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Chapter-9 Maira almost got a heartattack at that moment she couldnt open her eyes for some moment

and then slowly tried to open it and Rehan shouted "Hay hay didi do bhaiya ne rang chada diya,rang chada diya,didi aaj peheli baar raang me ghul gayi hey hey".Manav was stunned seeing her filled with his colours.The parting of her hair was filled with red aabir seemed like sindoor on her forehead.Her light pirple salwar was filled with red all over.Her face was dotted with red sprinkles of the aabir.manav was stunned by her beauty,she seemed more beautiful than ever,and more important than anything else it seemed she has turned into full of life,it seemed she has suddenly come out of her inner grippings of life.It seemed her soul was free now,free forever. Maira made a childish pouting face and seeing Manav smile like an innicent victim as if it was he who got drenched in holi she gained her playfullness and mischieviousness and slowly came to him.Manav was thinking that she might tell himm something but without wasting a moment she took out a bunch of aabir in her palm and smashed all over his head and brusted into her infectious giggle.manav was shocked for a moment and wasstaring at her and she ran from him she was sure he would chase her to the best of his possibilities she cried,"Mannu tum to lallu ho gaye" and he ran beside her shouting,"Mairu ki bacchi aaj main tujhe nahin chorunga",and they continued to run till they finally reached Madhupur field when he finally caught hold of her.Everybody cheered seeing that,all were so happy to see Maira open up to fully herself but there was one person who was feeling exactly the opposite.It was none other than Jaspreet,it burned her soul because she loved Manav,he was like her desire,her desire of possessing him as her only her broke her to pieces from inside.Manav and Maira was busy playing holi with their groups of friends and Maira finally came to Jaspreet and gently put holi on her face softly wishing her with her smiling face. But Jaspreet didnt wish her back nor did she put her holi back she stared at her eyes strongly.Maira felt that something was wrong,this is not a normal gesture.Jaspreet then told her sternly in a sarcastic tone,"Go Maira go and enjoy yourself before you realise that you are worthy of nothing not even of keeping this artificial chemical onyour forehed!"Maira then smiled and replied her,"Its upon the way you look at things Jaspreet,its just like you are calling the glass half empty and I see it as half full",saying this she smiled again and went

away.Jaspreet then laughed to herself and said to herself but the urge to fill it comes to only those persons who see it in my way and usually only then can fulifill their thirst the best way. Manavs friends were so happy having Maira by their side,they treatedher like a kid,they chased her like a baby and she finally collided with Manav while running.And he held her tight and everyone left slowly thinking it was their private moment and they wanted to leave them alone for that moment.And she started to giggle hiding her face on his chest."Mannu tumhare dost bohot shararti hai hahahaha",she then looked up to him and said 'tumse bhi jyada"and brusted to her infectious giggle.Manav then lokked at her and said surprisingly,"Aare mujhse bhi jyada,tumne ye kehe diya,aab to mujhe apni asli badmashi dikhani hi paregi!",he winked at her and tucked his kurtas naughtily.Maira got scared and said to him in a scared tone,"Mannu tum kya karne wale ho Mannu,Mannu aage mat baro,Mannu main tumhe bol rahi hun aage mat baro".But he kept on coming towards her giving his mischievious grin and said "Aaj mujhe koi nahin rok sakta mari Mairu jitna chikho yahan koi nahi sunne wala".Maira was just clueless what was happening she just kept on repeating the same words to him again and again till her voice finally broke to the weakest and Manav was feeling so guilty inside she was behaving like a baby here,his baby Mairu but he cant help he had to carry on.He then took out the hidden phichkari on his right hand and drenched her crying,"Yaayyyyy maine Mairu ko gila kar diya yaaaaaaaaaaaaay",he seemed enjoying so much to see her shocked over his stupid deed.She then came and bit him on his shoulder and she was brusting to laughter herself and said,"Aisa koi mazak karta hai Mannu and pulled his phichkari,Maira was very soft she didnt give energy while pulling it,it was Mannu who willingly let it go to her hands because he wanted her to be happy and see her enjoy with the colourful waters,waters which wore shades of their love and he too wanted to get drenched with her hands,it thumped his heart.She drenched him and then he slowly came towards her with his drenched body,this timehe really scared her but she was quiet.The intense love which she could feel in his eyes made her quiet,she was clueless what was happening.He slowly came closer to her saw her innocent eyes which spoke volumes,took out the yellow aabir from his pocket and for the first time he touched and put holi on her cheeks with so much of care and love gently over her face that she just was absorbed in his warmth and she closed her eyes,her

fear was gone and it was replaced with her heartwarming smile which took Manav to heaven everytime.He then took out the red aabir and put it over her forehead gently rubbing it and bought her close to him holding her arms and hugged her in the warmest possible way and whispered to her ear,"Buddhu ladki I just wanted to absorb in in this warm hug to take you to that beautiful world of happiness only and only joyful waves of happiness"and looked at her and winked at her playfully and covered her with his coat which he had hung on the banyan tree just behind them but was suddenly shocked to see her eyes red with tears which were about to come out and before he could say anything she ran ran as fast as she could.He kept on shouting but there was no response from her,she just rubbed her tears and stromed to her house.Manav stood their shocked about what happened to her suddenly,she was so happy,he felt giulty of himself why he didnt know.He didnt dare to go behind her too,he wanted to leave her alone for that time,he felt that she needed that time for herself.He was left in a dilema totally. There as soon as she opened the door she was shocked to see her father smiling at her.She was speechless to see him and he said,"Beta aise kya dekh rahe ho de diya na surprise hamari aur se!",he said with the fatherly smile on his face.Maira at once brusted to tears and hugged him and cried.He said,"aare pagli main kya teri rone wali shakal dekhne aaya yahan,ja jaldi jakar nahakar aa,halat to dekh apni",he laughed.Maira too laughed and ran inside to freshen up."Allah kitna shukra gujar hun main tera tune meri beti ko wapas jaan de di",he said to himself and sighed. She heard it and it made her cry again,she ran to her mothers photo on her study table and spoke to her,"Aami pata hai tumne mujhe jo jane se pehele baat kahi thi aaj wahi baat mujhse Manav na kahi holi lagane ke baad.Ek pal ke liky main chouk gayi,mujhe laga ki tum thi,Aami tum hamesha kaha karti thi na ke tumhare paas reheke mijhe sabse jyada khushi milti hai aur wo insaan jo is khushi ko kayam rakh sake usiko tum mujhe saup dogi,woh insaan aaj mere paas hi hai aami,mere saath,mere paas.Usne mere aur Rehan ki zindigi main wo roshni daali jo tumhare jane ke baad khatam ho gayi thi,bas dukh is baat ka hai ki aaj tum yahan nahin ho,kash aami kaash tum aaj mere paas hoti,mere saath!",she cried over her photo and kissed it and pressed it close to her heart and suddenly Mannus mischievious words came to her mind that crying face didnt suit her and she brusted to laughter again.She went to take bath and noticed herself in the mirror,she

touched the aabir which Manav put on her gently on her cheeks,chin and then noticed her forehead,it seemed like she had put on sindoor.she recalled how beautifully Manav put it on herforehead with so much of love and care for her and she didnt want at all to wash it,she saw herself abd thought that she will look the same after their marriage,it pinched her heart and stomach and she smiled shyly.She just kept a small stain of the red aabir on the starting of her forehead as a symbol of his love.She then quickly went to make tea for her father but to her surprise he already made ready tea for three of them himself and bought so many homemade things that she jumped out of excitement and hugged him.Rehan also came after a few minutes and rushed to his fathers lap.His father was so happy to see both his children so happy.But Maira was taken aback with surprise and fear when Rehan blurted out everything about his new friend "Mannu Bhaiya",he told his father about how he helped them in any need and was his cricket companion,how he forcefully made Maira play holi,took out her fear and made her enjoy. Maira just kept looking to his face.She feared tolook at her fathers face.rehan then ran inside and at once bought a packet,opened it and showed to his didi,it was the preetiest lehenga in light orange colour and said,"Didi see this Mannu bhaiya asked me to give this to you yesterday as a surprise holi gift".Maira was just stunned and speechless,she didnt know what to do she just was blank out and didnt have the courage to look at her father.Rehan ran inside to take bath.Her father then came towards her and looked at her scared eyes and smiled,put his hands on her forehead and said,"Beta humebhi mila apne is pyare dost se jo mere bacchon ke daman me khushiyon ko janam di".Maira just couldnt control her tears and hugged him.He caressed her forehead and said,"Aare meri bacchi rote hain kya,tujhe to khushi khushi aaj raat ki Madhupur ji Holi ki jash ki taiyari karni chahiye aur mujhe usko milane le jana chahiye,ja jaldi taiyaar ho shaam ho gayi hai,jahn shuru hi ho gaya hoga aur sun naya lehenga pehenke jana,tu bhi to use khushi se bhar de",and both hugged each other again "Maira looked at him with tears in her eyes of happiness and asked"Abbu aap bhi chalo accha lagega Mannu se bhi wahi mil lena".Hethen said,"Nahin baccha yeh tumlog ka jash hai,tu aur Rehan ja,hum to bohot jash kar chuke hai,aab to mujhe bas tere is ghar me aaram karna hai,ja Rehan ko lekar dil khol ke khushiyan mana ke aa". The whole celebration ground was filled with Rangoli and sparkled with beautiful lights but Manav sat by the side in a complete

dilema,his light was not there,his sunshine was not there,his playfulness,his smile,everything was lost,he kept on thinking how she must be feeling now,is she alright,is the time right to go to her and ask her forgiveness,all these thoughts tortured his soul which was suddenly broken by an unbelieveable sight,he saw a tall graceful figure dressed in an light orange lehenga with open clutched hair softly blowing over her face in the slow winds with Rehan holding her hand and then running to him shouting ,"Mannu Bhaiya",his senses danced inside his heart hearing the sound of her payal as she came near and heart leaped apart when she met her eyes speaking the language of pure love to his.

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