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Students and Administrators Clash

By Phoebe McPherson & Matt Masakayan Editor-In-Chief & Managing Editor A student weeps in the administrators office as the news is delivered: Saturday school. She signs the appropriate sheets and shuffles out of the room as echoes of disbelief circulate the hallways. Another student has just been charged in what would turn into an unprecedented conflict over school spirit. Starting in September, the leadership classes pioneered a new spirit tradition, Hype Squad. It quickly took foothold after the football teams 3rd game, against Robinson, as it was the first game to see the squad at its full strength. The squad hoped to begin a new chapter in South County history. The squad exhibits great behavior they were cheering in the pouring rain, said Subschool Principal McKay McAdory, its spirit in the right manner. During the Lee Game, a dispute arose over misconduct. According to students, Lee High School had burned a fake stallion the night before, stirring emotions among students. At the game, Hype Squad stuck to its motto of be ignorant as ---- according to an anonymous source. The dispute heightened when South County students stormed the field following the win. We were excessively hyped and caused more ruckuses at their game then they did at their own. Thats how Hype Squad is said senior Spenser Bullock, we ARE hyped ignorance. Administrators took a zero-tolerance policy towards the events and began to assign Saturday school to students whom were suspected of direct participation. We dealt with those who acted inappropriately, said McAdory, theres no tension. Principal Dr. Lipp, though, believed this event should be forgotten, it was just one event and the rest of the year has been wonderful, she said. As the year has rolled on, students have continued their support of the football team during their path to districts (and beyond!) As well, the hype squad hasnt faulted in travelling to away games to back all the players in pink, green, black, and white-outs. Junior Oren Burkes of the Varsity Football team, agrees, They were really hyped and they helped us play a lot better because we knew we had the fan base behind us. The students believe that administrators are being stricter than in years past; while administrators simply believe that the students are testing their boundaries. Its students job to push the envelope, said Subschool Principal Mark Nocera, and as the students are redirected they meet a middle ground. Hype Squad did do some things beyond the scope of what spirit was intended, said Nocera, but as the school agrees, just keep it up, said Burks. Read Adminstrations letter to the student body on page 4.

Volume VII, Issue 2

November 21, 2011

A Look Inside:

Check out the administrators letter and response to the students. Page 4.



Which sophomore dyed her hair just for her role in the schools play? Page 8

Subschool Principal Mark Nocera confers with a student in his office. Students and administrators have run into friction this year with concern over school spirit and mature behavior.

Photo by Rae Legine Rodriguez

Online Textbooks Cause Headaches

By Jessica Miller J1 Staff Writer It was a shock for everyone, teacher and student alike, to find out that this year online textbooks will be used in a majority of history classes, from seventh through 12th grade. Although it definitely makes your backpack lighter, there are a lot of concerns about using them online for every subject all over the county, state, and country. South County is taking it slow, testing the new system out just for History. Other FCPS schools, such as Lake Braddock, are using online textbooks for languages and English classes. Quite a few teachers have expressed their views in class. I see benefits, but weve run into problems. Its less expensive for the county, and its easier to update. Its also much easier when it comes time to assign and collect textbooks. However, when the textbook goes down, there are major problems, said history teacher Karen Murphy. While their ideas conflict each other, it seems that, for now, the online textbooks are here to stay. There are many different opinions about the textbooks, some from students and quite a few from the teachers that assign them. Its very interactive, with all the maps and the pictures. A student can look at it anywhere they have computer access. Some students are having trouble getting on it from home on their computer, said history department chair Sue Funesti. The strongest views seem to come from the students who are forced to use them. Some students dont like internet textbooks because they dont and cant always trusts the internet to be there when you need it. You can always trust a book to be there, said senior Jacob Dillman. However, unless there is some major problem that doesnt enable learning, its most likely that the county will not change their new policy. Technology, such as SMARTboards, laptop computers, and tablets, are taking over, and stallions better get on board. They definitely help students learn. There are graphic organizers and programs that are not available in the regular textbooks, said Murphy.

Stressed out by college apps, AP classes and your messy room? Spread relieves the pressure. Page 6-7


Read about the hot new workout crazes taking over Northern Virginia. Page 11

November 21, 2011

Mane Events
1st Quarter Honor Roll Nov. 21 6 p.m. -7 p.m. Congratulations Stallions on completing the first quarter with great grades! 10th grade Career Unit through PE classes Nov. 21-22 Learn about what is in store for you after high school! Two Hour Early Dismissal Nov. 23 Students will be released at 12:40 Thanksgiving Holidays Nov. 24-25 Happy Thanksgiving- eat lots of turkey and stuffing! Middle School Career Expo Visiting Speakers in the Library Nov. 29 Come learn about what is in store for you during high school and after. SAT and Subject Tests at SCSS Dec. 3 Get studying Stallions! One Act Auditions Dec. 6 2:30 p.m. Come and audition for the student directed One Acts! Winter Pep Rally Dec. 9 1 p.m. -2 p.m. Have fun supporting SCSS winter teams and participating in fun class competitions ACT Test Dec. 10 Get studying Stallions! Winter Spirit Week Dec. 12-16 Participate and support SCSS winter sports! All Night Grad Party Meeting Dec. 14 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Come and speak your mind for the 2012 party! Next Courier Issue! Dec. 16 All day!

Macbeth Lives Up to Hype

By Rachel Sandler Features Editor about the situation. I liked when all of the [witches] visions started coming true because you were like Kilts? Check. Broadswords? Check. oh! I remember that, said sophomore Murderous plots? Definitely a check. Caroline Zolper. These, just being some of the unique eleSimilarly, the question of favorite charments that were showcased at one of South acters also has differing opinions. In most Countys fall plays, Macbeth. However, the plays, the protagonist is usually the favorperformance was so much more than guys ite simply because running around in he/she is the main skirts, fighting each character. Howother with swords. ever, Macbeth (the Although, to be protagonist) was fair, these elements unusual because in were executed exthe end, his demise ceptionally. caused some to be I thought Macput off by his charbeth was amazing. acter. It made me laugh My favorite and tear-up a litcharacter was Maltle, said freshman com, said Sall. Alison Sall. The However there stage combat was were some who brilliant. thought that MacThe mix of beths eventual fall poignant performade his character mances and stellar that much more instage choreography teresting, and theredefinitely had a fore the favorite. huge effect on the Macbeth was people who attendPhoto courtesy pf Anne Gallant supposed to be the ed. Sword fights and Seniors Yosuf Aliso and Connor Fenton put on their best kilts and murderous faces. Aliso starred as good guy, but then kilts can only go so the lead role of Macbeth in this Shakespearean play. he wasnt, I can see far in truly making a why some people performance memorable. It was the effort opinions as to what these said moments wouldnt really like him said Zolper. But of main cast members, Yusuf Alizo (Mac- were. To some, the fight scenes were the thats why he was my favorite character. beth), Amber Runge (Lady Macbeth), Con- most lively and climactic part of the play. Overall, Macbeth proved to be both a nor Fenton (Macduff), Dean Maldonato My favorite part was the fight scene success for the people who attended and (Banquo), and Alex Fischer (Malcom), ev- between Macbeth and Macduff, said Sall. a huge step forward to the South County eryone else that was involved, and everyone Others thought more dramatically Theater Department. who attended, that made the play undoubtedly successful. Overall it was amazing, said Sall. Although, Macbeth as a whole was outstanding, there were some moments and characters that were extraordinary and memorable enough to have stuck in peoples minds. However, there were differing


Videogame Violence Causes Controversy

By Darrien Even J1 Staff Writer with content just as mature. Maybe its because people dont view video games as seriously as movies or books, despite being just as much a form of art as they are. A lot of parents are even aware of their childrens violent gaming. Its their choice, said 7th grade student Timothy Arndt. Because of the mature content found in these games, the video games industry as a whole has been a popular target of controversy. Multiple laws attempting to ban the sale of M rated games to minors have been attempted, going as far as Supreme Court. Certain video games are even banned because of the mature content. The popular title Mortal Kombat was banned in Aus-

Video games are legally a form of art according to the National Endowment for the Arts. However this form of art is very popular with todays youth. Video games such as Call of Duty, Halo and Gears of War are all very popular with minors and are all rated M for mature. Like movies, video games are given age ratings by the ESRB. Video games that are rated M are recommended for those over 17. Despite the clear and simple rating system, many parents still buy them for their children playing these games. Because of their popularity with children today, they are very controversial. Violent video games have always been played by minors. In an attempt to keep this from happening the ESRB rates games so that people know what is in the game. Games that are rated M are done so because they contain violence, sexual content, and mature themes. Some parents would prefer to self-monitor their children. My son, who is 14, does enjoy playing games that I think are somewhat violent, and he does have a couple rated M, said English teacher Kirsten Armstrong. Some even allow their children to Photo by Phoebe McPherson watch movies that have Senior Austin Mustfeldt plays Call of Duty 3 in his basement. Students are often drawn to the more violent mature content, yet al- videogames, raising concern in parents. low them to play games

tralia. Some parents do believe their kids shouldnt play these games because of the violence. In a lot of ways its true but it could be an example of what not to do, but then again it is bad, said twelfth grade student Dillon Tara. It is common knowledge the kids play mature games. Game retailers willingly sell violent games to minors. Companies even purposefully market these games to minors, fully aware of the violence in them. Sometimes Toys R Us even has ads for these games in their stores. Despite this fact, many parents are oblivious to their kids violent gaming habits. I think its stupid, said 11th grade student Joseph Skinner.

Too Late For the Tardy Rule

By Michael Berghold Ed/Op Editor Something happened to me this morning that I thought you would like to know about. As I was backing out of my driveway, I was surprised to see my check tire pressure light come on. Pretty normal stuff, I checked it, and I went to school. It took me a few minutes to check it and as a result I was late to school. I asked my dad to write me a note about what had happened, but when I went to the attendance office something completely ridiculous happened: I was issued an unexcused tardy for car trouble. I was pretty angry at the stupidity of this rule that was before unknown to me. I spent some time in school thinking about it, hoping perhaps my mind would present some new angle as to why it would be logical for this rule to be in place. And my mind has offered a rationale. I still adamantly disagree with this policy, but the administration is not to blame. What I would like to do is bring attention to the purpose that those county guidelines are here for. I would guess that theyre here to encourage kids to come to class, not berate them for circumstances that they have no control over. But for many students like myself, I already want to get to class. I dont know about you, but Im going to college and plan on being rich and buying a Bugatti. That being said, why would a rule like this need to be in place? The answer is because a bunch of kids lie about being late, because they dont care about school. I think that the solution to this problem is to take away the tardy policy all together. There are three main parties that this would impact. First off, the teachers. A late student is a disruption to class and a waste of time. In my opinion however, a student will be late whether or not the policy is in place. I think that although there may be some increase in the amount of tardy students, the overall impact to the students and the teachers will not be great. The second group this would impact is students such as myself, who try to arrive on time every day. I dont like being late to class, because I miss stuff. But I also dont like being unexcused either. I know it doesnt impact anything of importance, but I still hate having to go to the attendance office. This action wastes even more time. Taking away the attendance policy would mean that if I am late, I can get to class faster and theoretically miss less material. The third party that this would impact is the students that enjoy being late. They will love this, as they will not be annoyed with constant trips to the attendance office. Personally I think its a stupid decision to be late, but I shouldnt judge. And frankly, I dont care. Let them skip if they want, theyll realize what theyre missing later on in life when I drive by them in my Bugatti. If the tardy policy is taken away, students who care about school will benefit from it, and students who dont care will go on continuing not to care. Teachers might miss a minute of class, but its just as likely they would lose that minute anyways. For the overall benefit of everyone, we should take away the tardy policy, most definitely.


November 21, 2011

Political Cartoon by Prashant Bishjwakarma

A Fat Paradox Popular Television Declines

By Alex McGill Sports Editor Rumors have been circulating about the possibility that students will have the option to walk the mile instead of run it, despite the fact that the obesity epidemic is a growing problem in the United States and our own Fairfax County. You lose points now if you try to run the mile, youre supposed to walk it, said freshman Nora Carr. The Mile as it has been referred to for years since students began running the annual four laps around the track has become both an accepted challenge by some and a dreaded event that some students have called a slow death from six to fifteen minutes and stupid. However, the mile has become a part of school culture and just like in academics there are some who succeed and some who fail. Change itself is good but nothing good can come from allowing obese little Americans to waddle their way around the track for what just seems like a waste of valuable academic time. Walking the mile would be a waste of school time and wouldnt allow some students to show their true athletic ability. If one were to make students walk the mile, they might as well not hold it at all. But with American corpulence at an all time high, students should be running more instead of less. Obesity has been linked to diabetes and early deaths in children. No one is doing overweight children a favor by letting them simply walk the mile. Some may argue that running the mile doesnt benefit students greatly, but part of the mile is the level of competiveness among students that teaches not only lessons about active lifestyles but also why they have to work hard to achieve anything in life. You remove the mile; you start to make life a plushy existence where in a hundred years well be like those red-suited plumps in Wall-E. Despite the fact that Northern Virginia actually has a lower obesity rate than other parts of the state, its rates have increased steadily with the rest of the country and the government has shown concern about childhood obesity. Last March, a bill was introduced in Virginia to require schools to offer 150 minutes of physical education a week but Governor McDonnell vetoed the bill. While I strongly agree that we must encourage exercise and physical activity, I oppose unfunded mandates, whether they come from Washington or Richmond. In the fight against childhood obesity and preventable disease, we all have a role to play. Government cannot just pass legislation and make this problem go away. Kids need to get off the couch and away from the computer and onto a soccer field or basketball court, said McDonnell, courtesy of the Clarke Daily News. The county cannot hope to combat the obesity epidemic while trying to decrease time for exercise in an attempt to incorporate more school time. By Mariah Kushin Front/News Editor Just admit it. Weve all indulged in watching T.V. shows that we, as teenagers, may have been too young to remember. Still, we find these shows to be especially entertaining today. Of course, we all fell in love with big families such as the Tanners and Huxtables. Tia and Tamera were some of the quirkiest sisters around, and Cory and Eric had a love-hate relationship that still makes us laugh and cry. Not to mention, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Friends theme songs are still some of the catchiest to date. Beginning in the early 2000s, programming on some of the most popular channels dramatically changed from the previous years. A new generation was born and so was a new phenomenon. Why watch actors act in fictional stories when we could watch people in real time? Reality T.V. was introduced, and exploded in the entertainment industry. Weve come far from watching ordinary people eat bugs and do dangerous stunts on the ever so popular Fear Factor, to watching six young adults taking on The Jersey Shore. Also, as if celebrities dont get enough attention already, some of them such as the Kardashians get whole wedding specials devoted to themselves. The question is, what gets teenagers, and even some adults, so hooked on watching people they dont even know? I wont lie; I do watch these shows from time to time. Its easy to get caught up in the intriguing lives of people who live differently. I also cant lie, I was addicted to American Idol for some years, and now The Bachelor. Both are fierce competitions that have realistic themes, but still have elements of manipulation in their productions. However, what values do any of these shows have? A lot of sitcoms from the 90s were hilarious, but also tied in a lesson that had viewers taking a look at their own lives and personal character. You may have also noticed that MTV, which stands for Music Television, rarely has anything to do with music anymore. All they have now are shows about pregnant teenagers, which have sparked controversary about whether the pros outweigh the cons. We dont think about what we watch on T.V., its purely for entertainment purposes and nothing more. However, next time youre flipping through the channels, think about the credibility of what youre watching, and decide whether its worth it.

Some Words For Administration

By Nisha Ansari Back Page Editor Throughout history a form of government has always been needed in order for a group to function properly. Today, you can observe many different ways of keeping order. One that students have the most contact with aside from home is the administration at school. Some of the rules and disciplinary actions taken by the administration are unnecessary. For example, many students received Saturday school for rushing the field at the football game against Robert E. Lee High School. Some got it for writing an apology letter on the behalf of the student body. Giving a student Saturday school for owning up to their wrongs and being honest, doesnt teach discipline, it makes the students want to migrate away from any acts of honesty only because now they know that it will get them in trouble. Freedom of speech does not apply when you are in school. We are stripped of our rights and locked in a prison for seven hours, five times a week. Everything we do and say is held against us. In order to receive respect, you must give it. It is easy to dislike something or someone that has more authority than you do. I understand that the administration has a job to fulfill. If they do not follow the rules word for word, their actions will be held against them resulting in a complaint from a parent or even a court appearance. The students do not want to hold a grudge against the administration. We are together from September- June. That is a long time to hate someone. Finding common ground is not that hard and we can start by having the adults treat us like human beings.

November 21, 2011

Words From Administration Namishas

Ensuring the right message is sent to the students
It seems as if life is full of rules. Driving has rules; dont speed over the limit. Baseball has rules; three strikes and you are out. Families have rules; dont upset your mother, and dont talk back, which of course will upset your mother. There have been times when we all have questioned why there is a need for so many rules. The answer is simple. Most of the policies we are asked to follow are set into place as a safety precaution and to teach us to be respectful members of society. Think about it. Speeding kills, and talking back to your mother, or anyone for that matter, is disrespectful. The Administrative Team at South County Secondary School does not just set rules all willy-nilly and without any thought. Whether it is our parking contract, our electronics use policy, or proper behavior at school sponsored events, we take the time to adjust the rules so that students feel a sense of freedom and maturity, while still maintaining a safe and respectful environment. In the past three years alone, students have been given more and more freedom to use their phones and iPods inside the building as a result of the administrations review and decision making process. At all school events, whether they are athletic events, academic ceremonies or artistic presentations, the Administrative Team has always encouraged positive and energetic school spirit. It is our responsibility to monitor students behavior in order to ensure that the participants of the event and those who are attending the event are safe and are being respected within the norms of a civil society. When behavior crosses over the line from positive to negative, we are bound by the SR&R to investigate situations and collect as much information as possible and then make decisions based on our findings. The key here is that the administration is not out to get students. Our job is to promote positive behaviors and educate students when behaviors cross the line. We are educators at heart and we use these situations to reinforce the lessons that your parents and your experience as a member of a South County Secondary School have taught you. It is true that teachers and administrators are constantly reminding students of proper behavior by serving as role models and through redirection, reminders, warnings and consequences. It is our responsibility to do so. The bottom line is that we all must learn behaviors that create safe environments and we all must remember that our proper behavior shows a level of respect for ourselves, our families and for those around us. What is most comforting about being a member of the South County community is that, more times than not, we make the correct decisions.


Namby Pamby
Namisha Khatri Editorial Columnist

Senior Night In South County

By Rachel Binzer Sports Editor After four years of dedication all a senior wants is to be recognized, to hear his or her name called in front of family and friends. Senior night is one of the greatest nights in an athletes high school career. It makes up for all of the conditioning, long practices, and late games. At most senior nights athletes are escorted by their parents, their main supporters, in front of packed bleachers filled with screaming fans. This is a moment that every senior has waited for since freshman year, the moment where it doesnt matter if they were a superstar or benchwarmer, the moment where they are recognized just for being part of the team. Senior night can be an emotional experience for athletes and their parents. It marks the end of their involvement with a team that they have grown to love. It is a final salute to athletes who, with the end of the season approaching, are playing in their final games and their parents are watching them play for the last time. Senior night is special for coaches as well, it can be very fulfilling to watch a student that you have trained and mentored for four years accomplish their goals and receive the recognition that they truly deserve. Senior night is the perfect opportunity for the community to come together and support students who have fulfilled a commitment. Student athletes set an example; they demonstrate the importance of dedication. Most students dont realize the amount of stress student athletes endure. It can be very challenging to balance school work with practice and games. In addition, most students continue to practice even after the season has ended. For example, they play club sports or continue to work out. Overall, senior night is a tradition at South County that should be continued for years to come. It is the perfect way to motivate students, recognize success, and leave students with a positive sports experience.

This year did not start off well for me. Theres a lot more annoying people this year who just chill out in the hallways blocking my way or standing at my locker. Seriously? It keeps on happening and none of the students even think about moving. To me, its really stupid because they need to move. Its as simple as that. Every year you have those kids who stand at the side and talk to who they want too. Then, you have your annoying idiotic kids who just stand in the hallway, blocking everyones way and acting like they own the place. What really ticks me off about this is how they tell me to move or to stop pushing. What the Its not even my fault; you are the one in the hallway, and when I said Excuse me, you didnt move. I dont understand how these kids can get a simple aspect through their head. I am not the problem! You standing in the middle, blocking the traffic is the problem. Im not a snappy person. Sometimes I just get really annoyed and frustrated that I just have to yell. I dont like anyone in this school who doesnt know the concept of moving out of the hallway. Its not that hard to just move out the way to talk if you have to. How about you just dont talk at all and just keep going to your destination? Another thing that angers me is when people do it against one person. This one kid always stands at my locker and doesnt move! When I come to my locker after class, hes always standing there with his friend who has the locker one down from me, and shows me attitude when I tell him to move. Its not like I say it rudely. Im polite but then his fat butt just stares at me and doesnt say anything. Thats what pisses me off. Thats when Im rude and raise my voice. It doesnt have to get to that. The one other thing that annoys me is when people know theyre in hallway blocking traffic and dont do anything about it. When other person comes and says excuse me, theyll move to let them through but then the go back to their spot. They do not own the place so they have no right to block the hallway when we other citizens need to get to our destination. It doesnt make sense why these evil people cannot keep in their minds to let people though. The things that everyone asks them to do, goes in through one ear and out the other. You tell them to move, they dont, you yell, they still dont move, you push, and then they move. After this process the kids blocking the hallway stare at you like you did something wrong. These kids are honestly the most stupid people I have ever encountered at this school.

Nov. 21, 2011 Volume VII, Issue 2

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November 21, 2011

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How to Take a Rest


November 21, 2011





Stress Sends Students Spiraling

By Mehreen Naghmi Spread Editor

Teenagers have a lot to be stressed about. The reasons for stress in Grades. Tests. College. First students can include academic dates. Friends. Sports. Jobs. Bepressures, peer situations, and ing socially acceptable. Family. family circumstances. This time These are just a few things that of year in particular is stressful cause stress in teenagers. In cerfor seniors because they are gotain situations, stress can be a ing through the college process good thing. while trying to mainHowever, too much of it tain their academic can cause damage to your standing, said guidhealth, mood, productivity, ance counselor Marrelationships, and your qualci Norem. ity of life. Students must Every teenager should find a balance that know what happens in the works for them. body when they are stressed We try to emphaand learn ways to overcome size the importance it. of establishing priWhen a person feels threatorities, setting goals, ened, the nervous system and finding opporresponds by releasing stress tunities to de-stress, hormones, including adrenaPhoto by Rae Legine Rodriguez said Norem. line and cortisol. Easing stress is Junior Stephen Smith is stressed while doing homework. Every student The heart will pound fast- should know how to deal with stress. unique to each indier, muscles tighten, blood vidual. pressure rises, and the senses beNot all students are able to I think this varies from percome sharper. deal with stress so easily. son to person, said psychology Some stress warning signs and I usually end up trying to teacher Sara Jeanblanc. symptoms include moodiness, sleep it off which usually doesnt Students should consider opfeeling overwhelmed, eating work so I just think of how it will tions. more/less, sleeping too much/ all go away in June when sumAerobic exercise has been too little, procrastinating, nermer is here. I feel like teens are shown to boost our mood and vous habits, and constant worryso stressed because we just dont enhance our ability to deal with ing. have enough time to complete stress. Social support has also Almost every student here at everything, said senior Zaira been shown to relive stress, said South County has felt stressed in Qureshi. Jeanblanc.

their life and should know ways to deal with it. The biggest thing that causes me stress is the amount of homework I get. I have to prioritize and I make to do lists with all the due dates on them so I know what needs to be done first, said junior Olivia Nelson.




Top 10 Stress Relievers

When Youre Stressed


November 21, 2011



I talk to my friends and family when I am stressed.

3. Laugh -Read some jokes, watch a comedy movie/ television show, hang out with funny friends. Laughter lightens the mental load and causes positive physical changes in the body 4. Connect -Take a break and call a friend, talk to a family member. Social contact can distract you from the overload of work, provide support, and help with your

I listen to music to relieve stress.


I plan out my entire week.

8. Journal -Write down your thoughts and feelings, it will release all the emotions youve kept in. Just write down everything that comes to mind 9. Listen to music -Listening to music reduces muscle tension and decreases stress hormones 10. Eat a balanced diet -A healthy diet can bring greater physical and emotional wellness. A poor diet can bring greater reactivity toward stress Compiled from:

I take naps when I am stressed.






5. Assert yourself -Learn to say no to some tasks even if saying yes will keep the peace, prevent conflicts, or get the job done right 6. Do yoga -Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of body and mind which helps relax and manage stress 7. Sleep -Sleep is the time when the brain and body recharge. Try to get enough sleep even if you have too much to do



1. Get active -This can include: walking, jogging, gardening, biking, swimming, and weightlifting. Physical activity pumps up good-feeling endorphins and refocuses your mind on your bodys movements 2. Meditate -Mediation will focus your attention and eliminate the cloud of jumbled thoughts in the mind causing stress


Kelsey Davis Stars in Anne of Green Gables

By Rachel Sandler Feature Editor She is standing backstage anticipating her stage cue, too nervous to even think about any lines or blocking. She wipes her sweaty palms against her costume, and then takes one, long breath, in a fruitless effort to calm herself down. But before she can start the unsuccessful cycle over again, it is her cue, and she enters the stage, awaiting the judgment of those who are scrutinizing her. This, another day of performing for Kelsey Davis, who playrd the lead in Anne of Green Gables. Before opening weekend and all of the expectations that are associated with it, Davis underwent the customary grueling practice schedule and arduous task of memorizing lines. However, in addition to just memorizing lines and getting fitted for a costume, Davis became Anne. Davis even went as far as dying her hair red, like Annes, and making sure that she knew every single aspect of the character. Anne is outgoing and speaks her mind, so I could relate to her when I was memorizing my lines, said sophomore Kelsey Davis. I also memorized all of the different characters she does on top of that. Literally becoming Anne was no easy task. Dealing with the pressures of school and homework while spending everyday rehearsing and memorizing lines would be difficult for anyone to handle, let alone a sophomore. However, despite the seemingly impossible time management dilemma under the circumstances, Davis managed to maintain her grades and perform as Anne. I slept on the weekends and spent school nights balancing studying and memorizing lines, said Davis. Since so much of Daviss time and effort was put into her performance and Anne of Green Gables in general, it stands to reason that Davis would not go unchanged throughout this entire process. This experience and journey has not only produced a final product, but has also served as a foundation for new bonds and friendships that otherwise would not have been created. My favorite part was definitely meeting new people and spending hours with them at practices, said Davis. Being only a sophomore and the lead in the school play, Davis overcame astounding odds in order to be Anne. Like Anne herself, Davis and the rest of the cast for that matter, worked hard and benefited from the rewards in order to produce a show that was an all around success for Davis.

November 21, 2011


Speeding to the Past or Rewinding to the Future? The Break Down

By Lauren Bonner Feature Columnist Record Players. How much of a comeback they have become. But hey, I am all in favor of them. In fact, I prefer them sometimes. People may not notice it, but ultimately no matter what song or artist we listen to, the bass and sound will each be different through cassette tapes, CDs, boom boxes, record players and iPods. We are so absorbed in fast technology and electronic, clean brushed sound that rewinding back to the rock-retro era may in fact be a shift in the way we look at technology. I mean, pretty much everyone owns an iPod by now. The fallback in time has not only set a definition to our generation, but has also influenced our clothes, music, media, etc. iPods no longer capture the spotlight on their own, but share it with shiny new disks that spin around. With the warmer sounds and elaborate disk covers, we may almost prefer the sensation that comes with not only hearing the melody, but also purchasing a brand new album. Dont you miss walking through those doors to Best Buy, anticipation bubbling in your system, ready to use your hard earned cash to support your all time favorite band by buying a CD? The sense of satisfaction, the wait we were hit with: didnt that make the longing for their 20 new songs so much more passionate? Now, with iTunes in the palm of your hand, wheres the everlasting excitement? What do you do now that with one click of a button, everything is handed to you? I believe everything that deals with technology is like that these days- especially books. Curse Kindles for shutting down and denying our true relationship with Borders- or libraries of computers not libraries of books. Technology has dug its nails into the grimy depths of our brain and pulled on the plugs of our weak spots of laziness and perfection. What happened to our sense of pride in our hard work? Does everything need to happen in a click of a button? Wheres the abiding joy in that? Sure, we will enjoy the same song over and over, being washed in the excitement it brings usfor about a week or so, then its like ok next song. But why not have it last longer? I would much rather have the satisfaction of saving up my money and hopping in the car to take the long anticipating drive to Best Buy to buy the one album I waited for all month. To savor it, bit by bit, right there in my hand. Whereas, if you buy it on iTunes, your iTunes will take great joy in deleting your hard earned cash songs every now and then and your computer will gladly crash. Great. Its no biggie really, just a loss of about 3,000 songs. Nothing to worry about. Hey, technology cant always be reliable, can it? I cant blame your impatience in actually waiting to physically buy an album. But really, with iTunes, who are you really supporting more? The company or the actual band?

Photo courtesty of Anne Gallant Kelsey Davis and fellow cast members act in a scene from Anne of Green Gables. Davis and her supporting cast members shared the stage in this scene from the play.

Districts Unite: Hunger Games Franchise Reveals Trailer

By Julia Smith and Rachel Sandler J1 Staff Writer and Feature Editor The Hungers Games by Suzanne Collins swept the nation at number three of USA Todays Best-Selling Books. This story of a sixteen year old girl taking on the seventy fourth annual Hunger Games kicked up even more interest when Lionsgate revealed the production of the movie. On Aug. 28 at the 2011 VMAs, Jennifer Lawrence shared the first glimpse of the Hunger Games Movie with the teaser trailer showing Katniss Everdeen exploring the arena with her bow and arrows in hand. Then, on Nov. 15 fans rejoiced when a full length trailer for the movie was released on Good Morning America. Playing the courageous Katniss Everdeen is Jennifer Lawrence who was nominated for an Emmy for Winters Bone and also played Mystique in X-Men First Class. Playing District 12s blond baker, Peeta Mellark, is Josh Hutcherson who was one of the stars in Emmy nominated The Kids Arent Alright. Gale Hawthorne, Katniss best friend, is portrayed by Liam Hemsworth who is, yes, that Laim Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus ex-boyfriend and star of The Last Song. Playing Katniss little sister, Primrose Everdden, is Willow Shields, the usually drunk mentor of Katniss and Peeta, Haymitch, is being played Woody Harlson, Elizabeth Banks is playing Effie Trinket, the District 12 escort, and Amaldla Stenburg is playing Rue. I think I can speak for most diehard Hunger Games fans, when I say that I practically stalked the internet for any casting news last spring. When the news finally broke that Jennifer Lawrence was playing Katniss I literally screamed with joy and immediately updated my Facebook status. Needless to say, Ive been excited for this movie. So when the full length trailer came out, I rushed to any computer that I could find in order to watch it. My first impression of the trailer was simply wow. The cinematography was absolutely stunning, the Panem and Capitol scenery looked eerily similar to how I imagined, and the cast, from what I saw, looked to be doing an excellent job with their characters. I immediately recognized iconic scenes from the book and, honestly, everything looks amazing. I loved the Hunger Games, it was a huge page turner, both suspenseful and intense. From the trailer, I think it will be hands down stunning, Just watching the it my heart was racing and excitement bubbled inside me. I just hope the movie retains all of the aspects of the book that made it a bestseller. The series was packed with action, had unexpected turns, deep and well described characters, and even a little romance (Team Peeta for the win). Expect the theaters to be crowded on the day The Hunger Games comes out in less than a year. Personally, I plan on going to the midnight premire. I even expect theaters to be Twilight or Harry Potter crowded. Before you see the movie however, read the book. No seriously, go read it. Hopefully the producer has perfectly pulled the suspense of Suzannes number one New York Times best seller and Wall Street Journal Best Seller into a two hour movie.

Photos courtesy of Google (Above) Character, Katniss, draws her bow back, poised and ready. (Below) The mockingbird pin is the symbol of the hunger games books and movie.

Students Gauging the Future

How Gauges Became Popular and Possible Problems They May Cause
By Emily Desmond and Madison Thompson Staff Writers Gauges, or stretched ears, have become very popular among teenagers. Gauges are objects put in earlobes to expand them, resulting in holes forming in the ear. I just think they are attractive, said freshman Ava Saylor. Most people are familiar with the appearance of gauges and what their effects are, but there is a lot more to know than what we all see. The higher the number size, the smaller the whole. A regular ear piercing would be 20 grams and you pretty much start there and go up to 00 grams and then you go into actual measurements like 9/16 of an inch or three quarters of an inch, said Saylor. Sizes 2 grams-0 grams are called the danger zone, meaning the hole probably will not close up or go back to a normal piercing size. The different types of gauges vary. There are pinchers, tunnels, plugs, tapers, and coils. Theyre all made out of different material like silicone, metal, or rubber, said Saylor. Individuals, like Saylor, are all for gauges and the opinions and looks they bring. However, some people feel very differently about them. I think gauges look unnatural and that someones ear has just been stretched past its limits. Just, just why? I just dont know what possesses someone to get gauges. Its just like physical abuse, said sophomore Isabelle Josephs. Some individuals feel small studs are a nice look, but gauges take piercings too far. Everyone is just absolutely perfect when they are born. Why tamper with perfection? said family and consumer science teacher Mary Ann Pick. Some have experienced different feelings about gauges. I thought it was cool in middle school, said senior Thomas Ford. He became interested in gauges then because his girlfriend at the time had them, but got rid of them because he got bored of the look. Ever have something that was cool when you were younger, like Pokmon cards, but you kind of lose interest as you get older? Thats how it was, said Ford. Recently, a teen wanted to join the military, but had large gauges,so was unable to. As a


November 21, 2011

result, hes getting the stretched part of his ears surgically removed. Whats to say you wont change the way you feel in a few years? You never know what the future will hold and if you will still want that look, said Pick. Some believe that having stretched ears wont change their futures. Although it may not seem fair, people do get judged for their appearances and what they decide to do with their bodies. Appearance doesnt affect who you are, but quite frankly, people do judge others. Unfortunately, you only get you chance to make a good first impression, said Pick. At this moment, teens might like the appearance of gauges. But in the end, there are consequences for every decision they make. Thinking about the future, will these teens really want holes in their ears going into job interviews or making first impressions? As unfortunate as it might be, the littlest things, such as gauges, can change opinions and limit opportunities. Some think teenagers need to consider these things before they make choices that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Warm Up for Winter Fashion

By Kana Behari, Meagan Ferguson and Monica Forero J1 Staff Writers

* My favorite store is H&M because their clothes are unique and it is well priced, said freshman Khav Konteh. * I think people should wear comfortable clothing when they come to school. Like, I dont care what people think of me. Because Im Justin Lease, said freshman Justin Lease.

#NorthFace #Uggs #60sand70slooks #Nativepatterns Photo by Rae Legine #Warmcolors Rodriguez #Darkcolors Students sit stylishly in band tees,
plaid, Keds and Uggs. This winter, these trends will be popular.

makes Future Nationals and Junior Olympics!

Kendall Clifton

Time to come up with your poinsetta sales pitch! We start selling them next month!

thr illed to be accepted to West Point!

Dylan Morgan and Peter Basnight

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David Moon
accepted to Campbell!


November 21, 2011

Wrestling Hits Mat with High Hopes

muscular endurance to prepare for the new season. Weve been running like crazy people said junior wrestler Joshua Tavares. This ensures that they are now in perfect shape to wrestle off the big teams this year. While sitting down with the players and coaches they all agreed that last years state champs, Robinson High school and Annandale are big competition to them this year. I believe that we will defiantly go further than last years season of going to districts said returning varsity junior Brett Stein. With high hopes and goals set the team will be trying their hardest this year to go all the way. Being a wrestler is a lot more than just strength and skills, the wrestlers have to maintain their weight for matches. The boys always make sure they watch what they eat and makes sure to get plenty of exercise. Dont be fooled, to drop weight the wrestlers still eat just as much as everyone else, they make sure to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to maintain a balanced diet and most off all stay a healthy athlete. This year there are six returning varsity wrestlers. Junior Kabir Gill, wrestles 113, Sophomore Hunter Manley, wrestles 106, Senior Grant Fromeke, wrestles 152 or 160, Junior Brett Stein, wrestles 160, Senior Keagan Sullivan, wrestles 170, and Senior Alan Bui, wrestles 125. This years captains are still undetermined since the wrestlers choose the captains at the start of the season. Head Coach Sean Anderson described what they are looking for from the wrestlers this year, The coaches and I are looking for improvements and leadership from the returning wrestlers. Although this is an expectation from the returning wrestlers, the coaches are still looking for this from the new wrestlers this season. With the coaches picked, the wrestlers well conditioned, and high hopes of going further than districts, the goal the team reached last year all in place the wrestlers are all set for the upcoming season. The Stallions hope to see everyone supporting the wrestling team at the first match the weekend of Dec. 2 and 3.

Stallion Sports

By Dru Kratovil

JI Staff Writer
When the weather gets colder everyone knows the winter sports season is just around the bend. The wrestling team has already gotten to work not only in the weight room but in the wrestling room. With tournament dates approaching fast the boys are spending their days after school preparing for the new season. Along with the returning coaches, coaches Andy Jimmo, and Christian Mereno, will be added to the Stallion team. Coach Jimmo will be helping out with strength training for the team, and Coach Mereno, a former wrestler for South County will be coaching along side of Coach Sean Anderson the head coach for the Stallions. Before the wrestlers can pull out their singlet and headgear they have been spending most of their time conditioning. The boys have been lifting, running and working on

Personal Fitness Knuckles Down

By Prashant Bishwakarma

training, said Pannoni. The personal fitness class is mostly famous among the athletes of South Recently at South County County however there there have been a growing has also been an attempt number of students taking the to introduce the class to personal fitness class. Even students who do not play though there is an abundance sports. I think a lot of of students, the class still lacks athletes take it to be better girls. The coaches are currently prepared on the field and trying to gather more students, other people take this class athletes and non-athletes. because its just a life style There are many students choice and to learn things looking forward to taking perthey can do for the rest of sonal fitness in the years comtheir life, said Pannoni. ing, for various reasons. Yes, I At the moment there is would consider taking personal also a lack of girls in the fitness as an elective because I program. There like a think it helps with your health couple of girls, like 5 or and also the class helps with 6, there are definitely less performances with many sports girls than boys, said Park. like football and wrestling, The personal fitness said sophomore Manuel Caclass seems to be very margo. Students also seem to famous among the stufind the idea of weight lifting dents. Actually I wanted as a class is helpful. I like the to sign up but since Im idea of working out in school a small person and I play for a sport, and I like the idea soccer I mostly concerned of weight lifting because I need about speed than weight to get stronger, said Camargo. lifting, said sophomore A few students also regret not Rudy Cruz. Students seem taking personal fitness. I reto take personal fitness gret not taking personal fitness for various reasons, one this year, I was planning to take of them being no homeit but I just didnt have time. work load. I heard that I honestly think the class looks AP World History was gochallenging, said senior Ryan ing to be a lot of work so I Alcantara. just wanted to take a class The students arent rewith little load, said Park. quired to do paper work that A few other reasons the excuses the school for any injustudents take personal fitries that the student might get. ness is because they want No, no paperwork just like to condition for sports. I signing up for any other class, wanted to get in shape for said personal fitness teacher wrestling and other sports, Gerry Pannoni. The class has since I dont have time outa good amount of juniors and side of school I thought it seniors however there is a lack was a good idea to work of sophomores in that class. I out in school, said Park. recommend only sophomores There have been a few and up take this class because students that have been the freshmen dont really have recommended to take to take this class right now, personal fitness for their said sophomore Josh Park. sport. Coach GunderThe coaches also recommend man highly recommended that there should be a more Photo By Rae Legine Rodriguez that we take personal fitsophomores take the personal fitness class. There is a combi- Above: Sophomore Hunter Manley prepares for a dead lift in the South County weight room in preperation for the upcoming wrestling ness however I didnt have enough time to change my nation of classes, its mostly up- season. Below: Other Personal Fitness students wait eagerly as they observe one of their peers perform a rep of pull-ups. elective to it, said Cruz. per classmen, sophomores can take the class and that is probably the best time to take it, around weightlifting and other exercises that get heart rates Most students look forward to taking personal fitness and spiking up. We do agility work, plyometric training some some want to take the class however they cant take it due said Pannoni. The workouts in the personal fitness classes revolve cardiovascular stuff but not long term, and we do cross to other obligations.

Staff Writer

Jumping Like A Kangaroo

By Nicole Wittkopp Features Editor In 2009, the shared with the world an experiment they did in Odenplan, Stockholm. Researchers painted a staircase, near two escalators at a plaza, to resemble a piano. Perhaps most alluring, they made each step have a specific note sing out when a foot landed on it. Soon, customers who normally simply stood on the escalator were taking the stairs to play their own tunes- the healthier option. The conclusion is obvious: increasing the excitement of a workout typically makes people more likely to be inclined to get fit. While South County isnt located anywhere near Stockholm, Northern Virginia, and upcoming even South County itself, have their own fair share of exhilarating work-out options available. Jumping high at Kangoo Jumps, squatting low with P90X, and shaking it with Zumba means getting in shape, incredibly for some, can be enjoyable and still make you break a sweat. Arguably one of the hardest at home workouts available now, P90X involves 90 days of intense exercise that evolves with your body. If students are ready to get big in three months time, P90X might just be the way to go. A caution, however, is that the program is far from fun and games. Having to motivate and push yourself when you want to quit is the hardest aspect, said senior Grant Froemke. The word you, though, is the key with P90X, which tries to only get users to reach their own capacities. Its a great workout program for all levels, because you choose the weight amounts and how many reps you can do. It is very tailored to the individual doing the workout, said senior Nathan Stillman. Researchers say they designed the program to continue to build muscles, even as time goes on. This differs from workouts that stagnate after a few weeks. By alternating between many different movements, the P90X workouts avoid this pitfall and challenge your muscles to continue to grow, increasing your results throughout the entire 90 days, said.

Stallion Sports

November 21, 2011


If the kind of work-out a student seeks isnt body-building, perhaps Zumbas dancing cardio exercise would be the right way to slim down and cheer up. Joining in, after all, often entails shaking it out. With a Latin American vibe and a feel-good effect, Zumba is growing in popularity. Its an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party thats moving millions of people toward joy and health, said Front desk secretary and Zumba-lover Loraine Goodenough agrees that Zumba is fun and challenging. Its an excellent aerobic and cardio workout. Zumba also increases flexibility, said Goodenough. Goodenoughs interest in the CHAKABOOM Fitness program at the Fire Hall in Franconia goes so far that it has caused her to rebalance other parts of her life. I worked my work schedule around it. My boss, the dance coach, understands. I must dance! said Goodenough. One of the huge perks of the Zumba workout is the use of new music to accompany the fitness time. Popular songs certainly persuade adults and students alike to work out. Our new one is Moves Like Jagger, said Goodenough, dancing in the office as she explained how much she loved the classes. When my kids pick a radio station, theyre surPhoto By Tre Moore prised when I know the song. And if I couldnt get a sitter, Goodenough is a master of Kangoo Jumps. She doesnt miss a theyre always allowed in the kids corner at the Fire Hall. Nearby, South Run Recreation Center, Golds Gym, step when it comes to exercising and staying healthy. and Sport and Health offer classes in Zumba, in addition to those that Goodenough attends. Right in our South County cafeteria coming up, Zumba classes are going to be offered fit. Strap on boots with springing bottoms and work your for staff and students, most likely on Wednesday nights ac- cardiovascular system while potentially helping posture. Kangoo Jumps aerobic and body conditioning workouts cording to after-school coordinator Francine Nelson. Currently signed up for seven classes a week of Zumba are suitable for all ages. Nearby, Golds Gym of Woodbridge and two or three classes a week of Kangoo Jumps, Good- offers classes for those who always wished they had a pouch. Maybe here in Northern Virginia students dont have the enough is a pro when it comes to both these new hot workout options. Kangoo Jumps brings Goodenough back to her opportunity to make music on their way up the next flight of stairs. With P90X, Zumba, Kangoo Jumps, and other youth. Theyre like being four years old and learning to ride a workouts that are enticing and sweat-inducing, though, they certainly could be singing their own tune to themselves pogo stick all over, except more stable, said Goodenough. But what if students are ready to reach for the sky? Kan- soon: a proud little song, maybe even Moves Like Jagger, goo Jumps, a workout that is flying students, adults, and gym to accompany their new attitude and way of life: happy and members high all over the country, could be the best fitness in-shape.


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November 21, 2011


instead of this...

...try this...
The Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, previously known as the Macys Christmas Parade, first began in 1924. It is sponsored by the Macys department store and runs for roughly three hours in the heart of New York. It was started by Macys employees and animals from the Central Park Zoo. Starting in 1946, the parade began to air locally on televison allowing two million people to watch it. A year later in 1947 the parade aired nationally. Today, over three million people line the streets of NY and over 50 million people tune into NBC to watch the live coverage.

Healthy Choices at the Dinner Table

For many people, the turkey is their favorite part of the meal.When eating your turkey,the skin is not your friend! It is packed with a high content of fat. Eat without it. An easy way to make mashed potatoes healthy is to use fat-free milk rather than whole milk. Apply little or no gravey!

Thanksgiving Day Games:

Green Bay @ Lions

12: 30 Dolphins 04: @ Dallas 15 49ers 08: @ Ravens 20 Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie Recipe Fun Facts
Green bean casserole serves as a delicious side dish to your Thanksgiving feast. Instead of eating a creamy fattening casserole, try a vegan recipe! Instead of eating a creamy pie for dessert, try out a delicious fruit pie. This can save you 50+ calories.


1 cup apple butter Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. 1 cup fresh or canned pumpkin Combine apple butter, pumpkin, sugar, 1/2 cup packed brown sugar salt and spices in a bowl. Stir in eggs. 1/2 teaspoon salt Gradually add milk and mix well. Pour 3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon into pie shell. Bake for about 40 minutes 3/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg or until set. -If the crust begins to burn, place tin foil around the crust and lower the temperature of the oven. -A tasty topping for this pie is praline pecans.


*In the US, about 280 million turkeys are sold around the time of Thanksgiving! *Turkeys can have heart attacks *Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird for the U.S! * The heaviest turkey was 86 pounds which is the size of a large dog!

1/8 teaspoon ground ginger 3 eggs, slightly beaten 3/4 cup evaporated milk 1 unbaked 9-inch pie shell Sweetened whipped cream, for garnish

Cooks Notes:

Total Time: 48 min Prep: 8 min Cook: 40 min Yield: 6 servings Level: Easy
Courtesy of

I took an honor biology class this year and its turning out to be really hard. Every time I get a grade report home and have something missing, my dad gets mad and blames it on me. It isnt fair.

Hello fellow Stallion, Advanced classes are always challenging. If you find the course to be too difficult then try switching out or getting help from your teacher after school. I hate to break it to you but if you are missing work, then it is your fault. If your teacher simply forgets


to enter the grade, then let your dad know that it will be entered at a later date or have your teacher e-mail him explaining the situation. If you believe in yourself and put forth the effort then you will prevail. Love always, Stella.


Have a question or a problem that you need help with? Go to www. formspring. me/goaskstella for advice