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Our 3rd Course September Project, 2011

(Prepared by groups 32-e & 34-e)

My Favourite Teacher
My favorite teacher is Oksana Mykhailivna. She is fun-loving and outgoing person but at the same time Oksana Mykhailivna is serious and reserved. The best human qualities are combined in this woman. She is always thoughtful, generous and kind. She has short brown hair and is in good shape. I dont know Physics very well, but this teacher often helps me. Our Physics lessons are usually interesting and cognitive. We always carry out unusual experiments and sometimes watch instructive films. Oksana Mykhailivna explains new information in every detail and clearly. She always gives advice and support students. She loves and values her subject and teaches others to love and understand it. In my opinion, such devotion to Physics is worth high respect. Shevchyk Tanya When I faced the question of what a teacher to write about, I have pondered seriously. I want to tell you about Oksana Mykhailivna - a wonderful teacher. We met Oksana Mikhailivna in the 7th grade. I had a cautious attitude towards Physics: this subject seemed too boring and complicated. But Oksana Mykhailivna quickly knocked our ideas galley west. She is very strong and at the same time smiling and humorous. She is fair, too. Gradually we have got accustomed to her lessons, and she has studied us. Sometimes we can distract from the topic right in the classroom, listen to stories about her life, joke and laugh, which do not interfere with learning a new material. Oksana Myhailivna always knows how to live up boring lectures. Of course, not everything went smoothly, there were also bad cases. She often comes to our meetings, and do not regret to spare her own time to help us. Years will pass, things will change. I'll be an adult, having mastered my beloved profession, but will come back to the Lycees walls, I shall come to class,


where we were sitting at our desks, where we studied physics, I studied with her, my favorite teacher Oksana Mikhailivna... Sasha Petlin

Since Ive started to study in the Naukova Zmina Lyceum, not so much time passed but I think its enough share my first impressions. Im studying in the Lyceum just for two weeks. I dont regret and Im very happy that Ive changed the place of my secondary education. Its so because I met very friendly classmates and very wellqualified teachers who Ive liked not only for their qualifications but for their personal traits.


And now I want to tell about a teacher who I liked most of all. My favorite teacher in the Naukova Zmina Lyceum is Natalia Viktorivna. She is our teacher of geography. She is the person who really prompted me to study geography more closely than I did before. From the first lessons, Ive liked the subject which she is teaching. For my opinion she is one of the best teachers because shes very well-qualified and she always explains new material in a very understandable way. She can answer all the questions which we ask. I respect her as a person who always can understand your situation. Also our class had opportunity to get acquainted closely with her during our forest hike last weekend. I hope well continue to cooperate till the end of our studying in the lyceum. Yuri Piets My favorite teacher is Natalia Viktorivna, because she has given me not only the book knowledge but the passion to continue studying geography. She is always kind and I think that is what helps us to learn more. She is a very wise and intelligent woman who always has something special planned for us. Shes very patient and always helps us with complicated problems. I completely agree that the quality of teaching is very important element of learning at school. If teaching quality is not good then the students will not learn anything. But I think I am lucky because I have such a cool and nice teacher.

Ann Datsyuk

Our teachers play an important role in our life because they are like our second parents and give us much useful knowledge about environment. For example my favourite teacher is Natalia Viktorivna, the teacher of Geography. The one interesting fact is that her name is similar with my mothers. So she is spiritually close to me. She started to teach us last year but I began to be interesting in this subject only with her. Now we learn economic and social Geography and I think it will help us in future life. The teacher is a well-groomed woman who always wears trendy and elegant clothes. She is a good-natured, tolerant and outgoing person. The lessons pass in very active and tense atmosphere, they are very different and never boring. At the beginning she tells us the topic of the lesson and explains new terminology. At the next lesson we have to be prepared for everything because Natalia Viktorivna is very unpredictable and she can check us in different ways. For example she can give us a test or have an oral inquest. Not long time ago we had a lesson at a round table. Each of us prepared some information on topics that she offered for discussion. At the end of the lessons she can also give cards with some questions from the new topic to volunteers and everybody can earn pluses and receive a good mark. Im very glad to have such a good teacher and I believe that L can learn Geography with her. Dasha Yushkova

My favorite teacher is the teacher of Physical Training Bogdan Stepanovich. He is a pleasant person to deal with, he never loses his temper. He is a man of active disposition. He is a man of character and his words are entirely in character with his

actions. He is a strong man with a trained body. One thing I like most about him is that he is always in good mood.

Yevhen Karachun

Teaching profession is very difficult and demanding. Indeed, teachers have the future of our nation in their hands - to give knowledge to others, be an advisor and role model. Of course, not everyone can become a real teacher. This requires a lot of work and self-education, so that the lessons are interesting and useful. I love all the teachers that teach me but, most of all my teachers of Foreign and Ukrainian Literature. Good, fair, attentive that is how I see my teacher of Ukrainian literature Natalia Viktorivna. In her class we can learn many interesting things. Natalia Viktorivna tells us about the Ukrainian writers and their work. She tells us about different folk customs, explaining their meaning. Natalia Viktorivna can patiently explain everything that I do not understand. Also, my favorite teacher is Svitlana Anatoliivna. She teaches foreign literature. Svitlana Anatoliivna carries interesting lesson explains the available content rules and works of foreign writers. And I like her because she demonstrates a sense of humor, but sometimes she is strict. Both Svetlana Anatoliivna and Natalia Viktorivna fairly assess students. Anton Kim

My favourite teacher is Svitlana Anatoliivna. She teaches World Literature. Svitlana Anatoliivna is perfect as a teacher because she is good at her subject and can clearly explain it to us in an interesting way using different illustrations. At the same time she is rather strict, so lazy pupils have to study harder. Besides teaching Svitlana Anatoliivna makes a lot for bringing us up. She teaches her pupils to be responsible and well-educated personalities and to consider their actions. Her pupils love her very much.

Khalimonenko Nastia

My favourite teacher is Iryna Mykolaivna Kovalyova. Interesting world outlook, great erudition and ability of discernment of peoples character these are the qualities of her nature, which I like the most. During the lesson everybody can join discussion about philosophical problems of past and present, which are covered in the books. Combine this with Iryna Mykolaivnas excellent knowledge subject and her interpersonal skills, and youll see that her lessons are not only very exciting but they also favour all-round development of her students. Andriy Chubko


My favorite teacher is Irina Mykolaivna. She is a teacher of Ukrainian language and I think she is one of the best teachers in the lyceum. She is a clever, fair and great teacher. She always gives useful advice and she always explains everything in an understandable way and thanks to her, I

have good marks of Ukrainian language. Every lesson we listen to her carefully and now I am convinced that no one can explain grammar of Ukrainian language better than Irina Mykolaivna. Also, she is a very interesting person. She knows many interesting stories and she tells them at the lessons. There we can learn many interesting things. Not everyone can become a good teacher. Im sure, that Irina Mykolaivna is a good teacher, because lessons with her are interesting and useful. The lessons with her never get boring. Also, she has a good sense of humor. I like Irina Mykolaivna very much, and I think that she is a great teacher and just an interesting person. By Sergey Kazaryan Everyone has a favourite teacher. My favourite teacher in our school is Zabolotnyi Oleksiy Oleksandrovych. He is such a cool man. He loves what he teaches, and it is obvious. At every lesson he discusses different things with us that get us thinking for ourselves. Oleksiy Oleksandrovych has told us about films and history that he loves. Also he knows his subject incredibly well. Chykyrynda Anya

I want to tell you about my teacher of English AlexeyZabolotnyi. He is one of my favourite teachers in our Lycee. He is a remarkable person. It is always interesting to talk to him. He is very good at history. He knows a lot about different countries all over the world. And he knows some foreign languages besides English. He is very patient and kind. He is always ready to help if you ask. You know,I am happy that he is my teache ,because he can give me good knowledge of the subject. His lessons differ from others. They are far more interesting. Sometimes he tells us very interesting stories about some events in his life. He really loves his subject and he works at full capacity. Nikita Salikhov
I want to tell you about the best English teacher - AlexZabolotny. Im very happy to study in his group, so I really like Alexey Alexandrovichs lessons. He can make us

laugh, and he can stop us if we are too naughty. To do so he hits his desk like in the army. I hope AlexeiAlexandrovich will continue teaching us. Because in the process of studying the teachers desire to teach and the students - to understand are the main things.

Nenjuk Svetlana
My favourite teacher is Oleksiy Oleksandrovych Zabolotnyi. He is a very intelligent and wise person. Oleksiy Oleksandrovych always tells us a lot of interesting stories. Last year he helped me to write an English research paper and it won the third place in Kyiv. This year Im going to continue my English research paper. I like the way, how he teaches us. My teacher is always helpful, loyal and attentive to his students. He is keen on English, History and military. His knowledge of these subjects is really impressive. I admire my English teacher! SVITL ANA BILOKRYNYTSKA I have met many teachers in my life, but I havent liked all of them equally. I think my favourite teacher is Olena Vasylivna Atamas. In the 7th form, when we met for the first time, I thought that she was strict and demanded a lot of knowledge. At the beginning of studying History, I had some problems, I did not get good marks, and then I got accustomed to the process of learning. Next year, there was some progress. But the best happened in the 9th form. In autumn, when we were traveling in Europe, I was surprised. Olena Vasylivna opened to me as a different person. Maybe it was connected with my intellectual development, but its a fact. She is a kind and cheerful woman. She does

her best to make our lessons interesting, to give us more information. Thanks to her I like History now. We are very lucky to have her as our teacher of history. Oleksandr Nadelnyuk