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Top Ten Things to Think About If You Want to Change the World

By Michael Angier

Mahatma Gandhi believed that we must be the change we want to see in the world. This was well demonstrated when he helped India gain its independence. Gandhi was a revolutionary man, but he accomplished India's emergence as a nation without starting a revolution. In fact, he advocated no violence. One of the most powerful countries in the world yielded to the commitment of one man and the dream of millions. What change can we effect? What's the difference we want to make in the world? Gandhi said, "In a gentle way you can shake the world." Here are some things to think about how to do just that 1. Know that all significant change throughout history has occurred not because of nations, armies, governments and certainly not committees. They happened as a result of the courage and commitment of individuals. People like Joan of Ark, Albert Einstein, Clara Barton, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison and Rosa Parks. They might not have done it alone, but they were, without question, the change makers. 2. Believe that you have a unique purpose and potential in the world. It's not so much something to create as to be discovered. And it's up to you to discover it. Believe that you can and will make a difference. 3. Recognize that everything you do, every step you take, every sentence you write, every word you speak-or DON'T speak--counts. Nothing is trivial. The world may be big, but there are no small things. Everything matters. 4. To be the change you want to see in the world, you don't have to be loud. You don't have to be eloquent. You don't have to be elected. You don't even have to be particularly smart or well educated. You do, however, have to be committed. 5. Take personal responsibility. Never think "it's not my job". It's a cop-out to say, "What can I do, I'm only one person." You don't need everyone's cooperation or anyone's permission to make changes. Remember this little gem, "If it's to be, it's up to me." 6. Don't get caught up in the how of things. If you're clear on what you want to change and why you want to change it, the how will come. Many significant things have been left undone because someone let the problem solving interfere with the decision-making. 7. Don't wait for things to be right in order to begin. Change is messy. Things will never be just right. Follow Teddy Roosevelt's timeless advice, "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

8. The genesis for change is awareness. We cannot change what we don't acknowledge. Most of the time, we aren't aware of what's wrong or what's not working. We don't see what could be. By becoming more aware, we begin the process of change. 9. Take to heart these words from Albert Einstein--arguably one of the smartest change masters who ever lived: "All meaningful and lasting change starts first in your imagination and then works its way out. Imagination is more important than knowledge." 10. In order for things to change, YOU have to change. We can't change others; we can only change ourselves. However, when WE change, it changes everything. And in doing so, we truly can be the change we want to see in the world. The following is inscribed on the tomb of an Anglican Bishop in Westminster Abby (1100 A.D.) When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world. As I grew older and wiser, I discovered the world would not change, so I shortened my sights somewhat and decided to change only my country. But it, too, seemed immovable. As I grew into my twilight years, in one last desperate attempt, I settled for changing only my family, those closest to me, but alas, they would have none of it. And now, as I lie on my deathbed, I suddenly realize: If I had only changed myself first, then by example I would have changed my family. From their inspiration and encouragement, I would then have been able to better my country, and who knows, I may have even changed the world. Since my 10-point list above was inspired by Gandhi's belief, it seems appropriate to end with another of his quotes: "Consciously or unconsciously, every one of us does render some service or other. If we cultivate the habit of doing this service deliberately, our desire for service will steadily grow stronger and we will make not only our own happiness, but that of the world at large."

10 things you hate about the world and what you want to change or what you hate about people in the world today. Or if you had 10 wishes to change the world what would they be? Lets go for 10 points!!!!

How about more general ideas... like "I wish people werent afraid to face confrontation" Ideas that arnt major things (Like the war or poverty) but are still something everyone relates too. These are the ten things that, if removed from the world, would make it a better place: 1. Religious/ non religious fanatics 2. Spiders 3. The Jonas Brothers 4. Courtney Love 5. Marriage (ALL kinds of marriage) 6. Ghetto people (this is not racist, I didn't name a specific race) 7. People that don't know how to tip waiters/ waitresses 8.Non-smoking bars/pubs 9. The lack of availability of healthcare for poor people 10. Idiots that may reproduce.

Honestly i think that we need to do something about the war, and i also think that we should fix the whole in the ozone. and i think that we should deprive the world of drugs and crime, and we should make every thing biodegradable. im not sure how many that is..... 1.Make the war stop 2.Hate wen ppl discriminate about color 3.gas prices will go down prices will go down 5.i wish that teens can drive at 16 6.I wish people wouldnt kill people 7.i wish there was no violence 8.I wish there was no gang 9.I want to change the wayy people die,i wish ppl can live forever 10.i wish we cud rewind or fastfwd time. 1. Religion- We need to pull people out of a delusional mindset. It does no good for anyone and it actually hinders the progression of society. The most religious countries in the world are also the most Violent. People need to stop thinking they are doing things in the name of god or have a god on their side. 2. Education- We need to focus on world literacy and establish ways for people to not only be free to recieve a good education we need to find ways to supply them with a way to keep it consistent for years to come. 3. Drinking water- There are countries in this world who don't even have proper drinking water. That needs to change 1. No religion of any kind 2. True equality (not government manufactured equality...) 3. More "world" leadership. Our economy is global, so its high time we had some global leadership 4. many people have SO few brainz 5. EDUCATION....I know its here twice, but do you know how many really and truly

DUMB people I run into daily? 6. Free gas / diesel 7. Okay, no gas...all electric (or other) transportation 8. Fk it, lets go to Mars. I think that would be cool. Somebody needs to go up there and poke around a little. 9. Get the f'n government out of my pocketbook already! You think its bad paying taxes now? Try owning your own business. It is truly sick. I believe in earning money. What has big government done to EARN all my money?? 10. I mean it...seriously...religion=conflict=war=b Pollution is one of our biggest problems. I wish people would stop using aerosol cans for everything. Stop using all the hormones and stuff they put in our food. World Peace. yeah I said it. Our economy sucks. That definately need attention. If we can't help ourselves, how can we really help other countries in their needs. Fight hunger Find cures for diseases. Save extinct animals. There are so many... I can't think of the rest right now. No more reality shows. Our kids need to get off the t.v. and spend more time playing outside with their friends. Helping kids get into college. They are our future.

1st: I live in the USA and I am not pleased with my government, I think that the government shouldn't have complete control over the country or state. too many rules. too much brainwashing. 2nd: Stop the brainwashing. Too many people are in the dark about their own countries and get pissed with other people from other countries talk ****. 3rd: The police force. There are too many random beatings, I know many people who have gotten their fair share of racist police beatings. 4th: prostitution and drugs should be legal everywhere. heavy restrictions and precautions though. For example in some places they have prostitution houses, they make them get tested at least once a week. And people still do drugs anyways legal or not, it would be much safer and would help the aids and such if you bought the stuff and it came with free new needles. 5th:Discrimination. Too much discrimination and too much judgment. Everyone is human weather they wear monster boots have green hair, wear Hollister or whatever. 6th: GAS!! **** drilling! get to the new electric and smart cars.

7th: Slaughter houses. I'm aware people rather be searching for underground cults sacrificing people or whatever but it cant hurt to look through the slaughter houses better and make sure there is no animal abuse. 8th: Taxes. Rich people should have higher taxes then poor people...makes sense I think. 9th: KIDS! No one knows how to raise their kids anymore, though it could possibly be the law that says you cant spank your kid or you go to jail. oh and don't forget us humans are going reverse on the Darwinism thing. 10th: the fact that there are going to be a lot of people like me bitching and no one is going to lift a finger to do anything about it. cool.

End the current wars (Iraq, Afghanistan) * End the Palestine/Israel conflict (2 countries or one) * End poverty and hunger ( by eliminating the corruption heads) * Unhappy citizen should be allowed to immigrate to anywhere * Doctors from all countries should collaborate for fighting (AIDS and other diseases) * All media channels (musical concerts, tv shows, movies, etc) should all promote peace and accepting the other * More strict rules for criminals and tourists * Educate drivers to stop deaths on the road * Society collaboration (families, neighborhoods, students, co-workers, etc) * more actions for saving hte envirnoment


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Better World Essay Contest

During the Fall of 2004 an essay contest was conducted by The Better-World Project. Following are the winning entries:
1. Five Steps to a Better World by Edward Pittman - First Prize: $1,000 2. Learn to Operate the Human Machine by Mark Matus - Second Prize: $500 3. The "A-Z" of a Better World by Hank Atlas - Third Prize: $250 4. Elevate Your Mind by Mark Matus - Fourth Prize: $100 5. Reality Check a Better World by Laurel Watson - Fifth Prize: $50 6. White Magic vs. Black Magic by Francois-Rene Rideau - Consolation Prize: $25 7. Individual Strategies for a Better World by M. Antonio Consolation Prize: $25 8. How to Interface with the World by Mark Matus - Consolation Prize: $25
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Five Steps to a Better World

Free World Order:

Essay by Edward Pittman of the Promethean Movement.

Read Me First What Is Free World Order?

There is an abundance of beauty and good in the world, but it still has plenty of problems. The world could be made better. Many of us would like to help build a better world, but taking on the whole world as a project can certainly seem overwhelming. Where does one even begin? And what can one person with simple resources actually do? Well, good news! There really is an easy answer! Listed below are five things that anyone can do to help build a better world. Now, the actual work may not be easy...but it will be challenging

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and rewarding. And it will also likely be a lot of fun. So let's get started. If you want to build a better world: OWN YOURSELF. Recognize that you are a sovereign and unique Individual and make the decision to own yourself in spirit, mind and body. Become the owner of your life and destiny and take personal responsibility for them. This essential decision will guide your other decisions in life, re-orienting and re-creating your existence around the principle of personal sovereignty. Recognizing the sovereignty of other Individuals provides the foundation for ethical social interactions. Owning yourself and recognizing the sovereignty of others are both ongoing processes. BECOME POWERFUL. Creating a better world requires the efforts of powerful Individuals. You can contribute to the new population of powerful Individuals by starting with yourself. Empower yourself physically by getting optimum nutrition and exercising for strength, flexibility and endurance. Empower yourself mentally by learning critical and creative thinking skills. Learn how to learn and seek more knowledge. Empower yourself emotionally by learning to appreciate and increase your Emotional Intelligence and by adopting an attitude of practical optimism in which you hope for the best in situations because you are actively seeking and creating the best. Empower yourself financially by learning money skills and how you can create and manage multiple streams of income. Learn to make the most of what you have. Use your skills and resources to seek, obtain and create new skills and resources. Cultivate beneficial personal and professional relationships. As you become powerful, you will have more opportunities to make a better world and greater capability to effectively act on those opportunities. CREATE VALUE. You can immediately begin to improve those parts of the world that you have immediate influence over. Organize, decorate and improve your own home and office or work space to be aesthetically pleasing and stimulating to you. You can also raise the environmental tone in these spaces by improving your own attitudes and interactions with

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others. Look for ways to create new value in your personal and work relationships. As a practical optimist, look for the good in each situation and expand it or look for the good that you can put into the situation. In your work, invent something new in your field, add some new innovation to the mix, find standards that you can raise or create a new field altogether. BE A MENTOR. Consider what you have achieved by owning yourself, becoming powerful and creating value and how you can help that process to replicate itself in the lives of others by acting as a mentor. A mentor is formally defined as someone who acts as a trusted counselor or teacher. Informally, a mentor is someone who draws out the potential in others and helps them to develop it. Formal opportunities for mentoring exist through mentoring organizations and career mentoring in the business world. Be a Big Brother or Big Sister or work with some other organization for youth mentorship. Contribute to organizations like Children First America or the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship or other organizations that help children and young adults become empowered and sovereign. Be an informal mentor to the Individuals in your life, especially the young. Give key books as gifts or donate them to libraries. Be a mentor in your workplace. In general, always be on the lookout for opportunities to share what you know about Selfownership, becoming powerful and creating value. The Individuals that you mentor will often teach you new things about these processes through their questions and new insights. PROMOTE SPONTANEOUS ORDER. Spontaneous Order is the order that emerges spontaneously from the free interaction of elements within a system. Examples of Spontaneous Order include ecosystems, free economic markets and neural networks. Spontaneous Order allows for evolution through variation, feedback and adaptation. It is dynamic and tends toward abundance as many new and unexpected innovations and values emerge from its rich complexity. Within society, Spontaneous Order is

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promoted by supporting decentralized and voluntaristic social processes and by fostering Self-ownership, Individual liberty and diversity. Do some research on Spontaneous Order and learn more about it. Join the International Society for Individual Liberty, the Extropy Institute or other more personally resonant groups that promote Spontaneous Order. Perhaps you will become motivated to initiate your own project for promoting Spontaneous Order in a specific niche that is not already being given attention. Do create your own local group (formal or informal) for meeting face-to-face on a regular basis to share information, ideas and moral support on the topics of Self-ownership, becoming powerful, creating value, mentoring and promoting Spontaneous Order. Keep your eyes open for good "recruits" for this group as you do your mentoring. Do something in one of these areas at least once a day. Do something in each of these areas at least once a week. Be aware of the connections between the five areas and learn to maximize those connections in your actions. By doing all of this, you will greatly improve your own life as well as making significant contributions to a better world on your own scale and from your own unique position. Be a "Johnny Appleseed" and spread this essay around to see faster results. Good luck and have fun!

Learn to Operate the Human Machine

Essay by Mark Matus of

What if the human organism was simply a complex machine that you needed to learn to operate correctly and the advent of the computer age gave humans the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to achieve whatever they desired. This is not a fantasy, but reality. Every new experience can be seen as the download of a powerful new application, virus, website,

advertisement, or an entire system upgrade for you to ingest, and eventually assimilate. Tapping into this concept is one of the keys to making the world a better place. People have always been striving, often in secret, to this end, and many times they were persecuted for their actions. This fear has kept humanity in chains for thousands of years, but it can no longer do so. We have been blessed with the technology and intelligence to ride the wave of civilization into a new age of evolutionary change. If youre not feeling powerful in your own life; power over your thoughts, emotions, and actions, every endeavor or obstacle you encounter will be much more difficult to surmount. Too many use their failures as a reminder of their mistakes, associating with the negative, rather than focusing on the positive; something was gained from the experience and you are that much closer to your goal, be it enlightenment or abundant finanancial wealth. It can take many years of struggle to learn to interface with reality at an optimal level, and levels of improvement will continue to grow with each new experience, much like the diligence it takes to master any new skill. Its analogous to discovering the wheel, and the transformation that allows it to become any of the myriad inventions which are made possible by this seemingly primitive and basic technology. We are all given this metaphorical wheel when we are born into human form, but we need to develop the skills, and acquire the knowledge and wisdom to retain the resources which make the more advanced possible, constructing a foundation while revolutionizing the current paradigm, and hopefully bringing our species one step closer to our full evolutionary potential. The more you practice and continue to learn from mistakes and failures, the better your results will eventually be, and the more positively productive you shall become for yourself and the world at large. The beauty of the human experience is the exponential growth which can occur when ideas and experiences build upon each other, so not only inventions in

industry and thought, but daily human interaction on the most basic level can have a tremendous impact. Happiness is contagious, and positive energy begets more positive energy, so by treating yourself and others with the utmost respect we are fostering the ideal environment for a flourishing society, built upon mutual wisdom shared amongst the evolving minority. Create a better world on a daily basis by striving for excellence in all of your endeavors. The treasure of quality workmanship lasts long beyond any instant material satisfaction, achieving an amazing rate of growth when coupled with the desire to make a better world for oneself. Be selfish! Create a better world for yourself, and it will probably get better for others as well. A universal law states that we get what we think about, so why not think in ways which lend themselves to forgiveness of ourselves and others, and transferring that energy into positive, productive resources. Observe your actions and reactions to as many situations as possible. Self-knowledge is a key to a better world. Self-acceptance is one of the first steps in this journey, because if one is unaware or asleep to their current reality, no amount of action will make a difference. We are all owners of an amazing piece of machinery in the human body, mind and spirit, but we can all improve and sharpen the skills needed to operate an essentially automatic mode of thinking. Humans need to re-awaken to the awesomeness of the opportunity we have all been given by being alive in a time with the possibilities of today, and the years that follow. Realize that you are the author of the play that is your life and the tiniest spark can be the catalyst for a forest fire of change. Imagine the world if more people were achieving what they truly wanted rather than simply postponing it to a later date. If I devoted an hour a day, or even a week, to action steps devoted to my particular goal, I would be surprised at the compounding effect which occurs. You may need to literally slash and burn your current mental, physical, and spiritual landscape before the soil fertile for

positive change can be revealed. Everyones primary goal should be self-improvement and removal of past programming. Habits are created because we train our minds in an incessant manner, by responding to situations in a specific way. Technology has reached a point where therapeutic, altered states of consciousness can be reached without the use of drugs or years of practicing and studying meditation or yogic techniques, Idenics, NLP, and the Sedona Method can all be used to achieve this healing state of consciousness. Its amazing to think that a new idea could be realized through the transmission of knowledge which eventually leads to a better world. Positive viruses are just as contagious as their opposite, consuming their host and using it to fuel a productive evolutionary change in every aspect of the universe. Lets get together and make the world a better place; we have the power, but many lack the skills, ability, and knowledge to realize their amazing potential.

The "A-Z" of a Better World

Essay by Hank Atlas

A good starting point comes from monkeys: Hear only good; See only good; Speak only good. I also behave like the frequently missing link - the one that makes a real difference - a monkey called Do only good. These monkeys represent the contexts in which I live. Continuing with this theme, the world is populated by three kinds of people: chimps, champs and chumps. Champs create and implement systems that generally add life and are good for the environment. The best news in the world is that systems for a better world

have already been invented! So, lets get started. Example: "The Natural Republic" is laid out in the book Sic Itur Ad Astra, by Andrew J. Galambos. (Thrust For Freedom is an excerpted version of Sic Itur Ad Astra.) What the world could use now are implementers. I implement a version of the Natural Republic in my world, without asking permission from a chump. Imagine that - living without a license! No waiting. No need to convince or coerce others. No fighting anyone. I simply do it, damaging no one, leading by example, creating a Natural Republic to the greatest extent possible without getting shot or caged by the chumps. [See also "10 Things You Can Do To Build Freedom."] I care about creating a better world because I see many beautiful things and a lot of beautiful people of all ages, and it makes me happy when the good guys win. So, heres my DO list for champs, from A to Z: ADD life: Support people, things, and systems that add life. BABIES: If you make them, love them and care for them. Be responsible. With about 6.4 billion people on the planet and counting, adopting a child can be a practical move. COUNTRY: A legal fiction. Ditto for State, Government, Kingdom, Corporation, etc. There are only men and women pretending to be, masquerading as, or doing business as, the aforementioned. Withhold or withdraw support from men and women who are chumps. DONATIONS: Give wisely. Understand how you affect the local economy. Ex.: Sending t-shirts to Africans makes their world worse. Learn why and much more by reading Adventure Capitalist, by Jim Rogers. Learn how the world works, so that when you act to make it better, you actually do.

ENVIRONMENT: If your environment was limited to a volume one acre square extending upward into space, how would you live in it? Keep doing that. FOOD: If you eat wholesome food, you vote for good health. Support your local health-food store (which 100 years ago was known as the grocery store). As a rule of thumb when shopping for food, ask yourself, "Could Lysander Spooner (1808-1887, author, No Treason) have eaten this?" If not, then don't buy it. I enjoy perfect health, and my success leaves clues. Clue: The last time I bought things from McDonald's, an unhappy meal if you will, was in 1977. GOVERNMENT: Chump Central. Throw out the liars, killers and thieves with the bath water, which theyve contaminated. What if they threw a vote and nobody came? Chaos and anarchy are what we enjoy right now. What we need is a vacuum; theres a Natural Republic ready to fill it. HEALTH: GI = GO. Good in equals good out. Its easier to save the world when youre healthy. Find information about creating and maintaining perfect health at The Doctor Within. INDIVIDUALS: Leave them alone. Do not try to control them without their consent. Do not cause them trouble if they do no harm. Ex.: Only chumps or chimps oppose gay marriage. I am not gay, and why does that matter? JUDGE: A chump in a black robe. Underneath the costume is an individual named Joe or Josephine, who ordinarily would deserve no more or less respect than anyone else except that they are armed and dangerous. Learn how to keep Joe or Josephine and their associates from winning at your expense: Adventures In Legal Land. KIDS: Are they a good enough reason to create a better world? Sure theyre cute now, but just wait till they finish law school. Notice that children stop being a good reason to save the world at age 16.2, after which

time they become chopped liver, apparently. Teach them, if nothing else, to respect property. LAW: Live honestly; Damage no one (including the environment); Give every man his due. All you need to know about law can fit in a fortune cookie. MONKEY see, monkey do: Make sure this does not apply to you. NEWS: Tune out the bad. GI = GO applies to the mind too. I understand that CNN stands for constant negative news. Im not sure what the KC in KCBS stands for. OIL: The reason for rocketing tourism in Iraq. Support environmentally friendly alternatives to oil, like the bicycle. Expect to see more wind power, solar power, and electric cars - maybe even before the oil runs out. POLITICS: Libertarian is better, apolitical is best. Evolve politically by taking the worlds shortest political quiz. QUEEN: A female president. Same fraud as a male one, but smells a little different. Do not be fooled by the skirt! Ignore her if you can. RELIGION: Thank you in advance for not forcing your religion on the world. SPEECH: If you must speak about chumps, use appropriate words, i.e., regime, not administration; ruler or king, not leader or president. I neither want nor need a ruler. If you feel you must vote in the upcoming US election, your practical choice is either King George the 3rd (not to be confused with the previous III, who was English) or King John. If you find yourself wanting to vote for the lesser of two evils, notice that thats voting for evil. THINK: Use your brain. Like most things, its a learned skill. Its much easier to function as a champ after adding logic and reason and a strong foundation (see

Andrew J. Galambos) to your toolbox. Things are no longer all relative. Warning: May cause clarity. UNCLE Sam: Nonsense. Delete from memory. VOTING: Everything is a vote - please mind what you vote for. If you live today, youve voted for life (or somebody else has voted for life for you by keeping bed sheets out of your possession). If things get bad enough in my current geographic location, Ill vote with my feet and move. WAR: Headline, 3004AD: New Hope for Peace in the Middle East. Tradition - get used to it. X: Go see "What the Bleep Do We Know?!," a movie Not Rated in current release thats provocative food for creative minds. YOUR world: Whats it about? My world, for example, supports stories about Nikola Tesla and the Wright brothers, but not those about serial killers. Does your world add life? ZERO: The ideal amount of energy or support to give to chumps.

Elevate Your Mind

Essay by Mark Matus of

Human life is a truly beautiful and amazing gift, and along with the opportunity to inhabit these bodies and this planet comes a great responsibility. Humankind was given the capacity for unlimited mental processes, and as a result, we are custodians of this planet, and responsible for the advancement and evolution of our species. In order for humanity to evolve to the next level necessary to create a more peaceful and unified

society, each individual must tap into their core of potential and achieve a level of self-realization and improvement, which is the ultimate key to creating a better world. The vision is quite simple, but the domino effect would have far-reaching repercussions. If each person takes a step to overcome their personal obstacles and bettering themselves toward the greater good of humankind, the effects will reverberate throughout the general populace and collectively we will create a better planet for everyone, just by making positive improvements in our own lives. The premise is simple, but how exactly does one begin the path to selfrealization, and ultimately, self-improvement? There are certainly no shortages of options available to the seeker from traditional psychotherapy to metapsychology and numerous techniques in-between. It is up to the individual to identify their areas for improvement, and then choose the path that will lead them toward their goals. Therefore this is a guidebook of suggestions that have helped me achieve a higher degree of competence, intelligence, health, ! and personal power than I ever thought possible. Idenics is like a de-hypnotizing process. Habits and compulsions disappear in minutes, and the debris continues to disperse following each session, definitely making this incredible technology one of the keys to a better world. The more people who experience Idenics, the faster the evolutionary process will ensue. Suddenly, the veils are lifted and one awakens to a new reality, free of the negative programming which we have all experienced, simply by being alive. For anyone who has tried traditional psychotherapy and lacked the desired results, as well as for those who havent tried any formal therapies, Idenics may be the answer to overcoming obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your full potential. Once you identify and work to overcome your target obstacles through Idenics, you can then work toward increased mental capacity and brain enhancement through numerous techniques including meditation and

affirmations that are available through various programs on the internet. Im including brief descriptions of a few that work particularly well and for which I can attest to their success and credibility. Ive found several Audio programs that are excellent brain balancers, helping one achieve states of deep meditation, allowing for whole brain functioning: Holosync, Hemisync, binaural beats, brainwave entrainment, subliminal recordings, and hypnosis audio programs are available here: BrainWave Generator, Centerpointe Research Institute, ThinkRightNow!, Dane, Consider joining a legal MP3 download site where a wealth of audio, video, and text files are available. Sites like can aid you in this decision-making process. In addition, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), can help individuals reach their full potential by using this brain enhancement technology founded by Richard Bandler. This process can help associate pleasant memories, disassociate unpleasant memories and put distance between yourself and them through affirmations and anchoring techniques. In addition to meditation and increased mental capacity, another essential key toward selfimprovement is building self-esteem. One of the simplest strategies that can lead to an increase in selfesteem is to develop better thinking skills, and eliminate fear-based thinking. Dont think in terms of failure, but rather experiments. When you try something new its an experiment; learn from feedback. One vehicle that can help achieve this level of thinking is the ThinkRightNow! subliminal program. Simply leave it on the entire time youre on the computer and re-program your subconscious for success, health, intelligence, self-esteem, creativity, increased awareness, better relationships, etc. In addition, read Nathaniel Brandens, The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem, which provides further tips on processes all individuals can employ to reach a deeper level of

self-esteem. Another crucial step to achieving true selfimprovement is to create personal time for ones self. This is one of the areas where humans woefully fall short. Weve given ourselves so much that we must do in a day, that we fail to do the things required to nurture our selves; our souls. It is impossible to be a positive force in others lives if we fail to take time to identify and nurture ourselves, which means achieving a balance of physical, mental, and spiritual health. There are many ways to exercise the body, mind, and spirit: Chi Gung, meditation, weight training, walking, hiking, Tai Chi, yoga, etc. The goal is to find out what activity brings you the greatest sense of peace and accomplishment, and build time into your schedule to follow-through daily. The evolution of our race will be a gradual process, which will only occur once each individual takes responsibility for their own self-realization and improvement. The world will begin to be a better place once each individual learns to connect to their true self. The techniques described in this essay can help any person down the path to self-discovery, but there are also an enormous number of practical, simple things that people can do daily with minimal effort that will have ripple effects throughout society. Visit these websites every day to help people, the environment, and animals: The HungerSite, Stop the Hunger. Watch the movies Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, and Baraka and recommend them to others. Expand your interests by taking classes, volunteering, visiting websites, and reading books, and share your knowledge with others. Find a mentor, or better yet, be a mentor. Employ empathy and compassion toward everyone you encounter and strive to emanate love and positive energy. We seldom receive any guarantee that our endeavors will materialize, but once you begin something, as Goethe said, Great forces come to your aid. And finally, smile, for there is much beauty and greatness

in the world.

Reality Check for a Better World

Essay by Laurel Watson.

Most breakthroughs begin with a reality check. So here you go....Read this with compassion. Read it like the human race is counting on you! Those [children] born after 1969 show new-brain functioning. The new brain can tolerate extremes of dissonance or discord. Disruptive and inappropriate stimuli are processed without the individual noticing the discrepancies. Enjoyment and aesthetic levels have dropped dramatically. 15 years ago people could distinguish 300,000 sounds; today many children cant go beyond 100,000 and the average is 180,000. Twenty years ago the average subject could detect 350 different shades of a particular color. Today the total number is 130. The brain is losing its standards. There is speculation that a generation with such changed brains will create an environment of such intense stimuli that a normal brain might not survive. Deprived children from 3rd world countries in primitive groups show a 3-4 times higher learning capacity, rate of attention and learning comprehension than our fortunate children. The difference? Primitive children were given--love and nurturing--and they played continually. Primitive groups also have extended families! If a woman is exposed to violence or high level stress and internalizes it emotionally, studies have found that in the 3rd trimester the babys brain will dump the cells from the neo-cortex (higher brain function including things like higher emotions of love, appreciation,

sensitivity to beauty) and opt to magnetize the brain function to the reptilian cortex -- The Biology of Transcendence by Joseph Chilton Pearce. What it means is that this child will be born with a disposition for violence. The child will tend to think of things in black and white (among them you will find zealots, fundamentalists, gang members, killers). This generation of children K-9-9 in economically developed countries is in deep trouble and may not even be able to make it in the job market. The CEO of Cisco Corp. met with the heads of leading industries and countries to work on a plan. It is mostly being left up to bureaucrats and agencies hmmm. How can we make the world a better place? Practice meditation. War is cut about 50% during large-scale world-wide meditation. (This is known as the "Maharishi Effect" and can be read about in the book Power Vs. Force by Dr. David R. Hawkins. If you are a woman who plans on having children, Give birth in water. Directly after birth, make eye-contact with the infant. The brain will develop faster. Breast feed. Read How to Increase Your Intelligence by Win Wenger. [See also #TL11: How to Increase Your Intelligence.] If you are an adult and have any learning disability or wish to increase your intelligence, buy his book and do the exercises. Do not watch the primetime news and violence that engages the reptilian brain. It depresses the immune system. Watch uplifting public television or read. Eat raw , organic, natural food, and wear natural clothing like cotton. These boost the immune system. Your Body Doesnt Lie addresses affects on immunity. If you are experiencing states of anger, violence, depression etc. stop and choose to maintain a thought of appreciation. Think of someone you love or a pet.

Hold the thought for several minutes and your heart and brain will move into coherence. The advantages are coherence is mental clarity, health, happiness and youth. Read HeartMath Solution to further elaborate on this idea and learn of the advantages. Exercise, touch, sex, laughter and hot peppers--in some cases increase endorphins to give you a natural high and improve well-being. Read the The Catalyst of Power: The Assemblage Point of Man by Dr. Jon Whale. The center of the human electromagnetic body can be moved through a technique called "Assemblage Point Realignment." The relocation can dramatically improve health. If you have had major accidents, depression, addiction look into this. The technique can be taught by the author, Doctor John Whale. You could possibly host him in your city if you have a large group. Those who are working on a better world should consider forming co-housing. Major cultural shifts can be created when individuals do this. It creates a think tank. With shared spaces, resources, and work load like daycare, many people will be wealthier, they have more available time. It creates an extended family. It creates a small economy closer to bartering and allows people to have access to shared resources they could not afford, not to mention cutting down on waste. This is not communism but more like the old township. Everyone owns their own space and then there are shared spaces to benefit the group. Everything is by agreement. Single parents can benefit from it. Here is an example to deal with the initial statistics presented. Buy an apartment complex, as a real-estate investor or as a group of investors advertise to single mothers and parents who are looking for a way to make ends meet. They are working parents. The complex should have a clubhouse or available

space for a learning center. Parents could have daycare on site. With basic homeschooling software, children could be tested for learning gaps. Parents could work with local high schools and colleges and bring in tutors. This may be able to be setup as a trade. The school may grant credit for tutoring. Parents could trade off on baby-sitting and form a strong community. A gardener could assist with community gardens. People could actually own the apartments they live in. This will create economic freedom and greatly relieve society of the current burden. Put the process online so it can be used as a resource and replicated. The same concept applies to those working of sustainability, and de-decentralization of government. It is easier to boycott, communicate information and create social change in tight-knit groups. People are not so easily pushed around by Big Brother. Consider that about 70% of learning is tacit. Something must be experienced or physically seen to be replicated. How can we make the world a better place? Start with love--basic human compassion. Lead by example.

White Magic vs. Black Magic

Essay by Francois-Rene Rideau of Liberty, as it is.

Most people tend to expect their physical or spiritual salute partly or wholly from miracles to be enacted by

a benevolent superior entity such as God or Government, in exchange for their subservience. This is the principle of black magic: To expect miracles, happiness, success, redemption from failures, etc., from external and superior entities that feed from the humiliation of those who voluntarily make sacrifices to them and who reduce unbelievers to subjection, from spirits that rejoice from one's destruction of oneself and other people, from gods that demand one's contempt for oneself and other people, from supernatural beings with unlimited powers and arbitrary desires that are not bound by any law knowable by reason but are meant to be influenced by a show of feelings from their humiliated followers. In short, this black magic consists in the irresponsible tying of one's hope of future satisfactions to the whim of external and superior intervening powers. Now, divinities that could be corrupted by such sacrifices do not deserve being sacrificed anything whatsoever. They are abject beings against which any self-respecting human being can but revolt. Those that grovel at the feet of such divinities are slaves, swine, creatures lacking the dignity of their own free will, and who are prompt to forsake it indeed. Which is all the more contemptible since the divinities they adore do not give a damn for these pitiful worshippers -for these gods do not really exist! But such is not the only way magic can be conceived. There is another magic, white magic. Its principle is: Work and strive to earn as a reward each and every blessing that one enjoys. In as much as this attitude can be explained in terms

of "divinities", these divinities are bound by knowable laws, and it is through from respect of these laws rather than from their whims that one seeks to obtain blessings, through hard work. In a certain way, these divinities are not supernatural beings existing above nature and free from its laws -- they are the laws of nature themselves and nature itself. They do not demand adoration and submission but understanding and acceptance. They are satisfied not by the abjection of worshippers but by the raise in dignity and talent of their observers. They reward not the scared humiliation of submissive humans, but the respectful mastership of proud humans. They do not promise to believers the future grant of surreal relishes but invite the wise to reevaluate their present desires considering the constraints of reality. These divinities are untouchable but well-meaning; they have no superiority complex, and do not demand an extensive display of groveling submission through an uninterrupted sequence of sacrifices. They offer us a non-hierarchical relationship between equals, or rather, between unequals, where matters not the appearance of periodical external shows, but the depth of a permanent internal discipline over oneself, a discipline that aims not toward debasing oneself to submit to the gods, but toward enhancing oneself to master them. Prayer in black magic is passivity and destruction, in an attitude of humiliation and worship. Prayer in white magic is work and creation, in an attitude of determination and respect. The disciple of black magic does evil with the hope that some good will emerge out of it

through a miraculous violation of the laws of nature. The disciple of white magic does good by consenting an effort appraised as the least evil according to the laws of nature. Priests of black magic invoke authority as the source of knowledge, and claim that the ways of their gods are unfathomable to anyone but them. Priests of white magic propose conjectures that are subject to the open review of everyone's reason and experience, and gaining insight into their divinities is the very essence of their religious practice. Priests of black magic extend their cult by subjecting the infidels to their creed, by humiliating and degrading other people. Priests of white magic extend their religion by subjecting their beliefs to the criticism of other people, by freeing and bettering themselves. Believers of black magic are the slaves of their gods. Believers of white magic are the masters of their gods. Black magic and white magic coexist in traditional and instituted religions. They are two opposite poles of behaviour between which are each of our acts. Black magic always wins in appearance, for it is a master of deception; you will always see it dominate the established institutions, glorified by formal rites and astonishing shows, draping as the good side while white magic is denounced as the bad side, spreading ignorance, confusion, myopia and colorblindness to prevent coherent criticism and subvert opposition. But it is white magic that actually makes the world go round, even if it requires discernment to see that, it is white magic that continuously adapts to the world, from which stems all creation,

that serves as the basis for civilization itself. There is an opposition between Good and Evil, but it is not the cosmic struggle proposed by the priests of the cult of the dead; it is not a conflict between superior gods, where Good would be to submit to the god of one priest rather than to other gods. On the contrary, it is the opposition between on the one hand a culture of destruction, of humiliation and of spectacle, and on the other hand, a culture of creation, pride and work. White Magic works for its users, it empowers them. Black Magic works against its followers, using them to their detriment for its own success. But the most evil are Gray Magicians who use White Magic techniques to spread and leverage Black Magic in others, in a winlose game. Creating a Better World begins with yourself: Learn to master White Magic, and eliminate Black Magic from your own patterns of thought. You'll find that the example of your healed action is the strongest healing force you can exert upon the rest of the World.

Individual Strategies for a Better World

Essay by M. Antonio of Remake the Matrix.

Individuals do things or they do nothing at all and merely think instead. Our individual actions collectively create the world, such as it is. Ours can be a much, much better world. To create a better world,

individuals (you) must do and think better things. Most of you do things relating to some or all of the following areas of endeavor which Ill address, one by one, in terms of what practical things I know, from first-hand experience and research, would result in a better world (even a self-correcting and ever-improving utopia), if you were to follow my suggestions. Of course, due to varying reasons and circumstances, not everyone will change over-night, but, if you at least have a compass pointing in the right direction, you can know where youre going and get started immediately. Putting it simply, the more each one of us does the things described herein, the sooner a better world will arrive. Its up to you. The areas of endeavor Ill address are diet, the environment, relationships, sex, children, society, technology, mind, spiritual life, finances, prosperity, body, personality, longevity, ones work life, education, self, pastimes-hobbies, addictions, decision making, ones legacy, power, speed-efficiency and death. For each area, Ill suggest websites containing further details that include solutions and answers to virtually every question you could ever hope to ask. If you need further help, you can feel free to write me via my Ryze page and, given time, Ill respond. To perfect your diet, you must eat only organic living super foods and only drink pure water. See To perfect your environment, you must use only earthfriendly products, services and technologies. See To perfect your relationships, both personal and business, you must learn to communicate quickly and effectively. See To perfect your sex life, if any, you must learn to put your partners pleasure before your own (and theyll do the same), creating reciprocity. See

To raise perfect children, you must learn how, before having any. Perfect parents produce perfect children. You can start with this list. To perfect society, you should consider ceasing all political activity, e.g., voting, jury duty, paying taxes, joining any military or police force, etc., and rely solely on mutual voluntary relations and the free market to achieve your goals. See;;; To perfect technology, you must embrace it, and use the internet. See The Power of Doing Things Right. To perfect your mind, you must consciously and purposefully learn how to think clearly and effectively. See; To perfect your spiritual life you must let go of superstition in all its forms. This means learning how to question everything youve ever been taught including the very words you use to describe your world and communicate with each another. See To perfect your finances you must get out of debt (monetary slavery). See Basic Money Skills. To enjoy true prosperity, you must get into a neverending upward spiral. To begin, first determine where you are in terms of resources (material and otherwise), that you can bring to the task of wealth creation, then find a wealth-success-program you believe you are capable of implementing to completion. Get started by visiting then using To perfect your body, you must progressively challenge yourself to improve physicallythen never stop. See To perfect your personality you must learn to control self-destructive feelings, thoughts and emotions. See To maximize your longevity you must avoid all unnecessary risks, e.g., you must work at home to avoid mass transportation. See>. To perfect your work life, that work must feel like play. You must do what you love (that has a financial application) and the money will follow. This could mean starting by first doing things you dont love, as an initial stepping stone. See To perfect your education, you must drop out of theft tax-based public schools and those whose curriculums require learning matters extraneous to your goals to opt for an unstructured custom-tailored learning environment. See Wake Up America!. To perfect your self, you must learn to never stop growing, ever. See; To perfect your pastimes-hobbies, you must stop doing anything you can truly live without, i.e., that is contrary to nature because that pastimes-hobby may be just another growth-retarding addiction. See To rid yourself of addictions, you must first establish their root-cause (whether physical or psychological), then learn to satisfy, naturally, what that addiction is fulfilling unnaturally. See; To perfect your decision-making abilities, you must recognize then reject propaganda whenever youre exposed to it (disinformation, misinformation, dumbing down, etc.). You must throw away your TV (or use it judiciously and less often). You must unsubscribe from the controlled-media and determine the truth for yourself, regarding every matter, on a case-by-case basis. See; To perfect your legacy, you must redefine your notion of your true potential. See; To perfect your power, you must redefine your concept of what you can do. See; Free State Project. To perfect the speed and efficiency with which you achieve your goals, you must learn to function within the world but not of it and use libertools which utilize affiliate programs (paying you every time you refer or sponsor others), e.g., e-gold, supernetrepreneuring (my original term), thus, multiplying your efforts many fold, e.g., To rid yourself of physical death, you must do all these things, and more, because, by doing so collectively, the black robes (pretended judges), white coats (medical doctors) and suits (lawyers), will finally be put out of their regular daily business, practice, and profession of literal genocide, even as they simultaneously interfere with the progress of the scientific field of life extension and related discoveries. Its up to you. Start now. See Endnote: To learn more, do a Google search on: Libertarianism, Choice Theory, Rational Recovery, Extropianism, Prometheanism, Transtopianism, Biological Immortality.

How to Interface with the World

Essay by Mark Matus of

One of the major problems humans encounter is the improper ability to interface with the world correctly. We lack training on some of the most important aspects of human functioning, understanding, and consciousness. After thousands of years of

sleepwalking we have the opportunity to break free of the antiquated, fear-based teachings and technologies of modern society, and emerge from our cocoons of unconsciousness into butterflies brand new. The following suggestions strive for self-improvement on a wide scale, leading to the eventual evolution of the mind, body, and spirit; ultimately creating successful human beings with unlimited potential. Whereas money does not necessarily determine happiness, it does allow you to seek out opportunities that will help you achieve personal growth. Therefore, concentrate on attracting and creating wealth for yourself and possibly others. Creating multiple streams of automated income allows people to exit the rat race where they may spend much of their time doing repetitive and meaningless work simply to survive. Without free time from the typical 40-60 hour workweek, very few people will be able to cultivate the skills necessary to better themselves, let alone create a better world. One of the fundamental aspects of achieving personal growth is the ability to look at every situation from different angles and perspectives. This involves questioning everything youve been taught to believe and perceive. This isnt to say that the beliefs with which you were raised were wrong, but you owe it to yourself to make sure you understand why you hold them true and dear. For instance, if you feel strongly about politics and current events, use alternative sources of media to explore different perspectives in order to have a complete understanding of the system and how it works. The information we receive from the mainstream media is not always the whole picture (or the true picture); so explore topics from alternate sources to ensure that you are receiving the information you deserve. There are so many things that we accept in society because we believe we have no choice. There are often

alternatives to the standard beliefs of what is mandatory in our society, but we dont take the time to explore them. For instance, if youve ever felt like you simply cannot participate in our legal system, learn why jury nullification is one of the last defenses of us all to make a difference. If you worry about the stability of our monetary system, use alternative forms of currency, like e-gold. If you wish to raise freethinking, independent children, explore educational alternatives like home schooling. The journey toward self-improvement of the mind can be aided with the help of performance-enhancing smart supplements, which are like steroids for the brain with only positive side effects. All of the supplements suggested below can be found at your local vitamin store. Of course, before starting any regimen, do your research and consult your doctor. To increase energy and enhance brain function, one Phenylalanine, one Vitamin C, and one B-6 taken on an empty stomach can replace coffee or caffeine. Ltheanine promotes relaxation without drowsiness and enhances brain function. 5HTP can be taken in the evening for low serotonin levels, which increase the bodys production of Growth Hormone, and promotes restful sleep. Glutamine can increase HGH levels and prevent muscle catabolism. Amino Acids, and protein supplements can be helpful, especially if youre a vegetarian. Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Flax Seed Oil or EPA helps maintain proper brain function. Super foods like Spirulina and Bee Pollen help keep the body functioning at an optimum level. Consider digestive enzymes, especially if you dont eat much raw food. Cooked, and processed food lacks many of the enzymes the human body requires for optimal, if not basic health. And finally, consider an herbal detoxif! ication supplement, and plant-based Multi-Vitamins, which are more digestible and therefore more efficient. Since our world is filled with so many pesticides, hormones and other environmental toxins, its extremely important to eat organic fruits, vegetables, milk, free-range eggs, meat, and any other food

without added toxins. Of course, the elimination of recreational drugs, alcohol and cigarettes will also lead to increased physical and mental health. There are other simple techniques that you can employ that will allow you to achieve a greater level of health. For instance, always use a headset for cellular and cordless phones and limit microwave oven use. Only drink non-fluoridated water and use a Reverse Osmosis water filtration system, as this is one of the few types that removes fluoride (a byproduct of aluminum production, which has been banned in most countries due to the health risks). Use fluoride-free toothpaste since studies show that fluoride actually makes the teeth brittle. Try deodorant without aluminum oxide since it has been linked to Alzheimers and other illnesses. Remove amalgam fillings as mercury is highly toxic and has been banned in most of Europe due to the health risks. Use natural toiletries, like Ivory soap, perfume-free detergent, no fabric softener and natural, biodegradable, enviro-friendly cleaning products. Explore energy and environmental conservation alternatives like solar, wind, and free energy. A simple water saving tip: fill a jar or plastic container with water, secure the lid, and place in toilet tank if you do not have a low flow toilet, which is the case in most older homes. Stop junk snail mail, which wastes your time and is an environmental drain. Consider alternative medicine and therapies like Reiki, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, ayuverdic, homeopathic, herbs, orgone, radionics, flotation tanks, E.F.T: Emotional Freedom Techniques. Read Non-fiction, self-improvement: The Path of Least Resistance (Fritz), The Sedona Method (Dwoskin), How I found Freedom in an Unfree World (Browne), The 48 Laws of Power (Greene), The Art of Living Consciously (Branden), The Human Biological Machine As A Transformational Device (Gold), Self-Completion (De Ropp), Power vs. Force (Hawkins), BuildFreedom website.

Try new things. We seldom receive any guarantee that our endeavors will materialize, but once you begin something an entirely new realm of possibilities may appear which you never considered.
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