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Sentence Equivalence

1. While the medical profession was once strictly the .. of men, more than half the students at many American medical schools are now women. (A) conscription (B) ignominy (C) discord (D) province (E) asylum (F) domain 2. When with his family or among friends, the senator dropped his . political appearance and resumed his typical demure habits. (A) affected (B) modest (C) diffident (D) mercurial (E) mendacious (F) audacious 3. As my eyesight began to , I spent a lot of time writing about it both poems and eye journals describing what I saw as I looked out through demanding eyes. (A) deteriorate (B) sharpen (C) improve (D) decline (E) recover (F) adjust 4. Nurses who work in emergency medicine departments are accustomed to handling urgent trauma situations in which every task must be performed with great .. (A) passivity (B) ineptitude (C) dispatch

(D) morbidity (E) consternation (F) celerity

5. Nurses with .. personalities were welcomed during the war because of their ability to uplift the dejected soldiers who were disabled. (A) winsome (B) practical (C) capricious (D) multifaceted (E) sanguine (F) versatile 6. The anxious and weary generals conferred and then decided that the war could be won only by a progressive . of their enemys military forces, rather than by an overwhelming assault. (A) attrition (B) mobilization (C) cohesion (D) diminution (E) arrival (F) amelioration 7. The . of people at the scene of the accident grew so large that the ambulance attendants and policemen had to intervene forcefully. (A) coherence (B) adhesion (C) complicity (D) aggregation (E) subordination (F) congregation 8. The of the wax museums statues astounded us; the Elvis sculpture appeared so life like that I half expected it to speak. (A) integrity (B) preciseness (C) verisimilitude

(D) fecundity (E) deviousness (F) speciousness 9. Reports that Haberman surreptitiously supported the bill are clearly .. ; the bill in question greatly undermine both Habermans interests and those of her constituents. (A) sacrosanct (B) fallacious (C) valid (D) incontrovertible (E) ludicrous (F) inviolable 10. Although the Harlem Globetrotters are .. Basketball players, it is their humorous antics, rather than their skills that have brought them worldwide popularity. (A) adroit (B) trivial (C) adept (D) stolid (E) novel (F) cavalier 11. The governments implementation of a new code of Ethics appeared intended to shore up the ruling partys standing with an increasingly electorate at a time when the party is besieged by charges that it trades favors for campaign money. (A) aloof (B) placid (C) restive (D) skittish (E) tranquil (F) vociferous 12. String theory is an extremely .. model for understanding the universe: many physicists struggle with the theorys abstruse implication of ten interconnecting dimensions. (A) recondite

(B) lucid (C) esoteric (D) fascinating (E) simplistic (F) edifying 13. Arthur made the .. decision to drink plenty of water at the very beginning of the day long hike, and thus was able to avoid dehydration. (A) crepuscular (B) irrevocable (C) ponderous (D) canny (E) irreverent (F) sagacious 14. Although it does contain some pioneering ideas, One would hardly characterize the work as . (A) orthodox (B) eccentric (C) iconoclastic (D) trifling (E) conventional (F) innovative 15. It was her view that the countrys problems had been by foreign technocrats, so that to ask for such assistance again would be counterproductive. (A) ameliorated (B) ascertained (C) diagnosed (D) exacerbated (E) overlooked (F) worsened 16. Ever a demanding reader of the fiction of others, the novelist Chase was likewise often the object of analysis by his contemporaries. (A) exacting (B) copious (C) respectful (D) acerbic

(E) scathing (F) meticulous 17. Her .. should not be confused with miserliness; as long as I have known her, she has always been willing to assist those who are in need. (A) stinginess (B) diffidence (C) frugality (D) illiberality (E) intolerance (F) thrift 18. A misconception frequently held by novice writer is that sentence structure mirrors through: the more convoluted the structure, the more .. the ideas. (A) complicated (B) engaged (C) essential (D) fanciful (E) inconsequential (F) involved 19. Overlarge, uneven, and ultimately disappointing, the retrospective exhibition seems too much like special pleading for a forgotten painter of real but .. talents. (A) limited (B) partial (C) undiscovered (D) circumscribed (E) prosaic (F) hidden 20. Newspapers report that the former executive has been trying to keep a low profile since his . exist from the company . (A) celebrated (B) mysterious (C) long-awaited (D) fortuitous (E) indecorous (F) unseemly

21. The Mayor was so . by the long trial that, despite his eventual acquittal, he admitted his failing health and declined to Run for re-election. (A) deliberated (B) distraught (C) extenuated (D) enervated (E) mollified (F) inspired 22. Many city-dwellers have a .. of knowledge about their food sources: indeed, a number of people have never ever seen a live chicken or cow. (A) pith (B) surfeit (C) plethora (D) dearth (E) dirge (F) smattering 23. The .. group In the adjoining room made it difficult for the students taking the mid-term examination to concentrate. (A) boisterous (B) quiescent (C) rapacious (D) obstreperous (E) antagonistic (F) enervating 24. Susan . the theater; she bought tickets for all the shows put on by the local drama group. (A) abhorred (B) cherished (C) despised (D) managed (E) patronized (F) owned 25. Currently a in philately, Roger decided to pursue His new hobby because he had already become an expert numismatist.

(A) dilettante (B) cherished (C) despised (D) managed (E) dabbler (F) owned

T ext Completion Single (warm up)

1. In the 1860s, author Leo Tolstoy was . with his family in the Tula region in Russia; while comfortably established there, he wrote War and Peace. Ensconced Circumscribed Avowed Coerced Castigated 2. In parts of the Arctic, the land grades into the landfast ice so .. that you could walk off the coast and not know you are over the hidden sea. permanently imperceptibly irregularly precariously relentlessly 3. For some time now, has been presumed not to exist: The cynical conviction that everybody has an angle is considered wisdom. rationality flexibility diffidence disinterestedness insincerity 4. An investigation that is .. can occasionally yield new facts, even notable ones , but typically the appearance of such facts is the result of a search in a definite direction.

timely unguided consistent uncomplicated subjective 5. It comes as no surprise that societies have codes of behavior; the character of the codes, on the other hand, can often be .. predictable unexpected admirable explicit confusing

Text Completion
1. The difference in economic terms between a bond and a note is still observed by the United States Treasury, but in other markets the .. the two terms have become unimportant the two words are used . distinction between similarity of usefulness statistically interchangeably differentially

s 2. As expected, the candidates speech was characterized by a lack of . and a wealth of partisanship profundity patronage obliqueness nepotism banality

3. Modern writers, .. to drape reality with pretty phrases, show us everything, putrid and pure, with a grim aspiring disdaining endeavoring candor fascination determination

4. Parker could not allow her criticism to remain .; she openly .. the members of the committee for their indolence and lackadaisical attitude. Unheeded Public unspoken Censured Exonerated Lauded

5. The sports pages touted the rookie as highly . and predicted that his unparalleled talents would ultimately the team from last place. adroit compensated disingenuous arrogate extirpate extricate

6. Frequently capricious and .. when she went shopping, Sharon was occasionally frugal, yet could not be considered wholly .. reticent beguiling impulsive penurious profligate quixotic

7. The hallmark of a great . is his ability to .. listeners by telling a vivid story using only his words.

iconoclast raconteur dullard

enthrall obfuscate excoriate

8. Kurt Vonnegut, one of the most writers of his generation, has garnered a reputation that high lights this .. characteristic and downplays his narrative abilities. Cynical Ingenuous extroverted Sardonic Reclusive Complex

9. While Luis initially thought that his garden floundered due to a of water, he later found that it struggled because of a . of it. Surfeit Dearth Quantity Correction Inundation Lack

10. The thanksgiving tradition in North America is more . than any other; people of all ages, religion, and ethnic backgrounds .. this occasion by giving thanks for a bountiful harvest. tenable widespread rife Sanction Promulgate Cogitate

11. The bosss . tone let the workers know that she was no longer going to listen to their arguments, which were aimed at getting her to her rigid deadlines. ebullient genuflecting peremptory modify substantiate exacerbate

12. Even though Jennifer seems , her desk . her orderly image. Unkempt Structured Disoriented Validates Verifies Belies

13. The . pace of Cassies life eventually caught up with her; the .. effects of such over activity manifested themselves as painful ulcers. frenetic indolent convoluted salutary beneficial deleterious

14. Ten years ago, Representative Dooley successfully . the many problems that had plagued previous administration by responding to requests from various leaders in each community that she be more . in her policy development. evaded succumbed to rejected divisible draconian inclusive

15. Although the choreographers work usually has a delicate quality, her more recent endeavors intended to reflect the worsening political situation have been disparaged by reviewers as being overly ethereal generous graceful inane realistic alluring

16. Educators who emphasize the . of speech habits and literary technique, deplore the between the spoken and the written languages. unity eloquence competition similarity



17. As to the of scientific truth, one need only examine history to realize that every discovery involves the of a previously accepted theory. infallibility analysis permanency Justification commitment refutation

18. Richardss new friends were so . by his charming manner that it continued to captivate them even as they began to realize that it was , in fact . beguiled dissuaded intimidated genuine unconstrained calculated

19. Vain and prone to violence, Caravaggio could not handle success: the more his .. as an artist increased, the more his life became. temperance notoriety eminence tumultuous providential dispassionate

20. Although considerable . resources had already been expended On the new drug, development had to be halted due to adverse effects during human testing; once hailed as a kind of . that could be used to treat numerous physical and mental ailments. The drug will only be Remembered as a financial albatross that bankrupted its developers. assiduous pecuniary wholesome sincere mendicant panacea

21. A former aficionado, Nicholas .. his interest in motorcycles after a dangerous accident .. him from further riding.

abjure developed redoubled

cautioned encouraged dissuaded

22. Although Fathers Day, first celebrated in 1908, is now An honored tradition in the United States, it did not always Enjoy such . ; rather, unofficial . from prominent Figures such as Woodrow Wilson and William Jennings Bryan were required before Americans embraced the holiday. decorum ennui esteem opprobrium accolades hyperbole

23. Some argue that profiting from terrible suffering by publishing photographic books about natural disasters is ., but perhaps the practice has the .. effect of helping us to appreciate the humanity of people living far away. presumptuous idolatrous pernicious salutary specious sedulous

24. Holding that life is essentially . truth, value or objective meaning, nihilism . the notion of absolute moral principles. resplendent with replete with devoid of bolsters exonerates disavows

25. Many could not help but to view the glass as half-empty; For example, when the economy turned around and number of jobs began to . , Marty insisted all who would listen that the good news would be quiet transient, another recession was , and those who doubted him would appreciate his unwillingness to celebrate. proliferate aggrandize pique superfluous imminent odious

Text Completion Triple

1. While some academics applaud the modernist movement In many universities to treat history and fiction as inherently Related fields, there remains a vocal group of traditional Historians and literary critics who .. such a world-view and insist that the nature of the two disciplines must be inviolate. Venerate Deride Celebrate DogmaticS Axiomatic Heretical Separate Logical Intertwined

2. Pearsons equanimity as he listened to the evidence of his fraudulent schemes caused his erstwhile supporters to question his ; indeed, Pearson seemed to have a penchant for that would impress even the most .. of hucksters. indolence alacrity probity petulance chicanery recidivism recumbent maladroit ignoble

3. Political predictions generally prove fairly accurate when the presumption that the future will be similar to the past Is In the periods with substantial . In political world, however, predictions can be .. wrong. Disproved Stipulated Fulfilled Upswings Insurgencies Changes Thoughtfully Perilously Carelessly

4. The notion that socialism, which emphasizes collective Ownership of the means of production, individual expression is supposed by historical studies that have shown that individualism has .. only in societies where socialist programs have been .. Promotes Inhibits Diminished Thrived Improved Sponsored




5. As Molly was . Spanish with her friends before their trip to Chile, she discovered that although she could comprehend her friends, she could not . Her thoughts in the, ................ language. Mastering Disregarding Practicing Acknowledge Articulate Envision Inherent Objective Unfamiliar

6. People accustomed to thinking that the human lifespan the outer bound of animal longevity tend to dismiss tales of musket balls being found in the shells of living turtles. Leading .. Samantha Romney, however, argues that while such Stories may be apocryphal; some turtles do exhibit a phenomenon Known as negligible . , showing no signs of aging even as they Pass the two-century mark. Belies Demarcates Antedates Herpetologist Ichthyologist Ornithologist Rejuvenation Superannuation Senescence

7. Many popular musicians have .. new digital technologies that allow them unprecedented control over music. These musicians Use computers to and modify their songs, resulting in a level of musical precision often unattainable naturally. Of course, though, as in often the case with new technologies, some traditionalists these developments. Incorporated Synthesized Alleviated Energize Delineate Recast Balk at Revel in Retaliate at

8. Richard M. Russell sad 52 percent of the nations growth since the Second World War had .. invention. He said research, The governments greatest role in auguring continuing innovation is promoting a strong, modern patent office. Unless we can . Original ideas, we will not have invention, Mr. Russell said. Speculating on the state of innovation over the next century, several inventors agreed that the future lay in giving children the tools to think creatively and the motivation to invent.

Been at the expense of In addition to Evaluate restricting No bearing on Aside from supporting Protect Come through Far from exaggerating Disseminate

9. Statements presented as fact in a patent application are .. Unless a good reason for doubt is found. The invention has only to be deemed more likely than not to work in order to receive initial approval. And, although thousands of patents are challenged in court for other Reasons, no incentive exists for anyone to expend effort . the science of an erroneous patent. For this reason the endless stream of .. devices will continue to yield occasional patents. Presumed verifiable Carefully scrutinized Corroborating Advancing Novel Bogus obsolete

Considering capricious Debunking

10. No other contemporary poets work has such a well-earned reputation for .. , and there are few whose moral vision is so imperiously unsparing. Of late, however, the almost belligerent demands of his severe densely forbidding poetry has taken an improbable turn. This new collection is the poets fourth book in six years- an ample output even for poets of sunny disposition, let alone for one of such .. over the previous 50 years. Yet for all his newfound . , his poetry is as thorny as ever. Patent accessibility Intrinsic frivolity Near impenetrability Penitent austerity Intractable prolixity Quiescence Mutinous outburst

Impetuous prodigality Pellucidity