin. shoot teng: [tEN] P F adj. same, equal tengfya: ["tEN.fja] P F conj. as, same way as tengkrr: [tEN."kr] P F conj. while, same time as " teri: [tE."Ri] P F adp. about, concerning terkup: ["tER.kup^] P F vin. die teswotng: [tE."swo.tIN] v. grant (ii) tete: ["tE.tE] P F adj. dull (as a blade) tewti: ["tEw.ti] P F intj. wow, expression of surprise and pleasure teya: [tE."ja] P F adj. full teya si: [tE."ja si] P F vin. ll (with dative of thing lled) teyr: [tEjR] P F adj. white teyrpin: ["] P F n. white til: [til] P F n. joint, hinge tirea: [ti."RE.a] P F n. spirit tireafyao: [ti."RE.a. fja.Po] P F n. spirit path tireaioang: [ti."RE.a.i. o.aN] P F n. spirit animal


tireapngkxo: [ti."RE.a.pN. ko] P F v. commune tawm: [tI."Pawm] P F n. camping tawm si: [tI."Pawm si] P F vin. camp tawpo: [tI."Paw.po] P F n. individuality (negative connotation), selshness tefu: [tI."PE.fu] P F n. feeling teylan: [tI."PEj.lan] P F n. friendship teyng: [tI."PEjN] P F n. answer, response tiavay: [tI."PiP.a.vaj] P F adv. until the end tfmetok: [tI."fmE.tok^] P F n. test tfnu: [tI."fnu] P F n. quiet, silence tftang: [tI."ftaN] P F n. stopping, the glottal stop tftia: [tI."fti.a] P F n. study tftia kifkey: [tI."fti.a ki."fkE.j] P F n. science, the study of the physical world tftxavang: [tI."fta.vaN] P F n. passion tftxey: [tI."ftEj] P F n. choice tfyawntxu: [tI.fja.wIn."tu] P F n. guidance tfyeyn: [tI."fjEjn] P F n. ripeness, maturity, full fruition thawl: [tI."hawl] P F n. preparations, plan thawnu: [tI."] P F n. protection tkan: [tI."kan] P F n. aim, goal, purpose, target tkangkem: [tI."kaN.kEm] P F n. work tkangkem si: [tI."kaN.kEm si] P F vin. work tkangkemvi: [tI."] P F n. project, piece of work tkanu: [tI."] P F n. intelligence tkawng: [tI."kawN] P F n. evil tkenong: [tI."kE.noN] P F n. example tketeng: [tI."kE.tEN] P F n. difference tkin: [tI."kin] P F n. need tkusar: [tI.ku."saR] P F n. teaching (the act) tkxey: [tI."kEj] P F n. incorrectness, mistakeness tkxey si: [tI."kEj si] P F vin. mess up, foul, do wrong tlam: [tI."lam] P F n. appearance tlor: [tI."loR] P F n. beauty tm: [tIm] P F adj. low tmeem: [tI."mE.PEm] P F n. harmony (general sense) tmuntxa: [tI.mun."ta] P F n. mating, marriage tmweypey: [tIm."wEj.pEj] P F n. patience tng: [tIN] P F v. give tngay: [tI."Naj] P F n. truth tngzk: [tI."N.zIk^] P F n. difculty, problem tng mikyun: [tIm "mik.jun] P F vin. listen tng nari: [tIn "na.Ri] P F vin. look

tngop: [tI."Nop^] P F n. creation > tng tseng: [tIN tsEN] P F vin. back down, give ground tnomum: [tI."no.mum] P F n. curiosity toeyktng: [tI."o.Ejk.tIN] P F n. explanation (Casual speech [tI."o.Ejk.tIN) tohakx: [tI.o."hak] P F n. hunger tpawm: [tI."pawm] P F n. question tphem: [tI."p.hEm] P F n. arrival tpngkxo: [tI.pN."ko] P F n. conversation, discussion > tpngkxotsyp: [tI.pN."ko.tsjIp^] P F n. little conversation tpeun: [tI."pE.Pun] P F n. decision tprrte: [tI."pr.tEP^] P F n. pleasure " tran: [tI."Ran] P F vin. walk trey: [tI."REj] P F n. life trol: [tI."Rol] P F n. song tskaa: [tI.ska."Pa] P F n. destruction tsop: [tI."sop^] P F n. journey tspee: [tI.spE."PE] P F n. capture tspxin: [tI."spin] P F n. the state of being ill, sickness tsraw: [tI."sRaw] P F n. pain tsraw seyki: [tI."sRaw sEj."ki] P F vtr. hurt (someone or something) tsraw si: [tI."sRaw si] P F vin. hurt, be painful tsresea: [tI."sRE.sE.Pa] P F n. prophecy tsti: [tI."sti] P F n. anger tsung: [tI."suN] Lance n. addition, post script (P.S.) ttakuk: [tI."ta.kuk^] G n. strike > ttslam: [tI."tslam] P F n. understanding, intelligence ttusaron: [tI.tu."sa.Ron] P F n. hunting ttxanew: [tI."ta.nEw] P F n. greed ttxen: [tI."tEn] P F n. awakeness, the state of waking ttxula: [tI."] P F n. construction, constructed thing ttxur: [tI."tuR] P F n. strength, power tvawm: [tI."vawm] P F n. darkness tvek: [tI.vEP."kI] P F n. hatred tyawn: [tI."jawn] P F n. love tyawr: [tI."jawR] P F n. correctness tyusom: [tI.ju."som] P F n. eating (the act) to: [to] P F part. comparative marker than (behaves like an adp.) tok: [tok^] P F vtr. be at, occupy a space


tokx: [tok] P F n. body tolel: [to."lEl] P F intj. Eureka! I found it! I understand! (synonym: tslolam) toltem: [tol."tEm] P F vtr. shoot tompa: ["] P F n. rain tor: [toR] P F adj. last, ultimate, terminal toruk makto: ["to.Ruk^ "] JC n. toruk rider trr: [tr] P F n. day " trrawve: [tr."Paw.vE] P F n. Sunday " trrong: [tr."PoN] P F n. dawn, sunrise " trrongmaw: [tr."PoN.maw] P F n. dawn after " sunrise trram: [tr."am] P F adv. yesterday " trray: [tr."aj] P F adv. tomorrow "[tr."ki.vE] trrkive: P F n. Saturday " trrmrrve: [tr."mr.vE] P F n. Thursday " trrmuve: [tr"."mu.vE] P F n. Monday " trrpeve: [tr."pE.vE] P F inter. which day (derived " day and pe interrogative marker from trr and ve ordinal number marker) Ts > tsa: [tsa] P F prex that > tsau: ["tsa.Pu] P F dem. that (thing) > tsafya: [tsa."fja] P F pn. that way, like that > tsa-hey: ["tsa."hEj] ZS intj. expression of warning or frustration, crap!, ah, hell! > tsaheyl si: [tsa."hEjl si] P F vin. bond with, establish a neural connection > tsaheylu: [tsa."] JC,P F n. bond (neural connection) > > tsakem: ["tsa.kEm] or [tsa."kEm] P F dem. that (action) > tsakrr: [tsa."kr] P F dem. then, at that time >" tsakrrvay: [tsa."kr.vaj] P F adv. until then, in the " meantime > tsal: [tsal] P F pn. that, it (transitive subject) > tsalsungay: ["Naj] P F adv. nevertheless, even so > tsam: [tsam] P F n. war > tsampongu: ["tsam.po.Nu] P F n. war party > tsamsiyu: ["] P F n. warrior > tsapalute: [tsap."] P F n. apology > tsapalute si: [tsap." si] P F vin. apologise (apologize) > tsaria: ["tsa.Ri.a] P F conj. that (subordinate clause marker) > tsat: [tsat^] P F pn. that, it (as object)

trrpuve: [tr."pu.vE] P F n. Friday " trrpxeyve: [tr."pEj.vE] P F n. Tuesday > " trrtsve: [tr."tsI.vE] P F n. Wednesday " trrtxon: [tr.ton] P F n. the day and night cycle of " Pandora tukru: [tuk."Ru] P F n. spear tul: [tul] P F vin. run tumpin: ["] P F n. red, orange tun: [tun] P F adj. red, orange tung: [tuN] P F v. allow tungzup: [tuN."zup^] P F vtr. drop (ii) tup: [tup^] P F conj. instead of, rather than tupe: ["tu.pE] P F inter. who tut: [tut^] P F part. continuation marker tutan: [tu."tan] P F n. male (person) tute: ["tu.tE] P F n. person tute: [tu."tE] P F n. female (person) tuteo: ["tu.tE.o] P F pn. somebody, someone tuvon: ["tu.von] P F v. lean

> tsata: ["tsa.ta] P F conj. that (subordinate clause marker) > > > > tsatseng: [tsa."tsEN] or ["tsa.tsEN] P F dem. there, that place > tsatu: ["tsa.tu] P F dem. that person > tsaw: [tsaw] P F dem., pn. that, it (as intransitive subject) > tsawa: ["tsa.wa] P F conj. that (subordinate marker) > tsawke: ["tsaw.kE] P F n. sun > tsawl: [tsawl] P F adj. big (in size), tall > tsawlh: [tsawl."hIP^] P F n. size > tsawl slu: [tsawl slu] P F vin. grow > ts: [tsP^] P F v. squirt > tse: [tsE] P F part. well (conversation starter) > tsea: [tsE."Pa] P F vtr. see (physical sense) > tseng(e): ["tsEN(E)] P F n. place > tsengo: ["tsE.No] P F pn. somewhere > tsengpe: ["tsEN.pE] P F inter. where > tseo: ["tsE.o] P F n. art > tsewtx: [tsEwt] P F adj. dirty > tsim: [tsim] P F n. source > tsng: [tsIN] P F num. four > tsve: ["tsI.vE] P F adj. fourth (ordinal) > tskalep: ["tska.lEp^] P F n. crossbow > tsko: [tsko] P F n. bow (weapon)


> tsko swizaw: [tsko swi."zaw] P F n. bow and arrow > tskxe: [tskE] P F n. rock, stone > tskxekeng: ["tskE.kEN] P F n. training, exercise > tslam: [tslam] P F vtr. understand > tsleng: [tslEN] P F adj. false > tslolam: [tslo."lam] P F intj. get it, I understand > tsmuk: [tsmuk^] P F n. sibling > tsmukan: ["tsmu.kan] P F n. brother > tsmuke: ["tsmu.kE] P F n. sister > tsmuktu: ["tsmuk.tu] P F n. sibling > tsngal: [tsNal] P F n. cup > tsngan: [tsNan] P F n. meat > tsngawvk: ["tsNaw.vIk^] P F vin. cry, weep > tsn: [tsnI] P F conj. that (function word) (with subjunctive verb in dependant clause) > tsop: ["tso.pI] P F n. lung > tspang: [tspaN] P F vtr. kill > tsranten: ["tsRan.tEn] P F vin. matter, be of import > tsray: [tsRaj] P F n. village > tsrei: ["tsRE.Pi] P F vtr. throw > tstal: [tstal] P F n. knife > tstew: [tstEw] P F adj. brave Tx txa: [taP^] P F adj. hard txal: [tal] P F n. back (of the body) txampay: [tam."paj] P F n. sea, ocean txampx: [tam."pI] P F n. majority, most, large part txan: [tan] P F adj. great, much, many (in quantity) txanew: ["ta.nEw] P F adj. greedy > txantsan: ["tan.tsan] P F adj. excellent > txantslusam: ["tan.tslu.sam] P F adj. wise > txantstew: ["tan.tstEw] P F n. hero txantur: ["tan.tuR] P F adj. powerful txayo: ["] P F n. eld, open terrain txrem: ["t.REm] P F n. bone txelan: [tEP."lan] P F n. heart txei: [tE.i] G n. plain txele: ["tE.lE] P F n. matter (subject) txen: [tEn] P F adj. awake txep: [tEp^] P F n. re > txeptsyp: ["tEp.tsjIp^] P F n. dear or cute little re txepvi: ["] P F n. spark

> tstu: [tstu] P F adj. closed, shut > tstunwi: ["tstun.wi] P F adj. kind, thoughtful, considerate > tstu si: [tstu si] P F vin. close > tstxo: [tsto] P F n. name > tstxolu: ["tsto.lI.Pu] P F n. noun > tsuksm: ["tsuk.sIm] P F n. chin > tsulf: [tsul."f] P F n. mastery > tsulf si: [tsul."f si] P F vin. master > tsulftu: [tsul."f.tu] P F n. master of an art, craft, or skill, expert > tsun: [tsun] P F vin. can, be able (with subjunctive) > tsunslu: ["tsun.slu] P F vin. may, be possible > tsurokx: [tsu."Rok] P F v. rest > tswa: [tswaP^] P F v. forget > tswayon: ["tswaj.on] P F vin. y > tswin: [tswin] P F n. queue, braid > > tswintsyp: ["tswin.tsjIp^] P F n. little queue > tsyal: [tsjal] P F n. wing > tsyo: [tsjo] P F n. our > tsyokx: [tsjok] P F n. hand > tsyosyu: ["tsjo.sju] P F n. food made from our

txewk: [tEwk^] P F n. club (weapon) txey: [tEj] P F v. halt txm: [tIm] P F n. butt, rear end, ass txng: [tIN] P F v. leave, abandon txo: [to] P F conj. if txoa: ["to.a] P F n. forgiveness txokefyaw: ["to.kE.fjaw] conj. if not, or else, otherwise txon: [ton] P F n. night txonong: [ton."PoN] P F,P rr n. night-fall, sunset, dusk, gloaming txonongmaw: [ton."PoN.maw] P F n. twilight, the time before dark, after sunset txonam: [to."nam] P F adv. last night txonay: [to."naj] P F adv. tomorrow night txopu: ["to.pu] P F n. fear txopu si: ["to.pu si] P F vin. be afraid txukx: [tuk] P F adj. deep (physically) txula: ["] P F v. build, construct txum: [tum] P F n. poison txur: [tuR] P F adj. strong (physically)


U uimi: [u.Pi.mi] ASG n. streamer, pendant uk: [uk^] n. shadow ukxo: [u."ko] P F adj. dry ulte: ["ul.tE] P F conj. and (clausal conjunction) ultxa: [ul."ta] P F n. meeting ultxarun: [ul."ta.Run] P F v. encounter, meet by chance (ii) ultxa si: [ul."ta si] P F vin. meet with someone intentionally (use with) V vawm: [vawm] P F adj. dark vey: [vEj] P F n. food made from animal origin, esh vawmpin: ["] P F n. dark color vir: [vi."R] P F v. spread, proliferate vay: [vaj] P F adp. up to vitra: [vit."Ra] P F n. soul vaykrr: [vaj."kr] P F conj. until vol: [vol] P F num. eight " v: [vP^] P F adj. unpleasant to the senses, novolve: ["vol.vE] P F adj. eighth (ordinal) isome vrrtep: ["vr.tEp^] P F n. demon " vek: [vEP."kI] P F vtr. hate vul: [vul] P F n. branch (of a tree) venu: ["] P F n. foot vur: [vuR] P F n. story venzek: ["vEn.zEk^] P F n. toe vurvi: ["] P F n. summary, synopsis W way: [waj] P F n. song waytelem: ["waj.tE.lEm] P F n. song chord w+: [w] P F adp. against (as in: ght against) wem: [wEm] P F vin. ght wempongu: ["wEm.po.Nu] P F n. squad, military clan, battle party wew: [wEw] P F adj. cold weyn: [wEjn] P F v. draw, illustrate win: [win] P F adj. fast win spi: [win s."pi] P F vin. hurry Y ya: [ja] P F n. air yapay: ["ja.paj] P F n. mist, fog, steam yawne: ["jaw.nE] P F adj. beloved yawnetu: ["jaw.nE.tu] P F n. loved one yawntu: ["jawn.tu] P F n. loved one yaymak: ["jaj.mak^] P F adj. foolish, ignorant yayo: ["] P F n. bird yn: [jn] P F vtr. fasten, tie down yekrr: ["] P F adv. early " yern: ["jEP.RIn] P F adv. soon yem: [jEm] P F vtr. put, place yemfpay: [jEm."fpaj] P F n. dipping, immersion (into liquid) yemfpay si: [jEm."fpaj si] P F vin. dip into liquid yey: [jEj] P F adj. straight ym: [jIm] P F vtr. bind yol: [jol] P F adj. short (of time) yom: [jom] P F vtr. eat yomtng: ["jom.tIN] P F vin. feed (with dative object) (ii) yur: [juR] P F v. wash 16 win si: [win si] P F vin. rush something, make something fast wiya: ["wi.ja] ZS intj. expression of warning or frustration, damn! wntxu: [wIn."tu] P F v. show wok: [wok^] P F adj. loud wotx: [wot] P F n. totality, whole wrrpa: ["] P F n., adv. outside " > wutso: ["wu.tso] P F n. dinner, served meal unil: ["u.nil] JC n. dream uniltrantokx: [u.nil.tI."Ran.tok] JC,P F n. avatar, dreamwalker body uniltranyu: [u.nil.tI."Ran.ju] P F n. dreamwalker uo: ["u.o] P F adp. behind utral: ["ut.Ral] P F n. tree > utraltsyp: ["ut.Ral.tsjIp^] P F n. bush uvan: [u."van] P F n. game uvan si: [u."van si] P F vin. play (a game)

Z zarp: [za."P.RIp^] P F vtr. pull zau: ["za.Pu] P F vin. come zam: [zam] P F num. sixty four zamunge: [za."mu.NE] P F vtr. bring zapx: [za."pI] P F n. front (part or section) zawng: [zawN] P F vin. scream zekw: ["zEk.w] P F n. nger zene: ["zE.nE] P F vin. must (with subjunctive) zenke: ["zEN.kE] P F vin. must not (with subjunctive) (ii) zerok: ["zE.Rok^] P F v. remember zeyko: [zEj."ko] P F vtr. heal, x zskrr: ["] P F n. season " zst: ["zI.sIt^] P F n. year zo: [zo] P F vin. be well, be intact, be as it should be, work correctly or as nature intended zong: [zoN] P F v. save, defend > zongtseng: ["zoN.tsEN] P F n. safe place, refuge zoplo: [zop."lo] P F n. offence, insult zoslu: ["zo.slu] P F vin. heal, become well, get xed zup: [zup^] P F vin. fall zusawkrr: [zu."] P F n. future "


The Number System

The following are charts of Navi numbers, which are adjectives that modify nouns in their singular form, like awa tute. Note that it is not a decimal, but an octal system. Underlining indicates where the stress ought to fall. The numbers 8 and 9 are included for terrestrial number reference, such as in phone numbers. They do not signify the value of 8 or 9. Navi Numbers: 0 39 1 2 3 vol mevol pxevol volaw mevolaw pxevolaw vomun mevomun pxevomun vopey mevopey pxevopey vosng mevosng pxevosng vomrr mevomrr pxevomrr vofu mevofu pxevofu vohin mevohin pxevohin

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

0 kew aw mune pxey tsng mrr pukap kin

4 tsvol tsvolaw tsvomun tsvopey tsvosng tsvomrr tsvofu tsvohin

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Navi Numbers: 40 63 5 6 7 mrrvol puvol kivol mrrvolaw puvolaw kivolaw mrrvomun puvomun kivomun mrrvopey puvopey kivopey mrrvosng puvosng kivosng mrrvomrr puvomrr kivomrr mrrvofu puvofu kivofu mrrvohin puvohin kivohin

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Ordinal Numbers Number + -ve 8 volve awve 9 volawve muve 10 vomuve pxeyve 11 vopeyve tsve 12 vosve mrrve 13 vomrrve puve 14 vofuve kive 15 vohive

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

x1 aw mune pxey tsng mrr pukap kin

combining -aw -mun -pey -sng -mrr -fu -hin

More Navi Numbers: x8 x64 x512 vol zam vozam mevol mezam mevozam pxevol pxezam pxevozam tsvol tszam tsvozam mrrvol mrrzam mrrvozam puvol puzam puvozam kivol kizam kivozam

x4096 zazam mezazam pxezazam tszazam mrrzazam puzazam kizazam


Example Number zam + tsvo + sng 64 + 48 + 4 Non-Navi Numbers 8 eyt 9 nayn




Here is a list of the Pandoran times of the day, as well as names made for the terrestrial week. Stress is again shown with underlining. Trrtxon trrong dawn trrongmaw after dawn rewon morning srekamtrr before noon kxamtrr noon kxamtrrmaw after noon hangir early afternoon kaym late afternoon sretonong before nightfall txonong nightfall txonongmaw after nightfall txon night srekamtxon before midnight kxamtxon midnight kxamtxomaw after midnight txon night sresrrong before dawn trrong dawn

Days of the Terrestrial Week Sunday trrawve Monday trrmuve Tuesday trrpxeyve Wednesday trrtsve Thursday trrmrrve Friday trrpuve Saturday trrkive

Navi Loan Words

puk: [puk^] P F n. book (loaned from Eng. book) > puktsyp: ["puk.tsjIp^] P F n. pamphlet, booklet (derived from puk book) pxir: [piR] P F n. beer (loaned from Deutsch bier) tawsp: ["taw.sIp^] P F n. sky-ship (loaned from Eng. ship) toktor: ["tok.toR] P F n. doctor (loaned from Eng. doctor) > tsynel: [tsj.nEl] P F n. TV channel (loaned from Eng. channel) > tsyrf: [tsjI.R.fI] P F n. giraffe (loaned from Eng. giraffe) wou: ["wo.u] P F svin. be amazing, fascinating (slang) (loaned from Eng. whoa) Yu.E.Sey: [ju.E.sEj] P F prop.n. USA (loaned from Eng. USA)

ngls: ["PIN.lI.sI] P F n. English language (loaned from Eng. English) Rrta: ["Pr.ta] P F,P rr prop.n. Earth (loaned " from Eng. Earth) feyzrr: ["fEj.zr] LN n. phaser, ray-gun (loaned from Eng. "phaser) > hamets: [ha.mE.tsI] P F n. leavened bread (loaned from Hebrew chametz) jakesully: [ZEjksu:li] M n. moron, toruk mak" toyu (loaned from Eng. Jake Sully) (not normally allowable under Navi phonotactic rules) kunsp: ["kun.sIp^] P F n. gunship (loaned from Eng. gunship) > matsa: [ma.tsa] P F n. matsa, crackers (loaned from Hebrew matsa) plok: [pI."lok^] P F n. blog (loaned from Eng. blog) +


Flora and Fauna

Fauna > angtsk: ["PaN.tsIk^] P F n. hammerhead eltungawng: ["El.tu.NawN] P F n. brainworm (c.w. from eltu brain and ngawng worm) fkio: ["fki.o] P F n. tetrapteron fpxafaw: ["fpa.faw] P F n. medusa fwk: ["fw.kI] P F n. mantis ikran: ["ik.Ran] JC n. banshee ikranay: ["ik.Ra.naj] ASG n. forest banshee (Not PF) kaliweya: [ka.liP.wE.ja] ASG n. species of poisonous arachnid kenten: ["kEn.tEn] P F n. fan lizard lonataya: [] ASG n. medusa nantang: ["nan.taN] JC,P F n. viperwolf Caniferratus costatus, striped armored wolf pali: ["] P F n. direhorse palulukan: ["lu.kan] JC n. thanator (colloquial [pa."lu.kan]) riti: ["Ri.ti] JC n. stingbat syaksyuk: [sjak."sjuk^] P F n. prolemuris talioang: ["tal. i.o.aN] JC n. sturmbeest (derived from ioang animal) teylu: ["] JC n. beetle larva toruk: ["to.Ruk^] JC n. great leonopteryx, last shadow yerik: ["jE.Rik^] P F n. hexapede zize: [zi."zEP^] P F n. hellre wasp

The Changelog

This is the changelog. Ive kept it in, not for translators, who should contact Tuiq, but for the reader, who would presumably like to know what Ive done. 11.341 Added lupam accent. Added natkenong for example, as an example. Keyey. Added subjunctive note to nrangal. Keyey in an example. Added more ordinals to the number section, and an example number. Added pxelo. Fixed errors. Added pamrelfya spelling. Added stress for that. Added all I could from here: law si, ngari txelan mawey livu, tokx eo tokx, tsung, naer, atxkxerel, ntengfya make clear, dont worry, face to face, addition, drink, map, as (adv.). Added the Alphabet Appendix, and tftang glottal stop. Added new words from Mipa ayopin mipa aylu: new colors, new words. Noted derivation of tor, uk, moved cooking pot to Illegal. Added tspee capture. Added makto zong take care to the phrase section. Moved tokx eo tokx to phrases. Noted ti- us as productive. Added tftxavang passion, kxetse s mikyun kop plltxe the ears and tail speak too, edited syuve to mark that it is a collective noun and cannot be pluralised. Changed tei to txei due to plural usage.