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Published by Sirenia K. Visions and Dreams of The Ancient Tunes Copyright 2011 by Sirenia K. All rights reserved.

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A warm wind blows softly over the glades

The Ancient Tunes

Where the wind blows over the top of high mountains and the dancing trees cast shadows in the soft evening where the mist rises from the valleys like blurry curtains There, deep in the ground lies a forgotten wisdom awaiting And as the desert birds circles in the air sent from above casting shadows and choking the light of a tale untold - mankind is kept deaf and blind with the words of a white dove Leaving the path to paradise locked and forgotten deep within the soil

And time is passing by and buries the ancient lovely treasure As humans are following the white wizard enslaved The old path is forgotten along with the magic of nature Who've left this world when the world was changed The wind reveals the hidden gate and unlocks the answer - as the melancholy melody is played on wooden flutes I grieve of the wisdom of centuries you never will remember Frozen minds, bred to be deaf to the ancient tunes ...

Nothing Matters
Flying on the wings of a dreamy mist I sigh, close my eyes and smile I am off to live and not just exist a scent of velvet night, so fragile I just dont know what makes me wake up to this indifferent world and dirty rain I let my mind wander as I fill my coffee cup getting ready to walk with the dead again ... For the humming of flies and smell of roses and the seagulls flight over water`s deep For the shades of the green trees that poses and roar of waterfalls that never sleep For shady glades and sunny hills and golden fields where we have run For the joy of a child playing by the mills with the taste of raspberry on her tongue For the moons reflection in the river swept over the spear of a lonely church For the morning dew droplets that quiver and owlets that dance in the light of a torch For those who choose the pain of living and chasing storms around them whirled For tortured souls - and yet forgiving still helps the skies to bear this world Deep breath in my lungs as the vision`s dying Those never fail who never dare Cried for by none and cursed, we were just trying to dream of what you`re not aware Of a soft breeze embracing lovers and butter melting into warm bread Of high mountains and soft flowers yet nothing matters to the dead ...

The Tree
In the lowering sky among the clouds where the sky ships knows no rest There is born a restless wind that slowly begin to blow the mist embracing the old hidden tree - away With branches twisted through the ages it carries all the leafs that come and go for us to decide and them to leave So - wich one to choose and forever keep

Searching for the one true leaf that wont leave the one without a mask and dirty tricks The newborn wind takes a deep breath and all the leafs fall and go And as the mist slowly fades away carrying the remains into nowhere there is one leaf left that didnt leave And thats the only leaf that I will pick

The Circus
Prophets tell while wind strings play tales at dusk wich weave our lair Listen up and dont forget to behave be glad and grateful for your soon ending day As the curtains go up and the sun lights our way the chosen ones are dressed up for a great charade there is justice for all in this masquerade ... but the wind will whisper if someone fail Dont think, dont talk and dont feel - by all means stay out of the way follow the herd and keep going the wheel There is no colors - there`s only grey A beautiful but false kind of play You learn the steps in life`s hard school we all will act to our soon ending day we all perform the dance of fools So I bid you welcome to your life where hysteria is coded into your soul A big welcome to the world a circus where the clowns are in control

It`s Written In My Scars

When the darkest storm roars passes by like a raven with mighty wings When landscapes rapidly burn away and leaves everything in dust You slowly turn your gaze to me and say "I always only cared about me" And like ancient runes carved into stones by a mighty force for eternity to know you whispered my name in your spell and burned a curse on vernal skin

So hold this child in your arms - For you Don't fear my wounds and scars - I shall suffer I`m wounded by a thousand words - For you It's still you I bleed for - I shall bleed It`s written in my scars

Your Scent
A warm wind blows softly over the glades Caressing yellow meadows and red poppies Three big green oakes are casting shades when the warm and life giving sun arises Like the soft dawns dew let drops quiver and birds are singing their morning call While the nature wakes up in all its beauty I bury my nose in your neck and my body shiver Your beauty and scent is the best of all - It is safety

The Free Souls

Nothing is more free than the soul who walk away from the lowering sun Nothing is more free than the soul who smiles of chains that keeps them down Nothing is more free than those who fights in vain but never give up beaten and wounded they pick up their pieces to rise again Nothing is more free than the souls who walks alone in the shadows Nothing is more free than those who`s forgotten by all, yet glowing inside Nothing is more free than those with no intention to bend for the cold Just to find someone too.

The Real Me
Everything I do has a touch of who I am until you realize the real me Most people take look and what they see becomes a reality to them Then you slowly understand that what you saw is nothing like what it actually is And you realize how wrong you were how easily fooled you are There is so much you dont know Finding out about me is up to you and not me Watch me pass you by and forget your existence or grab on to what intrigues you and learn But dont blame me for your ignorance ...

I Never Thought
I never thought that the cold wind from the icy north could be so strong and grab a hold of you I never thought that the tide would get so high and wash away all the traces we made I never thought that the mist would be so thick and grey so the path to paradise was lost I never thought that the road you walk on could lead you away from me But I can turn around and follow you

A Fairy Tale
In ancient times, in a magic forest deep underground in emerald caves where there are no lies, no betrayals, no pain a beautiful fairy lived dreaming of another world. She dreamt about the stars in the sky, the warm breeze and a kiss from the sun Until one day the fairy tricked the others and flied away from the deep caves and the magical forest. When she saw the sunrise, she got blind and the sunbeams made her forget - forget who she was and where she came from She suffered greatly of diseases and pain - and she died. But her fairy prince always knew that she would return Her soul of light would come back and dance with his light in another place - in another time. And he waited for her deep underground in emerald caves in the magic forest Until he took his last breath and fell into a deep sleep. Waiting to be awakened by his one and only beloved light ...

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