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Genisys Smart Automation Pvt. Ltd.

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Explosion Proof Products: Genisys Smart Automation Pvt. Ltd., is the Exclusive Distributor in India for Explosion Proof electrical equipments of Feam, srl, Italy. Feam has been a leading manufacturer, since 1961, of products used in Hazardous and Flame-proof locations. s array of equipments include: Enclosures and Push Buttons Switches Axial and Centrifugal Fans Fixtures Lighting Clamps and Systems Earthing and Plugs Sockets and Cable Glands Fittings Heaters Electric Signallers Acoustic
AC Variable Speed Drives AC Variable Frequency Drives- Range: 0.37 KW to 1000 KW and Volt. 220 V AC to1100 V AC. AC Servo Motors and AC Servo Controllers- Synchronous and Asynchronous versions. Servo Rating up to 37KW, available in I Phase and III Phase. Servo Motors are available with or without Break units. Soft Starters: 5.5 KW to 500 KW and 220 VAC, 415 VAC and 550 VAC. Variable Speed Drives with Specialized Programming for Plastic Industries, Textile Industries, Fans & Pumps, HVAC Units. Brief Specifications of AC Drives: based Central control module realizes high- speed and high performance control and DSP automatic slip compensation. 10 frequency setting modes, analog terminal can accept the signal of DC 0~10V, DC 0~20mA. compensate function, realizes low frequency and large output torque Dead control communication function, support standard RS485 & supply remote Forced keyboard control function. converse module (IGBT) temperature control function, adjustable Special fan control, timely reduces motors noise & temperature. 7 steps speed control & 8 steps acceleration control can be At most realized efficient faults inquiry & record function conveniently obviate High the fault. Pursue starting & restart after momentary power loss. Speed Integrated V/F control, V/F+PG control, Vector +PG control feedback signal 0~10V, 1~5V, 0~20mA, 4~20mA. Support 6 Programmable output control terminals Parameter protection function.

Our Solutions Capability: Our goal at Genisys Smart Automation Pvt. Ltd. is to delight the customers by providing quality products and services for plant automation. Our approach is to work closely with the clients from beginning to final stage of projects. Genisys uses leading edge technologies for optimal performance and economic solutions. The people at the helm of affairs at Genisys are Technocrats with extensive experience in Automation. Key verticals addressed by us are: Sector Power Gas Oil & Chemical Pharmaceutical Cement & Pulp Paper Control Solutions Motion & Beverage Food / ETP / STP WTP

R elia bility E ng in ee ring , Risk m a na ge m en t a n d Fu nc tion a l S afety : G en is ys Sm a rt A u to ma tion P vt. Ltd ., re pres en ts M/S.Cter is C o ns ultin g In c , Ca na d a: the pio ne e rs in th e field of P ro ce ss sa fety, R is k M an a ge m en t an d R eliab ility E n gin e ering fo r th e p ro c es s In du s trie s . W e h av e e xe cu te d re qu ire m e nts re lated to s afe ty an d re lia b ility in clu d in g H a za rd & Op e ra bility S tu dies (HA Z OP ), Co ntro l Sy stem H AZ O P (C H AZ O P ), s afety Integ rity Le ve l (S IL ) d e te rm in atio n , S IL ve rifica tion , L ay er Of P ro te ction A na lys is (L OP A ), R eliab ility, A va ila b ility an d M a intaina bility (RA M ) stud ie s, p re pa ra tio n o f Sa fe ty R eq uire m en t S pe c ific ation s (S R S) an d sa fe ty In strum e n t S ys te m D es ig n (S IS de sign ) e tc fo r va rio us p ro jec ts . W e w ou ld b e glad to s up po rt yo u in all th e lis te d se rvic e s related to R eliab ility E ng in ee rin g , R is k M a na ge m en t an d Fu n ctiona l Sa fe ty in a ny of y ou r on go in g or up co m in g p ro je cts. W e a re su re tha t w e ca n b rin g value a d dition to y ou r o rg a niz ation b y w orkin g to ge th er in the se a re as o f m u tua l interes t.

Genisys is providing a wide array of services: Project Management System Design Engineering System Configuration Instrument Selection Lists I/O Hardware Installation System Upgrades Project Commissioning and Start-up Plant Automation Total Engineering, inclusive of Hook-up Diagrams, Field Loop Diagrams and Documentation. Routine & Preventive Maintenance and Emergency Break Down Services Selection Of DCS, SCADA, PLC, Drive system, MMI, Hardware Trouble-shooting

Genisys Smart Automation Pvt Ltd.

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