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WELCOME TO THE EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000 UNIVERSE . . . . . 1 GETTING STARTED . . . . . . . . . . . . What Comes with This Game? Copy Protection . . . . . . . . . . . Mouse and Other Controls . . . Starting the Tutorial . . . . . . . . Selections Screen . . . . . . . . . . ORK BACKGROUND Nobz . . . . . . . . . Mekboyz . . . . . . Madboyz . . . . . . Stormboyz . . . . Weirdboyz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... .... .... .... .... .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 3 3 3 5 6 7 8 8 8 8 8 QUICK BATTLES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Determine Number of Players Determining Points . . . . . . . . . Battle Type . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Battle Mode . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Choose Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Unit Selection . . . . . . . . . . . . . Game play . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MULTIPLAYER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Choosing Forces . . . . . . . . . . . Determining Points . . . . . . . . . Selecting Connection Options ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 37 37 37 38 38 38 39 41 42 42 42 42 44 44 44 44 45 45 46 46 47 47 48 48

TUTORIAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Hothgars Stance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Deployment Screen Features . . . . . 9 Before Your Turn One . . . . . . . . . . 15 Your Turn One . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Ork Turn One . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Your Turn Two . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Ork Turn Two . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Your Turn Three . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 After the Battle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 GAME PLAY . . . . . . . . . . . Tactical Controls . . . . . Message Bar . . . . . . . . Selecting Detachments Moving Squads . . . . . . Line of Sight . . . . . . . . Firing Weapons . . . . . . Close Assault . . . . . . . . ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... .... .... .... .... .... 25 25 28 28 28 29 29 29 31 31 31 32 34

TACTICAL NOTES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Reconnaissance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Land Forces . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fliers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Imperial Units . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Waaagh! The Orks . . . . . . . . . . . . RACES IN THE EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000 UNIVERSE Humanity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Orks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chaos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Eldar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tyranids . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... .... .... .... .... ....

LAST WORDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 GLOSSARY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 UNIVERSE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 ADEPTUS ADMINISTRATUS DATABASE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Imperium of Man . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Space Ork Horde . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 UNIT VEHICLE TABLES . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 UNIT INFANTRY TABLES . . . . . . . . . . . 71 UNIT FLYER TABLES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71 WEAPONS LISTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 TITAN AND GARGANT LISTS . . . . . . . 72 SPECIAL DESCRIPTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . 74 IMPERIAL TIMELINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75

VOLISTAD CAMPAIGN . . . . . . . . Beginning a Campaign Game The Campaign Turn . . . . . . . Control Options . . . . . . . . . . Map of Volistad . . . . . . . . . . Imperial Forces at Your Command . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . 35

Volistad was first colonized by the Imperium in 979/m35. However, history of Volistad at this point is unknown. Warp Storms isolated the planet while still in its sociological infancy, left to develop on its own for the next 3,500 years. When Volistad was re-discovered by the Imperium in 437/m39, it was in a state of planetary civil war; feudal, war driven economies, led by four main families (House Ochinka, House Petchenka, House Silenko, and House Volga), had brought the planet to its knees. The in-fighting had become so fierce that, due mainly to nuclear proliferation, the eco-system was near collapse - most of the surface had been overtaken by the oceans, swollen by melted polar caps. The Imperium put a stop to all of this.


With technologically advanced troops, the Departmentus Reclamata set to work crushing the in-fighting and introducing the world to the ways of the Imperium. The strongest family, House Petchenka, was placed in position as the Official Imperial Family. The eco-system was restored to a workable state and technology was brought up to Imperial standard. For the past 2,560 standard Terran years, Volistad has been a planet strongly loyal to the Imperium. Two main elements place Volistad at a premium to the Emperor the Astropaths and the Titans. Nestled in the central region of Tollcharin, lies the Adeptus Astra Telepathica monastery. The Astronomicon is a navigational reference point, essential for safe and successful traversing of the perilous realms of nearby warp space. The Astropaths role on Volistad are to provide a stabilizing influence upon this temperamental warp site, allowing the Astronomicon to perform its function, permitting relatively safe warp navigation to continue through this vital corridor of the segmentium. Should the distortions become too great to stabilize, or should any ships find themselves in jeopardy within the warp, the Volistad Astropaths can provide what is effectively a psychic lighthouse. The Astropaths have had to cease their work, however, since the Orks arrived for fear that the Ork psychic Weirdboyz might discover them and their purpose. Should the Astropaths be destroyed, the Orks could cut off the whole sector from Imperial navigation and entire regions of space would be at their mercy. It would certainly extinguish any hope of long range reinforcements arriving in time to save Volistad. Secondly, an archeological team discovered ancient Titans still in stasis on Volistad in 928/m41. The Titans were placed on Volistad during the initial terraforming mission, and had remained undisturbed for the better part of 7,000 years. The decision on what to do with these massive war machines was still pending within the Imperial Senate when the Ork incursion began.

IMPERIAL TRANSMISSION TRANSMITTED: DESTINATION: DATE: TELEPATHIC DUCT: SUBJECT: REF: AUTHOR: PLANET VOLISTAD: Space Platform Africanus XII Terra 2564986/M41 Astropath-terminus Kovacs Planetary Background VolisPetch/345221aMKJ Adeptus Prefectus Primus Whilhelm Franz (acting sub-Director) SEGMENTUM TEMPESTUS COATHUS SPUR/WESTERN ARM PLANETARY: BODY IV




The best way to familiarize yourself with the basics for EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION is to go step-by-step through the Tutorial section of the manual which begins on page 9. It has been written to familiarize you with the menus and aspects of a scenario, and introduce you to the style of fighting in the 40K universe. The tutorial explains many of the basic concepts of how the game works; however, if you just want to learn about how the interface works as a whole, then turn to the Game Play section on page 41. A glossary at the end of this book defines some commonly used terms in the game. You might also want to browse through the README.TXT file for nformation or changes made after this manual went to press.

More than 25 Millennia ago, humanity first looked to the stars and began the great exploration of nearby space. Limited at first to sublight travel, colonization and conquest proceeded at a snails pace. Generations could live and die on the great interstellar voyages without ever seeing their destinations. Colonies were forced into independence; aid took centuries to arrive, if it came at all. With the discovery of the warp drive came the great expansion. Mankind was freed from the need to spend generations traveling between the stars. The subsequent discovery and refinement of the navigator gene, which allowed pilots to make longer and more accurate warp jumps, merely confirmed the trend. Within centuries, rather than the millennia, humanity burst from its confining systems and spread out into the galaxy. As humanity moved into the galaxy, the Dark Age of Technology brought seemingly unstoppable progress. Humanitys machines achieved incredible levels of sophistication. There seemed nothing that Man could not do, even as humanity began to splinter into smaller groups. Some were cut off in remote parts of the galaxy; others, deliberately isolated themselves, using their power and knowledge to make war on their enemies, human and alien alike. It was at this time that the psykers humans capable of using powers such as telekinesis and telepathy first arose in the midst of humanity. The trigger for this emergence has never been determined, but psykers were recorded on almost every planet known to man. Untrained and unprotected, many went mad or fell prey to non-psychic men; uncounted millions were burnt as witches, destroyed by ignorance. More fell to creatures Daemons from warp space, beings which fed upon their minds and bodies. Civilization crumbled as ignorance and madness replaced enlightenment and technology. The Dark Age of Technology ended; the Age of Strife was born. For more than five thousand years warfare tore humanity apart. Alien and human, all enemies were as one. The loose confederation of human space was shattered by local wars on every scale: nation battled nation, planet fought planet, system laid waste system. Outspacers and aliens plundered the ruined worlds. Abandoned or cut off by warp storms, human colonies fell victim to local conditions. Terraformed worlds reverted to their natural condition and as they did so, humanity suffered. Through chance and depleted gene-pools, some colonies underwent a forced evolution, producing new successor species: the stocky Squats, the powerful Ogryns and the Beastmen. Other colonies simply reverted to savagery under the combined pressures of alien raids, ecological disaster, psychic madness and technological failure. Only the worlds where psykers were rigorously repressed survived intact. The retrenchment of Man was almost total.

What Comes with This Game?

Your box should contain this User Manual, a data card, and an EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION CD. The User Manual explains how to play and has important information on menus, scenarios, unit classes, and equipment. To play, install the game according to instructions on the data card.

Copy Protection
There is no physical copy protection on your EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION CD, but in order to play, the CD must be in the CD-ROM drive.

Mouse and Other Controls

EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION features an active mouse pointer; whenever the mouse pointer is passed over a unit, a button, or an icon, a description of what that control changes to when clicked-on appears in the bar at the bottom of the screen. This should help you with unfamiliar elements of the game. In this book, the term click means move the mouse icon (an arrow) to the desired area on the screen, and press either the left or right mouse buttons. Left-click means move the mouse icon to the desired area and press the left mouse button. Right-click means move the mouse icon to the desired area and press the right mouse button. When viewing video footage, simply hit the Spacebar or ESC key on the keyboard to stop the video. Also, the Spacebar can be used to stop a game if the computer is playing itself.

At last, as so often happens, a single man, a conqueror, emerged from the darkness. The Age of Strife and its bloody wars were brought to an end. The Imperium of Man was founded as human systems were reconquered and returned to the mainstream of humanity of their own accord. The Emperor reunited humanity under his banner. For ten thousand years this immortal being has ruled the Imperium. His rule is harsh and uncompromising, but it is only under his guidance that humanity has survived. The specter of a new and more terrible Age of Strife is ever present; the threat from the enemy within is matched only by the aggression of the enemy without. The Emperor stands between humanity and extinction.

Selections Screen
The Selections screen provides the basic game choices for EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION. Left-clicking on the buttons on the right control panel allows you to select the options available on the menu Campaign, Quick Battle, Load, Codex, View Introduction, Tutorial, and Exit. Each option is described in the hot text area at the bottom left of the main screen.

The Campaign Game allows you to guide humanitys efforts to recover the planet Volistad from Warlord Skroll and his Horde of Space Orks. This starts as the Space Marines attempt to establish a toehold on the world, and continues until you drive Skroll from the planet or Skroll conquers the planet forever. For more information, see the Volistad Campaign section, starting on page 31.

Quick Battle
The Quick Battle option allows for the quick generation of new battle scenarios, including single and multiplayer scenarios. Here you select the sides that participate in the battle, the respective sizes of the forces, and where the battle takes place within the wastes of Volistad. Game play may be hot-seat or remote via LAN, dial-up, or NULL modem cable. For more information, see the Quick Battles section, starting on page 37.

Start Campaign Start Quick Battle Load Saved Game Encyclopedia View Introduction Exit Start Tutorial

Load a Saved Game

This button opens the Load/Save Game window which allows a saved game to be loaded. Left-click on the slot you desire and left-click again on the Start button at the bottom of the screen.



EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION has several methods of play, including quick battles with a variety of set up options, and an extensive campaign game. The first scenario you should play is the tutorial scenario, in order to familiarize yourself with the basics of game play (without the added steps of selecting your forces or managing your resource points). Time to get dirty! The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions to help familiarize you quickly and easily with the screens, options, and units in a EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION scenario. A glossary on page 49 is also provided for quick definitions of terms, as well as an on-screen encyclopedia to let you know all about weapons and units.

This button opens your copy of the Imperial Codex which grants you information on your forces, those of Space Ork Horde, and a general overview of the foes of the 41st Millennium.

View Introduction
Left-clicking on this option replays the introduction movie for EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION. Once it is complete, the display returns to the Main Menu.

Begins the tutorial scenario, Hothgars Stance.

Selecting the Exit button quits EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION.

Orks appear to have but one philosophy: might is always right. Whether on the giving or receiving end, none of the Ork kind ever doubt this for an instant. Orks are the dominant element of a race that includes Orks, Gretchins and Snotlings. Orks are in charge because they are the biggest, toughest, meanest and most warlike of them all. Imperial scholars speculate that on the Ork world of origin, there was another race from which the Orks descended. This race - called Brainboyz,by the Orks, appears to have been extremely intelligent, arose to dominance in just a few generations, and initiated their cultures expansion into space. Note that it is very difficult to reconstruct this phase of Ork history, as the captured Orks are very reluctant to talk about it. This information has been pieced together from Ork legends in which passing references to Brainboyz are made, giving glimpses to a time when the Orks were not in charge. The Brainboyz appear to have been a symbiont race, able only to fully develop their intellect through mutations caused by eating special fungus that grew in underground caves on the homeworld. As Brainboyz were diminutive in size, scholars speculate they bred a race of less intelligent but tougher and more brutal creatures to fight and work for them - the Orks. Orks were put to work cultivating the vital fungus. The Brainboyz civilization expanded well beyond their homeworld, but every attempt to cultivate the brain enhancing fungus on other worlds must have met with failure. The only known location the fungus successfully grew was in the dank cave systems of the ancient homeworld. The Orks who were put to work harvesting the fungus began to wonder why they were being told what to do by such diminutive creatures. Eventually, the Brainboyz own creatures rose up against them, and the Orks rebelled. The final act saw the Orks eating every last toadstool, mushroom and puffball down to the spore, either looking to gain the same mental powers they saw in their masters, or to destroy the fungi outright. For the non-symbiant Orks, it was no more than a big feast; for the Brainboyz, it was a tragedy from which they never recovered. The Brainboyz offspring across their empire never developed intelligent brains due to the lack of vital fungi. Instead of developing their intellect, the succeeding generations of Snotlings (as the Orks now call them) have remained inept, trapped in a pre-juvenile state. Ork civilization, though crude and harsh, has thus succeeded that of the Brainboyz throughout the universe.

The Ork race respects strength and power. As such, the strongest and best warriors may become Nobz, who are the heads of Ork households and command the rest of the boyz in battle. A household generally belongs to a specific clan depending on traits exhibited by its members. However, there are some Orks who dont fit into this easy class structure.

Also known as Mekaniaks, Mekboyz are the technical engineers and master mechanics of Ork civilization. Their understanding of the principles behind the technology they use is somewhat vague and crude; in fact, Mekboyz are often mystified as to why something theyve put together actually works. The Meks have an instinctive talent with machines and their unlikely creations often work surprisingly well, especially force fields and matter transmission devices.

While all Orks behave in a way that would mark them as insane in most Imperial societies, there are some whose eccentricities are extreme even by Ork standards. In battle, Madboyz unpredictable antics appear impossible to control and they often prove to be as dangerous to the other Orks as they are to Imperial troops.

Many young Orks find that they are too inexperienced or not big enough to make really good fighters. Impatient to get stuck in alongside the older Orks, they become rebellious and sometimes run away from their Nobz household to join the Stormboyz Korpz.

All Orks appear to be psychic to some extent, some far more psychic than others. These Orks seem to have no control over the mental processes, and tend to literally explode in order to release the built up energies. Weirdboyz are reportedly forced to live in special houses built on huge copper stilts (to conduct the psychic energy away into the ground), and they are forced to wear special clothes, like a jesters uniform. Presumably, this is so that other Orks can see them coming and get out of the way.

In the universe of Warhammer 40,000, battles may occur at any time, and on any planet. Acquiring the skills to succeed on these deadly battlefields may not be easy, but those who do can expect honor and acclaim. This tutorial should teach you the basics of those skills, though true mastery only comes with time and inspiration. For this tutorial, left-click on Tutorial from the Selection screen.

The Interface panel includes the following features: Corner Map panel - A smaller map panel displaying the entire battle area. The Unit Roster - A three section panel with a scroll bar which lists the units in your active regiment. A Facing Dial and Control Buttons.

Tactical Display Panel

The Tactical Display panel is where Imperial and Ork units do all of their fighting and dying. The level of zoom can be adjusted using the two buttons below the Corner Map panel (they look like skulls, one with a plus symbol for zooming in, the other has a minus symbol for zooming out). The Tactical Display panel can also scroll across the battlefield by moving the cursor to an edge of the screen: left edge scrolls left, top edge scrolls up and so on. Text messages with information about controls, units, terrain features, and options appear in an Information Bar which runs across the bottom of the panel.

Hothgars Stance
This tutorial is intended to cover some of the more commonly used features of a typical scenario: the game interface, moving units, firing units, opportunity fire, and artillery missions. The village of Hothgars Stance has been overrun by a scouting force of Ork Evil Sunz troopers, supported by a detachment of Battlewagons. The Commissar has allocated a detachment of Predator tanks, a detachment of Whirlwind infantry support vehicles, and a detachment of Space Marine infantry. Your mission is to make sure that none of the Evil Sunz return to report their findings.

Corner Map Panel

The Corner Map is a tool for planning strategy and gives an overview of the current battlefield. Left-clicking on the Corner Map moves the view on the Tactical Display panel, represented by the white rectangle, to that part of the battlefield. Other features of the Corner Map panel include: Player Ones units are blue dots. These are also Imperial units in the tutorial. Player Twos units are red dots. These are the Ork units.

Move Unit Cursor

Active Unit Facing Dial Deployment Boundary

Status Bar

Deployment Screen Features

The Deployment screen consists of the Tactical Display panel - a large overhead display of your units and enemy units that are visible, and the Interface panel.

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@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@? @@@@@@@@ @@ @@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@? @@@@@@@@ g g@@ g@@ g@@ g@@ g@@

@@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@

Tactical Display

@@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@@@@@@@ e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@
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Corner Map

Game Speed Score Zoom Buttons Roster

Objectives appear as white dots. Buildings and ruins appear as red blocks. Areas of difficult terrain appear as gray dots.

Detachment Roster / Unit Roster

The Detachment Roster lists your active detachments the active detachment is displayed in gold, the others are in silver. Double-click on a detachment entry on the roster. The entries change to the Unit Roster, refining the focus of control to a single unit. Double-click on any entry to restore the Detachment Roster.

Facing Dial
The Facing Dial controls the facing of the active unit or detachment. Left-click on one of the eight wedges on the face of the dial and the active unit changes to face that direction. Facing can also be changed on the Tactical Display panel by right-clicking on the map where the active unit needs to face. Note: Rightclicking on a unit selects that unit and opens the Imperial Codex encyclopedia to the entry for that unit, so when adjusting a units facing be careful not to hold the cursor over another unit while doing so.


Deployment Interface Panel Buttons

Zoom View Buttons
The Zoom-in and Zoom-out buttons increase and decrease the area that can be viewed in the Tactical Display panel.

Inspect Your Forces

Your forces are arrayed on the Tactical Display panel in no particular order. You have five units of Space Marine infantry, three Whirlwind missile-artillery carriers, and three Predator tanks. These units can be deployed anywhere to the left of the saw-toothed boundary of light and dark spaces. No enemy units are visible, but Imperial Intelligence has warned you that the Evil Sunz troopers may be in some of the buildings.

Deploy Unit or Formations Button

Units and detachments can be moved individually or in formation. This control toggles between whole detachments and individual units for deployment purposes.

Detachment Array Control

This control adjusts the way a detachment is arrayed when deployed. Infantry units can be arrayed three or more ranks deep, depending on the placement of nearby units, two ranks deep, or in a single line. Vehicular detachments can be arrayed in columns of three, two, or a single line.
Screen Icon Preview Briefing Panel

Load / Unload Unit Button

@@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@
@@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@

@@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@

Codex Encyclopedia Button

The Imperial Codex encyclopedia entry for the active unit is displayed when this button is clicked. See the Imperial Codex Encyclopedia section, starting on page 12 for a complete description.

Unit Type List

Unit Class Buttons

Imperial Codex Encyclopedia

Before you actually move a unit, however, it might be useful to inspect your troops and identify their roles, as well as looking at those of the enemy. Left-click on the Encyclopedia button to view the entry for the active unit, or right-click over a unit to see its entry.

Center Map on Unit Button

This button centers the Tactical Display panel on the currently active unit. This is useful when the Tactical Display has been scrolled away from the active unit and you wish to return to its position quickly.

Briefing Panel Entrenchment Button

This starts infantry units in entrenchments; entrenched infantry are harder to hit. Infantry units can entrench during the scenario by expending half of their movement points. Note: Some ground may be too hard for entrenchments. The Briefing panel displays basic information such as the unit types name, primary role and any options which might apply.

Equipment List
The Equipment list shows important information about the unit including: Move - The units move rating. Close Assault - The units close assault value. Armor - Armor values for front, sides, and rear are listed.

Done Button
Left-clicking on the Checkmark button ends the deployment phase and signals that you are ready to begin the scenario.


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@@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@

Equipment List

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@@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@

@@@ @@@@@@@@? @@?@@@@@? @@? @@? @@? @@? @@?

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Left-clicking on this control selects the active infantry unit (not the whole detachment) for mounting on transports. The cursor changes to the Load Unit cursor; left-click on the transport the infantry is to mount, and they disappear inside. To unload a transport, select it by left-clicking on it and left-click on the Load/Unload Unit button. The passenger appears behind the transport. Note: None of the vehicles in the tutorial can carry passengers.

Race Information


Cost - The units cost in points. Weapons - The units array of weapons are listed, with each weapons statistics: Rng. for range, Pen. for penetration, and Hit for the units chance to hit before any penalty is assessed. See the Appendix Unit Vehicle Tables staring on page 70 and Unit Infantry Tables on page 71 for more information.

Notice that when the Detachment Roster is open, the cursor changes to four green arrows without the three dots. Select each of the Space Marine detachments and move them as close to the edge of the deployment zone as possible. Spread them apart by one or more spaces to increase the area they can see and shoot into. Restore the Unit Roster by double-clicking on one of the three panels on the roster. Select one of the Whirlwinds and scroll up, or left-click on the Corner Map panel, on the hills in the upper-left corner of the Tactical Display. Adjust the display until you can see the edge. Deploy the Whirlwinds along the edge of the hills by left-clicking here. Once again, they are grouped together. Double-click on the Detachment 3 Whirlwind section of the Unit Roster to adjust their deployment. Deploy each unit atop the range of hills, then use the Facing Dial, or right-click in the panel, to turn each Whirlwind toward the village before deploying the next one.

Unit Type List

The entries on this part of the Codex can be viewed by scrolling up and down the list with the scroll bar on the right side. Left-clicking on a panel displays the entry for that unit.

Unit Class Buttons

There are four unit class buttons: Infantry, Vehicles, Titans and Gargants, and Aircraft. Changing from one unit class to another changes what the list displays.

Screen Icon Preview

Shows the Tactical Display icon for each unit selected in the unit type list.
Selected View

Other Controls
These buttons allow the choice of viewing Imperial or Ork units, background material on the Warhammer 40,000 universe, credits for EPIC 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION, Eldar, Chaos and Tyranid background information, as well as the Checkmark button which is used to Exit this screen.
Corner Map
@@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@

Unit Roster

Deploy Your Forces

The active unit is indicated with four red arrow icons pointing at the four sides of the screen. If you play a multiplayer game later, these icons represent the active unit of each side. Orks are green. When you move the cursor into an area where deployment is forbidden, it changes from four inward pointing arrows to crossed swords with red tips. Moving the cursor back into the deployment area causes it to return to normal. The normal cursor also has three green dots on the lower right side. This tells you that you are moving the active detachment of troops in formation, or all at once. Right now, your Space Marines are the active unit. Left-click near the edge of the deployment area. Notice how the detachments bunch together. This makes it easy to tell which units you are manipulating when you want to change deployment. Move the mouse cursor to the Unit Roster panel. Double-click on a panel where it reads Detachment 1 Space Marines, or press the Enter key with the cursor over the panel, to switch to the Detachment Roster. Now move back and select another unit.

Finally, select one of the Predators, noticing how the Detachment Roster changes to list three Predators instead of the three Whirlwinds. Deploy the Predators behind the Space Marines they can pass through the ranks of infantry, but should be screened by the infantry when no enemies are in sight. It might help to zoom out, in order to see more of the Tactical Display. To end deployment, left-click on the Checkmark button in the lower righthand corner.


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@@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@? @@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@? g@@ @@@@@@@@ @@?@@@@@? @@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@? g@@ @@? @@? g@@ @@? g@@ @@? g@@ @@? g@@

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@@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@

Facing Dial Deployment Controls

@@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@


Before Your Turn One

Scenario Interface Panel Features
Adjust Speed
The five bars between the Corner Map and the Score panel allow you to adjust game speed.

Next Target Button

This button selects as a target the visible enemy squad or vehicle in the order they appear on the enemy roster. The Tactical Display jumps to the selected unit and a targeting icon appears over the enemy unit. You can cycle through all available targets by left-clicking more than once.

Load / Unload Unit Button

The Load/Unload unit command operates essentially the same as it does in deployment mode, except that during a turn, loading costs one point, as does unloading. The infantry must be adjacent to the vehicle to load. A unit which unloads has movement left depending on how far the transport moved. A unit that has shots at the turns start has at least one shot left after unloading.

Score Panel
Next to the Zoom-In and Zoom-Out buttons is the score panel. The numbers displayed here are the current morale scores for both players, the Imperial player is on the left, the Ork player is on the right. These scores are displayed over the Roster panel in between turns as well. They are a relative measure of your level of success in a scenario. If a player reaches zero, they are defeated.

Entrenchment Button
The Entrench unit command operates essentially the same as in deployment mode, except that during a turn, digging in an infantry unit costs half of a detachments movement points. Leaving an entrenched position is free.

Notice that the Unit Roster has changed, and that there are several more buttons next to the Facing Dial now. The Unit Roster now displays only the active unit, but shows more information about it. An icon indicates the type of unit, next to the units name, for example, Space Marine, Imperial Guard, Predator, and so on. Below that are the number of moves the unit has, followed by the number of shots it can fire with its current movement points. Below that is a list of the weapons the unit carries. Some units, such as Space Marines only carry one kind of weapon, while vehicles, such as the Predator can have several weapon systems. If there is more than one kind of weapon, the active weapon is in gold, while secondary weapons are in silver. Infantry units also display the number troopers at the bottom of the panel, for example a Space Marine unit would show 4/4 team members on turn one. As the scenario proceeds, one other piece of information appears at the bottom of this panel; any suppression the unit accumulates as a result of combat is displayed here.

Save Game Menu Grid Overlay On/Off Movement Volume Sound Effects Volume Music Volume Load Game Menu Cinematics On/Off Return Fast AI/Watch AI Toggle

Game Options Button

This opens the Options menu. The three slider controls on the left control the volume of the music, weapon sound effects, and vehicle sound effects. The two toggle switches enable or disable cinematics and grid overlay. Left-clicking on the upper computer icon on the right side opens the Save Game menu, the lower icon opens the Load Game menu. Left-clicking on the Checkmark button returns to the Tactical Display. The Fast AI/Watch AI toggle skips or shows AI units in motion.

Fire Button
The Fire button causes the active unit to fire at its current target. Sometimes this easier than scrolling to the targets location. It works particularly well when used with the Next Target button.

Undo Button
The Undo button restores a unit to the starting position for its last impulse of movement unless it was fired upon or revealed a previously hidden enemy unit.



Air Strike Button

Calls in your air power from off-map to attack at designated locations. Anytime you move one of your ground-based detachments you can press this button to activate any off-map air units you purchased for the battle. They appear on your edge of the map. Note: Air strikes can only be performed by Imperial Marauder and Ork Fighta-Bommerz aircraft you have purchased. There are no aircraft in this tutorial.

Center Map on Unit Button

This control centers the map on the active detachment or vehicle.

Mark Unit Done Button

This control is to indicate that a vehicle or detachment has finished its movement, even though it still has movement points remaining, and removes it from the cycle for the rest of the turn for purposes of the Cycle to Next Unit Button. Left-clicking directly on the unit permits the vehicle or detachment to move or fire if it still has those choices available, but clicking on the Cycle to Next Unit Button does not activate it.

Codex Encyclopedia Button

This works identically to the Codex control in deployment mode, except that you can also right-click on units to call up their Codex entry.

Normal View Button

This button cycles through several optional for overlays on the Tactical Display appears when a unit is selected. The default setting is no overlay. This shows all terrain in normal view when this button icon is visible.

Cycle to Next Unit Button

Proceeds through the roster to each vehicle or detachment that still has movement points or can shoot, and that has not been marked with the previous control.

Field of Movement Button

The first option is Show field of movement. This displays the active units possible range of movement, when this button icon is visible, as an overlay of darker squares on the normal terrain.

Field of Fire Button

The second setting is Show field of fire. This setting darkens all squares except those that can be fired into by the active unit when this button icon is visible. In other words, squares that cannot be fired at become darker, and squares that can be shot at become lighter. The only exception to this are artillery units. Even though artillery units may not appear to have line of sight on an enemy unit, they attack by indirect fire and can usually attack whatever is within range.

Make Buildings Translucent Button

This control toggles building walls as translucent or opaque, to make acquiring visible units in buildings easier. Units hidden in buildings do not become visible when the walls become transparent until they are in line-of-sight of a friendly unit.

Restore Interface Panel

Full Screen / Interface Panel Mode Button

This button toggles the width of the Tactical Display between the default showing the Interface panel on the right and filling the screen.

Move Units in Formation / Move Units by Detachment

Units can be moved either individually, or by detachment. The cursors for each mode are: To move individual units and vehicles To move entire detachments

End Current Phase

The Checkmark button signals that you have completed your turn, and starts the next players or the AIs turn.



Your Turn One

If you have deployed as suggested, your Whirlwinds overlook Hothgars Stance, while your Predators and infantry are arrayed in a skirmish line along their deployment boundary. Approach the village carefully, the Evil Sunz troopers could be anywhere, and satellite tracking has lost contact with the Ork vehicles. Move your Space Marines in first, and use them to screen the Predators. The Whirlwinds are artillery which can hit anything that can be seen, so leave them at the edge of the village to provide support. Use the Predators to deal with the Battlewagons when they appear. The village has a road running up the middle, and several ruined and abandoned buildings on either side of the road. In the center of town and at the northern edge of town are two Victory Objective icons. The icon in the town square is unclaimed, it has the Imperial signet on one side and the Ork totem on the other. Unclaimed Victory Objectives appear on the Corner Map as white dots.

Fire at visible Ork units by moving the cursor over them; the cursor changes to a green reticle firing cursor over units that are eligible targets. Units that are out of range or blocked by line of sight show the same green reticle cursor with a red X across it. When the Firing cursor is visible left-click to fire. Units able to fire more than once can do so by left-clicking on the target unit until the cursor changes to a large red X.

If you do not have a Space Marine unit selected, left-click on one, preferably one that has taken casualties. Notice that there is now a line in the roster panel which reads x% Suppression. Each time a unit suffers a combat result, or has a unit of its detachment destroyed, it gains suppression. When the suppression level is high enough, self-preservation takes over and even elite troops such as Space Marines attempt to break off from combat. Units whose suppression level is over 25% check their morale at the end of their turn, and rout if they fail this test. The presence of characters such as Imperial Commissars, Gargant or Titan units, provide a 50% bonus to the morale test for units within ten tiles. Since you are commanding a scout detachment, there are no characters in this force, so any suppression your units absorb can only wear off with time and distance. Try to avoid taking too many casualties; if all of your companies are destroyed or are in retreat, you could lose the scenario.

Victory Objectives count for points: objectives held by the enemy subtract 25 points per turn from your victory total. Your forces need to survive the fight as well. Remember, you can always claim Victory Objectives after you have defeated the enemy, but you only have one turn.

Continue the Advance Screen with Infantry

Select one of the infantry units near the middle of your line; the blue ready icon appears at their feet and the cursor changes to the movement cursor. Leftclick on the Show Field of Movement overlay button and a dark area appears where the infantry unit can move. Advance them forward until they have used four movement points, using the Undo button if you move them too far. Move the rest of your infantry toward the village, responding to any ambushes by Evil Sunz warriors with a combination of missile artillery from the Whirlwinds and bolter fire from the Space Marines. Do not waste artillery fire on the Battlewagons, since there is very little chance of destroying them because the missiles Penetration value is too low. Save your Predators until the end of the turn, and advance them carefully, using the buildings for cover without getting too close infantry can take out vehicles by close assault it if they can get close enough. Before moving them, left-click on the Overlay button again to switch to Show Field of Fire so that as the tanks advance you know what they can see. If they come under fire or happen to get line-ofsight on a Battlewagon, open fire! Otherwise, advance them carefully, leaving movement points for them to use for opportunity fire. Move one of the Predators toward the road coming out of the village, but not into the open this turn. Next turn, it can move out onto the road and maybe catch a Battlewagon in its side armor.

Remember that the Undo command only works until a unit reveals a hidden unit, once this happens the unit cannot take that move back.

Your infantry is going to come under fire from Evil Sunz warriors hidden in the buildings. You can return fire with your Space Marines, or use the Whirlwinds to suppress the Evil Sunz with artillery fire. The smartest course is to use a combination of both. Hit the Evil Sunz with a round of artillery, then clean them up with bolter fire.



You can tell if a unit has movement points or fire capability left by looking at the Unit Roster panel where the remaining movement and shots are displayed next to the unit icon.

Your Turn Two

On turn two, your Whirlwind units, along with the remaining Space Marines, should continue to concentrate on the Evil Sunz infantry squads. Continue to have the Space Marines advance on the village, screening the Predators where possible, and responding to Evil Sunz bolter fire with their own bolters. If one of your Whirlwinds has no infantry target to fire at, try destroying a building or two; artillery fire can suppress or kill units in buildings by destroying the building they are in, even if there is no line of sight. The Predator at the south end of the village should be able to move out on the road and get a shot at one of the Battlewagons. If you can kill one without using up all of the tanks movement points, it might be wise to get back under cover.

Facing the Enemy

The last step before ending your turn is to use the facing dial or the right mouse button to adjust each vehicles facing toward the enemy. This means that any attacks made are against the heaviest armor that the vehicle has. Whenever possible, make attacks against the side or rear of enemy vehicles, since their armor is weakest there.

Saving Your Game

Before ending your first turn, you should save your game. Left-click on the Game Options button to open the Options menu. Left-click on the upper button next to the floppy-disk icon to open the Save Game menu. There is a text entry field across the top of the menu, slots for saved games, and the active slot is highlighted in red. Move the cursor to the text field and enter a description of the saved game. When you have typed in your description, pressing Enter or left-clicking on the Save Game button at the lower left saves the game. Left-clicking on the X icon button exits the menu and returns you to the Options menu. Left-click on the Checkmark button to start the AIs first turn.

If any of your infantry suffered suppression on turn one, find that unit and select it. Notice that the level of suppression has declined. Units attempt to rally at the end of every turn, and their suppression is reduced each time they are able to rally.

Using the Next Target and Fire Buttons

As each unit is selected, left-click on the Cycle to Next Target button. The view on the Tactical Display centers on the targeted unit, if one is available as a target, and a red targeted icon flashes over the unit momentarily. If you left-click on the Fire at current target button, your active unit fires at the targeted unit. This can speed up combat by eliminating having to scroll around the screen, looking for targets. Note: This does not differentiate targets a unit can affect from those it cannot, so your Whirlwinds or your infantry can target a Battlewagon, even though there is little chance they can damage it.

Ork Turn One

The Ork Battlewagons and Evil Sunz infantry should come pouring out of Hothgars Stance in response to your advance. If you have been very lucky on your first turn, they may already have high levels of suppression from having watched several units of their fellows get shot up by your Space Marines and Whirlwind missile artillery. Your infantry is likely to come under heavy fire this turn, and it should not surprise you that one or more detachments suffers heavy casualties. If the Orks are lucky and destroy one of your Predators, you could be in trouble, but no one ever said war was easy!

Navigating on the Tactical Display

When using the Cycle to Next Target and Fire at current target buttons the Tactical Display can scroll across the entire map. Use the Center map on current unit to return to the location of the active unit. The Zoom-In and Zoom-Out buttons and the Full Screen Mode toggle can make moving around on the screen easier as well.

Opportunity Fire
Any of your units that did not fire, or did not use up their full movement allotment last turn, are capable of engaging in opportunity fire if an enemy unit moves through their line of sight. Opportunity fire is the best way to attack the Battlewagons, as they come out of the village after you.

Ending Turn Two

Your Predators should have engaged one or more Battlewagons, some of your infantry should be among the buildings by now, and your Whirlwinds should have pounded the Evil Sunz positions. Face your units toward the enemy if they ended facing away, and left-click to end your turn.



Ork Turn Two

By now, the Orks should have suffered some casualties. You can get a rough idea of who is winning by looking at the victory point totals on the Interface panel while the AI is planning its turn. If the Evil Sunz infantry is not dead or fled, they may continue to shoot it out with your infantry, as the Battlewagons engage your Predators, infantry, or Whirlwinds, depending on what they can see. If the Emperor has smiled upon you, they may be routing. In which case the fight should end next turn as you mop them up.

IMPERIAL TRANSMISSION TRANSMITTED: DESTINATION: DATE: TELEPATHIC DUCT: SUBJECT: REF: AUTHOR: PLANET VOLISTAD: Space Platform Africanus XII Terra 6478986/M41 Astropath-terminus Kovacs Volistad Topography and Climate VolisLanClim/8277037qAMS Adeptus Prefectus Primus Whilhelm Franz (acting sub-Director) IBID

Your Turn Three

If any of the buildings which contained Ork infantry on turn one are still standing, bring them down with artillery fire this turn. The Predators should make it to the road in the towns center this turn. They should have enough shots to finish off any Battlewagon foolish or unlucky enough to come before their guns. The infantry should bring up the rear. This should be the turn of decision, either because your troops hunt down the last remnants of the Ork force, or they are in full flight, ready to be chased down on turn four.

Volistad is broken up into two main areas the Paulis Ocean, occupying the western hemisphere, and the land masses of Doscoya, Kopolov, Langtona, and Welkonnena, occupying the eastern hemisphere. The Kopolov Fold, an inactive tectonic fault line and mountain range slices diagonally through Doscoya, dividing it into major Northern and Southern reaches. The Northern Reaches mainly consist of hot ashy wastes intermixed with sparse rolling plains, rocky valleys and scrubby farmland. The partly terraformed Southern Reaches are a bit more hospitable with occasional fertile farmlands, river valleys and alpine mountains, but it is not without its share of strip mined areas, factory cities, and ashy plains as well. Borodni, the main city state, is located in a basin of the largest section of the Kopolov mountains along its northern face and is on the border of the Borod ash plains. Borodnis main function is that of a space port. It is well equipped to provide shelter and support for abundant numbers of large space craft. It is an important way station for the Pragathus Warp points and the only port large enough to handle the necessary volume of craft that would make up an effective main reinforcement in the battle for Volistad. The main city of Volistad is the Polvanya Hellspire, located on Volistads Kopolov steppes. Polvanyas original main spire was toppled when a large meteorite struck a nearby mountain, causing a massive section of that mountain to fragment and impact with the main spire. The huge structure toppled like a megalithic tree, its five mile length falling point down, piercing the hive below, causing the death of hundreds and thousands including all of the noble houses. The whole area of the hive was rendered uninhabitable due to structural damage and massive chemical and radioactive debris from numerous industrial sites destroyed. A new spire has since been built and a new political infrastructure

After the Battle

When the last Ork unit has been destroyed, a pop-up dialog box appears to notify you of your victory. This is the same dialog you would see if they had vanquished you. After you click on the Checkmark button, you may review the battlefield before the casualty screen appears showing you the units lost on your side as a result of the battle. If this were a campaign game, the next step would be to choose the next area to attack. Left-click on the Right-Arrow button to finish the tutorial and return to the Selection screen.



formed. Also, a manner of religious cult has risen from the event, the Volikistad Order. They tend to inhabit the more accessible ruins of the damaged hive sections and control all forms of commerce that could be gained from its ancient holocaust. It is said that their order also includes things that are less than human. These mutations are said to inhabit and guard the deeper and more central areas of the damaged hive body, as if it were a holy shrine. Volistads eco-history has rendered its weather most unusual. Constantly shifting global jet streams, an after effect of the melted polar ice, cause dramatic and sometimes violent pressure shifts that have all but eliminated safe transport across the planets larger oceans. Travel is restricted between land masses to where the oceans are shallow, where the ionic disturbances are at a minimum. These thermal anomalies, however, cause a moderately temperate equilibrium for Volistads climate, with no great temperature extremes from one area to the next.

Adjust Speed
The five bars allow you to adjust how fast the animation plays. In a multiplayer game, changing the speed on one machine changes it for all players.

Score Window
Below the Adjust Speed boxes are two to four numbers the current score for each side involved in the battle.

Unit Window
The Unit window tells you what unit is currently highlighted, how much movement it has and how many shots it can fire. This window also lets you know what weapons the current squad has. If more than one weapon is listed, you can alternate between weapons by left-clicking on them. The highlighted weapon is the one the unit fires. It also lists the units current strength (number of men for infantry, hits for war engines, etc.), where damage has occurred, how many shields remain, if it is transporting another unit, and how high your fliers are.

The Tutorial described the fundamentals of playing a EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION scenario. The following section describes the remainder of the game controls found on the Tactical screen and other game play areas which can be reached from there.

Facing Dial
Clicking on one of the eight compass points changes your units facing. This is especially important for vehicles as their armor tends to be thicker in front and weaker in back.


Tactical Controls
These buttons control functions during game play. Items described in the tutorial get a brief description here, while we describe other features as completely as possible.

Your unit fires all highlighted weapons at its current target.

Next Target
This button cycles through the units your unit can shoot from its current position.

Corner Map
The small map in the right-hand corner of the screen gives an overview of the entire battlefield. You can click on the corner map in order to view that location on the battle map.

Infantry given a load command enter the designated transport. They must be next to the transport to do so. Ordering a transport to unload drops the loaded detachments behind the transport is. Units can load and unload in the same turn.

Zoom In Button
The skull with the plus sign in it allows you to zoom in your view of the battlefield.

Entrenched infantry become harder to hit. Only infantry can entrench, and they must have at least half of their movement points left in order to do so.

Zoom Out Button

The skull with the minus sign in it allows you to zoom out.

Options Menu
From the Options menu, you can adjust sound level, grid overlays, and save or load a game.



Undo Move
You may undo a move provided you have not fired or been fired upon, and have not come into first contact with an enemy unit.

End Phase
Tells the computer that the current detachment has completed its turn and advances to the enemys phase. If your enemy has no more detachments to move, it advances to another of your detachments. If all players have moved their detachments, then it starts the next turn.

Air Strike
Calls in your air power from off-map to attack at designated locations. Anytime you move one of your ground-based detachments you can press this button to activate any off-map air units you purchased for the battle. They appear on your edge of the map. Note: Air strikes can only be performed by Imperial Marauder and Ork Fighta-Bommerz aircraft.

Message Bar
Running along the bottom of the screen is the message bar, which displays information about the terrain and units over which the cursor moves.

Accesses information about units, weapons and the Epic 40,000 universe.

Selecting Detachments
Every time you start a new phase, the computer highlights the first unit or vehicle in the first of your detachments which has not acted in the current turn. You do not necessarily have to move and fire with that unit; click on whatever unit you want to act, and move it instead. You can also cycle through your units by clicking on the Find Next Unit button. If the Movement Option setting is set to Move only a detachment per phase, once you move one squad in a detachment, the entire detachment is activated. You must either move its other squads next, or lose their turn. Once all players detachments have acted, a new turn begins and all detachments can move and fire again. This does not apply if you are using the Move the whole regiment per phase.

Overlay Options
Allows you to choose the overlay that displays when a unit is selected. The Field of Fire as well as the Field of Movement for a unit can be toggled On; the default is Off.

This toggle lets you make all buildings on the map translucent or turn them solid. Otherwise the only buildings which are translucent are those which block your view of your units or enemy units your squads can see. Note that this button has no effect on sighting.

Toggles between moving a squad or vehicle and moving an entire detachment.

Moving Squads
The shaded area around the active squad shows how far it can move in the current phase when that overlay mode is chosen. All the player has to do is left-click on the space within that area where he wants the unit to go, and it moves there. If you click outside that area and on a valid destination, the unit moves up to the limits of its movement towards that destination (or until it encounters enemy fire).

Centers screen on the current unit.

Mark Unit Done

Informs the computer that you have finished moving that squad for the phase and allows you to go on to the next squad in the detachment.

Aerial Unit Movement

In addition to normal movement on the Tactical Display, aerial units such as Imperial Thunderhawk transports, can change height as well. Place the cursor over the aerial unit, when the cursor on the unit changes to an arrow pointing up it indicates upward movement. When the cursor is below the unit it changes to an arrow pointing down to indicate downward movement.

Next Unit
Cycles to the next squad without marking the current one as done for the phase.

Full Screen
Removes the corner map and buttons on the right side of the screen, giving you a fuller view of the battlefield. The tactical controls come back if you toggle this button again.



IMPERIAL TRANSMISSION TRANSMITTED: DESTINATION: DATE: TELEPATHIC DUCT: SUBJECT: REF: AUTHOR: PLANET VOLISTAD: Space Platform Africanus XII Terra 6788986/M41 Astropath-terminus Kovacs Ork Incursion Status VolisOrkIncr/8675309spUBi Adeptus Prefectus Primus Whilhelm Franz (acting sub-Director) IBID

Line of Sight
Most squads can only fire at targets they can see. Buildings, rubble and other structures block this line of sight. Your artillery can target many of these same obstacles.

The Ork incursion began when Warboss Skroll made a controlled crash landing of his space hulk onto the Ribashka peninsula in the north east corner of Doscoya. The hulk now sits in a deep crater, with some of its damaged gothic spires still standing. Other surfaces have been built upon by the Orks for the purposes of their war efforts and personal aesthetics. Conveyors and tracks run up the slopes of the scarred crater to the rim where an ever growing settlement forms with factory buildings, workshops, gantries and crane arms overhanging the edge like a titanic spider lying on its back. The Orks currently have outposts of varying strengths, spread out over vast areas of Doscoya. The further from their base the Orks get, the less potent their forces are, but their own reinforcements trickle in with alarming regularity as the Waaaghhhhs notoriety spreads. There has been one stroke of luck in the Imperiums favor. Two Ork Mobz from different clans had set out for the south western corner of the continent in order to secure the region, the small space port there, and any riches for themselves. A Badmoon Stomper mob under Warboss Urkthrall Kraka and a Bloodaxe armored division under Groznok Kull set out in an unofficial race for the region. Unfortunately for the Orks, they came within shooting distance of one another. Old rivalries and inter-clan hatred flared, and they set upon each other. The result was disastrous for them. Both detachments were effectively destroyed. The result of which was that the south western peninsula was left poorly defended by the Orks and was an ideal location for the Imperials to establish an initial foothold for retaking Volistad.

Firing Weapons
You can find out which enemy units your active squad can target in several ways. You can run the mouse cursor over enemy units until the information bar gives you a percentage chance to hit; you can cycle through targets by pressing the Next Target button; or you can hit the T key for the computer to highlight the squads field of fire. Anything within that lit area can be fired upon. Once you have chosen a target, you can either left-click on that unit or press the Fire button to shoot at it. Most squads weapons start each phase with two shots. The more you move, the less you can shoot, and vice versa. As a general rule, any unit can move at least one space before it loses its shot.

Close Assault
The history of the Epic universe is replete with examples of heroic charges which turned the tide of battle. In EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION, your squads can carry out their own charges in pursuit of victory. By moving next to an enemy squad and then left-clicking on it, you close assault it. Even if the assaulting squad ties or dies, each succeeding squad that assaults the same enemy unit in the same turn gets a close combat bonus. Flying units cannot close assault or be close assaulted unless they have landed.



When Warlord Skroll called forth the Waa-Ork on Volistad, he attracted members of three clans to his side his own wealthy Bad Moonz, the rapacious Evil Sunz and the Orkiest of all clans, the Goffs. Additionally, Mekboyz from all parts joined him, bringing with them a wide variety of gargants and deviously creative vehicles. They rolled through Volistads defenses with amazing rapidity, taking over the entire planet in little more than a month. They lost thousands of Orks along the way, however, and if humans are ever to retake the planet, now is the time, before the Orks can rebuild their weakened numbers. To this end they have assigned you, a Lord Commander Militant, to marshal the forces necessary to bring Volistad back under the Emperors control. As you conquer more territory, more forces become available until you finally drive Skroll from the planet. The Imperium has made it imperative that you liberate Volistad. To this end they have assigned you elements of the Ultramarines 2nd Company. Its duty is to establish a landing zone on the planet while eliminating any Orks who might try to interfere. You command them from your headquarters in orbit around the planet. The Ultramarines cannot remain with you, as their Emperor needs them elsewhere, but this does not mean you should waste their lives. After they have established the landing zone, your regular troops begin arriving, and you should get used to conserving their strength.

The Campaign Turn

The planetary map shows the main areas of human habitation of Volistad. You start your campaign by seizing a landing zone and then recapturing the nearby starport at the southwest corner of the map; once you have done this, your reinforcements can begin arriving en masse. As Lord Commander, you can pick and choose the locations of your thrusts how you recapture Volistad is left up to you. During the Campaign turn, you direct your armies across the regions of the world, rebuild your current regiments, and create new armies to command. What actions you can perform depend on the resource points you control (indicated at the lower left of the Campaign Screen), points amassed via the regions you liberate. Each army on the map can have one action per turn. Your forces move first, followed by the Orks. Select the Checkmark icon on the lower right of the Campaign Screen to end the present turn and begin the next turn.

Beginning a Campaign Game

When you elect to play a EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION campaign game, a pop-up dialog box appears where you make two selections, Difficulty and Play Mode. Game difficulty is adjusted by the number of points the AI gets with which to purchase units, a handicap if you will. Play Mode presents two options, you can choose to either alternate phases with the AI for each detachments move, or move the entire side during your turn, and the AI move its entire force in turn.

Control Options
The Campaign Screen is broken up into several main sections as listed below.

Region Briefing
The Region Information displays text about the currently selected region.

Zoom In/Out
There are three zoom levels for the game map. A region can be selected at any zoom level.

Load / Save / Game Options

Load and Save are located at the top right of the screen. The Game Options menu can be accessed to the button found to their right.



Strategic Map

The map of Volistad takes up the majority of the Campaign screen. Move the cursor to the edge of the map to scroll the display.

Resource Points
Resource Points displays the amount of points you control through the regions you have conquered. The amount of points you have dictates the changes you can make to your regiments make up. See below for more information.

Regiment Information
Your regiments and their basic make up appear in the bottom center of the screen. You can see the commander name, the force makeup, and by left-clicking you can call up the regiment screen. To the right of the regimental information display area are next and previous regiment icons. See below for more information on regiment movement and management.

Select the Codex button to open the Imperial Codex Encyclopedia.

End Turn
Select the Checkmark button to proceed to the next campaign turn. The help text for the Campaign screen can be found at the top, below the Region Information area.


@@@@@@@@? @@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@? @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@? @@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@? g@@ @@? @@? g@@ @@? g@@ @@? g@@ @@? g@@ @@? g@@

Resource Points

@@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@

@@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@

Region Information

Map of Volistad
Load/Save/ Game Options
@@@ @@@@@@@@? @@?@@@@@? @@? @@? @@? @@? @@? @@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@? @@@@@@@@ @@ @@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@? @@@@@@@@ g g@@ g@@ g@@ g@@ g@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@ ?h@@ @@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@e?@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@?e@@@@@@@@
@@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@
@@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@

The planet of Volistad is broken down into regional districts for ease of planetary management. Each of these regions is highlighted by a natural or industrial feature, and should be utilized to their full extent. To view information on any region, right-click the information displays at the top of the map screen. Your forces are displayed on the map as Imperial icon(s); Ork forces are shown as Ork symbols. As the campaign game progresses, the army markers change according to your victories and defeats. Make sure to keep an eye on the Ork forces, as you do not want to be caught by a surprise counterattack. A region can be selected for attack if you have forces adjacent to it. Regions you do not control that are viable options for attack display an Ork army symbol in them and are darkened compared to the remainder of the game map.


Moving Regiments
If a player wishes to relocate a regiment from one friendly region to another, it is done on this screen. Left-click the region with the unit to be moved, then click on the adjacent friendly territory. Each army is limited to one region move per turn.

Resource Points
Each region has a set number of resource points associated with it. These points reflect the amount of raw materials available in the region, ranging from minerals and finished goods, to food and fodder. In order to raise additional forces or repair your existing troops, you must expend Resource Points. Make sure to manage these points carefully, as a planning mistake early on in your campaign can have long lasting effects. The more regions you control, the greater your planetary assets; the greater your assets, the more armies you can raise.

Ork Counterattack
Orks are not known for their ability to accept defeat. It is not a question of if the Orks will attack you, but when. You must remain prepared, posting secondary regiments on the flank of your main army. Do not spread your forces out too thin, or all may be lost! Though your primary task is to crush Skroll, if the Orks manage to recapture the space port at the southwest corner of the world, your career as Lord Commander is over no matter how close you are to victory.


Imperial Forces at Your Command

The main unit of battle is the regiment, composed of up to four companies. You can never command more than a regiment in any one battle, and if Orks attack a territory where you have more than one regiment, your highest value regiment defends. Each regiment can move one region every turn, and only one regiment at a time can move into an Ork-controlled territory.

While you do receive the aid of some very talented soldiers, few of them have reached their full potential. Valor in battles on Volistad helps them reach this goal. At the end of every battle, the computer inspects surviving units to see if their accomplishments merit an experience increase. More experienced units are harder to kill, shoot more accurately, do more damage and are less likely to break under pressure. New units are classified as Green. A unit that survives one battle becomes Normal, and a Veteran unit has survived three battles. A colored marker appears over the units icon on the Roster panel to indicate experience, green for Green units, no marker for Normal, and red for Veteran.


Regiment I.D.

Purchase Roster

Empty Slot

Unit Type

IMPERIAL TRANSMISSION TRANSMITTED: DESTINATION: Space Platform Africanus XII Terra 6799986/M41 Astropath-terminus Kovacs House Petchenka Status VolisOrkIncr/8675309spUBi Adeptus Prefectus Primus Whilhelm Franz (acting sub-Director) IBID

Detachment Type

Detachment Commander Resource Points


View Other Companies View Regiment


Creating a Company
Each company has a leader and up to four detachments. Certain leaders have certain specialties and can have certain units fight for them. For instance, a Tallarn commander cannot command units of the Mordian Iron Guard, and an infantry specialist cannot command a regiment of tanks. After selecting the company commander, you can choose up to four detachments for that company. You do not have to fill all four slots.

Replacements and Reinforcements

Each turn every region under your control produces resource points that you can spend on replacing lost troops or buying new ones. To do this you go to the company view screen and select the new troops you would like to add. In addition, certain regions still hide valuable items and people. Rescuing these areas as quickly as possible can add some powerful forces to your command. Of course, you should not expect the Orks to give up this bounty without stiff resistance.

The entire ruling arm of House Petchenka was tragically wiped out when their island retreat of Mosvanyus off the Ribashka peninsula was destroyed as a result of the Orks original landing. When the Ork space hulk hit, it activated a spur of the Kopolov Fold fault line and triggered massive seismic and volcanic activity. A massive tidal wave took the Imperial family unaware and destroyed the island and its inhabitants. The only surviving member of the ruling branch of the family was Uri Olikov Petchenka, 5th Overlord and nephew of the late Overlord Primus. As fate would have it, Uri survived by being the weakest Petchenka, bedridden for several years. He further refused to accompany the royal party due to personal reasons involving his servant, Mikael Kolostoy.



Select AI for Opponent: Human or Computer Enter Army Leader Name Select Available Resource Points for Army

Battle Type
Players can choose from four different sorts of battles. The different setups affect the deployment areas as described below.

Meeting Engagement
Select Army Type: Imperial, Ork, or None

The deployment areas are equal areas, fifteen tiles wide on opposite sides of the screen. Victory Objectives can be placed as the players wish.

The attacker has a fifteen tile-wide area in which to deploy, while the defender has a 45 tile area opposite.
Select Single or Multiplayer Game

Flank Attack
Select Game Scenario

Select the Side of the Map Your Army Enters From

Toggles Moving the Whole Regiment or only a Detachment per Phase

The attacker has three regions to deploy in, the standard fifteen tile-wide area on one edge, and two twenty by ten areas on either side of the defenders area. Up to 25% of the attackers force can be placed in either of the flanking zone deployment areas.

EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION allows you to choose your own equipment and quickly create your own battles with a Quick Battle Generator. You can choose to play against the computer or up to three friends, command the Imperials or Orks, and decide just how big you want the battle to be. Both sides have a fifteen tile-wide area opposite each other. The defender, however, has a twenty by twenty tile wide area in the center of the map where between 15% and 25% of its forces must be placed. The remainder, up to 85% is deployed along the edge as usual.

Determine Number of Players

From one to four people can engage in a quick battle, using one or more computers. They can play head to head, with everyone trying to kill everyone else, or in teams. Multiplayer games require that all the players share one computer or have network access. See the Multiplayer section on page 42 and the data card.

Battle Mode
Select if you want to move all of your forces each phase or if you only want to move one detachment per phase.

Choose Map
After agreeing on what sort of battle they want to fight, players get to decide on which map they wish to fight. Whoever is setting up the battle can scroll through the maps and get an overview of the battlefield.

Determining Points
Players should agree on the number of points they want to spend on their units before the game starts. Low-point games generally involve more infantry while high-point ones bring in a plethora of titans and gargants. Players can choose from 500 to 8000 points, though they are under no obligation to spend all of them.



Unit Selection
In a single-player game, the player can set the point level for both his forces and those of the computer. Buying a regiment for a Quick Battle is much like buying one for the Volistad campaign. Clicking on an empty box on the regiment screen allows you to purchase a commander. Certain leaders have certain specialties and can have certain units fight for them.

Resource Points

New Company Unused Slots Finished Company

If any of the four spaces are empty, new units can be purchased to fill these roster positions. Right-click on a roster position to open it, then choose the new unit using the list appearing in the upper-right corner. You can also replace existing units by right-clicking on them and choosing the Remove option. Points for the unit removed are reallocated, and you can purchase any eligible unit you can afford. The other option available after right-clicking on a company or regiment is the Transfer Que. Companies can be transferred between regiments, and detachments can be transferred between companies. Right click on the element of your choice, a company on the Regiment screen or a detachment on the Company screen. Pressing the center button in the pop-up dialog box moves a selected unit to the Transfer Que. Right-clicking on an empty slot opens the Transfer Queue screen. Select the unit to be assigned from the list on the left, and click on the Checkmark button to confirm the assignment. Once you have bought everything you want for that company, clicking on the check brings the display forward to the Deploy screen. All units are pre-deployed; however you can change the deployment to your hearts content until you are satisfied. Click on the Checkmark to continue to the Tactical game. In a hot-seat game, where more than one player is using the same computer, each player selects and deploys his forces one after another.

Add Company

Acess Transfer Que

After selecting the company commander, you can choose up to four companies for that regiment, although many commanders come with units already purchased for them. You do not have to fill all four regiment boxes. Left-click on a regiment box to display the Company Roster screen.



Game play
Once your battle is set up, game play continues normally, as described elsewhere in this manual. Have fun! Warboss Skroll Warboss Skroll of the Evil Sunz clan is a shrewd and intellectual Ork for an Ork, that is. One day he and one of his raiding parties attacked and captured a lone Imperial ship, quite by luck, as it came out of the warp. Skrolls luck continued in that the ship contained five newly trained Astropaths on their way to their distant postings. After looting the ship and modifying it to suit his needs, Skroll killed and ate all five of the Astropaths. He was never sure whether that was a good idea or not, since humans, in general, never did settle with him very well. These particular human Weird Boyz he had eaten had given him some very strange dreams indeed. Visions of conquest and immense power came to him. Whole sectors of Imperial space were at his feet. In the back of Skrolls tiny mind, the seed of an idea sprouted and blossomed. He just might have before him a crusade, inspired by the visions undoubtedly sent to him by Gork and Mork. One particularly intense bout of these visions drove him into action. He grabbed the bestest Ladz and went to the bridge of his captured ship. The other Orks argued as to what was going on, what to do next, and who was in charge. Skroll, who had been sitting quietly in the corner with a fixed glassy stare during all of this suddenly leapt up and with a roar pulled out his bolter and fired a single shot into the huge navigation map on the wall. The room fell quiet except for the echo of the shot and the sound of falling shards of metal. Skroll spoke. We gos dair. Skroll pointed at the hole in the map with his scaly finger. Gork and Mork sez so. He turned to the others who watched with open mouthed amazement. Dey also sez ITS A WAAAGHHHH!!! The room spontaneously erupted into a deafening roar of excitement, all joined in, even the ones who did not know what was going on. The group was so shocked and impressed by this inspired decision making that a unanimous judgment was made to follow Skroll in his quest, and with that, the die was cast. Volistad would be his.

Multiplayer support for EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION is modeled to be identical to hot-seat play, as described previously in this manual. Players set up a Quick Battle as they would normally, selecting one of the following multiplayer options first before moving on to select the game map.

Choosing Forces
In a networked game all the players choose their forces at the same time. Once they have all chosen their detachments, then they all deploy at the same time.

Determining Points
One difference for network games comes in point selection. Players can choose how many points to use, allowing them to handicap themselves if they so desire, but the game host (the person who started the game) is under no obligation to continue until the point levels satisfy him.

Selecting Connection Options

EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION supports play via LAN, Internet services or serial connections using modems or null modem link. The connection button is located at the lower left of the Quick Battle menu.

LAN Play
Up to four players can fight it out on a local area network (LAN) using the IPX protocol. You must have an IPX compatible network protocol bound to your network adapter card.

Internet Play
Playing EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION on the Internet requires at least a 14,400 modem, a Winsock 1.1 compliant TCP/IP stack, a valid account with an Internet service provider (ISP), and a valid Internet e-mail address.

Modem Play
This accesses the Windows 95 modem dial-up screen.

Serial Play
This allows you to set the serial connections as in Windows 95.



IMPERIAL TRANSMISSION TRANSMITTED: DESTINATION: DATE: TELEPATHIC DUCT: SUBJECT: REF: AUTHOR: PLANET VOLISTAD: Listening Post Gallia-B Terra 8824986/M41 Astropath-terminus Kovacs Studies on Ork Reproduction VolisOrkPod/3729978DeSJ Lexmechanic Vortix IBID

Knowing your enemy is one of the most important elements in victory. You never know where the other force may be hidden, so proceed with caution. Move less valuable units first in order to get a better idea of where the enemy is hidden. Expect them to make use of cover, so proceed with caution. Do not expose your more valuable units until you are sure you know what you are up against.

We are beginning to find fascinating biological information regarding the Orkoid species. I am working in conjunction with Genetor-Major Anzion with my findings. It appears the Orkoid species may be closer in their genetic make up to humans than previously thought, but it is the differing elements that are alarming. Orkoids appear as if they may be a symbiosis of two biologies within a single structure. In addition to the humanoid base, a secondary make-up of an algae/fungal base. These findings are in direct lineage to by Genetor-Major Xabriol reports regarding the subject (Ref;AdMech8986252/CM, 5647376.M39), whose outstanding research brought us to the brink of discovery we are at today. Ultimus Laudare. To understand the Orkoid species, one must must first be aware of their, so far, unique bio-structure and xenological genetics. When I refer to Orkoid species, I refer to all aspects of the green-skinned society, from the dominant Orks,through the smaller Gretchin,snotlings,and the sub-animal squigs. Although physically and anatomically diverse, these different species all share a common genetic base. The standard genetic structure of an Orkoid remains essentially the same as that of Man, in that it dictates the majority of the creatures form (though see later comments about growth patterns) and biological processes. We currently hypothesize that this plant-like secondary structure within the Orkoid gene gives Orks their strength, resilience to damage, and is the key to understanding their procreative cycle. If our findings bear out to be correct, it may bear out that the Ork threat could be vastly underrated - the Ork reproductive cycle may, in fact, be airborn by nature.

Land Forces
No matter how strong your air force might be, the battle is ultimately decided on the ground. A mix of infantry, armor, artillery and Titans seems to work best. Never put all your eggs in one basket. If you decide to go all Titan, then you risking having too few units to win the fight. Opt for a pure tank formation and the enemy probably has a number of anti-tank units hidden behind cover. Without an infantry screen, you can lose units like mad to opportunity fire. Finally, infantry by itself has little chance of taking out the enemys bigger units. Most fights require that your forces advance. Those pesky objective markers can really eat up your score without you ever noticing them. Advance under artillery cover as much as possible. Shell any enemy units foolish enough to show themselves, and aim for the largest cluster of troops just in case the shells drift off target. Send out your cheaper units first to spot hidden enemy troops and to screen your more valuable units. Use infantry and the like to eat up the enemys opportunity fire. Then follow up with the big guns to wipe out his best units.

Fliers are some of the most devastating units in the game, but they are also some of the most vulnerable. Use them as early in your turn as you can. They do a wonderful job of flushing out hidden enemy units, and you can use them to target the enemys best forces as quickly as possible. They can knock out artillery early in the game, before it has the chance to pulverize your advance. Fliers do not have much armor, however. Get them too close to enemy guns (or anywhere near anti-aircraft guns) and they come spiraling to earth in no time.




The Imperium of Mankind has spread outward across the galaxy ever since the invention of the warp drive. While the ability to travel hundreds, if not thousands of light years away from mother Earth has brought mankind new worlds to conquer, it has also put humanity into contact with whole new races and alien civilizations. The results have been far from peaceful. The universe of the 41st Millennium is a hostile place, but so far most of the galaxy remains unexplored. Who knows what advanced civilizations, lost human colonies, and ruins of long dead races remain to be discovered.

Space Marines

Imperial Units
The Imperial Guard boasts a wide variety of units, and players should take advantage of this. Its armor is second to none, and many of the Emperors enemies have met their end under a hail of Basilisk and Bombard shells. Mixing up the infantry and armor in combined arms tactics is its best strategy. Its one weakness is its lack of speed. Moving troops from one trouble spot to another quickly enough can prove a problem.

The Space Marines are the finest warriors in the Imperium. Recruited from the most skilled and ferocious fighters in the galaxy, each Space Marine is then genetically altered to add strength, speed, and toughness far beyond the scope of any ordinary man. Equipped with the best weapons and armor in the Imperium, the Space Marines are mankinds last line of defense. Space Marines are divided into a thousand different Chapters, each with its own unique history, tactics, and insignia. The four most renown Chapters are: the Ultramarines, the Space Wolves, the Blood Angels, and the Dark Angels.


Waaagh! The Orks

Orks delight in the weirdest weapons they can get their green paws on, and their opponents should always expect the unexpected. The Kult of Speed has a strong presence on Volistad, and if you use the Orks, you should exploit this. Rush in to pick off vulnerable Imperial units. Set up flanking shots as much as possible. Stick to cover and then come roaring out of the hills. Most of your infantry is also superior to the Imperial Guard, so do not be afraid to come in and mix things up. Throw squad after squad at big units in close assault. Remember that the more close assaults you do, the more likely the enemy is to die. The Orks have two main weaknesses. First of all, they have almost no indirect fire weapons. They lack good artillery and have to do most of their fighting toe to toe. Their second problem is the unpredictability of their weapons. Many of their weapons might work unbelievably well or they may kill the Orks firing them. Try not to rely on such dangerous weapons. Take advantage of their power, but do not count on them winning the game for you.

The Ultramarines are the greatest of all Space Marine Chapters. From the dawn of the Imperium they have served the Emperor with a loyalty that no others can match. It is the Ultramarines who most exemplify the teachings of the Codex Astartes - the Imperial guidelines for troop division, tactics, and procedures.

Space Wolves
In complete opposition of the rigid code-following Ultramarines, the Space Wolves are fiercely independent. From their Primarch Leman Russ the Space Wolves have inherited both their savage fighting ability, and their stubborn headstrong ways. No other Chapter of Space Marines can match their ferocity.



Blood Angels
Without a doubt the Blood Angels are the most feared and least trusted Chapter of Space Marines. While they have proven themselves loyal in countless battles, some still whisper of the fatal flaw that curses the Chapters geneseed.

Dark Angels
The first of all Space Marine Legions, the Dark Angels are regarded as the epitome of the dedicated warrior - serious minded, slow to anger, but tenacious and all but unstoppable in their zeal once aroused. Yet behind this impressive facade lies a truth that is far more sinister, for the Dark Angels have been carrying out a secret crusade which began over 10,000 years ago, following a terrible act of betrayal.

Imperial Guard
The Imperial Guard is the fighting force raised to protect mankind and human rights. Considering there are over a million Imperial planets, the Imperial Guard has an immense resource of men and equipment to draw from. Supported by artillery, tanks, and armored personnel carriers, no other army in the 41st Millennium can match the mechanized firepower of the Imperial Guard.

An enigmatic race, the Eldar once dominated the galaxy. Unfortunately the highpoints of their culture and intellectuality brought about a growing decadence and eventually their downfall. A dying race, the Eldar are immersed in a continuous battle for survival in a galaxy now hopelessly overrun by barbaric usurpers. As the Eldar are few, they do not rely on numbers to win, instead they use their matchless warrior skills and superior weaponry!

Waaagh! Orks, and their lesser cousins the Gretchin, are ferocious, and totally bent on fighting anything that dares to stand in their way. The Orks live for war, eager for battle against any opposition, whether it is human, Eldar, Tyranid, Chaos, or even other Orks! The tendency for Ork clans to battle amongst themselves is perhaps the only reason that the greenskins dont currently rule the universe. By mixing hordes of troops, bizarre but effective war machines, and ramshackle (but deadly) vehicles, an Ork army is never predictable, but always tough to defeat.

A vast alien intellect has risen from the void of intergalactic space. This single monstrous entity, which is the Tyranid race, has found a rich new feeding ground... the human galaxy. Driven by the single consciousness of the hive mind, the Tyranids consume every living thing in their path. With an army of bioengineered warriors, specifically created for battlefield performance, Tyranids overrun world after world, each generation mutating and adapting as needed. Unless the menace of the Tyranid invasion can be stopped, the galaxy is doomed to become a barren lifeless wasteland!

From out of the dreaded alternate dimension known as the Warp the forces of Chaos burst forth to wreak death and destruction. Spearheading the attack are the Chaos Space Marines, hideous remnants of an earlier age of rebellion, the Horus Heresy, returned after 10,000 years to haunt the Imperium. Even worse, when Chaos Space Marines call upon their dark masters for aid, they are answered with loathsome daemonic creatures of the Warp, sent by the Chaos gods to aid the fight. Combining Space Marine skills and equipment with the mutating hatred of the Warp, no army is more hideous than Chaos on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium!

Paint it red, cuz red make it go fastuh!




Battle Map The actual map where combat takes place and where you move your units. Company Up to four detachments under the command of the same leader. Corner Map The small map in the upper right hand corner of the screen. It gives you an overview of the entire battlefield. Detachment The largest grouping of troops you can move during a battle. Each company can have up to four detachments. Hit Chance The chance to hit a specific target with a specific weapon. Line of Sight Enemy units one of your squads can see. A unit is defined as being within your line of sight if there are no obstacles between it and your squad tall enough to block its vision. Penetration Most vehicles have armor which must be breached before a hit does any damage. Each weapon has its own penetration rating, and this modifies the chance to damage an armored target. Regiment The largest unit of troops in the game. A regiment can include up to four companies. The battles in EPIC WARHAMMER 40,000: FINAL LIBERATION 40K are between regiments. Spotting Artillery has a better chance of hitting its target if it or another squad can see it. A unit within line of sight of one of your squads is considered spotted. Squad The smallest unit of troops in the game. There are one to five squads per detachment. Each squad can move and act individually or as part of a formation. Strategic Map This map shows all the provinces of Volistad that the Orks have taken. You can move your regiments on this map before they enter battle against the Orks. Titans Giant war engines hosting large numbers of devastating weapons, Titans and Gargants are the pride of most armies. War Engine These giant tanks mount multiple weapons, strong armor and a host of protective systems. They can usually survive more than one hit.


ABADDON. Scene of fighting between Blood Angels and Orks. ACHERNAR. Glacial world, invaded by Orks and reconquered by Blood Angels. ADANTRIS V. Segmentum Pacificus, high technology world destroyed during the Macharian Campaign when a comet was redirected into it. ARAD. Ork planet. ATILLA. Ultima Segmentum, steppe world, recruiting world for Roughrider regiments. AVAR III. Imperial World. BAKKA. Segmentum Tempestus, Imperial Navy base. BALLE ALPHA. Imperial planet attacked by waa-Gogard. BALUR. Ultima Segmentum, Ork world. BARAC. Segmentum Solar, Imperial recruiting world. BASSUS PRIME. Desert world. BIRMINGHAM. Feral and backward world known as the Black Planet owing to the fact that it receives almost no visible light. BOROS. World in which an Ork invasion was stopped by a combined Ultramarine and Legion of the Damned force. CALACO. Imperial world. CALTH. Ultramar, airless planet where the entire population lives underground. CANAK. Jungle type deathworld. CASTRA PAVONIS. Imperial planet. CATACHAN. Segmentum Solar, jungle type deathworld. CERES XIV. Imperial Outpost. CHARADAN. Ork planet. CTHELLE. Ice planet. CYPRA MUNDI. Segmentum Obscuras, Imperial Navy base. DULMALIN. Segmentum Solar, Imperial recruiting world. EPSILON OCTARIUS. Segmentum Tempestus, Ork world.



FENRIS. Segmentum Obscuras. Homeworld of the Space Wolves chapter. FLOTIS III. Feral world overrun by Orks. GALEN V. Desert world. GANYMEDE. Segmentum Solar, satellite of Jupiter. GEHENNA. Jungle planet, site of large conflict between forces of the Imperial Guard and Orks. GODRATZ WURLD. Ork planet. GOLGOTHA. Squat Homeworld, invaded by Ghazghkull Thraka. GORRO. Planet where the Emperor and Horus fought Orks in the Crusade. GRAGNAR. Ork world attacked by Eldar of Lugannath Craftworld. GRYPHONNE IV. Forge world and home of the War Griffons Titan Legion. GUILUS II. Ork planet, homeworld of warlord Gogard. GUNDASTOL. Ork world. HELLION V. Site of battles between Orks and Imperial Guard. HOPTOR IV. Imperial world. HYDRAPHUR. Segmentum Pacificus, Imperial Navy base. IAX. Ultramar, garden planet. ICOLBAR. Imperial world. JAKART. Segmentum Pacificus, planet where Lord Solar Macharius sustained terminal injuries while fighting Orks. JUCHA. Segmentum Pacificus, jungle planet conquered by Lord Solar Macharius. JURN. Segmentum Tempestus, Ork world. KAR DUNIASH. Ultima Segmentum, Imperial Navy base. LEVILNOR IV. Imperial planet attacked by Orks while Salamander Marines were purging the heretical Star Cult. LUCAN - Space Wolf outpost. LUNA. Segmentum Solar, moon of Earth. MACRAGGE. Ultramar, homeworld of the Ultramarines chapter. MORDRAK. Scene of fighting between Space Wolves and Orks, once the site of an advanced civilization. NUZZGRONDS WORLD. Ork planet attacked by Space Marines and Titan Legions. OKKU. Imperial planet whose governor sold his population into slavery to Orks. PISCINA IV. Segmentum Obscuras, oceanic world invaded by Orks led by Ghazghkull Thraka and Nazdreg. PROCON SECUNDUS. Scene of bitter fighting between Space Marines of the Howling Griffons Chapter and Orks. QUARAN. Desert world attacked by the Orks of the Waa-Makrima. RAELS WORLD. Imperial planet attacked by Orks. ROTHERN I. Imperial planet where the Vindicator assault tank was first developed. RYNNS WORLD. Site of conflicts between Orks and White Scars Marines. MARS. Segmentum Solar, Primary forge-world of the Adeptus Mechanicus and home of the Legio Ignatum Titan Legion.



RYZA. Segmentum Solar, forge world invaded by Orks. SAN LEOR. Home of religious warrior sect Daughters of the Emperor, notable for being wholly composed of female members. SILVANOS II. Agri world attacked by Waa-Ugulbitz. SKEMDAK I. Ork World. STROMHELM II. Desert planet attacked by Orks. TALASSAR. Ultramar, oceanic planet which saw fighting between Orks and Ultramarines. TALLARN. Segmentum Tempestus, desert planet, attacked during the Horus Heresy by Iron Warriors Chaos Marines. Site of the Cursus of Alganar a relic of the Dark Eldar. TASSARIUS. Steppe world, site of a battle between Orks and Imperial Guard. TERRA. Earth, Segmentum Solar, seat of the Emperor of mankind and the home of most Imperial offices. TITAN. Segmentum Solar, moon of Saturn and base of the Gray Knight Chapter of Space Marines. URK. Homeworld of Ghazghkull Thraka. VALHALLA. Imperial Guard recruiting planet. VOLISTAD. Imperial planet. VRUN. Segmentum Tempestus, Ork world. WAKKALUB III. Imperial Planet. XENOPHON. Imperial planet. XIT. Ultima Segmentum, Ork world. YAMNAN. Forested planet, home to the mimic race. ZHOROS. Homeworld of the Fire Hawks Chapter, destroyed by thermal bombs during the Age of Apostasy.


Imperium of Man
Whirlwind (Rhino variant)
Index: Specialist Armored Vehicle Offensive Capability: Multiple warhead rocket delivery system Defensive Capability: Armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: High speed missile launching platform.

Storm Hammer
Index: Super Heavy Battle Tank Offensive Capability: Four Cannons and fourteen Heavy Bolters Defensive Capability: Heavy armor plate POWERPLANT: Modified petro-chemical fuel FUNCTIONALITY: Heavy infantry support and armored mass assault tank, 360 fire radius.

Shadow Sword
Index: Super Heavy Battle Tank Offensive Capability: Six Heavy Bolters, two Lascannons and one Volcano Cannon Defensive Capability: Heavy armor plate POWERPLANT: Modified Petro-chemical fuel FUNCTIONALITY: Infantry support and battlefield assault tank.

Baneblade (Shadow Sword variant)

Index: Super Heavy Battle Tank Offensive Capability: Two Battle cannons, two Las-cannons, ten heavy Bolters. Defensive Capability: Heavy armor plate POWERPLANT: Modified petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Infantry support and battlefield assault tank.



While they are not as individually fearsome as the more famous Space Marines, the Imperial Guard forms the backbone of the armies of humanity. Without their noble sacrifice, the Imperium would collapse.

Index: Specialist Assault Weapon INCEPTION: Classified Offensive Capability: Deathstrike missile Tactical Launch System OPTIONS: Missile payload options may include: Barrage missile and Warp missile systems. Barrage missiles deliver a wide radius standard explosive effect. Warp missiles penetrate defensive warp shielding delivering a high power explosive payload within the targets defensive perimeter. Defensive Capability: Armor plate POWERPLANT: Modified petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Anti-Titan assault weapon.

Hellhound Firethrower
Index: Armored Battle Vehicle

Basilisk (Chimera variant)

Index: Battle Field Support Weapon Offensive Capability: Earthshaker cannon Defensive Capability: Armor plate POWERPLANT: Standard petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Field support.

Offensive Capability: `Dragon` Flame-thrower, Heavy Bolter Defensive Capability: armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Anti-personnel and fortification assault.

Leman Russ
Index: Battle Tank Offensive Capability: Battlecannon, Las cannon, two Heavy Bolters. Defensive Capability: Armor plate POWERPLANT: Standard petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Multi-purpose, multi-theatre battle tank.

Index: Battle Field Support Weapon Offensive Capability: Large mid-range mortar Defensive Capability: Armor plate POWERPLANT: Standard petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Mobile siege weapon.

Demolisher (Leman Russ variant)

Index: Battle Tank Offensive Capability: Turret mount Siege Cannon Defensive Capability: armor plate POWERPLANT: Standard petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Mobile siege mortar and troop transport.

Index: Armored Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: Multi-laser, Bolters ( Storm and Heavy), Lasguns OPTIONS: Often customized for use as a private command vehicle Defensive Capability: Armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Infantry support and troop transport.



Index: Battlefield Support Weapon Offensive Capability: Storm Eagle rockets Defensive Capability: Light armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Mobile rocket launching platform providing troop and armor battlefield support.

Next to the Titans, the Imperial Guard war engines are some of the most fearsome armored vehicles to ever see a battlefield.

Index: Battle Tank Offensive Capability: Autocannon, two sponson-mounted lascannons Defensive Capability: Heavy armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: High speed battlefield assault vehicle providing anti-personnel and armored firepower.

Index: Imperial Guard FUNCTIONALITY: High-ranking member of the Department: Munitorium, a key part of the Imperial Guards Strategic Command. A Commissar`s duties range from war room consultation to front line combat. Amongst Imperial Guard troops Commissars are looked to as a figure head and focal point for all Imperial matters. In most instances a Commissar`s decisions are final and immediate and can include capitol punishment for any offenses deemed appropriate. Commissars are often combat veterans of many years.

Index: Specialist Armored Vehicle Offensive Capability: Two Heavy Bolters Defensive Capability: Plate armor and high movement rate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: High speed troop transport.

Vindicator (Rhino variant)

Index: Specialist Armored Vehicle Offensive Capability: Thunderer Cannon Defensive Capability: Heavy armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Anti-fortification, anti-armor and battlefield assault.

Mordian Iron Guard

Index: Imperial Guard FUNCTIONALITY: The Mordian Iron Guard earned its name in the fierce defense of its own world from Chaos forces, their valiant defense of the Mordian palace is legendary. The Mordian Iron Guard are known to be particularly stalwart and efficient in all military and Imperial matters.

Catachan Jungle Fighters Rough Riders

Index: Imperial Guard FUNCTIONALITY: Horse-mounted warriors carrying out a range of duties for their regiments, including scouting, patrolling and high speed, close range assaults. Index: Imperial Guard FUNCTIONALITY: Imperial Guard from the jungle death-world of Catachan. Known for their close quarter combat skills and their un-swerving ferocity in battle.



Tallarn Desert Raiders

Index: Imperial Guard FUNCTIONALITY: The Tallarn are know across the Imperium for their ability to fight in the most harsh and arid conditions as found on their home world. The Tallarn Desert Raiders are best known for their pivotal roles in the Brachius Sollent Incursion on Malthus IV, the Palentus Hive Wars and their supreme sacrifices during the Jolus Prime Purges.

Index: Titan INCEPTION: Unknown Offensive Capability: Multiple weapon array OPTIONS: Battlecannons, Lascannons, heavy Bolters, Doomsday artillery cannon. Defensive Capability: Four void fields (pulse-phased) POWERPLANT: Classified FUNCTIONALITY: Multi-function. Heavy weapon platform, troop transport and armed mobile command function capabilities.

Catachan Jungle Fighters (Captain)

Index: Imperial Guard FUNCTIONALITY: Imperial Guard from the jungle death-world of Catachan. Known for their close quarter combat skills and their un-swerving ferocity in battle.

Index: Scout Titan INCEPTION: Post Age Of Strife Offensive Capability: 2 Main Weapon Mounts: Lighter Titan Weapons Only Options: Over 30 weapons variants available including: Barrage missile launcher, Chain fist, Deathstrike cannon, Inferno Gun, Melta Cannon, Plasma Cannon and Warp Missiles. (For further weaponry details see classified Adeptus Mechanicus sub-directory, `Ordinatus`: via approved Adeptus Mechanicus repositorium stations not available on this terminal) Defensive Capability: 2 Void shields, Carapace Armor plate Max 4

Tallarn Desert Raiders (Captain)

Index: Imperial Guard FUNCTIONALITY: The Tallarn are know across the Imperium for their ability to fight in the most harsh and arid conditions as found on their home world. The Tallarn Desert Raiders are best known for their pivotal roles in the Brachius Sollent Incursion on Malthus IV, the Palentus Hive Wars and their supreme sacrifices during the Jolus Prime Purges.

Thudd Gun
Index: Infantry Support Weapon Offensive Capability: Multi-barrel light artillery cannon FUNCTIONALITY: Close range, rapid fire, infantry support.

POWERPLANT: Plasma Reactor FUNCTIONALITY: Typically operate in pairs: reconnaissance, terror raiding, flank assault.

Space Marines
Index: Adeptus Astartes INCEPTION: classified Offensive Capability: Individual Strike force to planetary assault capability (Level Alpha clearance) Defensive Capability: Classified FUNCTIONALITY: All military operations.

Imperial Guard
Index: Imperial Guard FUNCTIONALITY: The Imperial Guard is the collective term for the Imperiums main offensive / defensive units. Most colonized human worlds of the Imperium hold their own Imperial Guard forces. Although some worlds Guard specialize in specific battle disciplines, all planetary Imperial Guard are capable of a wide range of military functions.



Index: Medium Battle Titan INCEPTION: Post Age Of Strife Offensive Capability: 3 Main Weapon Mounts OPTIONS: Over 25 weapons variants available including: Battle Claw, Harpoon missile, Power Fist, Vulcan Mega-Bolter and Turbo Laser Destructor. Defensive Capability: 4 Void shields, Carapace Armor plate Max 5` POWERPLANT: Rear Mounted Plasma Reactor FUNCTIONALITY: Shock attack, assault close support.

Index: Gunship Offensive Capability: Multiple weapon platform systems OPTIONS: Weapon variants may include, Barrage missiles, Battlecannon and Bolters Defensive Capability: Armor plate POWERPLANT: Modified avionics fuel FUNCTIONALITY: High speed armored atmospheric and non-atmospheric attack and transport craft.

Index: Heavy Battle Titan INCEPTION: Pre History (Classified) Offensive Capability: 4 Main Weapon Mounts OPTIONS: Over 30 weapons variants available including: Barrage missile launcher, Chain Fist, Deathstrike cannon, Inferno Gun, Melta Cannon, Plasma Cannon and Warp missiles. (For further weaponry details see classified Adeptus Mechanicus sub-directory, `Ordinatus`: via approved Adeptus Mechanicus repositorium stations not available on this terminal) Defensive Capability: 6 Void shields, Carapace Armor plate Max 8 POWERPLANT: Plasma Reactor* FUNCTIONALITY: Weapons platform, long range battlefield support. *Abdominal Mount proven vulnerable.

Space Ork Horde

Index: Ork Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: Five turret mounted Autocannons and a forward mounted Deathroller Defensive Capability: Heavy armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Heavily armored battle fortress.

Battle wagon
Index: Ork Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: Autocannon Defensive Capability: Light armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical

Land Speeder
Index: Airborne Tactical Assault Vehicle Offensive Capability: Multiple weapon platform systems Options: Weapon systems may include: Bolters, Multi-Meltas, Las cannons, Plasma weapons Defensive Capability: Light armor plate and high maneuverability POWERPLANT: Gravitic-reaction jet propulsion system FUNCTIONALITY: Wide ranging capabilities including scouting, search and destroy, specialist troop deployment, close assault, defensive patrolling and personnel transport.

FUNCTIONALITY: High speed troop carrier.

Index: Ork Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: Battlecannon, forward mounted `Deathroller` Defensive Capability: Armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Heavy tank assault vehicle.



Bonecruncha (Bonebreaka variant)

Index: Ork Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: Twin Autocannons replacing the single Battlecannon. Defensive Capability: Armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Heavy tank assault vehicle.

Bubble Chucka Speedsta

Index: Specialist Ork Vehicle Offensive Capability: `Bubble Chucka` force field projector Defensive Capability: The `Bubble Chucka` force field projector is also used as a defensive system. POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical / Plasma reactor system FUNCTIONALITY: High speed offensive force field entraps an opponent close to the force field causing its own weapon systems to redirect its energy upon itself.

The Thunderhawk allows Space Marine forces to respond rapidly with overwhelming firepower wherever they are needed. The hallmark of the elite defenders of the Imperium.

Index: Ork Goff Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: Battlecannon and Mechanical Claws Defensive Capability: Heavy armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Close quarter anti-armor and artillery support vehicle.

Index: Ork Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: Forward mounted Scorcher flame thrower Defensive Capability: Light armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: High speed assault battle buggy.

Mekboy Lifta Droppa Speedsta

Index: Ork battle vehicle Offensive Capability: Utilizes a tractor beam weapon to physically lift an enemy vehicle often resulting in its victim being used as a deadly crushing missile upon another opponent. Defensive Capability: Armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical / Electro-magnetic FUNCTIONALITY: High speed specialized assault vehicle.

Index: Ork Evil Sunz Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: `Up-graded Autocannon Defensive Capability: Medium armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: High speed assault battle buggy.

Spleen Rippa
Index: Evil Sunz Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: Battle Cannon Defensive Capability: Armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: High speed battle buggy.

Index: Ork Goff Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: Battlecannon Defensive Capability: Heavy armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Battle tank.



Mek Boy Dragster

Index: Ork Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: None Defensive Capability: Utilizes a deflector shield system which is known to redirect incoming ordinance back to its source. POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical/ Electo-magnetic FUNCTIONALITY: High Speed attack and transport vehicle.

War Buggy
Index: Ork Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: Various although an Autocannon is most common Defensive Capability: Negligible POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: High speed assault vehicles. War Buggies are common place among Ork forces and are modified more than any other vehicle.

Pulsa Rokkit
Index: Ork Weaponry Offensive Capability: Standard explosive effect combined with kinetic force wave emissions. POWERPLANT: Liquid chemical reactants FUNCTIONALITY: Long range conventional and energy ordinance used against troops and armor.

Weirdboy Tower
Index: Specialized Ork Vehicle Offensive Capability: Resident Ork `Weirdboy` psychic Defensive Capability: Negligible POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Specialist mobile weapon/installation. All Orks are known to have some latent psychic energy. Ork Weirdboyz , unlike most Orks, are able to utilize this energy as a weapon by focusing collective Ork Psychic energy into a single devastating blast. Weirdboyz are made to ride into battle atop giant towers due to the unstable nature of Weirdboyz` mental state which if poorly handled can result in a Psychic blast which would kill the Weirdboy and anything else in close proximity.

Mekboy Kannon Speedsta

Index: Ork Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: Kustom Kannon Defensive Capability: Light and highly variable POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: High speed transport.

Nobz Warbike
Index: Ork Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: Twin Bolters

Mekboy Speedsta
Index: Ork Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: Light and highly variable Defensive Capability: Light and highly variable POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: High speed transport.

Defensive Capability: Negligible POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Personal high speed armed transport utilized by the more affluent in Ork society.

Bike Boyz
Index: Ork Battle Vehicle Offensive Capability: Negligible Defensive Capability: Negligible POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical FUNCTIONALITY: Individual troop transport.



Storm Boyz
Index: Orks/General FUNCTIONALITY: Ork Stormboyz are the youthful generation of Orks. Unlike adults, adolescent Orks crave order and structure. It is during this period in their life cycle that they are known as Stormboyz. Despite their youth Stormboyz make aggressive and dangerous opponents.

Goff Ork Clan

Index: Ork Clans FUNCTIONALITY: The Goff Ork Clan is known to be the fiercest of all the Ork clans. Goffs prefer close-quarter fighting and have little patience for complex strategies or tactics. Goffs can be visually identified by the predominate use of black in their colour schemes.

Index: Orks/ General FUNCTIONALITY: Gretchins are smaller than Orks and are believed to be an engineered servant caste of the long lost Ork Empire. Gretchin take on the menial tasks in Ork society. They are commonly known to maintain and refuel machinery, make dangerous weapon repairs and provide sanitation services to the upper caste Orks. Some Gretchin also provide battle field support by forming mobs armed with any number of available weapons.

Index: Orks/General FUNCTIONALITY: Nobz are the Ork nobility. Usually relatively wealthy or powerful. Nobz often command loyal mobs of Orks and Gretchin both during and between combat. The most powerful within a group often takes the title Warboss or Warlord.

Index: Orks/General FUNCTIONALITY: An Ork Warboss is usually a member of the nobility caste of Orks (Nobz). A Warboss holds a sometimes shaky alliance amongst his Generals by whatever means are necessary. Often instinctively military geniuses, Warbosses are driven to fight and conquer, and do so at any cost.

Index: Orks/General FUNCTIONALITY: Ork Madboyz are known to be some of the most unstable members of the Ork race. Their mental conditions range from genius to psychosis with no consistency even within individuals. All are dangerously unpredictable. It is believed that flaws in transferred genetic memories account for the majority of Madboyz.

Mek Boy Gargant

Index: Ork Titan Offensive Capability: `Super Lifta Droppa Arm`, `Buzz Saw Arm`, `Krusher Arm`, `De Luxe Kustom Kannon`. *Extremely variable Defensive Capability: `Kustom` force field generator/s POWERPLANT: Plasma reactor systems FUNCTIONALITY: General and close range battle field assault roles.

Evil Sunz Ork Clan

Index: Ork Clans FUNCTIONALITY: The Evil Sunz Ork Clan have a particular fascination for speed and noise. Both these factors are evidenced in their attacks utilizing their high speed Warbikes and Warbuggies. These are often fitted with loud speakers to increase their engine noise and the Clans war cries. The Evil Sunz are easily identified by the predominate use of the colour red, the commonly held Ork belief is that red vehicles go faster.

Great Gargant
Index: Ork Titan Offensive Capability: Armed with Magnum Mega Cannon, two Scorcher turrets and Gutbuster Cannon. Defensive Capability: Power shield arrays complementing thick plated armor POWERPLANT: Plasma reactor systems FUNCTIONALITY: Heavy battle field weapons platform and assault/command vehicle.

Bad Moonz Ork Clan

Index: Ork Clans FUNCTIONALITY: The Bad Moonz Clan has considered to be the wealthiest amongst all the Ork clans. The have a tendency to wear highly decorated armor and paint their war vehicles in bright colors. Because of their wealth their equipment tends to be the most advanced and well kept.



The extra-heavy armor on the Gobsmasha is especially useful since the crews are young Orks who like to drive fast.


Imperium Of Man


89/70/50 60/49/40 60/49/40 60/48/37 55/46/38 80/63/47 66/54/41 60/49/40 80/63/47 83/75/66

8 0 0 1 0 2 0 1 2 12

Basilisk 12 Bombard 16 Chimera 8 Deathstrike Missile Battery 12 Demolisher 8 Hellhound Firethrower Hydra Leman Russ Leviathan 20 20 8 16

Slasher Gargant
Index: Medium Ork Titan Offensive Capability: Four weapon mounts which may include: Cluster Buster, Deth Kannon, Gork Head, Mork Head, Gutbuster, Ripper Fist, and/or Slasha Attack Gun. Defensive Capability: Power field generators POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical/reactor array FUNCTIONALITY: Normal battle Titan roles.
Manticore Predator Rhino Shadowsword Stormhammer Thudd Gun Vindicator Whirlwind 12 20 20 8 8 6 16 16 58/49/40 74/59/43 74/59/43 82/70/59 87/75/61 30/15/10 76/58/40 76/58/40 0 0 0 6 10 -3 2 0

2 Battlecannon 2 Lascannons Tank Bolters Earth Shaker Siege Mortar Multi-Laser Missile Lascannon Demolisher Tank Bolters Fire Thrower Quad Flak Gun Battlecannon Lascannon Tank Bolters Lascannon Battlecannon Doomsday Cannon Tank Bolters Manticore Rockets Autocannon 2 Lascannons Tank Bolters Volcano Cannon Lascannon 4 Battlecannons 2 Tank Bolters Thudd Gun Thunderer Cannon Multi-Launcher

4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4

War Engine Artillery Artillery Transport 2 Squads Select Weapon


War Engine Transports 6 Squads Artillery

1 1 1 4 4 1 1 1

Transport 2 Squads War Engine War Engine Artillery Artillery

Mek Boy Gargant

Index: Ork Titan Offensive Capability: `Super Lifta Droppa Arm`, `Buzz Saw Arm`, `Krusher Arm`, `De Luxe Kustom Kannon`. *Extremely variable Defensive Capability: `Kustom` force field generator/s POWERPLANT: Plasma reactor systems FUNCTIONALITY: General and close range battle field assault roles.

Space Ork Horde


Battlewagon Bikeboyz Bonebreaka Bonecruncha Bowel Burna Bubble Chukka Flak Wagon Giblet Grinda Gobsmasha Gutrippa Kannon Speedsta Lifta Droppa Lungbursta Mechboy Dragsta Nobz Warbike Pulsa Rokkit Rokkit Speedsta Spleenrippa Stomper War Buggy Weirdboy Tower

20 24 16 16 24 20 20 12 20 16 16 16 16 28 24 6 16 24 8 24 20

75/57/40 30/26/23 81/63/45 78/60/43 75/56/40 58/48/37 67/49/32 88/69/52 70/60/50 80/64/50 58/48/37 58/48/37 80/64/50 58/43/37 33/30/26 59/48/38 58/48/37 72/62/52 78/63/48 56/50/43 64/54/44

1 3 4 4 1 2 1 8 0 4 2 2 1 2 5 0 2 0 8 2 1

Autocannon Bike Bolters Battlecannon 2 Autocannons Scorcher Bubble Chukka Quad Flak Guns 5 Autocannons Autocannon Battlecannon Kustom Kannon Lifta Droppa Battlecannon None Bike Bolters Pulsa Rokkit Destruktor Rokkits Spleenrippa Battlecannon Battlecannon Tank Bolters Autocannon Weirdboy Tower

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1

Transport 3 Squads Death Roller Death Roller

AA War Engine Deathroller Transports 5 Squads

Index: Ork Titan Offensive Capability: Battlecannon, four Bolters Defensive Capability: Moderated force field and armor plate POWERPLANT: Petro-chemical/reactor array FUNCTIONALITY: Small tactical Ork battle Titan.

Deflector Shield Random Fuel

War Engine




Imperium Of Man


Rough Riders Commissar Ultramarine Scouts Volistad Imperial Guard Tactical Infantry Assault Infantry Heavy Infantry Captain

16 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

10 10 20 5 10 15 10 15

3 4 2 0 0 1 0 2

Hunting Lance Pistol/Swords Bolters Lasguns Lasguns Pistols Heavy Weapons Pistols

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Morale Boost, Stubborn

Morale Boost

Space Ork Horde


Stormboyz Gretchin Evil Sunz Boyz Bad Moons Boyz Goff Boyz Nobz Warboss

10 8 8 8 8 8 8

15 5 10 10 10 20 30

1 -1 1 1 3 4 7

Bolters Shotguns Bolters Heavy Bolters Bolters/Pistols Bolters Bolters

4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Morale Boost, Stubborn


Imperium Of Man

Land Speeder Marauder Thunderhawk Gunship

12 100 24

40/32/24 50/50/50 70/57/49

3 0 0

Multi-Melta Battlecannon Rockets Rockets Battlecannon Tank Bolters

1 1 1

Off Map Transport 6 Squads

Battlecannon Tank Bolters Volcano Cannon Lascannon Doomsday Cannon Earth Shaker Siege Mortar Multi-Laser Barrage Missile Warp Missile Vortex Missile Firethrower Demolisher Manticore Rockets Thunderer Cannon Multi-Launcher Thudd Gun Hunting Lance Pistol/Swords Bolters Lasguns Heavy Weapons Rockets Multi-Melta Shotguns Axes Heavy Bolters Bolters/Pistols Autocannon Spleenrippa Battlecannon Bike Bolters Bubble Chukka Lifta Droppa Scorcher Pulsa Rokkit Weirdboy Tower Destruktor Rokkits Kustom Kannon Quad Flak Guns Deluxe Kustum Kannon Buzz Saw Arm Ripper Fist

20 8 40 28 80 60 60 20 80 120 120 5 12 80 20 60 28 10 8 20 20 28 20 10 6 0 20 10 20 28 10 16 22 5 Unlimited 16 20 28 14 20 20 28

75 40 80 80 90 75 90 50 75 50 90 50 90 40 40 45 35 40 40 50 75 90 25 25 50 40 60 75 55 0 0 50 90 Varies 75 65 45 70 75 70

50 50 99 50 50 50 50 50 40 40 40 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 75 50 50 50 50 50 50

Barrage Barrage Barrage Barrage Warp Flamer Barrage, Reload Barrage Barrage


Force Bubbles Lifta Droppa Flamer Pulses Weirdboy Barrage Explosion AA Explosion

Random Shots Random Shots

Space Ork Horde







Battlecannon Rockets

Off Map Warlord Titan Reaver Titan Warhound Great Gargant Slasher Gargant Mekboy Gargant

12 16 20 8 16 16

95/78/61 86/70/53 81/67/52 93/80/68 86/74/61 81/66/51

14 12 8 15 12 10

4 3 2 6 4 Deluxe Kustom Kannon Buzz Saw Arm, Ripper Fist

6 4 2 6+d6 3+d6

12 8 4 18 9 4

Mekboy Shield




AA: Can fire at fliers at their full range Artillery: Can make indirect fire but only gets a maximum of one shot per turn Barrage: Exploding attacks can hit other units near its target Death Roller: Units equipped with a Death Roller do not always stop for close combat. Sometimes they roll right over their foe Deflector Shield: Can sometimes deflect shots aimed at anything within its radius Explosion: Weapon may blow up when fired Flamer: Shots can hit everything in their paths Force Bubbles: These create an invisible shield around their target if they hit. If their shielded target shoots, then the shot ricochets into it

Titans And Gargant Weapons


Lifta Droppa: Lifts its target into the air and drops it, damaging both it and anything underneath Mekboy Shield: Shield is practically impenetrable but risks burn out if player does not turn it off (done by clicking on Shield Line). Burn out can cause damage Morale Boost: Units near this one recover morale faster Off Map: Unit only enters map for air strikes or interceptions. The player can call one every time he moves a detachment until all off map units have moved
Reload Reload Reload

Barrage Missile Chain Fist Gatling Blaster Inferno Gun Laser Blaster Laser Burner Melta Cannon Multiple Launcher Plasma Blastgun Plasma Cannon Plasma Destructor Power Fist Quake Cannon Titan Warp Missile Turbo Laser Destructor Volcano Cannon Vortex Missile Vulcan Mega Bolter

80 24 7 20 12 40 20 28 40 30 120 28 40 120 15

75 120 60 50 50 95 125 50 100 120 125 120 110 70 80 60

50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50


Pulses: The Pulsa Rokkit creates an area in which units cannot move and pushes anyone within that area in a random direction. These pushes can kill their victim Random Fuel: No one knows just how much fuel this unit really has in it, and it travels until it is all burned out. It may overshoot or undershoot its target Random Shots: Fires a random number of shots at a time Reload: Can only fire every other turn Transports X Squads: Can load, carry and unload up to that many squads of infantry




Cluster Buster Deth Kanon Gatling Cannon Gork Head Gutbuster: Ball Gutbuster: Explosion Magnum Kannon Ripper Fist Scorcher Turret Slasha Attack Gun Super Lifta Droppa

28 40 20 40 40 32 28 7 20 28

70 105 60 125 40 80 70 50 60

50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50

War Engine: These superheavy vehicles take multiple hits and fill up more space than do other units. They can also take critical hits Warp: This weapon creates a warp field which ignores power and void shields Weirdboy: A Weirdboy Tower is more effective the more Orks who are nearby. If too many Orks are nearby, however, it risks blowing up when shooting

Flamer Lifta Droppa

Vortex: Vortex Warheads create a whirling vortex of dark energy which reduces anything struck to its component atoms.



m26: Psychic humans begin to appear, simultaneously civilization starts to collapse as widespread insanity and insurrection tear many colonies apart. Terrible wars sunderi human space, daemonic creatures possess unprotected psykers and subjugate worlds. This period is known as the Age of Strife. Warp storms isolate many parts of the galaxy including Earth. m28: Earth devolves into petty fiefdoms ruled by warlords. m28: Grunhag the Flayer, Ork Warlord attacks the Squat Homeworlds with a huge fleet. This marks the beginning of Squat hostility towards Orks and distrust towards Eldar who stayed neutral in the conflict. m29: Earth is reunited under a new leader, this warlord begins a slow push to the stars. m30: Primarchs created as a new super race by the Emperor, the Chaos powers recognize their potential and scatter them across the galaxy. First founding of the Space Marine legions. m30: Astronomican founded to make space travel easier. m30: Age of the Imperium begins with the Great Crusade, for the next two hundred years, the Emperor and the Space Marine Legions gradually carve out the scattered Imperium of Man. During this time the Emperor is reunited with the Primarchs of whom the greatest is Horus.

9,000 BC: Building of the Sphinx, Great Pyramids. 750-314 AD: Roman Empire. 2,011 (011/m02): Beginning of Second Epoch. 100/m02: Mars Terraformed. 200/m02: Mars is settled. m03: Warp discovered. m16: Mankind first starts to expand from Earth, nearby solar systems are colonized using primitive sub-light drives. The period of the next ten thousand years is known as the Dark Age of Technology. m21: Discovery of warp drives allows more rapid dispersion, first alien races encountered. m21: Navigator gene isolated, warp travel becomes even faster, Navigator families and cartels become powerful political entities. The Expansion of Humanity covers most of the galaxy, STC system is perfected to aid new colonies.

007/m31: Horus Heresy begins. After several months, the Emperor orders seven legions of Marines to assault Istvaan V; four defect to Horus, the other three are destroyed. Space Wolves attack Thousand Sons homeworld of Prospero forcing the Thousand Sons to declare for Horus and flee to the Eye of terror, during the pursuit the thirteenth company of the Space Wolves is destroyed in the warp. 014/m31: Horus assaults Earth. 014/m31: The Emperor, Rogal Dorn and Sanguinius teleport aboard Horus' war barge, Sanguinius is killed by Horus, Horus is killed by the Emperor. End of Horus heresy, Emperor incarcerated within the Golden Throne. 015/m32: High Lords of Terra convened to provide guidance in the absence of the Emperor. 021/m31: Roboute Guilliman writes the Codex Astartes. The Space Marine Legions are divided into autonomous Chapters. The Grey Knights are created, a second founding chapter with no antecedents. 350/m32: Temple of the Saviour Emperor recognized as the official religion of the Imperium. 400 m32: Last of the Space Marine Primarchs dies.



550/m32: Ecclesiarch Veneris II becomes a High Lord of Terra. (First member of the Ministorum to be so honored). 200/m35: Holy Synod moves to Ophelia VII, power of the Ministorum grows as Frateris Templar the military offshoot of the Ministorum is formed. 500/m35: Greigor XI elected Ecclesiarch. 512/m35: Adeptus Ministorum returns to earth. Early m36: Incidence of warp storms increases. Imperium reels as Orks and other races rampage throughout a divided galaxy. Period known as the Age of Apostasy begins. 288/m36: Decree Passive issued by High Lords of Terra forbidding the Ecclesiarchy from maintaining an "armed force of men." The Frateris Templar are duly disbanded but the Daughters of the Emperor remain. 738/m41: 26th Founding of Space Marines. 907/m41: Incidence of Ork invasions increases in the Ultima Segmentum. 941/m41: Battle for Armageddon, Ghazghkull Thraka leads his Orks against an Imperial Guard army led by Commissar Yarrick. 981/m41: Navigator Durlan Ocellati discovers a route into the Wheel of Fire, a sector of the Ultima Segmentum that had previously been inaccessible 984/m41: 7th Mordian Regiment raised and sent to pacify the Feral world of Flotis III which was populated with Orks using native feral humans as slaves. 986/m41: An Imperial patrol notes unexplained scenes of devastation in the Ork sector of Jakor-Tal. 987/m41: Orks commanded by Gordal Luggub attack Crimson Fist Marines on Rynns World 992/m41: Hive fleet Kraken is first detected. Vicious battles are fought across the whole of the Ultima Segmentum. 997/m41: The Imperial world of Piscina IV is attacked by Orks under the joint leadership of Ghazghkull Thraka and Nazdreg, Master Belial of the Dark Angels beats them off after a short but bloody campaign. 998/m41: Volistol system is isolated by unexplained warp storm. Imperial world of Volistad IV is ravaged by Ork forces under the control of warboss Khorga Skroll.

Holistic Design, Inc.
Director/Design .......................... Ken Lightner, Andrew Greenberg Lead Programmer ...................... Ken Lightner Programming ............................. Scott Rich, Shane Garrett, Alan Belletti, Garner Halloran Art Director ................................ Brian Mead Artists-(3D/2D)............................ David Sweet, Brian Mead, Chris Royster, Cheryl Scribner Cutscene Animation .................. David Sweet, Chris Royster Additional 2D Art ...................... Bryce Nakagawa - Lead 2D Artist Map Concept & Design ............. Chris Royster Additional Map Design ............. Chris Wiese Documentation .......................... Andrew Greenberg In House Play Testing................. Bill Bridges, Josh Gorfain, Garth D. Wilson, Jeremy Hannah, Eric Jensen, Bill Shelley, Stuart Wolf, Pete Montgomery, Matt Moses

Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Producer ..................................... John Eberhardt Associate Producer .................... Jeff Pea, Bill White Audio Programming Director ... Ralph Thomas Audio .......................................... Steve Lam, Lance Page Music Composed/Arranged by ... The Samsara Project Video Editing and Capture ....... Lee Crawford, Maurice Jackson Video Sequences ....................... Bright Lights Studios, Holistic Design User Manual Editors .................. Mark Whisler, Anathea Lopez, Aaron Scheiber Map Tile Art ............................... Saffire, Inc. Test Supervisor ........................... Jason Ray Assistant Lead Tester ................. Cyrus G. Harris SSI Testers ................................... Chris Cates, Shilo Anacleto, Jasun Reynolds, Clifford Mann, Jessica Jones Executive Producer .................... Bret Berry Special Thanks ........................... Mac Senour, David Locke, James Young, Glen Cureton External Testers .......................... Anders Persson, Andy Meechan, Bart Koehler, Charles Sutherland, Chris Miller, Chris Pinson, Chris Storey, Christian Taylor, Chris White, Dan Taylor, Erik Rutins, Felipe Cintron, John Owen, Mark Shieh, Matt Starling, Michael King, Phil Mogavo, Richard Bright, Steven Sheldon, William Rood, Glen Musson Layout and DTP.......................... LOUIS SAEKOW DESIGN: Dave Boudreau and Leedara Zola



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Video Sequences
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