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Facebook, may already be familiar to most people. Yes, Facebook is one social networking site that is very popular today's society. Starting from the child - the child until the parent, student to student, until the chief meatball vendor, small merchants to businessmen, and so on. And naturally, every new technology, regardless of its form, must have positive and negative impacts. Here are some positive and negative impacts of the use facebook: Deepen relationship Yes, maybe this is the usefulness of facebook the least we can feel. Even with facebook, we can find the back of people - people we've ever known in the past. Knowing the potential of self: In facebook there are many useful quiz to find out more about who the hell we are.However, we also must remain vigilant, partly contained in the facebook quiz contains elements - elements of prophecy, and of course you know that believe in the prophecy is a shirk, major sin that will not be forgiven by Allah Ta'ala: D. Media campaign: Obviously, facebook can be used as a media campaign, whether it be promoting a product, service, agency, or anything else. In fact, during last legislative election, some candidates are also using facebook for the media campaign. Means of discussion: On facebook you can join a variety of community / group. A place to vent: Hmmm, this one might be too, if we again dapet problem, we just update our facebook status with the problems we are facing, ntar if anyone cares, surely that person would give a comment that it may just simply give encouragement or even give alternatives to resolve the problem. But it remains the best place to vent, God Almighty, who can show a way out of every problem we face. For students, Facebook tends to be much negative impact. This makes parents and teachers worried about the future of their children. The negative impact of facebook for students are the most common is the emergence of laziness learning that led to a decrease in learning achievement. Try and compare the length of time a student when opening the book with a long time when opening facebook. Even when learning is always taking the time just to update the status or write a few words facebook friend, as a result of concentration in the learning impaired and learning materials are being studied would not be understood to the fullest. Lots of news containing about student issues that arise only because of facebook, ranging from not pass the exam, fights, and even kidnapping. For instance the story of a student in Bandung who was abducted by people he knew through facebook, or maybe a fight between students and parents that occurred in Makassar, South Sulawesi, which arises only because of facebook.

are social beings.Us. require others to live sebagimana we can walk properly. use it appropriately! . whether student or not. But it would be nice if we did not use excessive facebook that would give a negative impact on us. who interact socially.