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Mucbeth Review Sbeet Answers
know thlx & the crltlcul urtlclex (pgx. -, , 67, 68, 8, 84-8S, & 86-87)
@he hlghllghLed quesLlons are answers l'm noL sure abouL
Act Uno
lLuaLlon aL openlng of play for MacbeLh klng and klngdom
At a m|||tary camp near h|s pa|ace at Iorres k|ng Duncan of Scot|and asks a wounded capta|n for news about
the Scots' batt|e w|th the Ir|sh |nvaders who are |ed by the rebe| Macdonwa|d 1he capta|n who was
wounded he|p|ng Duncan's son Ma|co|m escape capture by the Ir|sh rep||es that the Scott|sh genera|s
Macbeth and 8anquo fought w|th great courage and v|o|ence 1he capta|n then descr|bes for Duncan how
Macbeth s|ew the tra|torous Macdonwa|d As the capta|n |s carr|ed off to have h|s wounds attended to the
thane of koss a Scott|sh nob|eman enters and te||s the k|ng that the tra|torous thane of Cawdor has been
defeated and the army of Norway repe||ed Duncan decrees that the thane of Cawdor be put to death and
that Macbeth the hero of the v|ctor|ous army be g|ven Cawdor's t|t|e koss |eaves to de||ver the news to
2 @heme lnLroduced by wlLches and lLs meanlng
w|tches w||| gather aga|n after batt|e to confront Macbeth
there w||| be a |oser w|nner (same person) |n batt|e
p|ann|ng to meet Macbeth not co|nc|dence
th|ngs are not what they seem to be
3 redlcLlons made by wlLches for MacbeLh
e w||| be 1hane of G|am|s (or|g|na| t|t|e) 1hane of Cawdor he w||| be k|ng one day
4 onLenL of leLLer recelved by Lady MacbeLh her reacLlon Lo lL her assessmenL of her husband and her
Content of |etter |etter says that Macbeth has been promoted to 1hane of Cawdor deta||s h|s encounter
w|th the w|tches
ady Macbeth's react|on she th|nks Macbeth |s too k|nd to take the necessary steps to become k|ng she
reso|ves to conv|nce her husband to do whatever |t takes to get the crown because she knows |t'|| benef|t her
she'|| put her fem|n|n|ty as|de so she can do b|oody deeds necessary
er "request" 1e||s Macbeth to have pat|ence to |eave the p|an to her
3 Jlshes and concerns expressed by MacbeLh ln flrsL sollloquy
Macbeth wants to [ust k||| the k|ng be done |et h|s sou| go to he||
Doesn't care about |mmorta| sou|
Afra|d of gett|ng caught pun|shed
keasons not to k||| h|m everyone |oves Duncan he's a re|at|ve guest |t'|| make a|| of Scot|and sad
6 erson named by uuncan as hls helr
7 uuncan's oplnlon of MacbeLh
k|ng sees Macbeth as a wonderfu| nob|e man adm|res h|m as a hero
8 erson who lnlLlaLes speclflc plan Lo murder uuncan
ady Macbeth
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9 peclflcs of Lhe plan Lo murder uuncan
ady Macbeth p|ans to stab Duncan wh||e he's s|eep|ng Get h|s two chamber|a|ns to pass out drunk and then
use the chamber|a|n's daggers to stab Duncan Make |t |ook ||ke the chamber|a|ns d|d |t when they were
10 redlcLlons made by wlLches for 8anquo and dlfferences from Lhose for MacbeLh
8anquo w||| be "|esser than but greater" than Macbeth
"not so happ|er yet much happ|er"
he w||| never be k|ng but h|s ch||dren w||| s|t on the throne
Act Dos
11 lrcumsLances of acLual murder of uuncan and murderer
9ast m|dn|ght dark ha||
8anquo I|eance meet up w|th Macbeth |n ha||
8anquo I|eance |eave Macbeth has v|s|on of a dagger f|oat|ng |n the a|r before h|m |ts hand|e po|nt|ng
toward h|s hand and |ts t|p a|m|ng h|m toward Duncan Macbeth tr|es to grasp the weapon and fa||s
Cont|nu|ng to gaze upon the dagger he th|nks he sees b|ood on the b|ade then abrupt|y dec|des that the
v|s|on |s [ust a man|festat|on of h|s unease over k||||ng Duncan
ady Macbeth r|ngs a be|| s|gna||ng that the chamber|a|ns are as|eep
Macbeth goes towards Duncan's chamber
12 8eason Lacy MacbeLh does noL murder uuncan herself
S|eep|ng k|ng Duncan rem|nded her of her father s|eep|ng
13 ulscovery of Lhe murder of uuncan person and clrcumsLances
It's ear|y |n the morn|ng Duncan to|d Macduff to wake h|m ear|y
Macduff goes to wake Duncan
ennox te||s Macbeth that he heard screams of death that n|ght
Macduff returns from Duncan's room "C horror horror horror!"
14 8eason for Lhe sudden deparLure of Malcolm and uonalbaln afLer uuncan's deaLh
Ma|co|m dec|des to go to Lng|and
Dona|ba|n dec|des to go to Ire|and
8oth |eave because they w||| most ||ke|y be k|||ed because someone |n the|r same b|ood was
"Where we are there's daggers |n men's sm||es the near |n b|ood the nearer b|oody"
13 LvenLs whlch occur lmmedlaLely afLer Lhe murder of uuncan
ady Macbeth rea||zes that Macbeth forgot to |eave daggers w|th the chamber|a|ns
ady Macbeth goes and puts the daggers back
knock|ng at door
9orter stumb|es drunk g|ves ||tt|e speech after answer|ng door
Macduff d|scovers murder
Macbeth k|||ed the chamber|a|ns
Ma|co|m Dona|ba|n dec|de to |eave Scot|and
16 erson made klng afLer uuncan's deaLh
Macbeth because Ma|co|m Dona|ba|n f|ed

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17 Lrange and unusual evenLs whlch occur on Lhe nlghL uuncan ls murdered
ennox speaks of the fo||ow|ng
screams of death
ch|mneys were b|own down
terr|b|e storm
noth|ng ||ke |t |n h|s ||fe
18 eople who are susplclous LhaL MacbeLh ls Lhe one who murdered uuncan
Act Tres
19 8easons LhaL 8anquo does noL acL even Lhough he suspecLs MacbeLh of Lhe murder
has no proof
|f the pred|ct|ons come true for h|m as they d|d for Macbeth then good w||| happen to h|m
20 cLual murderers of 8anquo
Were they h|red by Macbeth?
Lnem|es of 8anquo
Macbeth man|pu|ates them te||s the murderers that 8anquo made the|r ||ves m|serab|e
21 8easons MacbeLh wanLs 8anquo dead
8anquo |s the on|y man Macbeth fears
Macbeth can't corrupt tr|ck or pay 8anquo off so he has to k||| h|m
|f he doesn't k||| 8anquo no sat|sfact|on constant unease murdered k|ng for noth|ng
22 LaLe of mlnd for MacbeLh and Lady MacbeLh now LhaL Lhey are klng and queen
ady Macbeth expresses despa|r
Macbeth te||s ady Macbeth that he too |s d|scontented
Macbeth fee|s that the bus|ness that they began by k||||ng Duncan |s not yet comp|ete because there are st|||
threats to the throne that must be e||m|nated
23 eople who see Lhe ghosL aL Lhe banqueL scene ln cL 3
ust Macbeth
24 MacbeLh's declslon abouL whaL he musL do ln Lhe fuLure
Go see the w|tches aga|n?
23 Lxample of Lhe Lheme of order vs dlsorder aL Lhe banqueL scene
Who|e po|nt of banquet |s to prove that Macbeth |s the r|ghtfu| k|ng
|s |ntent|ons were to |mpose order by greet|ng h|s guests proper|y creat|ng a pos|t|ve atmosphere
8anquet turns |nto d|sorder due to Macbeth's de|us|ons of 8anquo's ghost
ady Macbeth makes excuses for Macbeth sends the a|armed guests out
26 Lady MacbeLh's LreaLmenL of MacbeLh aL Lhe 8anqueL scene
She makes excuses for h|s behav|or
She quest|ons h|s manhood urges h|m to snap out of h|s trance
She sends ords to |eave at once
27 8easons LhaL PecaLe ls angry aL MacbeLh and aL Lhe way Lhe wlLches have LreaLed hlm
Mad at Macbeth because he doesn't be||eve |n ev|| doesn't want h|m to rea||ze that |t's never too |ate for
h|m to repent
Mad at w|tches because they d|dn't |nc|ude ecate w|tches messed w|th Macbeth's bus|ness
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28 @one of Lennox's conversaLlon wlLh a lord aL Lhe end of cL 3
Goss|p|ng susp|c|ous of Macduff
Act Cuatro
29 MacbeLh's plan Lo geL more lnformaLlon aL Lhe beglnnlng of cL 4
e demanded the w|tches to answer h|s quest|ons he d|dn't care about the consequence
30 @he predlcLlons made for MacbeLh when he goes Lo see Lhe wlLches
1hree appar|t|ons

Appar|t|on an Armed ead warned Macbeth of Macduff
Appar|t|on a 8|oody Ch||d assured Macbeth of h|s power over a|| men born of women
Appar|t|on a Crown Ch||d ho|d|ng and 1ree prom|sed Macbeth v|ctory as |ong as 8|rnam Wood d|dn't
move to Duns|nane |||
31 Malcolm's conversaLlon and behavlor when Macduff goes Lo see hlm ln Lngland
Ma|co|m put Macduff under a test Ma|co|m tr|ed to get true responses from Macduff by say|ng bad th|ngs
about h|mse|f Macduff conc|udes that Macduff wants a good k|ng Macduff |s a good guy
32 Lady Macduff's reacLlon Lo Macduff's golng Lo Lngland
She says |t's r|d|cu|ous Macduff shou|d be defend|ng h|s fam||y ady Macduff ca||s Macduff a tra|tor because
he |eft h|s fam||y unsafe
33 ueclslon abouL acLlon Lo be Laken by MacbeLh when he learns LhaL Macduff has fled Lo Lngland
Macbeth |s go|ng to send murderers to k||| Macduff's fam||y k||| anyone re|ated to Macduff
34 8eason 8oss delays Lelllng Macduff Lhe horrlble news abouL Lhe deaLhs of Macduff's famlly when 8oss [olns
Macduff and Malcolm ln Lngland
koss d|dn't want to te|| Macduff because |t's so sad that Macduff may k||| h|mse|f
33 lans made by Lhose ln Lngland Lo defeaL MacbeLh lncludlng each parLlclpanL's role
Ma|co|m Macduff and koss a|| dec|de to take revenge on Macbeth Macduff w||| f|ght Macbeth facetoface
Act Cinco
36 8easons for Lady MacbeLh's sleepwalklng
She tr|es to wash to the "b|ood" off her hands She d|dn't care about her sou| he|| but now she cares
37 Jays ln whlch Lhe lasL seL of predlcLlons made by Lhe wlLches come Lrue
(9red|ct|on that Macbeth w||| be v|ctor|ous unt|| 8|rnam Wood moved to Duns|nane)
Lach so|d|er |n the Lng||sh army broke a branch from the Wood of 8|rnam to use as camouf|age and go to
Dus|nane to meet Macbeth at h|s cast|e
38 8easons Lhe lady aLLendlng Lady MacbeLh heslLaLes Lo reporL whaL Lady MacbeLh has sald whlle sleepwalklng
She does not want to te|| the doctor of the murders ady Macbeth has adm|tted to |n her s|eep
39 LaLe of mlnd of Lady MacbeLh as revealed ln her sleepwalklng scene
Worr|ed about her sou| go|ng to he|| she wants to take back the murders comm|tted
40 8easons Macduff feels he musL klll MacbeLh hlmself
Macbeth k|||ed Macduff's fam||y so Macduff must k||| Macbeth
41 MacbeLh's flnal reallzaLlon abouL Lhe naLure of Lhe lasL seL of predlcLlons made by Lhe wlLches for MacbeLh
(9red|ct|on Macbeth can't be k|||ed by those born of a woman natura| b|rth)
Macbeth rea||zes that Macduff was r|pped from h|s mother's womb caesar|an sect|on
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42 MacbeLh's admlsslon of gullL ln cL 3
k|ght before the |ast f|ght between Macduff Macbeth Macbeth says that he doesn't want to f|ght Macduff
because he a|ready has Macduff's fam||y's b|ood on h|s hands and Macbeth doesn't want to k||| Macduff too
43 Jay ln whlch order ls resLored aL Lhe end of Lhe play
Ma|co|m |s named k|ng of Scot|and e names a|| the thanes and k|nsmen the f|rst ear|s that Scot|and has ever
had e |nv|tes back a|| those who |eft Scot|and dur|ng Macbeth's ru|e and |t's reported that ady Macbeth
comm|tted su|c|de
44 lmages used LhroughouL Lhe play
yo no se
43 haracLers who served as folls Lo oLher characLers
Ma|co|m vs Duncan (Ma|co|m |earned from Duncan's bad [udgment |n character)
Macbeth vs 8anquo (both rece|ved w|tches' pred|ct|ons each took them d|fferent|y)
46 Jays ln whlch Lhe play flLs Lhe deflnlLlon of a Lragedy
1rag|c hero (Macbeth) fe|| from adm|rat|on power to h|s dem|se due to trag|c f|aw (amb|t|on)
L|ement of ev||
Macbeth starts as hero fa||s to v|||a|n
Ma|n character has trag|c f|aw
Macbeth swayed to corrupt|on
47 MacbeLh's reacLlon Lo Lady MacbeLh's deaLh
e |s sad but he knew |t was go|ng to happen eventua||y Macbeth conc|udes that there |s no mean|ng to ||fe
48 Jays ln whlch Lhe endlng of Lhe play lllusLraLes Lhe ldea LhaL blood wlll have blood
When one starts k||||ng they can't stop must murder to cover up other murders ongo|ng cha|n
49 @he flnal baLLle of Lhe play and Lhe evenLs leadlng up Lo LhaL baLLle
ady Macbeth s|eepwa|ks and adm|ts murders
Lng||sh army charge Dus|nane
Doctor te||s Macbeth that ady Macbeth d|ed
I|ght|ng commences Macbeth k||||ng a|| those womenborn
Macbeth Macduff encounter each other on the batt|ef|e|d
Macduff te||s Macbeth he |s not womanborn go off f|ght|ng
Macduff emerges w|th Macbeth's head |n h|s hand
Macduff proc|a|ms Ma|co|m k|ng of Scot|and
30 ldea of faLe versus free wlll ln Lhe play as seen ln MacbeLh
Was Macbeth |n contro| of h|s own act|ons or were the events of the p|ay beyond h|s contro|?
Macbeth |s fated to be k|ng but on h|s own dec|des to k||| Duncan to obta|n the crown
In the end the p|ay |eaves the quest|on unanswered