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Chemistry & Biochemistry 123; Environmental Chemistry Winter 2008 Dr John Perona, Instructor; perona@chem.ucsb.

edu MWF 9-9:50 AM, Phelps 3515 Required Text: Spiro & Stigliani, 2nd edition (2003) Chemistry of the Environment Supplementary materials: General chemistry text; posted articles Office Hours: Mon 10:30 12:00, Chemistry 1142C Teaching Assistant: Anh Vu, Chemistry 1126 Grading: Problem set #1 (25%); Midterm exam (25%) Problem set #2 (10%); Final exam (part-cumulative) (40%)

I. CLIMATE CHANGE AND ENERGY RESOURCES Mon January 7 Introduction to Environmental Chemistry. -Salzman & Thompson, Environmental Law and Policy, (2003), p. 11-23 [EnvironPolicy 11-23.pdf] -The Santa Barbara Oil Spill, A Retrospective. Dept. of Geography, UCSB [SBoilspill.pdf] Wed Jan 9/ Fri Jan 11 Biogeochemical cycles. Biological and biochemical foundations. -Text Sections 11.1, 13.2 -Chap 2: Biological Inorganic Chemistry, Bertini et al., eds. (2007). [Bioinorganic_Chapter2.pdf] -Tutorial I on Cell Biology etc: Biological Inorganic Chemistry [Bioinorganic_TutorialI.pdf] -[Bioorganic.pdf] Mon Jan 14 Physical characteristics of the atmosphere. Intro. to climate change -Text Section 8.1 -Text Section 6.1 -Manahan SE, Environmental Chemistry, 8th Ed., CRC Press (2005), pp. 241-255 [Manahan 241-255.pdf] Wed Jan 16 Greenhouse effect - mechanism -Text Sections 6.2 - 6.3 Fri Jan 18 Greenhouse effect - mechanism -Text Sections 6.3 6.4 Mon Jan 21 Holiday no class Wed Jan 23 Climate change models, global impacts, hydrological cycle -Text Sections 6.4 6.5 -Text Chapter 10 -Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 4th Synthesis Report (Nov 2007). [ipcc4_synthreport.pdf] Fri Jan 25 Climate change - anthropogenic influence and policy responses -Salzman & Thompson, Environmental Law and Policy, (2003), p. 91-99 [EnvironPolicy 91-99.pdf] -[kyotoprotocol.pdf] -[bali.pdf]

Mon Jan 28 Overview of energy use and resources; prospects for greenhouse mitigation -Text Chapter 1 -Pacala S & Socolow R. Stabilization wedges: solving the climate problem for the next 50 years with current technologies. Science 305, 968-971 (2004). [pacala_stabwedge.pdf] -Kerr R. Bumpy road ahead for worlds oil. Science 310, 1106-1108 (2005). [kerr_peakoil.pdf] Wed Jan 30 Fossil fuels -Text Sections 2.1 2.3 Fri Feb 1 Fossil fuels and carbon sequestration; intro. to nuclear chemistry -Text Sections 2.4 2.7; Sections 3.1 -3.3 -Socolow RH, Can we bury global warming? Sci Am, July 2005, pp 49-55 [socolow.pdf] -Shrag DP, Preparing to capture carbon. Science 315, 812-813 (2007). [shrag.pdf] Mon Feb 4 Nuclear energy. Guest Lecture by Prof. Trevor Hayton. -Text Sections 3.4 3.9 Wed Feb 6 Renewable resources: biomass, wind, and solar energy -Text Chapter 4 -Wald ML, Is ethanol in for the long haul? Sci Am, Jan. 2007, pp 42-49. [wald_ethanol.pdf] -Zweibel K et al., A solar grand plan. Sci. Am., Jan 2008, pp 64-73. [solar.pdf] Fri Feb 8 Prospects for the hydrogen economy -Text Sections 5.2 5.4 -Ogden J, High hopes for hydrogen. Sci Am, Sept. 2006, pp 94-101. [ogden_hydrogen.pdf]

II. ATMOSPHERE/HYDROSPHERE/LITHOSPHERE Mon Feb 11 Take-home midterm due. Review of Part I. Wed Feb 13 Midterm exam (climate change and energy resources) Fri Feb 15 No class Mon Feb 18 Holiday - no class Wed Feb 20 Gas-phase chemistry, ozone layer; ozone creation and destruction. -Text Chapter 7; Sections 8.1 8.3 Fri Feb 22 Free radical reactions; acceleration of ozone depletion -Text Sections 8.3 8.4 Mon Feb 25 Antarctic ozone hole, CFCs -Text Sections 8.5-8.7 Wed Feb 27 Photochemical smog: ground-level O3 and NOx -Text Sections 9.1-9.2 Fri Feb 29 Emissions control, particulates, acid-base reactions, acid rain -Text Sections 9.1, 9.3, 11.2-11.4

Mon Mar 3 Chemical evolution, organic and inorganic carbon cycles -Text review section 13.2; Sections 12.1 12.2 Wed Mar 5 Carbonate equilibria; ocean acidification -Text Sections 12.2; 12.3a-12.3b -Handout, Environmental Chemistry, 3rd Ed. (Baird & Cann), p. 442-449. -Doney SC, The dangers of ocean acidification. Sci Am, March 2006, pp. 58-65. [doney_oceanacid.pdf] Fri Mar 7 Silicates and soils; soil acidification. Substitute lecture by Dr. Teri Robinson -Text Sections 12.3c - 12.4 Mon Mar 10 Biological oxidation-reduction reactions in aqueous environments -Text Section 13.1 Wed Mar 12 Water as ecological medium; nitrogen cycle, agriculture -Text Section 13.3, Sections 15.1 15.2 Fri Mar 14 Review. Take-home final exam due.

Final Exam Thurs Mar 20, 8AM 11AM