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Xeno (X), Heretical (H) and Unorthodox (U) technology

Human Tech
Acid (U) While not heretical, it is not common to use acid as a weapon; powerful acids/bases can cause quite a damage. Strong industrial acids produced by Mechanicus are Acid 1. Acid grenade Acid in fragile container (dangerous), or rigid container that is made fragile by electric discharge before throwing (from battery incorporated in grenade). All acid hits the target. Acid blast grenade Acid grenade with small explosive charge in the center that on detonation scatters acid droplets. Squirtgun Basic weapon with gun-fixed or backpack ammo balon. Acid resistant components. Spray Can Spray can, witch can be used as close combat weapon but is usually used to disintegrate door locks, hinges and similar objects Blinders (U) Rapidly flashing flashlights (attached to shoulder, helmet or gun) will partially blind anyone in users front arc. Range 10m (rapid flashing prevents eyes from accustoming). Th test every turn, and suffer -10*failure grade to Bs and Ws. Cost 20T. Stink Grenades (U) As smoke, but also emits terrible stink, forcing Wp test or flee area. 20T. Gas Dischargers (U) Backpack attached gas container with discharge ports situated around wearers body. Usually used with sealed armour. When activated, starts releasing gas. Cloud raudius is 3m if moving, 10m if stationary, +3 per turn. Works for 5 turns. Can be loaded with smoke, tear, stink, etc. special case is flammable gas, that can then be ignited (3d6 to all in area, 3d6+10 to user), but power armour is strongly recommended... Wise users will match Smoke with special vision equipment that allows themselves to see through the smoke. Wt 5. Cost 60T+gas Exo suit (U) Heavy duty exoskeleton overlaid with thick armour plates. Kinda pirated version of power armour. Provides armor 20/30 ?. power supply lasts 6 hour of active duty, double that for just walking. Xenoservitors (X) Servitors made from alien bodies. Most popular choices are orc, ogrin and kroot. Tyranid servitor would be the most extreme variant. Often modified human brains are used. While rarely sought to create on purpose, radical already tinkering with race in question, might find it convenient to use readily available bodies for servitor making.

Sonic Blaster (H) Heavy Rifle sized sonic weapon, like those used by chaos marines of slaanesh. Often stylized into likeness of musical instrument. Uses power cells. Blasting Shield (U) Heavy metal shield, similar to suppressor shield of arbitres (Armor 15 tight), with directional charge or frag/nail grenade attached to its front. User can activate the grenade by pulling a wire (1AP); preferably making Brace (1AP) maneuver to avoid being knocked down himself. Alternatively to frags, flash grenades (with mirror focuser) can be used. Some variants contain several grenades, stabilized against mutual detonation (+wt and cost for extra grenades). Wt . cost Blasting pike (U) 1.5-2m stick with hit-primed krak grenade. 2 handed, one use weapon, normally used against powerful opponents. Can be used one handed from horseback or bike. Grenade bolas and nets (U) Bolas and nets, with grenades used as weights. Activated before throwing by group detonator, grenades will explode after (hopefully) entangling target, causing maximum damage. Alternatively, with remote detonator in hand, entangled target and his allies might be easier to persuade to surrender. Frag, concussion and stun grenades are most common choice. 3 grenades for bolas, wt&cost=, net 6 grenades, wt=+1, cost=+50. Rocket propelled chainsaw (U) Tube launcher firing, well, Chainsaw with rocket engine. While not weight effective when compared with military gear, some depraved individuals find the weapon so immensely funny that they use them anyway. Can be constructed from simple and cheap materials, thus of use to rebels. Before launch, firer can set timed destabilization of engine (1Ap, int+30 roll), so that upon reaching enemy lines the RPC starts spinning in the air, darting from side to side, maiming and killing at random. Successful application of this trick causes Fear test on target formation. Ammo wh 7 cost 125 Screamers (U) Small devices attached to armour or left in area emit high-power sound waves that can break the eardrums and cause severe pain or disorientation. Area effect, all in area must make Th (+-?) tests, or suffer -10(?) to tests due to pain. R depends on model, R=10m/20m/50m. Cost 50/100/300. Sealed armour or special protections will make wearer immune, and are highly advised to user. Rear view mirrors (U) Armoured mirrors attached to helmet or body armour make looking back easier (0AP, allows reactions from rear attacks). They look silly and not cool at all thou. Cost 10T. Frag vest (U/H) What seems to be Cadian pattern torso flack armour is actually concealed frontandback directional shard charges with remote detonator. When activated explosion range 10/30m dmg 6d10/3d10V. Anyone with military experience will notice something is amiss on Ini+30 test on putting it on. So usually issued right before engagement to troops without such experience. Cost 250T. Scotch (H) Use, production and possession of adhesive tape was banned by Cult Mechanicus and is

officially considered heresy. Blasphemers might say its because Scotch was so convenient and intuitive to use that rendered many tech priests functions easy to perform by anyone. Cost 30T? for 30m roll. Wheelbarrow (U) While wheelbarrows are commonly used by workers, it would be considered indecent and not socially acceptable for respectable person to use it to carry stuff, instead of having servitor or slave doing it. Giving wheelbarrow to personal servant to improve efficiency is also inappropriate, as it would be much more decent to have him stimmed or just beat him harder. Assault Roller (U) Contraption used as mobile cover for charging troops. Hallow metal cylinder 2m in diameter and 1 m long. Handle is attached to the axis, user pushes the roller in front of him. User gains complete cover from gunfire and blasts from his front arc (AP 20). Movement is /2 during first turn of movement, then normal thanks to rollers inertia. Cost 150.

Necron tech
Omnisolvent (H) Inspired by necron repair drones. What appears as mercurious liquid is actually mass of tiny dismantling drones, activated upon release. They will eat through everything that is not specially protected. Due to inevitable construction defects they will gradually fail and die, degenerating into sand-like mass. In effect Omnisolvent is Acid 5. It can be used for Acid Grenades, Acid Blast grenades, or Spray Cans. Never for sale, nominally Cost*100. Matter disrupter (H) Imitatation of necron gauss technology. Require backpack power supply and suffer from bulkiness. Flay effect results in terrible, unhealing wounds, as flesh is not parted or damaged but outright disintegrated. Exist in pistol, rifle(special) and heavy variants. Disrupter blade (H) Imitatation of necron disruption field technology. Similar in effect to power weapon, with Flay effect. Solar Pulse (X) Necron artifact, utilising starlight accumulation technology. Amulet or wand. Releases powerful flash of light , much more powerful than flash grenade. Needs to be recharged by 10h exposition to sunlight (no substitutes). User must wear special eye protection to avoid trouble. Wt 1 Nightmare Shroud (H) Replication of necron wargear. Generates soul-shuddering vacuum, visible as spectral cloak around the wearer. Wearer gains Fear rating 5-8. wearer must have WP 45+ and train using it for 10 days to act normally while wearing it. Wt 4, cell rans for 1h. Chonometricon (X) Necron artifact. Allows user to step out of time stream for short periods. Once per 5 turns user can double his AP for this turn. Wt 1

Eldar tech
EldaTech Highwire (H)

Replication of elder EMP grenade technology. Has good chance of disabling combat vehicle, such as tank or gunship. Has chance of disabling powered armour, through marine armour are well shielded and less susceptible. Cost , Wt Flip Belt (X) Eldar artifact. Greatly reduces wearers weight. Trained user doubles his move and gains +30 Acrobatics.

Orc tech
Orkinator (H) Ork brain in a jar, kept alive on life support and stimulated by electric discharges. Creates local field of orkiness, allowing user to operate orkish vehicles and equipment as if he was an ork himself. It also makes other orcs react better to you, as they feel you as one of their own (that ummy is orki) (+20 Fel). Dont forget to refill nutrient supply daily. Will die after 3 days of starvation. Wt 5. Shokk attack gun (X) Stolen miracle of ork teknologi, or its replication using heretek. This gun transports small living creature, such as snotling, dog or human infant through unprotected warp tunnel to the target point. As a result, thoroughly possessed ammo appears near targets and starts wreaking havoc on unpredictable scale. Such hosts are very short lived, and psychic phenomena of escaping demons add to the mayhem. Massive contraption, Minimum St 60; power supply and ammo, preferably in magazine with autoloader. Critical failures are extremely spectacular and dangerous. Rifle variant could be made, using rats or insects as ammunition. But no orc mek will bother. Such hosts will die immediately on exiting warp, and will cause dmg only by psychic phenomena. BuBBle Gun (X) Another wonder of orc force field technology. It projects semi-stable force bubbles around its target, putting it out of business for a while. Can bubble tanks, max diameter 10m. Bubble will last d100 turns and is immune to any attempts to breach it (except for field-breakers, naturally). Bubble might slowly move in random direction (D10-5 m per turn). Massive contraption, Minimum St 60; power supply. Critical failures are extremely spectacular and dangerous. Rifle variant could be made, with max bubble size 4m. But no orc mek will bother. Pulsa Rokkit (X) Large bore RPG, firing rocket containing Pulsa generator. Rocket has barbed spike on nose and fired at the point in the ground. Large grenade variants also can be made. Pulsa generator sends one pulse upon impact and one additional pulse every d6 turns; with 1/6 chance of overloading after every pulse. Pulse is force shock wave with range 3d10m. it overturns vehicles, ruins buildings and sends people flying, suffering dmg on impact. Each rocket wt 12 Kustom Force Field Generator (X) Generates force field with radius 10*d5m (roll every 5 turns). It stops high speed projectiles and energy blasts on roll of 7-0 on d10. especially successful generators create anisotropic field, allowing shots from inside the field to pass through it. Massive contraption, Minimum St 60; power supply. Critical failures are extremely spectacular and dangerous. May be mounted on tracked carriage.

OrkFlesh Tincture (X) Drug made from orc blood. Causes d10-Th damage and -5 to Ag, Pe, St. Makes flesh like that of orks, easy to patch and fix wounds with even most crude surgery (+30 medicae on user). Lasts 4 hours. Mega Armour, human sized (U) Extra-heavy variant of exo suit, inspired by orc mega armour design. Can be considered pirated Terminator armor. Heavy duty exoskeleton overlaid with thick armour plates. Weapons usually fixed to armour. Provides armor 30/45 ?. users AG is reduced to 20 while in armour, WS -10. power supply lasts 3 hour of active duty, double that for just walking.

Tyranid Tech
Behemoth Acid (H) Extremely powerful acids, sensitized in imitation of enzyme-catalyzed acids used by Tyranid. Acid 2. Cost *5, spray gun/can cost *2 for rare resistant components. Leviathan Acid (X) Actually Tyranid acid. As no man made material can contain them, authentic Tyranid tissues must be used. Acid 3. Never for sale, nominally Cost*20, spray gun cost *10. Grenades contain actual acid sacks cut from bodies of slain Tyranid, with container and detonator. Squirt guns are abominable constructs made of Tyranid bodyparts, sometimes covered by human materials to hide its nature. Fury of the Swarm (X) Frenzon stile drug, distilled from Adrenal glands of Tyranid creatures. Ws+40, St+30, Int&Fel -20. 50% to attack friends. Lasts as frenzon. Not addictive, but causes permanent nerve, brain and muscle damage. Th-10 test after use, on failure -15 Ag, Int, St, Th. On success only -5. Never for sale, nominally Cost 400T. BoneSword (X) Symbiotic psychic weapon, cut from Tyranid warrior and attached to life support and electric activation unit (belt/backpack unit, with cables&tubes going to sword.). Due to its size it is two handed weapon. Dont forget to refill nutrient supply daily. Will die after 3 days of starvation. FleshAway (X) One of most horrible toxins in the galaxy, found and extracted from stingers of most powerful Tyranid. It causes catalytic decay of carbon based organics, curiously self-replicating as decay byproduct. As a result, any living poisoned by it will dissolves into goo and methane within seconds. Causes HP damage to damaged part, dissolving limb in one turn, then going to torso, and dissolving it in 2 turns. Only way to avoid certain death is to severe limb (as reaction), or cause 10 fire damage to destroy the toxin. Never for sale, nominally Cost 1000T. Chest grapnels (U) Technological imitation of Tyranid Flesh hooks bimorph. Unit is strapped to users chest over armour. It contains 4 automatic grapnels, with 10m metal cables and spike release mechanism. Cells are distributed on sides of torso. This device allows user hands-free climb almost any surface, drag himself up or drag someone hit by grapnels with strength contest (user gets +10). Nidbone armour (X) Armour made from killed tyranids chitin. Gives armour equal to that of skinned creatures. GauntSkin: 4/8

Stealerskin..12/12 WarriorSkin15/20 Quality depends on what weapons base creature was spawned to resist, usually reflexive or tough. Hardening Resin (H) Replication of resin secreted by older Tyranid. Paste hardens into ceramite like coating after application of catalytic agent. Applied over armour, increasing armour by 5; and weight also. Masterix (X) Tyranid Synapse creatures brain in a jar, kept alive on life support, and connected to intricate psychic conduits and amplifiers. Allows user with sufficient psychic power telepathically command Tyranid creatures, as if he was hive minds emissary. Wp check, nr of obeying creatures = points (not grade) of success. -10 to test if creatures are Indipendent, such as genestealers; -30 if real synapse creature is targeted or present nearby. Also allows other telepathy powers to be used on Tyranid. Back pack, wt 30, cost of components 30.000T. Normally uses Tyranid warriors or genestealer Patriarchs brains. More powerful semi-portable version (wt 200) can be made using Hive tyrants brains, or even biotytans.

Acid Grenade R=STBx10 Wt=1kg Cost=30T/50T dmg=impact Kill radius (3d6+10*X dmg, Pen 0, AD 5+5*X)= impact Wound radius = None Hit modifier: (+30)
Dangerous/-, Acid X,

Acid Blast Grenade R=STBx10 Wt=1,5kg Cost=40T/60 dmg=impact Kill radius(3d10 dmg, Pen 0, AD 5+5*X)= 2 metres Wound radius (d10 dmg, Pen 1, A D X*3)= 10 metres Hit modifier: (+30) Dangerous/-, Acid X Name Squirtgun Spray Can Matter disrupter pistol Matter disrupter rifle Shokk attack gun Shokk Rifle Bubble gun Bubble rifle Pulsa Rockit Dmg 3d6+10* X Acid D6+5*X Acid 4d10E+1 0 4d10E+2 0 Pen 0 0 8 10 AD 5+5*X 5*X 5 6 Range 25x2 1 30x3 80x3 50x20 50x5 50x20 50x5 70X3 Rld 3AP 3AP 3AP 1Ap/1 1Ap/1 3AP 1 AP 3AP Cl 8 3 10 20 5 10 8 8 1 Am mo Fuel/ Sour ce Fuel/ Sour ce Sour ce Sour ce var var Sour ce cell pr Rof S 1 SB SB S SB S SB s Wt 5 1 4 6 30 10 30 10 15 Cost 400 50 3k 5k Special Dangerous, Acid X, Scythe Dangerous, Acid X, Scythe, BA[3], Unwieldy 1 Scythe, BA[3], Unwieldy 2 Unwieldy 4 Unwieldy 1 Snare Unwieldy 4 Snare Unwieldy 1 Unwieldy 4

Rocket propelled chainsaw Sonic Blaster Blasting shield frag blast Grenade Bolas Grenade net Bonesword Disrupter blade Krak pike Name

2d12I+15 3d10V+2 5 4d10V/1d 10V var var 4d10E+ 60 3d10+15 6d10 Dmg

3 15 3/1

6 10 1/0

70X3 50X2 5/15 5SB 3SB 3 2 3 Range


1 100 1

rpc cell Gr


8 5

150 10k

Unwieldy 2, Chain attack BA (10/20)Scythe, Unwieldy 1, Shield, explosion Thrown

Snare, Inacurate, Unbalanced 3

20 15 15 Pen

15 10 ? AD



Cell Am mo


9 5 5 Wt

12k 9k 100 Cost

Unwieldy 1, Scythe, Psychic Thrown, Unveildy2, one use Special

Acid X Target tests AG after hit, if he fails, he is soaked in acid for X*d10 acid damage and X*3 AD round for d6 rounds or until it is negated out by liquid or earth (AG+40-X*10). Ammo: Acid=1 litre=5T