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ProMETA Training Christian leaders around the world

Enrique & Becky Fernandez
making the most of every opportunity... (Eph. 5:16)
The apostle Paul urges believers in Ephesus to take advantage of every opportunity the Lord gives to his people. The term he uses conveys the idea that opportunities are to be taken when they appear, or missed them forever. In ProMETA, weve had opportunities that we cannot miss. Indeed, the Lord has given us significant opportunities for multiplication and reproduction. Please, allow us to share them with you, so that all of us together bring glory to him for his good hand upon our ministry.

Hand-in-hand with the church

More reproduction
A significant opportunity that we received from the Lord was the partnership that we signed a few days ago with Universidad Madero (Puebla, Mxico), one of a few schools in Mxico that have been awarded a Recognition of Excellence by the Secretara de Educacin Pblica. This September, UMAD will start offering three of ProMETAs postgrade certificates., with the goal of offering our master programs once they receive approval for their online programs. In the near future we will also have the opportunity to train their personnel on distance education. We cherish the opportunity to train key Christian Mexican leaders to serve the church in such a needy country. We are also excited about the opportunity to share with them what we have learned. At the end of this year, Mark Hendrickson and Quique will travel to train UMAD personnel on Instructional Systems Design.

In ProMETA, we want to keep a three pronged vision: the Word, the world, and the church. We are convinced that we need to keep a close contact with the church, for the sake of which theological schools primarily exist. For that reason, we are establishing partnerships with a few healthy churches. Last June, ProMETA signed a partnership with Vida Abundante de Coronado church. We know we need the prayers, advice, and wisdom of a solid church that would provide for us a much needed spiritual support.

Seminario Bblico Guatemalteco (SBG)

Last May we visited SBG to share with its faculty and last year students about ProMETAs program. Their vision is for all of them to study with us. We pray that many professors and students will enroll in our program this coming September.

In the picture, Quique and Dr. Job Csar Romero signing the partnership.

In the picture, Quique explaining how our programs work and about Instructional Systems Design to UMAD key leaders. In the picture, Mery, a team member, Ana B, one of our students, and Becky share how ProMETA can help SBG to better train their own students.

Caring for our students

Two important elements of distance education is how to develop a sense of community, and how to care for students. Becky continues working in this area calling students on the phone, communicating through Skype, and other means, all with the goal to strengthen our relationship with our students and their families. While visiting the SBG, last May, Becky invited Ana Beatriz, a Guatemalan student, to spend the day with us. She ended up sharing how to work with an actual ProMETA course.

Listening to the Lord

Looking to the next 10 years, our Council Board met in Colorado, to listen to the Lord, to pray, and to dream. We reaffirmed our commitment to a core value we have: Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. (Ps. 137:1)

In the picture, Ana Beatriz (far right)

In the picture, Keith, Mark, Ted, Quique

Prayer Requests
1. Please pray for our partnership with Universidad MADERO, that we would together work for the glory of God and the benefit of the church in Mxico. 2. Please pray for Liza as she continues serving our EFCA missionaries through EFCA Equip. 3. Please pray for Hector & Michelle, that they will continue having the strength of the Lord in their heavy work load. 4. Pray for our time in Guatemala in July, pray for some days of time off, as well as for ministry opportunities we will have to serve the Lord. 5. Please pray for ProMETA, especially for its financial situation. We need more resources to provide scholarship to our students. 6. Please pray for our next term, starting in September, that the Lord would send to us many more leaders who need training to continue serving the Lord in different capacities.

For Financial Support

For tax exempt support, please press control key and click here: In the designation box, write: Enrique Fernandez, ID 1865

H. Ph. (952) 942-3866 (U. S.Rings in Costa Rica) H. Ph. (011-506) 2278-4262 Quiques Cell: (011-506) 8336-0884 Beckys Cell: (011506) 8718-7686 Apartado Postal 305-2350 San Francisco de Dos Ros San Jos, Costa Rica