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Term-End Examination
June, 2006


Time: 3 hours Maximum Mqrks : 75

Note : Question number 7 is compulsory. Answer any

three questionsfrom the rest.

1. (a) Simplify the following expressionusing Karnaugh's

map in product-of-sumform.

F (A, B, C, D) - ) (0, 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15)

Also, draw the logic circuit for the simplified

(b) What is a vector instruction ? Explain briefly the

need of an array processorin the execution of a
vector instruciion. 5

(c) Construct an 8 x 1 multiplexer, using two 4 x 1

multiplexers and a decoder. Make assumptions,it
I t t t - -


cs-01 P.T.O.
(d) What is cache coherence? Why is it important for
('e) Write an 8086 adsemblylaflguage program to find
the total number of occurrencesof the characters
"a" and "t" in an array of charactersstored in the

(f) Explain,with an example,one instructionof each of

the following types :
(i) Conversion
(ii) Input-output
(iii) Transferof control
(iv) Arithmetic

2. (a) Write a program to evaluatethe following expression

architecturemachine :
using an evaluation-stack

A x . B/ D + E x F - G
Assume that the machine contains instructionsfor

(b) Construct a full-adder circuit using one or more


(c) What is the set-associative mapping scheme for

memory ? Explain this with the help of a diagram. 4

3. Give at least three differences between each of the
following : 75

(i) Instructionpipeline vs' Floatingpoint pipeline'

(ii) Horizontal microinstruction vs' Vertical
(ii| Access methods of secondary storage vs' Access
methodsof main memory.
vs' Tighily coupled
(iv) Loosely coupledmicroprocessors
(v) Flashmemoriesvs. PROMs.

4. (a) Design a single precision floating point number

having the following characteristics
* The baseof the number is 2'
o The mantissacan representat least 5 decimal
digits correctlY.
* 50'
The exponentrange is 10i
Make suitableassumptions,if required' 5

(b) Write a program in 8086 assemblylanguagethat

addstwo two-digitunpackedBCD numbers' 5

(c) What is the purpose of data-flowmachines? List at

of these
least two advantagesand two disadvantages
machines. 5

5. (a) Explain the role of the segmentregistersin 8086

microprocessors,with the help of an example for

cs-01 P.T.O.
(b) What are thabasiccharacteristics
of RISC ?'Explain
briefly the reasonsthat make RISC based designs
more popular.
(c) An 8-bit register contains the binarv value
11001011. Perform the followingopnrufion, on
this :
(i) Mask the upper nibbleof the register.(A nibble
is a 4-bit sequence.)
(ii) Insert a value 1101 at the upper nibble.
(iii) Perform circularshift right.
(iv) Perform arithmeticshift left.
(v) Perform logical shift right.
Make assumptions,if required.

cs-01 4 12,000
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


Time : 2 hours Maximum Mqrks: 60

Note : Question no. I is compulsciry. Attempt any

three questionsfrom the rest.

l. (a) Write an algorithmand draw a flow chart to calculate

the factorialof a given number.
(b) What is a process ? Explain the various process
states with the help of a state diagram. Why is a
PCB required, and what is the information that a
PCB contains?
(c) Write a shell program to convert an integer to its
binary equivalent.
(d) How is a client-servermodel different from the
stand-alonemodel ? Explain this with the help of a
suitableexampleof each.
(e) Explain the various phasesof systemsinvestigation,
with the help of a suitableexample.

cs-02 P.T.O.
2. (a) Constructcontext free grammarfor the following 'C'
(i) Do..While
(ii) incrementoperator

(b) What is a project control system ? With the help of

an example of each, explain the Gantt chart and the
PERT chart schedulingtechniques.

3. (a) Explain the CPU scheduling and memory

managementin a UNIX operatingsystem. 5

(b) Five jobs arrive in a system in the order given

below : 5
Process CPU time Priority

P 1 1 0 3

P 2 6 5

P 3 b z
P 4 4 1
P 5 8 4

5 is given the highest priority. Calculate the

tumaroundand waitingtime for eachprocessfor the
following schedulingalgorithms :
' (i) Shortest Job First
(ii) Round Robin (quantum2)

4. (a) What are the main advantagesof distributedOS ?
How are the file systemand protectionsupportedin
distributedOS ?

(b) Write UNIX commandsfor the following :

(i) To print how many usersare working on the
(ii) To run a processin the background.
(iii) To print the file namesand their file sizesin the
current directory.
(iv) To print a long listingof the directory.
(v) To print content of the "passwd" file.

5. (a) List the major activities performed in the

development of a software product. Also mention
the limitationsof the developmentcycle.

(b) What is the significanceof thrashing ? Write down

the steps performedin demandpaging.

c s -0 2 4,000
PGDCA / MCA (I Yr) / BcA
Term-End Examination
June, ?OOG



Time : 2 hours Mqximum Mqrks:60

Note : Question number 1 is compulsory. Answer any

three ouestionsfrom the rest.

1. (a) Write a programin COBOL, givingall the divisions,

to compute the total marks, averageand the grade
as per the following record format :
7-6 RollNo.
7 - 30 Name of the student
31 - 33 Marksin English
34 - 36 Marksin Mathematics
37 - 39 Marksin Physics
40 - 42 Marks in Chemistry
43 - 45 Marksin ComputerScience
46 - 48 Total marks
49 -57 Average
52 - 57 Grade

cs-03 P.T.O.
If a student scores less than 40 in any subject, then print
FAIL as the grade. Otherwise print the grade as per the
following conditions : 10
Average Grade

50<marks<60 A

40<marks<50 B

(b) Explain the use of the followingwith the help of one

exampleof each i .
(iD USAGE clause

(c) Write a COBOL program to simulate the billing

applicationfor a grocerystore. 10
Note : Make suitable assumptions,if needed and
mention them.

(d) Mention the purpose of using the RENAMES

clause.Wrjte the format. Also, list some important
precautions to keep in mind while using the
RENAMES clause.

2. Write a program in COBOL to simulatea simple calculator

which performs the basic arithmetic operations like
addition,subtraction,multiplication,and division. 10

3 . Write a COBOL program that converts a given date
(specifiedas the valuesof DAY and MONTH) to the Julian
date and storesit in the data name Julian.Assume28 davs
in the Februarymonth. 70
Note z The valueof DAY is the date of the month and
the value of MONTH is a valuebetween1 and
72. A Julian date is a 3-digit date representing
the number of days counted from the first of

4 . Write a COBOL programto calculatethe equalinstalment

amount to be paid to a nationalized bank every month
taking the {ollowingpoints into consideration: 10
(i) Flat 60/ointerest if the loan amount is to be cleared
within one year.
(ii) Flat 7.2o/ointerestif the loan amount is to be cleared
within 18 months.
(iii) Flat 72o/ointerestif the loan amount is to be cleared
within 36 months.

5 . Explain the use and syntax formats of the following

COBOL statements,/clauses,
with the help of an example
for each ' 10
( i i ) T N S P E C T. . . . T A L L Y T N G
(iii) STRING
(iv) SET
(v) GO TO

cs-03 6,000
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


,,C '' & ,,P A S C A L "

Time : 2 hours MaximumMqrks: 60

Note : Question number 7 is compulsory. Answer any

three questions from the rest. All algorithms
should be written nearer to C or PASCAL

l. (a) Supposethe input to a stack is 7, 2, 3, 4, 5 in this

order, i.e., 1 comes first, then 2, and so on. Which
of the following rearrangementscan be obtained in
the output order ? For those that can, explain how,
giving the sequenceof operations.For those outputs
that cannot be so obtained,explain why, 6
( i )r 2 4 5 3
( i 02 r 4 3 5
( i i i ) 2 7 5 3 4
( i v 3) 1 2 4 5

cs-04 P.T.O.
(b) What is a circular queue ? Explain how it is
implemented,using an array.
Write functions to "insert" and "delete" for the
(c) Construct the binary tree whose Pre-order traversal
is ABCDEFGH and In-order traversal is
CBDAFEGH, where each letter stands for the
information stored in some node of the tree. Show
all the steps involved.
(d) Write an algorithm to implement "insertion sort".
Explain how the algorithmworks in sorting the input
l i s t2 6 4 9 8 5 . I
(e) Distinguishbetweena graph and a tree. 2

2. (a) Write a function, with appropriatetype declaration,

to read the powers and co-efficientsof different
terms of a polynomialand createthe linkedlist.
(b) (i) What is a Binary SearchTree ?
(ii) Write an algorithm to create a Binary Search
. Tree from an input list of integers.

3. (a) (i) What is a linked list ?

(ii) Explain how linked lists can be used to store
polynomialsof arbitrary degree.
(b) Explain, with an example, the usefulness of
height-balancingwhile constructing a Binary Search
Tree. 2

(c) Constructan AVL tree from the following input list :
6 4 2 12 10 3, applyingappropriaterotation.

4. (a) (i) Define the terms "lnternal path length" and

"External path length" for a binary tree.
(ii) Prove that for any binary tree of n nodes the
Externalpath length: Internalpath length + 2n.
(b) What is a heap ? Write an algorithm for insertinga
new elementinto a heap.

5. (a) In C, how does 'union' differ from 'structure'in its

working ?
(b) Explain what an indexedsequentialfile organisation
is. Also give two advantageseach of sequentialand
indexedsequentialfile organisations.
(c) What is meant by "Depth First Search" of a graph ?
Considerthe followinggraph :

Explain how a Depth First Search Scheme will

traversethe graph startingat node 1.

cs-04 7.000
Term-End Examination
June, 2OOG



Time : 3 hours Mqximum Mqrks :75

Note : Questionno, I is compulsory, Answer any three

questionsfrom the rest.

1. (a) With the help of an exampleapplication,explain the

use of a data dictionary. 3
(b) Explain the use of requirementanalysisin system
design. Make an SRS document for "School
ManagementSystem". 6
(c) Briefly describe five types of documentation
techniques. 5
(d) Briefly explain five componentsof muliimedia. 5
(e) What is an MIS ? Give four features of a typical
MIS. Explain the steps followedin the development
of an MIS. 8
(f) Why is it essentialto use systemsanalysisand design
methodologies to build a system ? Give three
reasoRs. 3

cs-05 P.T.O.
2. (a) Design a EFD for a Banking Management System,
' '' l

(b) Explain the varioustypes of files in which recordsare

rnaintainedin a system. 6

(c) Describethree types of computergraphicssoftware. 3

3. (a) Define the following : 6

(i) Peak load testing
(ii) Storagetesting
(iii) Recoverytesting

(b) Give two differencesbetweenDSS and KBS. 2

(c) How will you prepare a project requestform ? What

are the techniques used to review these requests ?
Explain with an example. 7

4. (a) Give two symbols used in DFD, along with their


(b) List four factors consideredwhile designinga form.

Also give {our characteristicsand two examples of

(c) Give, with justification, three different events that can

be consideredas comnutercrimes. 3

(d) Explain two differencesbetween unit and integration

testing. What is the use of procedure testing ? 4

(a) Describe the structure of a feasibilityrepori' 3
(b) List six considerationson which output to be
producedusuallYdePends. 3

(c) What is structureddesign ? Explain this with an

' 3
(d) What is the role played by user interface of the
software in systemdevelopment? Also explain four
steps of GUI develoPment. 6

cs-05 15,000
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


T i m e: 3 h o u r s Maximum Mqrks: 75

Note : Question no. 1 is compulsory' Attempt any

three questions from the rest.

l. (a) With the help of a suitable example, explain a

hierarchical database model.

(b) Whai are the advantages of index-sequential file

organisation ? With the help of an example explain
the structure of index sequential file'

(c) Why are remote procedure calls used ? Why is a set

of DDE mainiained at application level ?

(d) Design an ER diagram for any of IGNOU's study

centres. Clearly indicate the entities, attributes,
relationships and the key constraints.

(e) With the help of two examples for each, explain the
use of multimedia databases and knowledge

CS-06 P.T.O.
2. (a) Consider an employee file with the details given
below : -

Record E# Name Occup.DegreeSe> Location Salary

A 80cMilind Prog. M.E. M Delhi 10,00c
B 5 1 0 {dwet Analyst B.E. M Mumbai 15,00c
c 200 Darronrl
Analyst B . E . M Delhi 72,OOC
D , 300 Vlukesh Prog. M.E. M Chennai 9,000

(i) Make a multi list representation of this

(ii) Write a query to retrievethe record of
Salary> 12,000, Degree= M.E.,
Location = Delhi, Occupation= Analyst,
Sex = M.
(b) What are the main featuresof client-servermodel ?
Explain the stagesinvolvedin the developrnentof an
applicationusing this model.

3. (a) Why is the administrationof a database system

required? What are the variousfunctionsassociated
with databaseadministration?
(b) Define a data manipulationlanguage.Write a.syntax
for the following'andgive an examplefor each : 70
(i) Selectstatement
(ii) Update statement
. (iii) Delete statement
(iv) Insert statement

4. (a) With the help of an example relation and the
dependency diagram, explain ihe concept of
functional dependency.

(b) Explain the following tools with respect to

client-server environment :

(i) Dynamic data exchange

(ii) Object linking and embedding

Also mention the usage of these with an example

for each.

5. (a) Consider the schema given below :

Branch-scheme (Branch-name, asset, Branch-city)

Customer-scheme (Customer name, street,


Deposit-scheme (Branch-name, account-number,

customer-name, balance)

Borrow-scheme (Branch-name. loan-number,

customer-name, amount)

Client-scheme (Customer-name, banker-name)

Write the SQL statements for the following : 8

(i) Find all customers who have a balance of over

Rs. 1000.
(ii) Write the query to find the clients of banker
Patel, and the city they live in.
(iii) Write a statementto find all the customerswho
have a loan amountof more than Rs. 1200'

CS-06 P.T.O.
(iv) Write a statement to find all the customers
whose name starts with "R" and who have a
balanceof more than Rs. 10,000.
(b) With the help of an example,explainthe properties
of a Balancedsort tree.

CS-06 20.000
Term-End Examination
June, 2006

Time : 3 hours t ,
IvrcXImUmlVarKS: /5

Note : Question number 7 is compulsory. Attempt any

three questions t'rom the rest.

l. (a) Find the conjunctive normal form for the followinq

formula :

l ( ( P^ l e ) v ( p n e ) ) v l p

(b) Consider the following graph. Write down. its

adjacencymatrix :

CS-07 P.T.O.
(c) Let A = l\, 2, 3,4, 5). A ielation R is definedon A
suchthaa t R b i f fa + b < 6 .
(i) Write the relation matrix R.
(ii) Make a digraph of the relation.
(iii) Check if R is reflexive.
(iv) Check if R is symmetric.

(d) Make the figure of Konigsberg's7-bridge problem,

and draw the correspondingmultigraph.
(e) Establish the following equivalence,using a truth
table :
P+QvR=(P=Q) v(P+R)

(f) Constructa Hassediagramfor the poset({a, b, cl, c ).

Does it represent a lattice ? Give reasons for your

G) Find the booleanexpressionfor the following gating

network (write the output of each gate).

xl x2 x3 x4

(h) For the FuzzySetA of X :{7,2,3, 4, 5l givenby

^^: 10.203 0.4 0.2 07]

' 2'i' f i n dt h eu - c uotfA
t t n ' TJ'
for each s e { 0.1, 0'3, 0.7}.

2. (a) Find the minimum spanning tree for the following

graph using Kruskal's algorithm :

(b) (i) ExpressP v Q using f only.

(ii) ExpressP n Q using ,t only
(c) Let g : R * R, where R is the set of real numbers,
be definedby g(x) = x2 + 2. Check if g is
(i) one-one
(ii) onto

3. (a) Check whether the followingformulasare tautologies

or not :
(i) ( P + Q ) = [ P v ( Q n n 1< + e ^ p v R ) ]
(ii) (PvQ)+(Q=p)

CS.O7 P.T.O.
(b) In a single Venn diagram, show three sets A, B, C
andB\C, AnC, AU(Bc).

(c) Use the rules of inferenceto check the consistency

of the following argument.At each stage, mention
the rule you are applying
lf you send me sn e-mail message,then I will
finish writing the program. If you do not send me
sn e-mail message,then I will go to sleep early'
If I sleep early, then I wilt wqke up t'eeling
ret'reshed. Therefore, il I wqke up feeling
refreshed, then I haue t'inished writing the
(d) Let R be a relation from the set A to A, where
A : {1, 2, 3, 41and a R b ilf a > b.
Find (i) R2, (ii) F, (iii) R-1.

4. (a) Find the shortestpath from a to f for the following

graph, using Dijkstra's algorithm. Show all the

(b) Minimisethe followingfunction, using K-map :

f (w, x, y, z) : > (0, 4, 6, 7, 8, 70, 1'2, 74)
(c) ExpressI (=x flx)) using universalquantifiers'Justify
your answer.

5. (a) Construct a weighted connected graph on five
vertices that has exactly five minimum spanning
trees. Justifyyour answer.
(b) Expressthe number-87 using (i) 1's complement
form, (ii)two's complementform, (iii)sign magnitude
representation.Use 8-bit representation.
(c) Draw the logic diagram of HA (Half Adder) anci
using HA constructFA (FullAdder). 5
(d) Define Well Formed Formula(WFF). 3

c s -0 7 15,000
ADCA / MCA (II Year)
Term-End Examination
Jurie, 2006



T)'i^",3 hours MaximumMarks: 75

Note : Question 7 is compulsory. Attempt any three

questionslrom the rest. Use of calculators is not

1. (a) Write a FORTRAN90 statementfor each of the

following : 3

,in *
\'' ' "*2

(ii) , =
/1 +* r)'*
r ) + l,r- 3)'
[o ['- bJ

( i i i0) = r[ ^M*)j (.,_ "' _ o'l


cs-08 P.T.O.
(b) Which of the following are acceptablenames of
integer variables, real variables and unacceptable
names and why ?-

(i) 457.5


(iiil rNDrA
(iv) .ABC2

(c) Point out the errors in each of the following

statements,and correct them.

(i) Y/6.35 : Q

(ii) TEMP :.5 (TA - T2)/Z


(d) Write a FORTRAN program to compute the

equivalentresistanceR for given 100 sets of values,
where you enter R, and R, from the key board.The
resistancesR, and R, are connectedin paralleland
the formula for the equivalentresistanceis given
below :

1 1 1
R R 1 R 2

(eJ An air foil is to be plotted with a "camber". The
mean line of the foil js given by :

y=+ e p x - x z ) f o rx < p

v=: o ( 1+ 2 p x - 2 p - * 2 ) forx>p

Write a program that reads 100 sets of data, of m,

x and p each, and which computesand prints the
valuesof y.

(f) A town has two doctors, X and Y operating

independently.If the probability that Doctor X is
availableis 0.9 and that Dr. Y is availableis 0.8,
then find the probabilitythat at least one of them is
availablewhen needed.

(s) Find the regressionline of y on x for the given data :

X 2 4 5 6 8 11

v 1B 72 10 8
.1 (

(h) Fill in the blanks :

(i) Mr. Shiv Kumar calculatedthe mean of twenty

different numbers. The calculated mean is
72'14. But, while calculating,by mistake he
took the number 91., 75 and 82 insteadof the
correctedvalue of \9, 57 and 28 respectively.
The correct mean of twentv numbers is

CS-08 P.T.O.
(ii) If two regressioncoefficientsare, --.- 0'1 and
- O'9, the valueof r is

(iii) The size of the variable which occurs most

frequently is known as -
(iv) The probabilitiesof occurringof two eventsE,
F are 0'25 and 0'5, respectively,and of both
occurring simultaneouslyis 0'14. Then the
probability of the occurrenceof neither event is
equal to

2. (a) Two one-dimensionalarrays C and D have 25

elements each. Write a computer program to
compute and print the quantities
A = / t- t (c+d)
l I'
i.- 1

B=> (c -di)z
. i=1

P= I c,d,

(b) Use the method of least squaresto fii the curve

f(x) : c.x + .rfi fot the followingdata : 6

X 1 A 16 25
f(x) I6 14 72 10

(c) Writea programsegment to readformattedvaluesof
A and B from a file, and to compute


T = A + B
- x - = _
Also write the formattedvaluesof S, T and X into
a file.

3. (a) Given a trianglewith sidesa, b, c, write a FORTRAN

program to find whether it is an isoscelestriangle. 4

(b) Find the correlationcoefficientbetweenx and v from

the given data : 6

x 1 3 4 6 8 9 11 74
v 1 2 4 4 5 8 9
(c) The ratio of relativisticto classicalmomentum as a
function of the speedof light is given by the formula

ratio = J==
Write a program that will compute and print a table
of the ratio for

f = 0 1 to 0.9 in stepsof 0.1

f = 0 1 9 1t o 0 . 9 9 i n s t e p so f 0 . 0 1 .

cs-08 P.T.O.
4. (a) The ideal compressor outlet temperature and
efficiencyfor a gas turbine are given by

rp r*
r =ro , and
r o,)t;
e f f i c i e n (ceY)= 1 - ltl
\ ' 2/

where To is the inlet temperature, P, the inlet

pressure,Prthe outlet pressure,and y, the ratio of

Write a program to computeand output T and e for

T o = 4 5 0 , P , = 1 0 , P z = 5 5 , a n dY = 1 ' 5 . 5

(b) For the followingfrequencydistribution,computethe

mean, standarddeviationand coefficientof variation' 5

Weight (in kS) 2 3 - 2 7 2 8- 3 2 3 3 - 3 7 3 8 - 4 2

No. of persons 10 35 40 15

(c) Wriie a program to calculateand print the value of

c(n, k) =
Write a subroutineto calculatethe factorial and call
it in the main program.

5. (a) Identify errors, if any, in the following FORTRAN
(i) Do8. I=1,3
(ii) Do 33 L = M, N(3),I
(iii) GIDAN = XYL + -N(3.2)
(iv) DO 44 K : 1. M+2, N
(v) C(1e) : B(- 4) + F13

(b) Three machines, I, II, and III manufacture

respectively,0.4,0.5, and 0.1 of the total
production. The percentage of defective items
produced by I, II, and III is 2o/0, 4o/o and lo/o
respectively.For an item chosenat random, what is
the probabilitythat it is defective?

An enquiry into the budget of the middle class
familiesin a certaincity of India gave the following
information :

Pricein 1998 Price in 2000

(in Rs.) (in Rs.)
Food 40o/o 140 165
Fuel 10% 20 23
Clothing 20% 60 70
Rent 20o/o DU BO
1070 30 55

Compute the cost of living index number for 2000

taking 1998 as the basevear.

CS-08 P.T.O.
Assume that your stock of sales merchandise is
maintained based on the forecast demand' If the
distributor'ssalespersonnelcall on the first day of
each month, compute your forecastsales from the
given historicaldata.

Month Actual Demand

June 140
July 180
August 770
Using a simple three-month moving average'
what is the forecastfor SePtember?
Using a weighted moving average,with weights
of 0'20, 0'30, and 0'50 for June, July, and
August, respectively,what is the forecast for

cs-08 13,000
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


Time : 3 hours Msximum Marks , 75

Note : Question number 7 is compulsory. Answer any

three questions Jrom the rest.

1. (a) An analog signal is limited to 4 kHz. It is converted

to a PCM signal using 8 bitlsample. What is the bii
rate on the transmission line I 3

(b) Make a timing diagram and show the differences

between manchester encoding and differential

manchester encoding for the bit stream

(c) Calculate the number of networks that can exist in
Class A, B and C IP addresses.Also, calculate the
number of hosts a network in each class can have'

(d) What happens in a token bus network if a station

accepts the token and then crashes immediately ?
How does protocol handle this situation ?

CS-09 P.T.O.
(e) Answer the following questions with respect to a
TCP header:
(i) Why is the TCP header length required ?
Explain this.
(ii) What is the need of a variable size sliding
window ?
(0 What is a subnet? How is subnettingimplemented?
Explain this with the help of an example.

2. (a) Explairl the TCp connection establishment

procedures both in the normal case and in the
call-collisioncase,with the help of a diagram each. s
(b) Explain two important reasons for having a
minimum frame lengthin CSMA/CD. Explainthis
diagrammatically. 5
(c) Derive the throughput expressionsfor ALOHA and
Slotted ALOHA. s

3. (a) Sketch a Network AddressTranslation(NAT) Box,

and explain its operations. s
(b) Why is there a need for compression? Differentiate
betweenJPEG and MPEG standards. 4
(c) Give at leastthree functionsof a modem 3
(d) How does UDP handleflow control, error control or
retransmissionupon receipt of a bad segment? s

4.. (a) Explain the operation of an FDDI token ring, with
the help of a diagram. Also, list the two key
differencesbetweenFDDI and IEEE 802'5. 7

(b) Explain the functioning of the HDLC protocol for

the following : I

(i) Busy condition

- (ii) Error recoveryusing RFJ command
(iii) Two-way data exchange
(iv) Link setup and disconnection

5. Write any three differencesbetweenthe following'pairs' 75

(il Circuit switching and Packet switching

(ii) services
Connectionorientedand Connectionless
(iii) ARP and RARP
(iv) Upward multiplexingand Downward multiplexing
(v) X'25 and Frame relay

cs-09 20,000
ADCA / McA (II Yr)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006

T i m e: 3 h o u r s Maximum Mqrks : 75

Note : Question no. I is compulsory. Answerany three

questionsfrom the rest.

l. (a) A library of a Universitywants to automate lending

of books. The main objectivesof the s/w are :
. On-line record of valid borrowers.
o Online record of books issued.
o Online reservationof books.
For the above mentionedsystem
(i) Developa SoftwareRequirementSpecification.
(iil Design DFD upto two levels.
(iii) Constructthe structurechart for this system.
(iv) Suggest a testing strategy for any two s/w
modulesin (iii) above. 20

(b) Explain any five software quality parameters. s

cs-10 P.T.O.
(c) Why is there often tension between a software
engineering group and an independent software
quality assurancegroup ? Is this healthy ? Justify your

2. (a) User interfaces can be made effective by following

three important principles. Elaborate these

(b) Differentiate between top down and bottom up

integrationtesting.Give one exampleof each.

(c) What are the advantagesand disadvantages

of size
oriented metrics?

3. (a) What is cyclomatic complexity ? How can you relate

it to independent paths ? Explain with suitable

(b) What is risk estimation ? How is a risk table


(c) Why is reliabilitya better measureof quality ? How

is it measured?

4. (a) Develop a use case diagram for an ATM system

where the withdrawal and deposit operations are
allowed. 10

(b) What is Software Configuration Management

(SCM)? Explain the elementsof a SCM system.

5. (a) Develop a procedural design for an interactive user
interface that queries for basic "lncome Tax"
information. Derive your own requirements and
assumethat all tax computationsare performed by
other modules.

(b) List and explain any three situationswhere dynamic

testing tools are better than the statictestingtools'

(c, Differentiatebetweenan objectusedin OOA and an

object used during data modelling.

cs-10 18,000
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


Time : 3 hours Maximum Mqrks : 75

Note : Question number 7 is compulsory. Answer any

three questionst'rom the rest.

1. (a) Explain a distributedmemory multicomputersystem,

with the help of an appropriatediagram.

(b) Consider the following two interleaved memory

organization for a main memory system with 16
memory modules.Each moduleis assumedto have a
Design 1 : 16-way interleavingwith one memory
Design 2 : 8-way interleavingwith two memory
For this systemcalculatethe following : 10
(i) addressformat for each organization.
(ii) maximum memory bandwidth.

CS-12 P.T.O.
(c) Show the numerical analysis demonstrating the
perf.ormancedegradationcausedby branchingin an
instruction pipeline. State all the assumptionsand
explain each notation used. 8

(d) Derive the equationsrepresentingthe followingw.r.t.

o Time required to exeiute N instructions
. The relationship between Speedup and Base
Explicitly state the assumptionsand explain each
notation used. 7

2. (a) Explain any one directory-based protocol fof

network-connected with the help of
a diagram.

(b) Explain five salient featuresof data flow computers. 5

(c) Considerthe following pipeline reservationtable :

1 2 3 4
S1 X X
s2 X
S3 X

Calculateforbiddenlatenciesand greedycyclesfor this

pipeline processor.

3. (a) List two differencesbetweeneach of the following : 6
(i) Crossbarversusmultistageswitches
(ii) Virtual channelvs. physicalchannel
(iii) Buffer deadlockvs. channeldeadlock
(b) A computer systemhas a 12g byte cache. It usesa
4-way set associativemapping with B bytes in each
block. The physicaladdresssize is 32 btts. and the
smallest addressableunit is 1 byte. Answer the
following for this system:

. '(i) Show the mapping betweenphysicaladdresses

and cacheaddresses.
(ii) To what block frame of cache address will
000010AF1ube assigned?
(iii) If the addresses00001OAFru and FFFFTAxyru
are assignedto the same set, find the valuesof
x and y.

4. (a) Perform a data dependencyanalysison the following

code segment:
51 : Load R1, M(100)
52 : MOVE R2, R1
53 : Inc Rl
54 : Add R2, R1
55 : Store M(100),R1
Also draw the corresponding data dependency

c s -1 2 P.T.O.
(b) Differentiate between a VLIW processor and a
superscalarprocessor'Also, explainthe pipeliningin
VLIW architecture,with the help of a diagram'

5. (a) Explain the concept of overlappingregisterwindows

in the SPARC architecture,with the help of 'a
'context' mean with respect to a
(b) What does
multithreadedsystem ? With the help of a diagram'
explain multiple context prQcessors'

cs-12 25,000
ADCA / MCA (lll Year)
Term-End Examination
June, 2OOG

C S-l 3 : OP E R A T IN G

Time : 3 hours MqximumMsrks: 75

Nofe : Question number 7 is compulsory. Answer any

three questionsfrom the rest.

1. (a) What are the factors to be considered for an

effective disk space allocation strategy ? Also, explain
the indexing strategy for non-contiguous allocation of
disk space.

(b) Write and explain, Belady's Anomaly. Give an

example illustrating the anomalous behaviour of

(c) Explain the concurrent reader's and writer's

problem. Write an algorithm to solve it.

(d) Write and explain, Ricart and Agrawala's algorithm

for mutual exclusion in distributed svstems.

(e) Compare the LINUX opnruting system with

WINDOWS o/s with respect to features of open
source software.

cs-13 P.T.O.
2. (a) Explain processor synchronization issues in a
Multiprocessorsystemwith sharedmemory. 6
(b) Define processscheduling.What is the role of the
scheduler? List all the schedulersavailable,along
with their working principles. 9

3. (a) Explain protectionand sharingfor the following : 8

(i) Paging system
(ii) Segmentedsystem
(b) Write and explain an algorithm for deadlock
prevention. 7

4. (a) Write and explain the Lamport's Bakery algorithm

for inter-processsynchronization. B
(b) What is a digitalsignature? Explain the method for
generationand verificationof digital signatures. 7

5. (a) Explain the Bell and La-Padulamodel of protection,

with an example.
(b) Explain the architectureof a DistributedFile system,
with special relerenceto a client-serverdivision of

cs-13 20,000
MCA (IIl Year)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


Time : 3 hours Mqximum Marks : 75

Note : Question number 7 is compulsory. Attempt any

three questionslrom the rest.

1. (a) Define cognitive systems. Mention three differences

between cognitive systems and expert systems' 4

(b) Transform each of the following sentences into

disjunctive normal form ' 4

( i ) - ( P & Q )& ( P v Q )
(iil -Pv-Q) &(R+S)
(c) Write three differences
and Abductive Inference mechanisms. Give one
application of each type of inferencing technique. 4

(d) Define the three Jechniquesfor indexing and retrieval

of knowledge from memorY. 3
'script' context of knowledge
(e) Explain in the
representation. Cteate a script'. Make
necessary assumptions. 5

cs-14 P.T.O.
(f) How does the use of a heuristicfunction reducethe
searchspace? Suggesta good heuristicfunction for
each of the following : 6
(i) TravellingSalespersonproblem
(ii) 8 puzzleproblem.
(S) Write an algorithm for matchingsubstrings. 4

2. (a) Write a LISP code for finding roots of a quadratic

equation,ax2 + bx + c = 0, a # 0, a, b, c e R. 5
(b) Transform the following FOPL statements into
equivalentconceptualgraphs : 5
(i) Vx Normal (x) & Grown (x) + Walk (x)
(ii) Vy Haswings(y) & Layseggs(y) -+ Isbird(y).
(c) Explain the five levelsof knowledgerepresentation. 5

3. (a) Define objectsand messages.Also give one example

for each. 3
(b) Write a LISP function that will reversethe elements
of a list.
[eg.input list ((ab)(c(de))),outputlist (((ed)c)(ba)) 5
(c) Name any four arc-relationsused in an associative
network. Give an example displaying the three
arc-relations. 4
(d) Apply the unificationalgorithm to the following set
of clauses:
l P ( X , Y ) n Q f i , j o e )n R ( Y , Z ) ,
P (john, mary) n Q (john, A) n R (mary,A) ) 3

4. (a) Write and explain the various steps of the branch
and bound searchtechnique. 5

(b) Define the following terms w.r't' heuristic search

algorithms' 6

(i) Admissibilitycondition
(ii) Completenesscondition
(iii) Dominanceproperty
(c) Give any four functions performed by a
comprehensivememory managementsystem' 4

5. (a) What is a DistanceMatrix ? How is it different from

for matching?
the probabilistic'measures 4

(b) Give ihe variablebindings, if any, which will make

each of the following pairs of lists match i 4

(il (.x ab(cd) .x), ((ef)ab .Y ef)

(ii) (abc(da) f), (?x bc (d ?y) ?z)

(c) Considerthe following problem :

You are given two jugs of capacity4 gallonsand
3 gallons. Neither has any measuringmark on it'
How can you get exactly2 gallonsof water into the
4 gallon jug ? Write production rules for the
problem and obtain the solution of this problem. 7

cs-14 19,000
MCA (III Year)
Term-End Examination
June, ?OOG

C S - 1 5 : R E L A T ION A L

Time : 3 hours Mqximum Mqrks: 75

Note : Question no. I is compulsory. Answerony three

questionsfrom the rest.

1. (a) An organisation has multiple retail stores. These

stores have to keep track of products, suppliers,
customersand employees.Make an E-R diagram,
. statingthe assumptionsused,if any. I

(b) Explain multi-valueddependencywith the help of an

example.How is it relatedto normalization? Explain
this with the help of an example. 7

(c) Explain the major transaction states with a suitable

diagram.Describea suitablemethod using Locks, for
handling a large number of concurrenttransactions
per minute in an online airline reservationsvstem. 7

cs-15 P.T.O.
(d) Explain the significance and usage of views in .a
relational databasesystem, with the help of suitable
examples.Explain any four constraintsof updating a
fuple in a view.

2. (a) Define indices and their advantagesin RDBMS.

Explain the concepts clustering and hashing
indices,using an exampleof each.

(b) Considerthe relations:

GRADE (stud_id,subject_id,grade)
SUBJECT (subject-id,s-namd, teacher)
(i) Write the relational algebraic query for the
following :
. List the studentnumber, subjectnamesand
gradesof the studentwhoseid is 100.
' List the grades of all the students in the
subjectstaught by teacher "XYZ".
(ii) Convert the queries above into an optimized
query graPh.

3. (a) Consider the following relationsin the context of a

Customer (C-code, C-name, C-phone)
Product (P-code, P-desc, P-price)
Call (Ca-id, C-code, P-code, Ca-result, Ca-date)

Write the appropriate SQL commands for the
following :
(i) Find the name of customersto whom a call is
not made.
(ii) Find the total number of calls made to the
customerwn'osename is
(iii) List C-name and P-desc of the calls made
(iv) Find the product details of those products
whose price is aboveaverage.

(b) A university maintains databasetables about the

faculty and the students'
FACULTY (f-id, f-name, subject-id)
STUDENT (S-id, S-name, S-course,S-dob)
MARKS (S-id, subject-id, marks)
Constraints' One facultyteachesonly one subject'
(i) Identify suitable accessrights for the faculty,
studentsand databaseadministrator'
(ii) Createthe accessmatrix for (i) above'
(iii) Write the query modification statement for the

4. (a) Explain the three problems of concurrent

transactionsin RDBMS, with suitableexamples' 5

(b) What is a timestamp ? How does the system

generate timestamps ? Explain the timestamp
ordering protocol for concurrencycontrol' 5

cs-15 P.T.O.
(c) Explain the different time components involved in
accessinga disk block.
(d) "The decomposition of a relation into BCNF is
always dependency preserving." Is this statement
true ? Give reasonsfor your answer.

5. (a) Explain the following terms with the help of an

exampleor diagram : 10
(i) Data independence
(ii) Security in statisticaldatabases
(iii) Serialisability
(iv) Closureof an FD
(b) Supposethe write aheadLog Schemeis being used.
Give the REDO and UNDO processesin the strategy
of writing the partial update made by a transaction
to the database,as well as in the strategyof delaying
all writes to databasetill the commit.

cs-15 4 19,000
ADCA / MCA (lll Yr)
Term-End Examination
June, 2OOG


Time :3 hours Maximum Mqrks: 75

Note : Questionno. I is compulsory. Answer any three

questionsfrom the rest.

l. (a) A library in a universityis having provision to issue

books to students and staff. It collects different
penalties from both categoriesin case of late return
of books.The library also managesdifferentregisters
which hold information about members, books,
magazines, newspapers, penalties collected, etc.,
manually.The library needsa systemto maintainthe
registersas well as for performingtransactionssuch
as issue and return of books, etc. Identify classesfor
the system and draw the class diagram. Add three
attributesand three operationsto the classes.Explain
the classesas well as associations,
if any.
Make assumptions,if necessary. 70

cs-16 P.T.O.
(b) Identify at least five classesin a Railway Reservation
System,and show their relatedassociations.

(c) Explain the following terms, with an example of

(i) State Diagrams
(ii) Generalization
(iii) Abstract Classes

(d) Draw an E-R diagram and show the relationships

between various entities like Student, College,
Teacher, Hostel, Library of a IJniuersity
Information System. The diagram should also
include attributes.
Make necessaryassumptionswherever necessary.

2. (a) Prepare an object diagram, showing at least five

relationshipsamong the following object classes: 10
School, Playground, Principal, Board, Classroom,
Book, 'Student, Teacher, Cafeteria, Rest room,
Computer, Desk, Chair, Ruler, Door, Swing.
Include associations, aggregations and
generalizations.Use qualifiedassociationsand show
multiplicity balls in your diagrams.You do not need
to show attributes of operations. Use association
names where needed.

(b) What is a Recursiveaggregate? Explain this with an


3. (a) Define a Scenario.Give an example of a Scenario.
Also, define an Event trace and give an example of
(b) Draw a Data Flow Diagram for computing the
volume and surfacearea of a cylinder. Inputs are the
height and radiusof the cylinder.Outputsare volume
and surfacearea. 10

4. (a) Explain five differences between an OMT

methodology and the structured software
(b) For each of the following systems, identify the
relative importance of the three aspects of
modelling : 10
(i) Telephone Answering machine
(ii) Typewriter

5. (a) What is Overriding ? How is it different from

Overloadingof functions? Explain two situationsin
which one would need to use overriding, with an
exampleof each. 10
(b) What is encapsulation? Explain the need for
encapsulation,using an example.

cs-16 23,000
ADCA / MCA (II Year)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


Time: 3 hours Maximum Mqrks, 75

Nofe : Question number 7 is compulsory. Attempt any
three more questionsfrom questions numbered

1. (a) 3 items are to be loadedonto a truck whose capacity

is 10 tons. The weighi per unit (w,) and value per
unit (v,)of each item is given in the following table :

i vi wi

1 5 2
2 6 3
3 4 1
Assume that only integral units of the items can be
loaded. The value of the load carried is to be
(i) Formulate this situation as an integer
programming problem.
(iil If the problem is to be solved by dynamic
programming, write the general recursion for this
problem. 4

CS-51 P.T.O.
(b) Find the range of valuesof p and q"whichwill render
the entry (2, 2) a saddlepoint for the game

Player B
81 82 83
A,' 12 6
l 5-ll
A O, Z 101
t l
A3L6 p 4)
Are there values for p, q that will make (3, 1) a
saddle point ? Justify your answer. 4

(c) Which of the following statementsare true ? Give

reasonsfor your answers.

(i) The feasibleregion for any Lpp is non-empty.

(ii) If a random variabletakes two values0 and 1

with probabilities = x und 11", then x can
2 2
take any real value.

(iii) The function f, definedby (x) = /n x V x >

is a convexfunction.

(iv) For a two person zero sum game with the

pay-off matrix A, max min a.. >*min max a...
i j ' J j i i j

(d) My diet requires that all ihe food I eat come
from one of the four "basicfood groups" (ice cream,
soda,/cola, biscuits and cake). At present, the
following four food items are available for
consumption: biscuits,chocolateice cream, cola and
cake. Each biscuit costs 50 p, each scoop of
chocolateice cream costsRs. 10, each bottle of cola
costs Rs. 10 and each piece of cake costs Rs. 5.
Each day, I must consume at least 500 calories,
6 grams of chocolate, 10 grams of sugar and
8 grams of fat. Thesecontentsper unit of each food
is given below.

Sugar Fat
Food Calories (grams) grams)

Biscuit (,zunit) 400 3 2 2

200 2 2 4
cream (/scoop)
Cola (/bottle) 150 0 4 1
Cake (/piece) 500 0 4 5
Formulatean LP model that can be used to satisfy
my daily consumptionrequirementat minimum cost. 4
(e) Solve the following LPP by simplexmethod. 70
Max 4x, + 3x,
subjectto x, + *2 . 8,

CS-51 P.T.O.
2. (a) Data are gathered on the sale of TV sets at a retail
shop over 100 days. They are compiled and

No. of sets sold Frequency of days

1 5

2 15

3 20

4 30

5 18

6 9

7 3

Work out the expected(mean)number of sets sold

per day.

Solve the following LP by graphical method : -


s.t. 2x, + 3x, < 16


(c) An average of 10 customersper hour arrive at a
bank with only one teller. The averageservicetime
for each customer is 4 minutes. Assume that both
inter-arrivaltimes and servicetimes are exponentially
(i) Which category of queuing models does this
situation fall in ?
(ii) What is the probabilitythat the ieller is idle ?
(iii) What is the average number of waiting
customers? 5
(d) List three major limitationsof the PERT model. 3

3. A car rental company is facedwith an allocationproblem

resulting from rental agreementsthat allows cars to be
returned to locations other than those at which they
originally rented. At the present time, there are two
locations (sources) with 15 and 13 cars surplus,
respectively,and four locations(destinations)
requiring9, 6,
7 and 9 cars, respectively.The transportationcost (in Rs.)
of a car betweenthe locationsare as follows :

Formulate the above as an LP (Transportation Problem),

and obtain an initial basic feasible solution. Further,
identify the destination that will receive a supply less than
required, and the amount it receives. 15

CS-51 P.T.O.
4. (a) Four different jobs can be carried out on any of
the four machines.The matrix below gives the cost
(in Rs.) of processingjob i on machinej.
Machine -+
M1 M2 M3 M4
Job J
J1 5 7 11 6
J2 8 5 9 6
J3 4 7 10 7
J4 10 4 8 3
How should the jobs be assignedto machines(one
iob to one machine)so that total processingcost is
minimum ?
(b) A machine produces lOo/odefectiveitems. Denote a
good unit by G and a defectiveunit by B. Carry out
simulation to identify each of the 15 coniecutive
units producedas G or B.
I Use the sequenceof random digits :
4076486653 8950826528 4934582003 l
How many G's and B's are produced?
(c) A shopping plaza is in the shape of a rhombuswith
verticesA (- 1, 0), B (0, 1), C (1, 0), D (0, - 1). A
phone booth is to be located at a point P in the
plaza so that the sum of the squaresof its distance
from all the verticesis minimum.
(i) Formulate this situation as a quadratic
(ii) Write the Kr-rhn- Tucker conditions for this

5. (a) The daily demandfor a commodityis approximately
100 units. Everytime an order is placed,a fixed cost
of Rs. 100 is incurred.The daily holding cost per
unit inventory is Rs. 0.02. Determinethe economic
lot size.

Write down the dual of the following LP (primal)

problem :
Maximizez = l2xt + 3x, - x,
s.t. 10x, + 2x, + x, > 100

(c) Two companies A and B are competing for the

market of the same product. Their different
strategiesare given in the following pay-off matrix.

Company B
81 82 83
A1 12 -2 ol
Company A | |
A2 L1 2 3l

Determine the best strategies, and find the value of

the game.

(d) Explain three limitations of operations research. 3

CS-51 17,000
ADCA / MCA (lI Year)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


T i m e: 3 h o u r s Mqximum Mqrks : 75

Note : Question number 5 is compulsory. Attempt any

three questionsfrom the rest.

l. (a) Explain, in detail, the following accounting

concepts :

(i) Cost concept

(ii) Accrualconcept

(iii) Consistencyconcept

(b) "Accounting is closely concerned with control"'

Explain the statement. Discuss the role of
accountingfeedbackin the processof control. 6

c s -5 4 P.T.O.
2 . From the following balancestaken from the books of M/s
Ram Kishore & Co, prepare a Trading and Profit & Loss
account for the year ending December 31tt, 2004 and
balancesheetas on that date. 15

Amount Amount
Rs. (Dr) Rs. (Cr)

Stock (1.1.2004) 17,000

Debtors & Creditors 25,000 22,O00
Purchasesand Sales 89,000 1,15,000
Returns 17,000 12,000
Drawing and Capital 8,000 1,25,000
Fire insurancepremium 2,000
Life insurancepremium 5,000
Income tax paid 10,000
Bills receivableand
14,000 16,000

Sales tax payable 12,000

Wages and Salaries 18,000
Telephone expenses 3,000
Sales promotion

Cash & Bank overdraft 5,000 14,000

Audit fees 8,000

Amount Amount
Rs. (Dr) Rs. (Cr)

Discount 4,000 1,000

Investments 60,000
Interest on investment 5,000
Interest on bank

Rent paid 12,000

Bad debts recovered 2,000
Total 3 ,2 4 ,0 0 0 3,24,000
Closing Stock as on 31st December.2004 amounted to
Rs. 25,000.

3. Explain, in detail, the featuresof an appropriate capital

structure.Also explainthe variousfactorswhich determine
and influencethe capitalstructureof a firm. Js

4. (a) Examine different classes of capital projects.

Explain why they are approacheddifferently. I

(b) Explain the concept of Zero Base Budgeting, Also

give four of its advantagesand three disadvantages. .-'

c s -5 4 3 - P,T.O.
5. (a) The following figures relate to a company
manufacturinga varied range of products :
Total Sales Total Cost
Particulars (Rs.) (Rs.)
Year ended
22,23,000 1 9 , 8 3 , 6 0 0
31't March. 2003
Year ended
2 4 . 5 1 . 0 0 0 27.43,200
3 1'' March, 2004
Assumingstabilityin price with variablecosts carefully
controlled to reflect predeterminedrelationshipsand
an unvarying fixed cost, calculate
(i) The Profit Volume ratio
(ii) Fixed Costs
(iii) Fixed Costs percentageto Sales
(iv) Break even Point
(v) Margin of Safetyfor the year 2003 and 2004' 75
(b) XYZ Ltd. manufacturerof industrialvalvesprovidesthe
following informationfor the year ended3ltt March,
Particulars Per unit Total
Sales(15,000 valves) (i) 25 3,75,000
Production Overheads
Variable 15 2,25,000
Fixed 3 45,000
(ii) 18 2,70,000
Gross Profit L,05,000
Administration,selling and 32,000
Net Profit 73,000

' 4
The actual Sales, Production and Stocks for the yeay are
as under :

Particulars Quarter Total


2,000 1,000 4,000

Production 6 , 0 0 0 4 , 0 0 0 5 , 0 0 0 3 , 0 0 0 1 8 , 0 0 0

Sales 4,000 5,000 2,000 4,000 15,000

2 , 0 0 0 1 , 0 0 0 4 ,0 0 0 3 , 0 0 0 3 , 0 0 0

You are required to prepare quarterly statements of

profitability on the basis of Absorption Costing and
MarginalCosting. 15

c s- 5 4 18,000
MCA (Revised)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


Time: 3 hours Maximum Morks: 700


Note : Questionnumber 7 is compulsory. Attempt any

three questionsfrom the rest'

1. (a) Design an algorithm, draw a corresponding flow chart

and write a program in C, to print the fibonacci
series. 10

(b) Write a program that does not use the inbuilt string
functions to perform the following : 10

(i) To compare two strings

(ii) To'copy a string

(c) Design an algorithm, and write a program to find ihe

factorial of a number using recursion. 10

MCS-o11 P.T.O.
(d) A C program containsthe followingdeclarations: 10
int i, j;
long iX;
short S;
float X;
double dX;
char C;
Determine the resultantdata type of each of the
following expressions:
(i) i+C
(ii) X+C
(iii) dX + X
(iv) ((int) dX) + iX
(v) i+X
(vi) S+j
(vii) iX + j
(viii) S + C
(ix) iX + C
(x) i+j

2. (a) Summarizethe purpose of the format strings (like

o/os,o/od,o/oc) that are' comrnonly
used within the
printf function, with an examplefor each. 10
(b) When can two matricesof order a x b and c x d be
subtracted? Also write a program in C to find the
differenceof two such matrices. 70

3. (a) Design an algorithm, draw a corresponding flow
chart and write a C program to check whether a
given string is a palindrome or not. 10
(b) Explain the meaning of each of the following
functions prototypes and mention the return data
type of each of them : 70
(i) double f(double a, int b);
(ii) void f(long a, short b, unsigned c);

(iii) unsigned f(unsigned a, unsigned b);

(iv) int (-f) (char*, int);

(v) int * f(charo, int);

4. (a) What is the difference between a function and a

macro ? Find the largest number among two
numbers using a function definition as well as a
macro. Which is more efficient in terms of execution
time and code size ? 1t1

(b) Write a program to sort a list of strings in

alphabetical order, using an array of pointers. 10

5. (a) Wiite a program, using 'structures', to calculate the

gross salary and net salary, if the details of an
employee along with the basic pay, attendance and
deductions are given as input. 1n

(b) Write a program to count the number of characters,

number of words and number of lines in a given file. 1n

MCS-o11 11 , 0 0 0
MCA (Revised)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


Time : 3 hours Mqximum Mqrks: 700

(Weightage 75o/o)

Alote : Question no. I is compulsory. Attempt any

three questionsJrom the rest.

l. (a) Construct the Karnaugh map for the following

function, and find the function in sum of producl
form. Draw the resultantlogic diagram.

F ( A ,B , C , D ) : > ( 0 , 2 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 7 0 , 1 3 , 1 5 )

(b) Draw the logic diagram for a 4 x 4 random access

memory. Assumethat the cellsof RAM are made of
R - S flip-flop.

(c) Seek time on a hard disk is 50 ms. It rotates at a

speedof 3000 rotations/sec.Each track on the disk
has 100 sectors.Find the averageaccesstime for
the disk.

(d) Explain, with an example of each call, any five DOS
function calls supported by INT 21H in the 8086
assemblylanguage. 10

(e) Explain, with an examPle, the following

(i) SelectivecomPlement
(ii) Mask operations
(iii) Insert
(iv) Clear

(0 What is the need of master slave flip-flop ? Explain

its functioningwith the help of a suitablediagram'

(g) Write a program to evaluatethe following expression

using an accumulatormachine :
A = B + C " D . E + F

2. (a) How can ihe subtractionoperation on binary numbers

be achieved by using addition operations only ?
Explain this, using a 4-bit binary number.

(b) Construct a 4-bit right-shift register with serial

input-output using D flip-flops. Describe its
functioning. 5

(c) What is a micro-instruction ? Explain the three

micro-instruction formats, with the help of suitable
diagrams. 10

3. (a) Explain the process of handling an interrupt that
occurs during the executionof a program, with the
help of an example.
(b) Write a program in 8086 assemblylanguagethat
checks an input string against a password string
stored in the memory and outputs an appropriate
messageif the stringsare not equal.
(c) What is the significanceof FAT ? What are the
limitationsof FAT 16 ?

4. (a) What is the sequenceof micro-operationsrequiredto

fetch an instruction?
(b) Explain any five addressingmodes used in an 8086
microprocessor,with the help of an example of
(c) Assume a computerhas 32 word RAM each having
a word of 16 bits and a cache memory of 4 blocks,
with each block having 16 bits. Where can we find a
main memory address21 in the cache(if it exists)if
(i) Set associative
mapping is used?
(ii) Direct mapping is used?
(iii) Associativemapping is used ?
Explain your answerswith the help of a diagram in
each case. 10

5. (a) Write an 8086 assemblylanguageprogram that finds

the largest,'andthe secondlargestnumber from a list
of 10 numbersstoredin the memorv.

MCS-012 P.T.O.
(b) Draw the logic diagram of a full adder. Create a 2-bit
adder-subtractorcircuit using the block diagram of
the full adder. 6

(c) Explain the followingwith the help of an exampleor

a diagram,whicheveris appropriate: I
(i) Parity bit
(ii) Floatingpoint notation
(iii) Refreshrates in video controllers
(iv) An l/O channel

MCS-O12 11 , 0 0 0
MCA (Revised)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


Time : 2 hours Mqximum Marks: 50

Note : Question number 7 is compulsory. Attempt any

three questionsfrom the rest.

l. (a) Prove (p + q) = (-p v q) using a truth table. 2

(b) Express the following statement using existential

quantifiers : 2
-(vx P(x))
(c) Give a direct proof of the statement "The cube of
an odd integer is odd". 4

(d) Find the logic circuit correspondingto the statement

( ( x ,v x r ) ' n ( x , A x i ) ' ) '

(e) Let f and g be functions defined by f(X) = x2,

Sfi) = x * 1. Check whether foS(X) = gof(X). 3

MCS-o13 P.T.O.
(0 In how many different ways can a 7-person
committee be formed containing 3 women and
4 men from amongst a group of 20 women and
30 men ?

(g) How many numbers between 1 and 100, both

inclusive,are there which are divisibleby 2 or 5 ? 3

2. (a) Let A and B be n x n matrices.Check the truth value

of the following statements: 5
(i) lBvA1(A+B) =Al
(ii) lB VA [A + B = 1,.,1
where I,.,is the n x n identity matrix.

(b) Let A = 17, 2, 3, 4, 5lr.Let R be a relation defined

on A such that aRb iII a + b. Check if R is a 3
(i) Reflexiverelation
(ii) Symmetricrelation
(iii) Transitive relation

(c) For the setsA, B, C represent

(i) Au(BnC)
(ii) AAB

using Venn diagrams. 2

3. (a) Prove by mathematicalinduction that

13+ 23 + 33 +... * n3_

(b) For the booleanalgebra
( { 0 ,1 1 ,A , V , ' )
evaluatethe booleanexpression
E ( X 1X, 2 ,X 3 )= ( X 1v X 2 )^ ( X i v X ; ) n ( X , v X r ) '


(c) Four cards are chosen randomly from a pack of

52 cards. What is the probability that all four are
kings ?

4. (a) Using truth tables, check if each of the following is

a tautology or not.,

(i) (qnp) v(qn-p)

(ii) p ^ -p

(iii) q -+ (q --> p)

(b) Differentiate between a theorem and a conjecture.

Also give an exampleof a famous conjecturewhich
is not a theorem.

(c) 7C'
Use Pascal'striangleto find

(d) Define a multinomialcoefficient.

MCS-013 P.T.O.
5. (a) For the following functions defined in tabular form
below, find the boolean expression in CNF and
x1 x2 x3 f(x1,x2, x3)
0 0 0 1
0 0 1 0
0 1 0 1
0 1 1 1
1 0 0 0
1 0 1 1

1 1 0 1

1 1 1 0

Show that in a group of 100 people we can always

find 9 people who were bom in September.

(c) Define a partition, and find Pu3.

(d) Find the number of 4-letter words which can be

formed using the English alphabet. How many will
begin with a vowel ?

MCS-O13 11 , 0 0 0
\ MCA (Revised)
Term-End E>ramination
June, 2006



Time: 3 hours Maximum Mqrks : 700

(Weightqge 75o/o)

Note : Question number 7 Is compulsory. Answer any

three questionsfrom the rest.

l. (a) What is a System ? List the various types of systems

and explain each of them in detail. 10

(b) Explain the role of a system analyst in software


(c) Differentiate between the following : 70

(i) Coupling and Cohesion

(ii) Decision tree and Decision table

(iii) Alpha Testing and Beta Testing

(iv) Forward Engineering and Reverse Engineering

MCS.O14 P.T.O.
(d) Considerthe followingsituation:

A bank offers two types of savingsaccounts,Type A

and Type B. For the Type A account,the bank pays
a dividendon the accountbalanceat the end of each
quarter. The balance can be insured. The insured
amount gets 8'750/oannual interest. The uninsured
amount gets 5'00o/oannualinterest.

For the Type B account, dividendsare paid monthly

on an average daily balance for that month. No
dividend is paid for a balancebelow Rs. 2,000,/-,
otherwise50lointerestis paid on the first Rs. 5,000/-,
5'5%o on the next Rs. 20,000/- and 7o/o over
Rs. 25,000,/-.

Draw a decision table and a decision tree for this

situation. 15

2. (a) What is a feasibilitystudy ? Why is it important for

system design ? How does cost benefit analysis
contribute in it ? 10

(b) Define logical design of a system. How is it

performed ? Describe the relationship between data
mining and logical design.Also, describea tool for
data mining 70

3. (a) What is a CASE tool ? How are CASE tools

important for an organization ? List the advantages
and disadvantages
of CASE tools.

(b) What is the importanceof studyingthe maintenance
of a system ? Explain the various types of system
maintenancein SDLC.
(c) Explain information security architecture,with the
help of a suitablediagram.

4. (a) What are the risks and threats involvedin a system

security? Also, briefly describe3 risksand 3 threats. 10
(b) What are the mbthods for gathering the user
requirement? What problemsare encounteredwhen
using these methods? 10

5. (a) Explain five components required to construct a

(b) Construct the zerolevel and first level DFDs for the
problem of "on line examination".
(c) Explain four reasonsfor the need of documentation
of a system.

MCS-O14 11 , 0 0 0
MCA (Revised)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


Time : 2 hours Mqximum Marks: 50

Note : Answer sll questions.

l. Readthe followingpassageand answerthe questionsgiven

after it :

Finally, a virus infects a worm and it has nothing to

do with computers. But it does have a lot to do with
humans. Courtney Wilkins, a microbiology and
immunology student at the University of Arkansas,
successfullyinfected the ... elegansearthworm with the
mammalianvesicularstomatitisvirus and had it replicate.
Others had tried and failed before and Wilkins'
breakthroughwill let researcherslearn more about how
viruses move from one host to another, and what
proteins they attach to in humans. Some cells in C
elegans, a microscopic earthworm comrhonly used in
biomedicalresearch,are similar to some human cells.

MCS-o15 1 i P.T.O.
"There were a lot of labs interestedin whether this
could work, so it just seemedpretty exciting,l' she said.
Since January 2002, Wilkins began siudyingwhether she
could infect the worms with a virus and have the virus
spread.She usuallyworked with muscleor intestinalcells
and eventually settled on using the vesicular stomatitis
virus. The virus is related to rabies and similar to
foot-and-mouth disease and mostly infects livestock,
Wilkins said. It took three to four months to establishthe
cell cultures. Khaled Machaca, one of Wilkins' advisers
and a professor of cell biology,. said the experiment
wasn't without its rough spots. He said that there were
points when he had to remind Wilkins that her decision
to undertakethe researchwas a risky one, becauseit was
unknown whether it would work. And that meant Wilkins'
degreewas at stake,becauseher careercould be stopped
if nothing came of the research,he said.

After two years, it was clear that Wilkins was

successful in her experiment. Wilkins remeinbered
discoveringabout 9 pm, one night in 2004 that the VSV
had replicated inside the worm cell. She immediately
called Marie Chow, a professorof virology and another
advisor. "Courtney gets so excited that she starts to
stutter," Chow-said. "She couldn't get the words out, so
we knew there was somethingto it," she said.

(i) How was the researchmentionedin the passagea
risky proposition? 2

(iil Whai was the outcomeof the research? 1

(iii) What was the researcher's.reaction

to the outcome
of the research? Why was it so ? 2+2

(iv) Find out a word from the passagewhich has similar

'spread'. 7
(v) Use 'livestock'and 'rough spots' in a sentenceeach
of your own to bring out their specificmeanings. 2

2. Fill in the blankschoosingthe most suitableword from the

choicesgiven : 5

(i) They moved their new housetwo years

back. (round/on/over /into)
(ii) Be careful. Your gun should not go
accidentaily.(awayI oII/ over/ on)
(iii) The Government was determined to push ihe
legislation . (through/in/on/oII)
(iv) I ran an old friend in Amsterdam.
(out/th rough/ into/ upi

(v) The flight could not take -- in time

becauseof the fog. (on,/off/up/awag)

3. Write down the text of a group discussionbetween four

participantson the need for more strict quality control
measuresin India. (About 500 words) 10

MCS-o15 P.T.O.
4 . You are Nihal Chand, ManagingDirector, PurifiersIndia
Ltd. Write a Memo to all the three Managers (Sales,
Productionand Finance)to hold a meetingwith them, in a
week'stime, for the yearlyreviewof the Company. 10

5 . Write a letter of application,togetherwith your Curriculum

Vitae (CV) for the job in response to the following
advertisement: 75
"COBOL Programmers, with minimum 2 years'
experience required by a well-known Data Processing
Company in Delhi. Apply within 10 daysto Box 65, New
Delhi- 110068.

MCS-o15 11 , 0 0 0
MCA (Revised)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


T i m e: 3 h o u r s Maximum Marks : 700


Note: Question number 7 is compulsory. Attempt any

three questions from the rest. AII algorithms
should be written nearer to language.

1. (a) Calculatethe complexity of the following code by

using Big notation :
1. scanf("%d", &n);
2. for (i:1, m=n+66; i<:m; i++)
3. printf ("%d\n", i);
4. for (j:n/27, m:n/5; j<:m; j++)
5. printf ("%d\n", j);
Also compute the overall complexity of the given
(b) Derive the expressionfor computingthe height of a
completebinary tree. Also, computethe height of a
completebinary tree of 1024 nodes. 70

MCS-021 P,T.O.
(c) Write a program to delete the leftmost node from a
doubly linked list. 10

(d) Construct a heap for the list given below. Clearly

indicatethe changesin each step. 10
4 , 2 , 7 , 7 , 6 , 5 , 9 , 3 , 9 I9 ,

(e) Show that the lower ordereflterms and the constant

terms do not matter in computingthe complexityof
the algorithm in Big 'O' notation.

2. (a) Write a program to createan AVL binary tree, insert

an elementinto the tree and displaythe tree. 10

(b) Write five differencesbetween : 5+5

(i) Sequentialfile and Index file
(ii) Linear Data structure and Nonlinear Data

3. (a) Considerthe matrix

lt z 3 1 tl
t l
A = 1 12 0 l
t l
L1 3 1 J ss.
(i) Write the steps involved in calculatingthe ranlc
of A. 5
(ii) Write an algorithmto find the transposeof A. 5

(b) Write an algorithm to implement binary search. 10

4. (a) (i) How does DFS algorithm differ from BFS
(ii) What are the stepsof DFS algorithm?
(iii) Give two examples each of applications in
which the BFS and DFS algorithms,
respectively,are implemented. 10
(b) Write an algorithm each for PUSH & pop
operationson a stack,implementedusing linked list. 10

5. (a) Explain Dijkstra's algorithm with the help of an

example.Which shortestpath algorithm is the most
efficient ? And why ? 10
(b) Write the quick sort algorithm.Further,use the input
numbers given below in the algorithm, and show-
each and every step of the algorithm. 10
7, 6, 7, 0, g, 72, 3, 2, 5, 2g

MCS-021 5,000
MCA (Revised)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


Time : 3 hours MqximumMarks: 700

Note : Question number f. is compulsory. Answer any

three questionst'rom the rest.

l. (a) Describethe structureof 5 classesof IP addresses. 5

(b) Differentiatebetweenthe following concepts: 6
(i) Multiprogramming
(ii) Multitasking
(iii) Multiprocessing
(c) Write a shell script that prints a list of every unique
word in a file, in reversealphabeticalorder. 6
(d) Explain the function of the following : 4
(i) LS-L
(ii) /etc/shadow Iile

MCS-022 P.T.O.
(e) Define the concepts of domains, workgroups and
trusted relationships in the context of Windows
(f) What is Kerberos ? Describe Kerberos management
in the Windowsoperatingsystem. 6

k) Describe two types of back-ups. 5

(h) Differentiate between virtual circuit and datagram

approachesto packet switching.

2. (a) Explain four basic design issues in a multimedia

operating system.

(b) DifferentiatebetweentheTCP/lP and OSI relerence

models, and map the layers between the two

(c) How would you set the IP addressof a LAN card in

Lintx ?

3. (a) Describethe various securityfeaturesin the Windows

2000 operating system. Further, explain the
differencebetweenthe securityfeaturesof an OS and
of a network. 10

(b) Describe the steps needed to configure the network

file sewer in the LINUX operatingsystem; .- 5

(c) Explain the drawback of LINUX. 5

4. (a) Describethe GUI featuresof Linux. Also explain the
corresponding GUI features of Windows 2000.
Further, comparethe usefulnessof thesefeatures. 10
(b) Describe two features of the Intrusion Detection
System(lDS). 5
(c) What are the requirementsfor a user to be able to
kill a process in Linux ? Write the necessary
commands. 5

5. Describethe following : 20
(i) Fault tolerant system
(ii) sNMP
(iii) IPSec
(iv) Architectureof the Windows2000 operatingsystem

MCS.O22 5,000
MCA (Revised)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006

Time : 3 hours Maximum Mqrks : 700
(Weightage 750/o)

Nofe : Question no. I is compulsory. Attempt any

three questionsfrom the rest.

1. (a) Consider the following requirements of a company :

(i) The company is organized into departments.

Each department has a name, a unique number,
and a particular employee who manages the

(ii) A department controls a number of projects,

each of which has a name, a unique number
and a single location.

(iii) An employee has name, id#, address, salary,

sex, and bdate. An employee is assigned to one
department but may work on several projects.

MCS-023 P.T.O
(iv) We are keeping track of the dependents of
each employee for insurance purposes. We
keep each dependent'sname, sex, birthdate,
relationship to the employee. Draw the E - R
diagram for the company. Make suitable
assumptions,if any. Fxplain all the relationships
in your E - R diagmm w'r-t. relationship
cardinalityand participation constraints'

(b) Given the relation (R) shown below, state wh6iher

or not the following functional dependencies are
satisfiedby the relation or cannot be determined.Give
reasonsfor your answers.

A + B, A -+ C, AB -+ C, C + A, BC -+ A,

1 4 2
3 5 6
J 4 6
7 3 8
9 1 0

(c) fxplain five differences between the' database

approach and the file basedapproach'


(d) Considerthe following relationalschema:

STUDENT (sname,Phone,dob, s-id)
COURSE (1$, c-tame, credit, teacher-id)
RESULT (s-id, c-id, marks)
Formulatethe SQL queriesfor the following : 70
(0 Find the namesof the studentswhose resultsare
not declaredin anYcourse.
(ii) Find the teacherswho are teaching more than
one course.
(iii) Display the name and marks of those students
'1-1-1985' and have
who were born before
scoredmore than 80 mark in any course'
(iv) Find the details of studentssecuringpass marks
(50%) in more than 3 courses.
(v) Find the total number of credits earned by a
studentwhose id is 10'
(e) What is serializability? Explain this with the help of
an example. How is it related to concurrency
control ? 5

(fl What are two advantagesand one disadvantageof

data replication ? Explain the classification of
replication. 5

2. (a) Considera relation R with five attributesA, B, C, D

and E, having the followingFD's :
(il List anY two candidatekeYsof R'
(ii) Is R in 3NF ? ExPIain'
(iii) Is R in BCNF ? ExPlain. 10

MCS-023 P.T.O.
(b) Describe the 3-tier client-serverarchitecfure. List 4
advantagesof client-serverarchitecture.

(c) What is data independence? How can_youachieve

data independence? Explain this with the help of an

3. (a) Explain primary, secondaryand clustering indices,

with the help of an exampleeach. Give a situation
with justification, in which multi-level indices are
required. 10
(b) Write a pseudocode of two different types of
concurrent transactions that may be executed in a
Railwayreservationsystem.What are the concurrency
related problems that may be encountered in
concurrent execution of the transactionsabove ? 10

4. (a) What is a checkpoint ? How is it useful for the

process of recovery ? Explain this with the help of

(b) What is an Inverted file organization ? Explain this

with the help of an example. What are its

(c) What are the different levels of security for database

systems? What is the relationshipbetween securitgr
and integrity ?

5. Explain the following in the context of DBMS, with the
help of an exampleor diagram:

(i) Views

(ii) Referentialintegrityconstraint

(iii) Databasemanager

(iv) Data dictionary

(v) Strict 2-phaselocking

MCS-023 5,000
MCA (Revised)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


Time : 3 hours MaximumMarks: 700

Note : Question number 7 is compulsory. Attempt any

three questionsfrom the rest.

l. (a) Explain the conceptof Polymorphism.Also, give an

exampleof a Polymorphism. 5
(b) What is an object ? How are objects and classes
associated with each other ? Also give two
advantagesof messagespassingbetweenobjects. 5
(c) When can an object be used as a reference of
another object ? What care shouldbe taken in such
kind of referencing? Your explanation should be
supportedby an example. 5
(d) What is multilevelinheritance? How does it differ
from multiple inheritance? Also give an example of
multiple inheritance. 5

MC5-024 P.T.O.
(e) What are the five issuesthat are to be taken care of
while overridinga method ?
(f) Explain the concept of Multithreadingwith the help
of a diagram. Also, give at least two advantagesof
k) Give the reasonswhy the main( ) method in Java is
defined as public and static. Also explain, why the
name of Java class containingthe main( ) method
has the same name as the name of the file in which
it is stored.
(h) Where does the Applet class appear in the
hierarchy of Java classes? Show this through a class

2- (a) Explain the eight basicfeaturesof Java.

(b) What is a Package ? Explain the processof defining
your own package,with the help of an example.
(c) Write the syntax, and explain, any four constructors
of the String class.
(d) Explain the order of constructorcalling in multilevel
inhefitance,with the help of an example
(e) What is this pointer ? Explain its use'with the help
of an example.

3. (a) What is the method to retrieve the colour of the

text ? Write a program to retrieve RGB values in a
given colour
(b) What is a TCP socket? Explain how a TCP socket
is different from a UDP socket.

'abstraction'? Explain two advantagesof
(c) What is
abstractionwith an examPle.

4. (a) Considerthe following definition :

1 public class exam I
2 Publicint a = 1;
3 public int b : 2;
4 public void method (final int c)
5 {intd=3;
6 classassignI
7 Privatevoid iMethod (int e) {
8 // line 8
e l
10 1
11 l
12 1
Write all the variablesamong a, b, c, d and e that
can be relerencedat Line 8.
(b) Write a program to computethe factorialof a given
number in Java.
(c) Explain the seven steps that are to be followed to
establisha connection from a Java program to a
(d) Write an Applet in Java that will displaythe current

MC5-024 P.T.O.
5. (a) What is a session? Explain how hidden form fields
are used for sessiontracking.
(b) Write a program in Java using the StringBufferclass
which reversesthe string"IGNOU MCA student".
(c) Write five differencesbetween an interface and an
(d) What is method overloading? Explainhow a method
is overloadedin Java, with an example.

- MCS-024 5,000
MCA (Revised)
Term-End Examination,
June, 2OOG


T i m e: 3 h o u r s Maximum Mqrks : 700

Note : Question no. I is compulsory. Attempt any

three questions from the rest. All algorithms
should be written neqrer to C/C++ Ianguage.

1. (a) (i) Show that for. any real constants a and b,

where b > 0.
(n + a)b = @(nb). 6
(ii) Give an analysisof the efficiencyof ihe Binary
Searchand Linear Searchmethods. 4
(b) What is Randomized euicksort ? Analyse ihe
expected running time of Randomized euicksort,
with the help of a suitableexample. 7
(c) Explain the Greedy Structure algorithm. Give an
example in which the Greedy technique fails to
deliveran optimal solution. s

MCS-031 P.T.O.
(d) Describethe two properties that characterisea good
dynamic programming Problem.

(e) Define an NP-complete problem. Give examples of

two such problems.

(f) Why does the complexity of an algorithm need to be

analysed ? Show that the Travelling Salesperson
problem is NP-comPlete. 10

2. (a) What is the running time of heapsort on an array of

length n that is already sorted in increasingorder ?
What about the time for decreasingorder ?

(b) What is the differencebetweendynamicprogramming

and the greedy choice approach to solve problems ?

(c) Explain the significanceof the notation ro' Consider

function f, defined by
f(x=) 5*3+3x2+10'
Show that f(x) = trl(x2).

(d) Design a TM to compute the binary function

MONUS, definedas follows.

[m-n if m>n
such that MONUS (m, n) = {
| 0 otherwise

3. (a) Show how a DFS (Depth First Search)works on the
graph below. Assume that the vertices are
consideredin alphabeticalorder and assumethat the
graph is represented using adjacency list
representationin which each adjacencylist is ordered

For each vertex, write the time it is discovered(i.e.,

it becomesknown) to its left and the time it is visited
(i.e., its adjacentnodes are generated)to its right in
the diagram below. For each edge, write its
next to it in the diagram.
classification 10

(b) Build regular expressionsand correspondingFinite

Automata (FA) for the following languagesover the
alphabet) : {a, b}. 70

(i) Languagehavingwords in which total no. of a's

is a multiple of three.
(i0 Languagehaving exactlytwo b's in any word.

4. (a) Write a randomizedalgorithm to find the ith order

statistic in a set of n elements (i.e., Randomized
Select). I

MCS-031 P,T.O.
(b) Write a recursiveprocedure to compute the factorial
of a number.
(c) Design a Turing Machine that incrementsa binary
nurnberwhich is storedon the input tape.

5. (a) ConsiderBest first searchtechniqueand Breadthfirst

searchtechnique.Answer the following with respect
to these techniques. Give justification for your
answerin each case.
(i) Which algorithm has some knowledge of
problem space?
(iil Which algorithm has the property that if a
wrong path is chosen, it can be corrected
(b) Write Kruskal's algorithm and use it to find a
minimal cost spanning tree of the following graph.
(Show the intermediatesteps). 10

(c) How does alpha beta pruning improve the minimax

procedure ?

MCS-031 8.000
MCA (Revised)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006



Time : 3 hours Maximum Msrks : 700

Note : Question number 7 is compulsory. Attempt ony

three questionsfrom the rest.

1. (a) A bank has branches in major cities of India. The

employees working in the offices are categorised as
Branch Manager and clerks. If needed, the Branch
Manager also has to work as a clerk. The bank deals
with its customers in terms of opening different types
of accounts, deposits and withdrawal of money. The
bank wishes to develop a system for each of its
branches. Identify the classesin the system and draw
a class diagram. Each class must have at least three
attributes and two operations. Make necessary
assumptions, if any. 10
(b) What is encapsulation ? Explain two benefits of
encapsulation with an example.

MCS-032 P.T.O.
(c) What is a state diagrarn ? Explain the different
notations used in state diagram.

(d) What is a'use case ? Explain different components of

a use case.

(e) What is an association ? Explain the differences

between one-way association and two-way
association, with an example for each'
(fl What is an integrity constraint ? Explain
integrity constraint' with an example.

k) Explain why more emphasis is given on object

structure rather than on operation implementations
in object oriented systems development'

2. (a) Draw, and explain, a state diagram for an ATM

system. 70

(b) Explain the followingin the context of a DFD ' 70

(i) Process
(ii) Data Flow
(iii) Actor
(iv) Data Store

Also, illustrateall these componentsin an example


3. (a) What is concurrencyin objects ? Explain, with an

example,how concurrencyis identifiedin a dynamic

MCS-032 2 +
(b) Explain how associationsare implemented as a class,
with diagrams and code written in C++dava' 10

(c) What is persistency ? Explain, with an example, how

persistent data are identified. 5

4. (a) What is a collaboration diagram ? Draw and explain

a collaboration'diagram for a library system' Make
necessary assumptions 10

(b) What is composition ? Take an example o{

composition and draw a UML diagram for it' 5

(c) Explain generalization and specializatio.n, with an

example for each. 5

5. (a) What is an event ? Explain how concurrent events

are handled. 5

(b) With the help of a suitable example, explain how

objeci classesare mapped to tables. 5

(c) What is inheritance ? What is the need for

adjustment of inheritance ? Explain one way of
adjustment of inheritance, with an example. 10

MCS-032 8,000
MCA (Revised)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


Time : 2 hours Maximum Msrks: 50

Note : Question no. I is compulsory. Attempt any

hr"" t""ttr""t frt

- |
1. (a) Check whether ," 62 - n + 2) is a solutionto
the recurrencebelow or not.

an - 4a,,- 1 + 4an-z = 2n, n > 2.

Also check whether the recurrenceis homogeneous. 3

(b) State Euler's formula for a planar graph. Give an

example of a planar graph with 6 vertices and
S-regions, and verify Euler's formula for your
example. 4

MC5-033 P.T.O.
(c) A post office has stamps only in denominationsof
Re. 1, Rs. 2 and Rs. 5.
(i) Find the generatingfunction for the number of
ways in which you can pay n rupees using
(ii) If the post office has only 20 stampsof Re. 1,
10 stamps of Rs. 5 and 10 stamps of Rs. 2,
find the number of ways in which you can pay
a postageof Rs. n.
(d) Considerthe following graph.

v4 v^

(i) Write down the degreesequenceof the graph.

(ii) Draw the complementof the graph.
(iii) How many edgesneed to be removed to get a
spanning tree of the graph ? 4
(e) Using an appropriate substitution, solve the
Yn = Vr,-1 + n for n t 1, go = 1

2. (a) Let an be the numberof subsets of lI, 2,3, ..., nJ
with at leasttwo elements,n > 1.
(i) What are the values of.a, a, and a, ?
(ii) Set up a recurrencefor an, and solve it.
(b) 'The
Petersen graph is bipartite.' True or false ?
whv ?

3. (a) Find the vertex chromatic and edge chromatic

number of the following graph :


(b) Let A(x) be the generatingfunction of a sequence

{aO,a' uz, ...l.Find the generating functionof the
s e q u e n c {ea o ,a o * u l , u 1 + a 2 , . . . } . U s e t h i s t o
deduce the identity
C ( n , r ) + C ( n ,r + 1 ) = C ( n + 1 , r + 1 ) , r > 1 .

4. (a) Define the edge connectivitgr),(G) of a graph G.

Give examples of graphs G, and G, such that
),(G1)= d(Gr) and ),(G2)< 6(Gr).Is it possibleto find
a graph G with f(G) > 6(G)? Justifyyour answer.

MCS-033 P.T.O.
(b) Find the general form of the soluiion to a recurrence
relation with constant coefficients for which ihe
characteristicroots are 1 with multiplicity 2 and 2
with multiplicity 1. The relation also has a
non-homogeneous. part which is a linear combination
of n2 and 2".

5. (a) Find the generatingfunction of the sequence{a,.,},

where an satisfiesar.,- Sar.,_ - 6un_r, Ior n> 2,
(b) State Dirac's and Ore's sufficiencycondition for a
graph to be Hamiltonian.Which of the conditionsis
stronger ? If neither of the conditions apply for a
graph, can you conclude that the graph is
non'Hamiltonian ? Justify your answer with

MCS-033 8.000
MCA (Revised)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006


Time: 3 hours MaximumMarks: 700

Nofe : Question no. I is compulsory. Attempt any

three questionsfrom the rest.

l. (a) Explainthe key processareasassociatedwith the five

levelsof CapabilityMaturity Model (CMM). 10

(b) What is the relationshipon which estimationmodels

are based? Explain the COCOMO model in detail,
with ihe hetp of an example. 70

(c) Define the term Sot'twareQuality.Explain any nine

attributesof softwarequality. 10

(d) What are CASE tools ? Explainthe variouscategories

of CASE tools. Also, depictthe positioningof CASE
tools in a SoftwareApplicationdevelopment,with the
help of an example. 70

MC5-034 P.T.O.
2. (a) Write the outline of Software Requirement
Specifications(SRS). With the help of a suitable
example, explain the different sectionsof an SRS
document. 12
(b) Draw, and explain, a risk analysistable. 8

3. (a) What is the objectiveof data design? What are the

attributes that include the description of different
data items ? Give an exampledata item indicatingits
attributes. 13
(b) Write any seven challenges faced by CBSE

4. (a) Define Bqseline. Explain the process of making

changesto a Baseline,with the help of a diagram. 1 0
(b) Define Software Project Management.Explain any
four elementsof it. 10

5. (a) What is SoJtwareProject Verification ? Write all the

test case selection guidelinesfor Boundary Value
Analysis,and illustratethem using an example. 12
(b) Explain the factors that affect the task set for a

MCS-034 8,000
MCA (Revised)
Term-End Examination
June, 2006



T i m e: 3 h o u r s Msximum Mqrks : 100

Note : Question 7 is compulsory. Attempt any three

questionsJrom the remainingquestions.

l. (a) From the followingTrial Balance,prepare a Trading

' Account, Profit and LossAccount for the year ended
37.72.2005 and a BalanceSheet as on that date : 30

Dr. Rs. Cr. Rs.

Investments 1,800 Sales 75,000

Plant and Discount on

Machinery 6,000 purchases 1,200

cash 600 lt"yttlol .

for bad debts 1,500

Sundrydebtors 10,500 Capital 15,000

MCS-035 P.T.O.
Dr. Rs. Cr. Rs.

stock 28.800
creditors 6,990

Wages 9,600 Bills payable 3,500

Railway State Bank

charges 1,500 A/c I,2OO

Purchases 36,000

Return inward 300

Income tax 150

Insurance 1,500

Discount on
sales 1,500

Repairs to
plant 48O

expense 1,500

Rent paid 600

Interest on
overdraft 60

Drawings 1,500

Advance (Dr) 2,000

Adjustments :
(i) ClosingstockRs. 10,500.
(ii) WagesoutstandingRs. 900.
(iii) Rent is payable@ Rs. 60 per month.
(iv) Commissionearnedbut not receivedRs. 1,000.
(v) Write off bad debts Rs. 800 and adjust the
provisionsfor doubtfuldebtsat 5%.
(vi) Depreciateplant at 10% p.a.
(vii) Intereston capitalat 5%op.a.
(viii) The proprietor introducedan extra Rs. 1,000
capitalon 1tt December.
(ix) Prepaidinsuranceamountedto Rs. 500.
(b) Shree Pipes Ltd. usesabout 75,000 valvesper year
and the usageis fairly cohstantat 6250 per month.
The valvescost Rs. 1.50 per unit when bought in
quantitiesand the carrying cost is estimatedto be
20o/o of average inventory investment on annual
basis. The cost to place an order and processthe
deliveryis Rs. 18. It takes45 dayslo receivedelivery
from the date of an order and a safety stock of
3,200 valves is desired. You are required to
determine: 10
(i) The most economical order quantity and
frequencyof orders.
(ii) The order point.
(iii) The most economical order quantity if the
valvescost Rs. 4.50 each insteadof Rs. 1'50

MCS:035 P.T.O
2. Explain the meaning and significanceof the following
accountingconcepts,giving suitableexamplesfor each : 20
(i) Businessentity
(ii) Money measurement
(iii) Continuity
(iv) Cost

3. (a) Explain the concept of agency relationship, and

elaborateon the problemsand cost associatedwith
it. 10
(b) Briefly explain the various evaluationcriteria used for
evaluatingcapital projects. 10

4. What are the various sourcesof working capital ? Explain

giving suitableexamples. 20

5. Highlight the main componentsof a credit policy. Briefly

discussthe different credit policy variablesgiving examples
of each. 20

6. What is treasury management ? What are the main

functions and focus areas of the treasurydepartment ? 20

MCS-035 8,000