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Executive Summary This report is prepared on the Citycell Zoom Ultra.

The main topic of this repor t is the Marketing Strategy of a telecom product: Zoom Ultra. Marketing strategy involves three activities: segmenting, targeting and positioning. Zoom Ultra us es multiple segmentation bases. After evaluating segmentation zoom ultra targets whole Bangladesh to provide its services, and in terms of psychographic factors it targets middle class and upper class people to serve. To take position in th e mind of target customers it establishes slogan ''THE FASTEST MOBILE BROADBAND IN BANGLADESH.'' After deciding marketing strategy citycell plans marketing mix, a combination of product, price, place and promotion. In the product section th e features of zoom ultra is described. In the pricing section different pricing strategies of citycell zoom ultra given. Also competitors' price and plans are c ompared in this sector. Place section describes how customers can get zoom ultra and what distribution strategy has taken. And at the last section promotional s trategy of zoom ultra is described. It practices almost all tools of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). Few illustrations of its promotional strategy ar e also given in this report. In short, this report tries to cover the full marke ting strategy of citycell zoom ultra. Introduction Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Telecom sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Bangladesh. This sector has chan ged dramatically within 5 years. Currently, the telecom sector is dominated by t he state-owned telephone company, Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL which is formerly known as BTTB), which has a monopoly in fixed line telep hone service. Along with BTCL there are 6 mobile phone operators. These companie s enable their customers to stay connected with locally and globally through voi ce call, short message service (SMS), internet. The first connectivity of internet was only in 1996. Though it was somewhat late , over the past few years the growth is rapid. At the outset, people used slow d ial up internet connection which is provided by the former BTTB along with few i nternet service providers. As days go by broadband internet service become popul ar. There are now more than 180 Internet Service Providers and six cell phone op erators providing internet service across the country along with BTCL. According to the President of Internet Service Providers' association of Bangladesh the c ountry's six cell phone operators and ISPs have so far provided over 800,000 int ernet connections. There are nearly 10 million people in the country are using 8 00,000 internet connections on share basis. According to an international resear ch group the number of internet subscribers in Bangladesh is likely to reach 18. 3 million by the year 2020. As noted earlier six cell phone operators provide internet service in Bangladesh . Citycell, the country's first mobile phone operator, is one of those six opera tors which provide internet service besides its other services to consumers and businesses. It provides internet connection under two different packages named Z oom and Zoom Ultra. This report contains the marketing strategy of Citycell Zoom Ultra The Product: ZOOM Ultra

Citycell (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited) is Bangladesh s and South Asia s pioneeri g mobile communications company and the only CDMA mobile operator in the country . In1996 Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited (PBTL) launched the brand name "City

cell Digital" to market its cellular products. Citycell is offering a wide range of competitive pre-paid and post-paid mobile packages, internet services as wel l as Value Added Services such as SMS and information based services. Citycell Z oom and Zoom Ultra services enable people to surf the internet from where ever t he citycell network is existed. Customers have a choice of Citycell Zoom and Cit ycell Zoom Ultra. Zoom comes with a choice of prepaid or postpaid. Zoom Ultra us es better technology particularly it uses EV-DO technology. To introduce the cus tomer of Bangladesh with a fastest mobile broadband connection, Citycell came up with Zoom Ultra along with its existing package Zoom. Ultra is the new and upgr aded package from Zoom high-speed wireless internet service. Zoom Ultra connecti on enables you to access this high-speed internet by simply connecting to your l aptop or desktop computer.

Marketing Strategy and the Marketing Mix Marketing strategy is the marketing logic by which the business unit hopes to ac hieve its marketing objectives. Guided by marketing strategy, the company design s a marketing mix made up of factors under its control product, price, place and p romotion. Customer Centered Marketing Strategy To succeed in today's competitive marketplace, citycell understands the needs to be customer centered. It realizes it must win customers from competitors, then keep and grow them by delivering greater value than its competitors. Customer ce ntered marketing strategy involves three steps: market segmentation, target mark eting, and positioning.

Market Segmentation Market segmentation is dividing a market into distinct group of buyers who have distinct needs, characteristics or behavior and who might require separate produ cts or marketing mixes. Citycell uses multiple bases to segment the market for Zoom ultra. It segments t he market on the basis of geographic, demographic and psychographic variables. Target Marketing Target marketing is the process of evaluating each market segment's attractivene ss and selecting one or more segments to enter. After evaluating geographic segmentation citycell initially targets metropolitan cities to serve. It also has a plan to serve the whole nation where ever the ci tycell network is existed. As zoom ultra uses upgrade technology citycell needs to upgrade to its network that is compatible with the technology used in zoom ul tra. Few selected metropolitan areas networks are compatible with zoom ultra's t echnology. Citycell targets to enter the whole nation with zoom ultra as early a s possible. Citycell also evaluates demographic segmentation and targets the people who are over 18 years of age. By evaluating psychographic segmentation citycell targets middle class and upper class. In Bangladesh people from lower class and working class are not much familiar with internet and people from these classes can not afford internet service with their lower income. Positioning

Positioning is taking place in the mind of the target customers. Positioning inv olves implanting the brand's unique benefits and differentiation in customers' m ind. Citycell zoom ultra tries to take position with slogan ''THE FASTEST MOBILE BROA DBAND IN BANGLADESH.'' It uses upgrade technology than its competitors. Zoom Ult ra also uses wireless technology.

Marketing Mix Zoom ultra's marketing mix is comprised of the controllable tactical marketing t ools of product, price, distribution and promotion. Product Before introducing Zoom ultra citycell offers Zoom internet package which provid es solution to customers' countrywide wireless internet need. Zoom is available in both pre-paid and post-paid package. But Zoom ultra internet package is the u pgraded version of Zoom. Zoom Ultra is also available in both pre-paid and postpaid package. Citycell declares Zoom ultra as the fastest mobile broadband inter net service in Bangladesh. Basic difference of Zoom ultra from Zoom is customers ' are aware of internet speed. Different packages allow customers' to surf inter net, download data at different speed which is a competitive advantage for Zoom Ultra and keep ahead from its competitors. Its competitors have different intern et packages but none of the packages tell customers at what speed they can get t o browse or download from their internet packages. A customer can experience of download speed of up to 512 kbps by using zoom ultra. Price Zoom Ultra offers different pricing plans for different customers according to t heir needs. It is noted earlier that zoom ultra comes with a choice of both prepaid and post-paid. Post-paid customers have to pay tk. 3490 for modem and conne ction. Connection price with modem is tk. 2990 for pre-paid customers. For pre-p aid customers there are 6 pricing plans. Ultra 1 plan allows customers to experi ence download speed of up to 150 kbps and for this customers have to pay tk. 275 with data usage limit of 800 MB. For post-paid customers there are 9 pricing pl ans. Following tables show the detail pricing plan for pre-paid and post paid cu stomers Ultra Pre-Paid Plan Plan Speed up to Usage Limit Monthly Fee (TK.) Additional Usage fee Ultra 1 150 kbps 800 MB 275 0.001/KB Ultra 2 300 kbps 1.5 GB 800 0.002/KB Ultra 3 512 kbps 1.5 GB 1800 0.003/KB Ultra 4 150 kbps 200 MB 40 (daily) 0.001/KB Ultra 5 150 kbps Unlimited 1.00am-8.00 am 275 0.50/KB 8.01 am-12.59 am

Ultra 6 150 kbps Ultra Post-Paid Plan

1.5 GB 400


Speed up to Usage Limit (TK.) Additional Usage fee 150 kbps 1 GB 2 GB 450 3 GB 600 5 GB 700 Unlimited 300 kbps 2 GB 850 3 GB 1100 512 kbps 2 GB 2200 3 GB 3500

Monthly Fee

275 0.004/KB 0.002/KB 0.002/KB 0.002/KB 1500 N/A 0.005/KB 0.002/KB 0.006/KB 0.002/KB

Competitors' pricing structure Grameenphone tariff structure Packages Eligible Subscribers Usage Limit (TK.) Additional Usage fee P1 All Pay as you go 0.02/KB N/A P2 Postpaid Unlimited 850/Month P3 Postpaid Unlimited 12.00am-8.00am 300/Month 0.02/KB 8.01am-11.59 am P4 Prepaid 150 MB 60/Day 0.02/KB P5 All 3 GB 700/Month 0.02/KB P6 All 1 GB 300/Month 0.02/KB Minipack 15MB Prepaid 15 MB 29/15 Days Banglalink Tariff Structure Packages Eligible Subscribers Usage Limit (TK.) Additional Usage fee P1 All Pay as you go 0.015/KB N/A P2 All Unlimited 650/Month N/A

Tariff N/A


Robi Tariff Structure Plan Eligible Subscribers Usage Limit Tariff TK. Additional Usage fee Pay Per Use All N/A 0.02/KB (9.01am-12.59am) 0.01/KB (1.00am-9.00am) N/A Monthly Unlimited Post-Paid Unlimited 750/Month Daily Browsing Pre-Paid 200 MB 55/Daily 12.00am-11.59pm Pay per use Night Browsing Post-Paid Unlimited 12.00am-8.00 am 275/Month 0.02/KB 8.01am-11.59am Volume Based Pack Pre-Paid 1 GB 275/Month


N/A 3 GB 5 GB Place/Distribution 450/Month 650/Month

Initially Zoom Ultra is available at selective location of Dhaka, Chittagong, Sy lhet and Rajshahi. Citycell has planned to distribute zoom ultra in all 64 distr icts of Bangladesh within the shortest period of time. Citycell distributes zoom ultra through its customer care centers of Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, and Rajsh ahi. It is available at all customer care points which are scattered allover 64 districts. It is also available at zoom zone which is situated at Basundhara Cit y shopping complex, Dhaka. Zoom Ultra is available at following locations

Promotion/ Marketing Communication Strategy Citycell is trying to practice all marketing communication strategy to establish zoom ultra in the market. Print ads are given in different dailies, television commercials are appeared on different television channels, billboards are placed at different locations, leaflets are distributed at different events, and event s are sponsored under the name of zoom. To promote its brand name zoom ultra als o participates in different events. It also practices sales promotion. Recently it has reduced its price of modem with connection.

Print Ads


Sales Promotion Conclusion Although internet came late in Bangladesh but day by day popularity of internet is increasing. Especially the young generation wants to connect with the whole w orld through internet. So there is strong competition exist in the market. To co mpete, citycell should introduce more competitive price. Zoom ultra's maximum pa ckages bind the usage limit. Use of information should not be tied up. Whereas i

ts competitor banglalink offers unlimited package in both package, here citycell limits its unlimited package for post-paid customers. Its unlimited package als o charge high rates relating to its competitors. It should improve its network s ystem as early as possible to deliver its service all over the country. If cityc ell it can overcome these certain limitations, then very soon it can be the mark et leader in the mobile internet market. Bibliography BOOK: 1. Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong, Principles of Marketing, Prentice-Hall of Ind ia, 11th edition 2. Philip Kotler & Kevin Lane Keller, Marketing Management, Pearson Prentice Hal l, 12th edition 3. Al Ries and Jack Trout, Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, Tata McGraw-Hi ll Publishing Company Limited, Tata McGraw-Hill edition 2003 INTERNET: