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Mine, Ore, and Gold scams

Paul Jones in McDermitt, NV

I put an ad in the ICMJ mining journal that just stated if anyone had any dealings with Paul Jones to give me a call. I had about 18 people called and that was were I got all of the stories, besides my own, on who and how he had screwed them over. Paul is now in Nevada probably because he was run out of New York or to many people knew where he lived. I can't remember where he lived when I first contacted him but he moved from there to New York. I visited him at his house in New York. I've got contacts in Boise, Idaho who have been nailed and a party they are in contact with from Boise, Idaho area has been had for $100K plus. Put an ad in the journal and find out for yourself... If you deal with him and get screwed DON'T SAY YOU WERE WARNED. Oh by the way... Paul is a really friendly guy and seems to be very knowledgable. But I guarantee you he could get gold out of horse crap with his method because he spikes the diglyme or whatever he calls his collector. I caught him doing it first hand and had his sick wife (mental) screaming at me from about a foot away from my face when i told them I wasn't going to pay them another $1000 for their refresher course in "how to con people"! If you are looking for something positive it would have to come from his wife...:) (maybe?) Here is from my past notes from 6 years ago or more: I know some of these people have died. If you want more horror stories put another ad in yourself... Denis *DAVE KLOFENSTEIN (503) 375-6484, 8372 Enchanted Way, SE, Turner, OR, 97372 called on ad, said had lost a great deal of money to Paul, but had built a 1000 gpm unit on the back of a trailer and would go and test streams. Said He and Alice Jensen had invested $4000 each in his syndicate shares in the Alaska project and has not recovered one cent and Paul will not talk to him. *KEN DEFOOR. An accountant in Texas, (928) 535-6493 DK said he may have lost around $50,000 in syndicate shares. *CARL TRUSSELL: RE: D.K., (503) 393-2993, Bus: (303) 540-9214, P.O. Box 2006 Salem, OR 97307 Dave thinks he lost over $2000 Ken Lashley, Son of Walter Lashley, still in business disseminating information, will send cataloge and order forms. go to: http://www.asat. Publications. html

*JIM TOOMBS: RE: D.K., Lives in Texas, (210) 737-6206 or Bus. ph. (210) 7106555 Dave K said he bought into syndicate and lost several thousand dollars. *FRANCIS RANDALL in Hawaii (602) 448- 3068 according to DK he lost several thousand in syndicate and bought a machine that doesnt work. *JOHN HOLDMAN friend of Ken Defore in Texas, went to Alaska spent several thousand on trip and may have lost more in syndicate shares. Said party up there was so upset he was going to kill Jones the next day if he had of showed up and let the grizzlys have the bastard. JASON HARRISON RR#1, Leslieville, Alberta CANADA, T0M 1H0, (403-7293258, cell-403-844- 6620, said had purchased small filter unit and some chemicals, but so far do not work, and after paying Paul there was no more communication. Said he has been buying a lot of equipment and built a system capable of filter 1000 GPM. is filtering gold but not able to drop ;the gold. wants to stay in touch and share information. BOB CRANDALL, 3042 S Macon Circle, Aurora, CO, 80014-3054, Ph (303) 7517848 sent email and I replied and then he called, said he and his partners have large operation in CO and they process ore. Said he paid Paul $1000 for his "formulas" but that they didn't work. He wouldn't tell me how to process my ore but said to send him some mud and leach and he would check it out and see if he could help us. Sent him a couple of pounds of mud and a bottle of leach. Bob called and had run samples, said could not get leach to react, that it was dropping (his word) garbage, and that it would not register with AA. He did run sample of mud and said the results were 1.4 oz/tn Au;1.5 oz/tn Pl; and 24.12 oz/tn PT. Also said that he run a sample of leach that JR Fullmer had purchased from Paul Jones, leach had not been exposed to ore and Bob said it was full of gold and the it was obvious that Jones was also spiking the leach. PAUL BEAMIS, 7957 E. Side Road, Deerlodge, MT, 59722, Beamis2@msn. com (406-846-3003) , C(970) 481-6123, called and said he paid $15,000 for Pauls, formulas and then invested $250,000 in some facilities to process ore, said he thinks he can process our ore and I sent him 20 pounds of mud and two bottles of leach. Denis wants to take all the leach and mud up to him to process. Company is 5 Star Processing. (total BS... lot my ass again!) DON HALE, (907) 376-0820 Called and had problems with RLM, said Paul used to work with a company called SuperLeach, but they got rid of him. Said to talk to a Fred at Super Leach (818) 260-0250. Don said to call him back and he would try to help us some more. J.R. FULLMER, (970) 641-1212 partner is Randy Hecher of 1000 W. NY, Gunnison, CO 81230, (970-641-1230) , has also had problems with Paul, thinks leach may be spiked, said would help us try to solve problem, wants us to send

him 5# of mud. Randy said to make powder silver, take 2 to 3 oz of silver and dissolve liter of water and 100 ml of nitric acid, then add a piece of metallic copper and the silver will collect on the copper and then drop off in a powder. Randy said that gold has a valence of +1,+2,or +3, which combine to bake up the normal salts like gold cloride three, but Au also has valences of +5,8,9,11,12, 13 and can be leached and precipitated out of leach. To make leach use 1 to 2 liters of water and add 100g of copper sulfate, then to that add approx 1# of ore, probably screened at apprx 20mil. After ore is leached in a couple of hours then add a couple of grams of the powder silver and the gold and or platinum will drop out. Then add steel wool and the silver will collect on steel wool and drop off as a powder to be reused . PAUL BERCHTOLD, (208) 687-2713, paulberchtold@ peoplepc. com, had problems with Paul, getting products and communication. STEVE OSBORN 3736 Neal, Paradise, CA,95969 (530) 877-3477: had problems with Paul unable to get products, Threatened law suit, Paul refunded money said will write up what happened to help us get Paul stopped. DEL UNRUH, Alberta, 403 742 4324 got screwed too. JAMES FRITZ, 271 Crutcher Rd., Port Townsend, WA, 98326, (360) 385-4876, Bought some test equipment, but has not received everything, Partner went back to NY, but so far process is not working, His chemist said he thinks the collector has salted. James said he metallurgist ran some tests and used virgin collector and stripper and gold dropped out. He sent us some collector and we were also able to drop gold without exposing it to the leach. Pauls excuse is that sometimes he inadvertently sends out some leach that he has processed and it may have a small amount of gold in it. Frank Hall is a partner of Jim, said he would be in this area around the 14th of June and wanted to contact Paul B. and would stop in Deerlodge, said that Jim is an industrial Engineer and he is a metallurgist and chemical engineer. FRANK LEWIS, (415) 674-8400; 2269 Chestnut St. #344, San Francisco, CA, 94123, said had taken class and was impressed, was planning on buying a lot of equipment but wanted to check out background of Paul and RockyLedge, gave Frank some names and he wants me to get back to him, unable to contact on new number. Call early, Said was going to call Paul and see what he can do to help us and maybe find a way to process what he has. Email is ? centium@earthlink. net has really good pgm values and platinum nuggets in Canada and also has lots of black sands, and has access to fines in "pits"(?) in Washington, lost about $1000 to Paul and is needing to find way to leach and recover values. Said has 90 claims in Canada with super high values and they are dredging and losing fines. Has big home on Island out of WA with great fishing and wants us to come up and spend some time nugget hunting and fishing. Said would call Paul Beamis and go over problems and his needs. Frank called again (06/01/04) and said he is really

interested in working with us and said he was talking with Paul B. said he had some of his ore tested and one test said there was 300 pounds of silver/ton. But said was not sure of the accuracy of the test. Sent 10# sample, some crushed to 200 and some in raw ore. wants to let us process his ore if we can get some good returns out of it. HUNTER COVINGTON (216) 593-7311, just bought products from Paul was going to invest in more but saw ad and wanted to know more about Rocky Ledge, said would stay in touch and had some products that he may need processed. John Darger is a partner with Wally Meyers of AmerChem, and they had advised Hunter not to get mixed up with Paul JAMES HILL ... 918-261-0836 phone and 918-492-1920 fax number. called on ad had difficult dealing with Paul and wife, ordered some products and did not receive everything and unable to contact them. Will not answer phone. Has rock from South America that assays out at 10oz gold, 10 oz platinum and 12oz silver according to Vance Analytical out of Phoenix.