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Lim, Gerose D.

BSN 4-2


Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) was founded on September 2, 1922 as Filipino Nurses Association By Anastacia Giron-Tupas -it was incorporated on year 1924. -Became a member of international council of Nurses on July 8-13 1929, in Montreal, Canada. Purposes: -To promote professional growth towards the attainment of highest standards of nursing. Fundamental of the purpose of organization is to attain the optimal level of professional standards, to work for the welfare of the nurses, to responds to the changing of the health needs of Philippine society, establish linkages in government, non-government, local/ national, international agencies in attainment of goal. Today there is a total of 368,589 licensed nurses (February 2005) in the Philippines and produces an average of 13,000 new nurses every year. The PNA was awarded the Most Outstanding Accredited Professional Organization by the Professional Regulation Commission in 2003 besting 40 other professional associations and was five-time nominee for the same award. International Affiliations International Council of Nurses World Health Organization Nursing Law The New Philippine Nursing Act of 2002, Republic Act No. 9173, was passed on October 2002 with the aim of uplifting the standards of nursing in the country. Nursing Education There are about 350 Nursing schools in the Philippines which is regulated by the Commission on Higher Education

VISION: The caring and fortifying light giver committed to providing opportunities for the professional growth and development of a world class, Filipino nurses, filipino and people of the world. MISSION: 1. Zealously provide strategic directions and programs that enhance the competencies of nurses to be globally competitive. 2. Passionately sustain the quality work life and collegial interaction with nurses. 3. Continuesl to strengthen the internal capacity and capabilities for quality care for nurses. 4. Enthusiastically explore possibilities of collaboration towards unification of nurses. Philippine Nurses Association Program Thrusts 2009 1. Generate programs and activities that would prepare nurses to be globally-competitive.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) seminar, symposia, fora, nursing skills trainings Partnership with ADPCN, CHED-TCNE, CBGGNP, ISA Lobby for full implementation of Magna Carta (RA7305) & Salary Grade 15 for Nurses (RA 9173) Create a Committee to study the policies on Mutual Aid Fund and Legal Aid Nurses' Entrepreneurship Update members on national / regional / international priorities (e.g. DOH, BON, ICN, AWFF, WHO) Membership to health-related organizations such as PCAHO, CHAP, FCAP, PNRC Unity with all Nursing Specialty and Interest Groups (ADPCN, ANSAP, MCNAP, OHNAP, CCNAPI, etc)

2. Promote the socio-economicpolitical welfare of nurses

3. Establish national and international networking/ linkages to advance the vision and life purpose of the PNA.

4. Intensify membership campaign.

Establish a complete profile of membership (regular and life members) Consolidate members through institution visits, regular Chapter consultations & periodic tracking/monitoring of status and needs of members Coordinate / Collaborate with academe, health and health-related institutions, government and nongovernment organizations (NGOs) Encourage participation of members to local, regional and national activities affecting the nursing and health sector in general Create Media Watch among Chapters Quad-media approach (print television, radio programs and internet)

5. Participate actively in the multisectoral plans, projects and programs in support of education and research, nursing practice and quality health care delivery.

6. Promote the professional image of the nurses and nursing.


It works in association with the International Council of Nurses and the WHO. -They aim to establish adequate health system. One of its goals to achieve this is to implement the Primary Health Care. It focuses on achieving Health for all by the year 2000. And the Philippines adapted an underlying theme of Health in the Hands of people by 2020.

NURSES IN POLITICS According to Declaration V and VIII of International Conference on Primary Health Care :

-The government have responsibility for the health of people which can be fulfilled only by the provision of adequate health and social measures (Dec.V). - All government should formulate national policies, strategies and plans of activities to launch and sustain primary health care a part of national health systems (Dec VIII).

According to Dr. Margaret Chan, Director of Overall of the World Health Organization Stated The commission on Social determinants of Health issued a final report in Aug.2008. The arguments given by them made a compelling call for the close attention to health in all governments policies in all sections. Gaps in Health outcomes are not matter or fate, they are mediator of policy failure.

The PNA velmently declared the decision of the Bicameral Conference held in Tarada toom of Senate on June 1, 2009 as an Act of Injustice and Act of INHUMANS TREATMENT.

DEPARTMENT AND COMMITEE 1. 1. Department of Nursing Practice Chairm Ms. Virginia C. Ducusin an: President, Phil. Society of Emergency Care Nurses Dept. of Emergency Medical Services 2 Department of Nursing Education Chairm Dr. Rhoda L. Reyes an: Dean, College of Nursing Saint Paul University Manila

3 Department ot Nursing Research Chairm Dr. Araceli O. an: Balabagno Professor, College of Nursing University of the Philippines 4 Department of Continuing Professional Education and Welfare 1 Committee on Continuing Education Chairm Ms. Maria Isabelita C. Rogado an: President Critical Care Nurses Association of the Phils. 2 Committee on Accreditation Chairm Ms. Salome M. an: Dalao 3 Committee on Chapter Affairs Chairm Prof. Lydia T. Manahan an: College of Nursing, University of the Philippines 4 Cultural Affairs Committee Chairm Mr. Eularito A. Tagalog an: President, Occupational Health Nurses Association of the Philippines Rm. 248 Cityland Condominium 8, Buendia Ave., Makati City 894-3049 5 Committee on Awards and Scholarship Chairm Prof. Mila Delia M. Llanes an: Assistant Dean, College of Nursing University of Santo Tomas 6 Committee on Welfare Chairm Mr. Edward B. Malzan an: President, PNA NCR Zone 3 Marie-Bernarde College, Inc. 5 Department of Special Programs & Services 7 Committee on Ways and Means Chairm Ms. Marieta D. an: Lapuebla Dean, College of Nursing Centro Escolar

University 8 Committee on Membership Chairm Ms. Aurora P. an: Mansilla Tugatog, Malabon 9 Committee on Publication Chairm Dr. Erlinda C. Palaganas an: University of the Philippines Baguio 10 Committee on Public Relations Chairm Ms. Eleanor M. an: Nolasco 11 Committee on Placement & International Affairs Chairm Dr. Rusty L. Francisco an: Chief Operating Office Information Division, NCCLEX, Inc. 12 Committee on Disaster Chairm Col. Ofelia T. an: Hernando Dean, School of Nursing AMA Computer College 6 Department of Political Affairs 13 Committee on Ethics, By-Laws & Legislation Chairm Ms. Grace A. an: Agustin Dean, Graduate School Emilio Aguinaldo College 14 Lobby Committee Chairm Mrs. Gloria G. an: Almariego Chief Nurse Department of OBGyne