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In any air conditioning system heat energy is lost to the surroundings and it goes as a waste. The work is deals with the utilisation of the out coming heat energy to produce hot water in the water cooler. There by we are utilising the heat lost and also reducing the heat in the condenser to get maximized cold water. The circuit used in this work is same as that of the available water cooler. This concept of utilising the heat energy evolved to the surrounding can be applied in any refrigeration systems. Solar electricity is the technology of converting sunlight directly in to electricity. It is based on photo-voltaic or solar modules, which are very reliable and do not require any fuel or servicing. Solar electric systems are suitable for plenty of sun and are ideal when there is no main electricity. Our objective is to design and develop a solar system normally SOLAR AIR CONDITION. This solar power is used to run the compressor in the air conditioning system.

Refrigeration is the process of removing heat from a substance under controlled conditions. Refrigerator is a reversed heat engine or a heat pump which pumps heat from a cold body and delivers it to a hot body. The substance which works in a heat pump to extract from a cold body and to deliver it to a hot body is called refrigerant. Refrigeration is a accomplished by various methods, such as the vapour compression system, absorption system, steam jet refrigeration cycle The vapour compression system of refrigeration cycle.

The vapour compression system of refrigeration is widely used. In the work also the vapour compression system is used. In the vapour compression system the working fluid, namely refrigeration does not leave the refrigeration plant but it circulates over and over again through the system alternatively condensing and re-evaporating. In this type of refrigerator, the vapour alternatively under goes a change of phase from vapour to liquid and liquid to vapour during a cycle. Since the same refrigerant is used again and again liquefaction is not possible at low temperature and pressure. A compressor is used to compress the refrigerant to a high temperature and pressure. Then the refrigerant enters the condenser and leaves as a high pressure saturated liquid. The high pressure liquid refrigerant then enters the expansion valve. This valve allows the high pressure liquid refrigerant to flow at a controlled rate in to the evaporator .While passing through this valve, liquid refrigerant partly evaporates. Most of refrigerant is vaporised only in the evaporator at a low pressure. In the evaporator, the liquid refrigerant absorbs its latent heat of vaporization from the material which is to be cooled. Thus the refrigeration effect is obtained .Then the low pressure vapour refrigerant enters the compressor and the cycle is repeated again and again.








The low pressure vapour in dry state is drawn from the evaporator during the suction stroke of the compressor. condenser cooling medium. CONDENSATION When the high pressure refrigerant vapour enters the condenser heat flows from condenser to cooling medium thus allowing vaporized refrigerant to return to liquid state. During compression stroke the pressure and temperature increases until the vapour temperature is greater than the temperature of






After condenser the liquid refrigerant is stored in the liquid receives until needed. From the receiver it passes through an expansion value where the pressure is reduced sufficiently to allow the vaporization of liquid at a low temperature of about 10 degree centigrade.

VAPORIZATION The low pressure refrigerant vapour after expansion in the expansion valve enters the evaporator on refrigerated space where a considerable amount of heat is absorbed by it and refrigeration is furnished.

Simple in construction This system is noiseless in operation It is portable, so it can be transferred easily from one place to other place Power consumption is less Maintenance cost is low Solar power is used to run the compressor

It does not purify air There may be changing of coil once in a year