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verb and preposition

This section lists verb+ preposition followed by noun I verbal noun (-ing) patterns or a wh - clause . . Some of these verbs also have verb + that -clause patterns, or can be followed by a wh-clause, or an infinitive, but these are no t listed here.

Other meanings a r e also po ssib l e. Always check with a dictionary.

· about

boast about I of dream about I of guess about protest about I against

She is always boa sting about her rich relatives . I've been dreaming abo ut I of you lately! For centuries people have guessed about the nature of the universe.

The students

are prote s ting about I against the war.


advise against

We advise you

against travelling alone .

advise on I about

He advises the

government on I about global w arming.

argue for I against argue with decide against I in favour of decide on insure against vote against I for

The report argued against any change in the law. Stop arguing with your sister!

I've decided against buying a larger car. We decided on Greece for our holtday You should insure all your belongings against theft. More than a hundred MPs voted against the proposals.


glance at I through laugh at laugh about

I've only just glanced at the paper. I haven't read it in detail. We weren't laughing at you. (a person) Something silly happened, and we've been laughing about it all day


choose between

You might have to choose between your work and your social life.


account for

Poor weather cannot account for the sheer number of accidents.

admire sne for

  • I admire you for your honesty

allow for

In the financial plan. you have to allow for unforeseen future costs.

apologize for

  • I must apologize for bemg late. The traffic is a nightmare tonight.

blame sne for blame on charge for charge with pay for

  • I blame myself for everything that happened They blamed the crash on the bus driver. We won't charge you for use of the gym. it's free for guests. A man arre.sted nearby has now been charged with murder. Let me pay for the coffee. You paid last time .


benefit from

Many people have benefited from the government's new policies

deter from

The bad weather didn't deter people from travelling to the match.

differ from distinguish sth from distinguish between resign from result from result in suffer from

How exactly does a toad differ from a frog? lt can be hard to distinguish fact from fiction Only experts can distinguish between genuine and fake pamtings Tom was forced to resign from the wmpany The accident resulted from poor maintenance of the railway tracks. A three-h our delr~y resulted in the patient's death. After the accident, she suffered from double vision.


Underline the best word.

a The head teacher accused George Q[ I for starting the fight . b I haven't really read the report properly. I just glanced for I at it while I was on the train.

  • c I strongly object to I for the tone of the last paragraph of your letter.

  • d Sarah was involved in I with a traffic accident on her way to work . Harry pleaded with I to the judge not to send him back to prison. f I always confuse Kate with I on her sister Maggie. It's hard to tell them apart.


  • 9 A diesel engine differs from I to a petrol engine in many important respects.

h Some business people find it hard to c h oose with I between their work and their family. I insisted on I for seeing the doctor at once, even though I did not have an appointment.

  • 2 Comple t e the sentence w it h a



The future of civilization depends C?.~

our use of technology.


I would advise you




The manager feels that nobody else can be trusted



the keys to the safe .


Two boys have confessed


se t ting fire to the school.


I'd like to

congratulate you




passing the examination.


We finally decided



a camping holiday in Greece.


jim has been suffering




severe headaches for some time.


Helen voted



the proposal, but everyone else voted against.

Harry says that his car accident has not deterred him


driving again.

  • 3 Choose the best word, A, B o r C, f or eac h gap .

Goats in M y Bathroom

Jane Howe's book Goats in My Bathroom is a

island. Jane has always b


9. ...

her experiences o n a Meditenanean

. . .. ..


... escaping from the rat race, but has never c


the p lunge, and is trapped in a dull n ine-to -five job in an insurance office. After a

comic episode w ith an amorous boss, she d

the job and heads for the sun, and


! She has

to f

short-sighted builders who can't understand a word she says, and then gets


a d ispute with her neighbours about the myste rious disappearance of twelve

goats, wh ich the who le village h

her. She is also the kind of person who seems to


saying the wrong thing a t the wrong time, but somehow, surprise, surprise, the

loca l population ends up completely j to read the book

. . ..

her. How does she d o it? You'll just have

1 Underline the best word. a The head teacher accused George Q[ I for starting the

a A accounted for

B borrowed from

  • c based on

b A dreamed about

B benefited from

  • C advised against

  • c B agreed on

A concentrated on

  • C succeeded in

  • d A accounts for

B resigns from

  • c depends on

e A laugh about

B congratulate on

  • C confide in

f A choose between

B protest about

  • C deal with


A provided with

B seen to

  • C involved in


A accuses of

B blames on

  • C charges with

A specialize in

B collide with

  • C involve in

A marvelled at

B identified with

  • C devoted to

prepositions with adjectives and nouns

A selection of phra ses is given here. Alway s use a dictionary to check meaning and context. Note that other prepositions may be possib le, with different me an ings . The most c~mmon are given here .

adjective and prepos it ion

about angry I annoyed abou t somethmg anxious about the test results upset about I over I by something n ot sure about the answer

curious about the subject pleased about I with your performance right I wrong about som ethmg sorry about I for being late

at amazed at the d1fference I by the difference (+similar words shocked, surprised)

angry I annoyed at I with someone good I bad I awful I terrible etc at tennis

for eager I desperate I impatien t for news famous for its cheeses feel sorry for a person

ready for something different responsible for the damage

from absent from school different from I to the others

free from add1tives safe from harm

in interested in ballet

of afraid of the dark ashamed of myself (un)aware of the problem (in)capable of doing better

fond of children free of cha rge jealous of his brother

on keen on gardening

with satisfied with the work


good with his hands

be + participle -ed + pre po si

ti o n

Note that many participl e s are used as adj ec tives, see also the list above .

about I'm concerned I worried about Tom.


in She was absorbed in her work.

I'm not interested in buying the houst, _

to I'm now resigned to the fact that I was wrong.

Mana is addicted to Internet charrooms.

Peter wasn't used to

the hot climate .

with We are faced with serious social problems

He was confronted with a difficult situailon.

Are you acquainted with this article? The tram was packed with people. 7his mee ting is concerned with the detail~ of the scheme. (formal: is dealing with, is about) I was bored by/with this film

noun + prepos ition


  • I have

no sympathy for you.

Is there room for one more ?

  • I have a lot of respec t for your view.

You must take responsibility for your actmns

on Kate is an authority on Ptcasso.

Coffee can

have an effect on appeti te.

over You have no control over this dog'




1~s an

exception to the rule.

We need a

solution to this problem .

with Sue has a good rela t ions h i p with her parents.


pre position + noun phrases


at More than a hundred homes are at risk. The company was at fault for the power cut

At any rate, nobody was injured. ( = anyway)


  • I went to the wrong house by mistake.

We met completely by chance.

The antique vase was broken by accident

Can I pay by cheque I by credi t card?

The army took over th e co untry by force .


know this poem by heart.

for I'll be staying here for the time

being .

Sorry, but the car is not for sale.

Our team won yesterday for a change .

in Please descnbe what happened in detail.

Vicky is in trouble with the police.

Jim was in danger and had to be rescued


theory this works, but not in practice !

You need to come to the office in person.


busin ess, mistakes ca n be costly

The doctor asked if I w as


pain .


Sa m wa s in tears at the end of the film.

on Storms occur once a month on average


think He/en broke the cup on purpose.

Run! The house is on fire!


The railway workers are on strik e again.

outof 1 think that attitude is rather out of date . ft's out of stock but we can order it for you. The books were out of reach on the top shelf. What a terrible shot! I'm out of pr actice.!

I'm afraid the lift is out of order. You're singing out of tune! I've been running and I'm out of breath . Good news. Jan is now out of d anger.

under Under the circumsta nces, we accept your excuse . ( =

considering the special difficulties)

1 was under the impression that you had fin is hed the work . (that's wh at I thought) The fire was brought unde r control after an hour.

without Please send my order without delay. This is without (a) doubt an important day

You must be here at 8.00 without fail . Everyone must be here, without exception


























.. Cl


! ....