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Part-time Job
A:Hi,How are you! B:Er,in fact I'm not very fine,I'm thinking something about my part-time job, . A:What's up?Maybe I can do something for you.I did some part-time job before B: In your opinion,is part-time job good for university students? why? A: Yes,I think so because university students can practise their practical ablility and social experience through working with other people.And nowadays many university students do it. B:besides it,I think the most important is what you like.So,I want to do the perfume's saler ,but my mather wants me to do the supermaket cashier. A:En,From my point of do the saler if you really think that.But I think your mather's opion has her special reason. B:Yes,it is.The cashier's work is not very hard and I also can get more money than perfume's saler.But you know? I really like perfume very much.So I want to do the work about it for a long time. A:Ok,I see.It's very clear.Listen to me,it's just a part-time job,you don't want to make much money from it and you are so young,you should do what you want and what you like.Intresting is the most important which can help you do the work best. B:Really?Yes,I thinking about it in whole day,I just want to get enjoyble from my dearest perfume . A:That's alright. So,you know what you should do now. B:Thank you very much,I'll talk with my mother about this,I think she will understand me. A:Yes, come on.Believe youself. B:Thank you for your suggestion.Bye-bye!

2. College Life
A:Hey,how is it going?

B:Fine, A:We have been in college for 4 months.How is your college life so far? B:Pretty good,made lots of friends,joined some studentscorporations and having a happy time. A:Thats good.I m glad to hear that.I think your college life must be colourful. B:How do you think of your college life? A: On the one hand, it full of the fun. I can make many new friends with same age, interest and hobby.And I can join some activities I like. On the other hand, it also full of the stress.I still need to study hard in college. B:I agree with you. Our classmates come from a varity of quarters of country.They have unique culture characteristics,I can learn a lot from them.Since the competition in the society is sharp, the students should learn the knowledge as more as possible. A:But at the same time,we have more spare time than before.What do you often do in your spare time ? B: In my spare time, i can play with my friends. So i can share my happiness, suffering and experience with my friends. A:Yes,we can grow up together happily.And on weekends,we often watch films together. B:I still have a question.How to make a better college life? A:First of all,respect your teachers and your classmates. Second,every student in college should have had a compitive and reasonable plan,so do as it and you can fly your dream. B:I see, I think that college will be the best years of your life. A:I wont forget it. I hope to enrich myself during the next four years .I hope to have a colorful life .And I will try.

A: Family has a great influence on our personal development.Do you agree with it?

B:Yes.If we are from a happy family, we tend to be cheerful and optimistic. If we are brought up in a unhappy family, we may grow up miserable and pessimistic.To some extent,family environment influence a persons character development. A:Everyone has his or her ideal family.What is your ideal family like? B: An ideal family should be a place where we can get warmth, help, comfort and strength .Family is a place where can let me forget sadness and feel warm.Do you agree with it ? A:Yes,I agree with it.When I do something wrong,my parents always forgive me and give me strength to face it.So what is a home with your family mean to you today? B; .It is a place where I know I will be forgiven if I made a silly mistake.It is a place where I know I will love each and every one as much as I can. A:Apart from these.I think, .It is certainly a place where all the people who loved me in this world get together.i want to know what does a family mean to you? B:In my opinion,that is a place nobody choose to ignore you, you only choose yourself to be ignored. A:Since family plays a very important role in our life, it is up to every family member to contribute to the building of such a family.But its not very easy to make it.What can we do? B: We should be considerate and understanding. We should love and show concern for each other. A:Anything else ?Please tell me.I want to know more about it. B:Besides it ,we should strive to establish a happy family. After all, if every family is happy, the whole society will be stable. A:OK.I see.

4.Language Learning
A: My English is not very well,how can I study English well ? B: well, you have to increase your reading ability, reading and reciting.So how long do you read in English per day?

A: I usually read in English about 1 hour.I think its enough,isnt it? B: You know, actually, read 3 hours each day would be better for you.And also one should recite as many words as you can, because word is the basis of a language.Maybe you think that read text is very boring,so you can read some newspapers,novelsand some English literature.The statements of them are very beautiful. A: Thanks, Ill do as you said,reading 3 hours per day,and how about listening? I find that it is difficult to follow someone.I always cant listen carefully and clearly. B: I suggest you that you should listen to some materials everyday at least 1 hour and try to write down the main information.Maybe you cant follow them at first,but only you strick to listen everyday,youll make it better. . A:Er,it may be hard for me,but I will try my best.How should I learn the grammatical rules? BGrammar is difficult for every learner. you should learn step by step and obey the basic rules of the language. A: well, thanks. Other more, the writing part is really hard for me? What should I do? B: if you read more, you will be better in writing. Try to remember more phrases and words as you reading. And you can write one essay every week. And ask someone who is good at English for correct and write it again. A: Oh, it sounds too heavy for me. But I will do my best.I think my English will be better than before with your suggestions. B: good luck! Always remember that one should take a optimistic attitude toward English learning. In most of the cases, the only quality you need is just some patience. A:I know,Ill develop my interest in English so as to learn it well.

A: Now, today we will talk about friendship.Everyone has his or her own opinion about it. what do you think about friendship?

B: Everyone needs friendship. No one can sail the ocean of life single handed. We need friends share our mind,happiness,suffering.We need help from, and also give help to, others. A: Yes, i agree with you. We will do many things with our friends.In the modern age, people attach more importance to relations and connections. A man who has many friends. His power lies in his ability to give.We have many ways to make friends and every friend is different for us. B: It can be a nodding acquaintance, a comrade, a confident, a partner, a playmate, a brother, an intimate etc. A: As life is full of strife and conflict, we need friends to support and help as out of difficulties. Our friends give us warnings against danger. True friends share not only joy but, more often than not, they share sorrow. B: When you are sad,friends can let you feel warm,comfortable and strong.With friendship, life is happy and harmonious. Without friendship, life is hostile and unfortunate. A: I have friends in the rank and file. Some are rich and in power. Some are low and common . But they are same to me.No matter who they are,they are all my friends.And there are no differences between them. B: To many of my friends, I know what to treasure, what to tolerate and what to share, I will never forget my old friends and keep making new friends. A:You are right. I will not be cold and indifferent to the poor friends and will show concern for them, I know,it will make them warm even if it is only a comforting word.

A: Hi ! B: Hello! long time no see.

A: Yeah...the winter holiday is coming. What are you going to do during this holiday? Any plans? B: I intend to do some volunteer jobs,so I can contact more people.It can also improve my social ability. And i think that is beneficial to society, which is better than playing computer games at home.Its a waste of time,I want to do something meaningful. A: Oh,sounds great! You are right.It s boring to stay at home.Its necessary for you to do some meaningful things. B: I think of it for a long time.It sounds like you often do volunteer work.Have you ever done volunteer work? A: Me ? Quite often.I have done some volunteer work before. B:Oh,thats good.What do you often do? A:I often clean up the city parks and the neighbourhood streets. B:I want to join the school volunteer project.But I don't know what to do. A:You have many choices and you can do what you like.Tell me what you like doing? B:I like reading books.I want to be a teacher when I grow up. A:Well! You can help young children to read in an elementary school after class.I think,you should like children,so it may be a good job for you. B: What about joining us to be one of the volunteers? A: Good idea!Children are lovely. I decide to do the job with you.Always doing cleaning is not very interesting.So,Ill do the volunteer work with you during the winter holiday. B: Great! I will call you later to make the time A: OK. See you

A:Hi! I haven't seen you for a long time? What have you been doing? B:I am working on an article about love. What do you think love is?

A:Love?Its hard to say. I think love is something that gives you both happiness and pain.Love can make me happy,make me feel the whole world is mine .But it also can make me sad,make me think that Im abandoned by the whole world. What're your ideas? B:I believe love is a beautiful feeling,and it covers every corner of the world,its everywhere and everyone cant live without it. A:Can you describe more about it ? B:Love can not be seen or touched,but you can feel it.We will find that the world is full of rich and varied love. A:Thats why? B:Because love exists between every life in the world.Between humans and humans,humans and animals, because there is love, we can live together harmoniously. For example,students should love each other for help A:OK,I see. Because there is love, the world becomes more lovely! B: In my opinion,love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day. A:I agree with you. Not everyone can find love, find a soulmate. It is really a long way to go, you konw.But I think I will find it in the end. B:And Love never fails. A: Yeah. I've got to go. Good luck about your study. B: Thanks.Bye.

A: At present, you know,almost all teenagers like eating the foreign fast food. can help people save time and energy.especially for the those who keep busy all the time.The most important is that its convenient and delicious.

A:But they only consider the taste of the food, and feel it very fashionable. In fact, such food is very unhealthy. B:Do you know why is it called fast food? Because it can be prepared fast and you can buy it fast and you can eat it fast.Dont like other food needs a lot of time to prepare. A: But because it is too fast, it is not so healthy as those foods we have in normal way. So, i think fast food should never be the main food for us. B:I think we can have the fast food when we are in a hurry or just when we want something else for change. A:In my opinion,we should be far away from fast food. Because their nutrient component is very low, and make people get fat. B:Some people eat foreign fast food almost everyday.They lose control of themselves,and become fatter and fatter.In fact ,only those pure nature pollution-free food is the healthiest, for example, green vegetables, meat, egg, milkAlthough they are not so delicious,they are healthy. A: Teenagers should eat healthy food even more, which have a long-term advantage. And healthy food is good for teenagers growth and development. B:As a matter of fact, i love chinese food best. A:Yeah,I love chinese food too. As it is both delicious and healthy. B:I suddenly feel hungry.I know there is a Chinese restaurant just around here.Why not go and have a big meal? I cant wait it. A:Good idea ! Lets go.