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Robert Steven DuPree

Age: 29



6 years Youth Pastor

2 years Children’s Ministry

Fill in for worship team at main services

Fill in speaking for Pastor at main services

Perform various duties usually reserved for Associate Pastor

Extra Curricular:

Coach local JV Football

Coach T-ball

Served at son’s kindergarten class

Spiritual Walk:

Began Young Adult Bible study

Have a personal mentor

Constantly in studies to strengthen my walk with GOD.

Current Church:

Sierra Lutheran Church

32410 Rockhill Ln

Auberry, CA 93602

Church attendance: was 250, now 100

Family Life

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Samantha, who

assists me in my ministry duties while also teaching dance at the local studio. We have a 5 year old son, Riley, with another due in November. We currently live in the same town that we grew up in, but God has been calling us to a new life.

I like to be involved in the community. Last season, I coached the

JV Football team and I currently coach my son’s T-ball team. I also like to make weekly appearances at our high school campus.


I began in Children’s Ministry, teaching 3 rd grade and then 5 th

grade the next year. Our youth director (grades 6-12)position opened up and God called me in. I approached our Lead Pastor at the time and told him what I had heard. 6 months later, I was asked to serve on a volunteer basis. With a mentor, I was the lead in creating the new youth program for our church, which went from 7-15 attendees on our Monday night meetings to 30-60. We continue to grow, with most of our students still coming from unchurched families. 6 months before I was hired full time, I (with the guidance of God) began a Youth band, which led worship in our youth services and occasionally in our main services.

I believe that our students must also be fed through extra

activities, whether they be topic specific, or just for Christian fellowship. I try to plan an extra activity at least once a month. We have

gone on week long retreats to Morro Bay, CA that included kayaking, reflection time on a private beach and walks along the shops.

We come from a low-income community, so I try to keep everything as affordable as possible. I create fundraising opportunities for the students to participate in.

I believe in the power of small group studies as ways for students to delve deeper into their relationship with God.

While I love my job, God has been calling me for about a year to serve elsewhere. Currently, after a LOT of prayer, God has led me to reach out to other churches.


I was blessed with an amazing opportunity in February to take my

Sr. High Group on a mission trip to Mexico. It was the first time I encountered real fear-based animosity in my ministry. I had the support of my Pastor and most of my council, but encountered resistance from an elder. I prayed over the trip and had many do the same. We ended up going and it was one of the best experiences of my students’ and my life. (We went to a green zone, Vicente Guerrero.) I had many kids find Jesus while outside of their comfort zone in Mexico.


I serve in this Ministry with my wife, Samantha. She does all of the

technology service for our youth and our church. We have a website for our youth and the church, run fully integrated youth worship and we create videos for the youth and our church. We also have live online

streaming worship when needed.

Personal Life/Views

I believe in the bible as a whole, as it is worded. I make sure that I

have time in the Word every day, although I am not perfect. I also make

sure that I am in some sort of bible based study at all times.

I have a thirst for knowledge from God. Currently, I am in the

book “Radical” by David Platt. I also follow Mark Driscoll, Larry Osbourne, Charles Stanley, R.C. Sproul, among others. I always make sure that what I read and absorb coincides with the truth that is the Bible.