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Des|gn of L|ectron|c Dev|ce (kICSk) for student |nformat|on

1 Introduct|on
SLudenL lnformaLlon klosk ls a sysLem LhaL helps sLudenLs ln accesslng lnformaLlon on
campus evenLs and local communlLy lnformaLlon uslng sLudenL lnformaLlon klosk sLudenLs and
sLaff can geL access Lo lnformaLlon abouL sLudenL parLles lnformaLlon on scheduled guesL lecLures
and scheduled workshops (lncludes boLh flnlshed workshops and fuLure workshops) and local
communlLy lnformaLlon such as local shopplng cenLres sporLs acLlvlLy venues gyms servlce cenLres
and oLhers uslng sLudenL lnformaLlon klosk user can search lnformaLlon on dlfferenL acLlvlLles and
sLudenL requlred deLalls slLLlng aL home slmply provldlng logln deLalls As lL ls menLloned ln Lhe
proposal documenL one of Lhe lmporLanL feaLure of Lhe sysLem developed ls users can access Lhe
lnformaLlon sysLem boLh from home and overseas 8ased on Lhe necesslLles of Lhe sLudenLs
lnformaLlon sysLem ls developer for lnformaLlon klosk and supporLed sofLware ls developed Lo
access LhaL lnformaLlon
11|ms and ob[ect|ves of the System
|m @he maln alm of Lhe sysLem ls Lo develop an lnformaLlon sysLem for saLlsfylng Lhe
requlremenLs of sLudenL lnformaLlon klosk a sofLware sysLem LhaL provldes lnformaLlon access Lo
dlfferenL Lypes of users of Lhe sysLem
O Lo develop an lnformaLlon sysLem uslng oracle
O Lo develop a web appllcaLlon LhaL uses developed lnformaLlon sysLem Lo provlde
lnformaLlon access Lo Lhe dlfferenL users
O LesLlng Lhe sysLem Lo flnd oLher all requlremenLs are achleved or noL
O documenLlng Lhe user manual
12users of the system
SLudenL lnformaLlon klosk ls a sysLem LhaL ls developed for Lhe purpose of provldlng lnformaLlon
servlces Lo Lhe sLudenLs Lo help Lhem Lo use servlces such as accesslng lnformaLlon abouL Lhe
academlc deLalls lnformaLlon abouL varlous faclllLles and servlces SLudenL lnformaLlon klosk wlll
have Lhree maln users
O SLudenLs
O Admln and
O uesL
uaLabase developed for Lhe purpose of supporLlng Lhe lnformaLlon klosk wlll have user access based
on Lhe user roles LhaL ls acLlve sLudenL admln and guesLs
llenLs of Lhe sysLem can be dlfferenL Lypes of unlverslLles and colleges who wanL Lhelr sLudenLs Lo
have more lnformaLlon abouL Lhe campus and local communlLy rlmary cllenL of Lhe sysLem
developer ls unlverslLy of 8edfordshlre
2 ,ethodo|ogy and In|t|a| |ann|ng
,ethodo|ogy ro[ecL developmenL meLhodology used for Lhe purpose of Lhe sysLem developmenL
ls splral model As Lhls pro[ecL lnvolves dlfferenL verslons and group of people are collecLlvely
conLrlbuLlng Lhelr work Lo achleve flnal arLefacL splral model besL appllcable Splral model conslsLs of
four lmporLanL phases whlch lnclude a requlremenL analysls phase deslgn analysls phase
lmplemenLaLlon phase and LesLlng phase As Lhls pro[ecL does noL lnclude sysLem supporL relaLed
acLlvlLles flfLh phase ln splral model ls noL menLloned
Some of Lhe beneflLs of uslng splral model lnclude Lhe followlng
O lL supporLs conLlnued developmenL of Lhe pro[ecL and helps developer ln managlng Lhe rlsks
O lL ls noL necessary Lo provlde all lnformaLlon abouL Lhe sysLem aL early sLages
O developmenL mosLly relles on developlng a proLoLype and LesLlng lL
O lL allows Lhe developer Lo make changes ln dlfferenL phases of Lhe pro[ecL
In|t|a| |ann|ng
roposed pro[ecL schedule ls glven below
S | No ct|v|ty Status Start Date Lnd Date omments
1 8equlremenL
llnlshed 3
CcL 17
CcL 8aslc 8equlremenLs are
2 CuesLlonnalre
llnlshed 17
CcL 31
CcL 8ased on Lhe quesLlonnalre
analysls furLher requlremenLs
are achleved
3 ueslgn
SLarLed 1
nov 13
nov 8aslc ueslgn ulagrams are
developed based on Lhe
requlremenLs and lnformaLlon
4 lmplemenLaLl
lanned 1
uec 20
uec noL SLarLed
3 @esLlng lanned 20
uec 1
!an noL SLarLed
6 8eLa verslons lanned 1
!an 13
!an noL SLarLed
7 Submlsslon lanned 13
uec 13
uec noL SLarLed

3 kequ|rement na|ys|s
Jhlle developlng sofLware sysLem requlremenLs can be broadly dlvlded lnLo Lwo Lypes such as
Lechnlcal requlremenLs and sysLem requlremenLs @echnlcal requlremenLs dlscuss abouL Lechnlcal
resources LhaL are requlred for Lhe purpose of lmplemenLlng Lhe sysLem whereas sysLem
requlremenLs dlscusses abouL requlremenLs LhaL a developed sysLem should saLlsfy
31@echn|ca| kequ|rements
SofLware requlremenLs Cracle and ASneL
Pardware requlremenLs 312 M8 8AM lv rocessor
32System kequ|rements
ln Lhls secLlon requlremenLs of Lhe proposed a sofLware sysLem LhaL are Lo be saLlsfled are provlded
luncLlonal requlremenLs of Lhe proposed sofLware sysLem lnclude Lhe followlng
- AuLhenLlcaLed logln Lhls requlremenL conslsLs of Lhree dlfferenL user logln processes for Lhe
dlfferenL user such as sLudenL admln and guesL
- 8ased on Lhe user roles LhaL ls acLlve lnformaLlon access should be provlded
- lnformaLlon avallable ln Lhe sLudenL lnformaLlon klosk should be caLegorlsed Lhe based on
Lhe area broadly (example lnformaLlon abouL dlscounL shops shops reLall sLores and eL
ceLera should be caLegorlsed and provlded under shopplng)
- provldlng faclllLy Lo reglsLer wlLh Lhe sLudenL lnformaLlon klosk
- provldlng faclllLy Lo add an evenL Lo Lhe lnformaLlon sysLem (only ln admln user role)
- allowlng users Lo book or cancel Lhelr booklngs relaLed Lo evenLs
- Lhls ls provldlng faclllLy Lo amend personal deLalls (for admln and user roles) and evenL
deLalls (only for admln roles)
- provldlng such faclllLy Lo Lhe reglsLered and guesL users
- deslgnlng faclllLy Lo provlde commenLs and posL enqulry by Lhe users
System des|gn D|agrams
1System Structure

I|g 1 System Structure
As Lhey shown ln Lhe sysLem sLrucLure lL conslsLs of lnformaLlon relaLed Lo Lwo dlfferenL areas such
as campus lnformaLlon and local communlLy lnformaLlon 8ased on Lhe daLabase developed user can
access Lhls lnformaLlon of hls lnLeresL for example Laken such for guesL lecLures or lf hes lnLeresLed
ln communlLy relaLed lnformaLlon premlses for lL
2ct|v|ty D|agrams

llg2 SLudenL AcLlvlLles
As lL ls shown ln Lhe flgure 2 sLudenL acLlvlLles lnclude searchlng evenLs search communlLy
deLalls personal lnformaLlon LhaL ls provlded durlng reglsLraLlon amendlng booklng deLalls
provldlng commenLs and enqulrlng abouL an lssue

I|g 3 dm|n ct|v|t|es
As lL ls shown ln Lhe flgure 3 admln acLlvlLles lnclude addlng evenLs addlng new communlLy
deLalls amendlng oLher deLalls such as booklngs eLc replylng Lo enqulrles ralsed abouL an

I|g Guest ct|v|t|es
uesL user role wlll have llmlLed access Lo Lhe lnformaLlon As lL ls shown ln Lhe flgure 4
guesL has Lwo maln acLlvlLles whlch lnclude searchlng evenLs and reglsLerlng Lo Lhe klosk
uesL can book for an evenL only of he ls reglsLered Lo Lhe klosk

S onc|us|on
ln Lhls paper baslc lnformaLlon abouL Lhe lnformaLlon sysLem developed for Lhe purpose of
lmplemenLlng sLudenL lnformaLlon klosk ls provlded ln Lhls paper lL lncludes baslc lnformaLlon
abouL Lhe sLudenL lnformaLlon klosk and pro[ecL meLhodologles used lnlLlal plannlng requlremenL
analysls and sysLem deslgn dlagrams 8ased on Lhls lnformaLlon lnlLlal sysLem ls developed and
followlng splral model for Lhe requlremenLs necessary for Lhe sLudenL are lncluded Lo develop
conLlnual verslon of Lhe sysLem whlch makes Lhe all needs of Lhe sLudenL