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Report on the gathering of the Leadership Council of Islamic Emirate and its statement regarding the
Sunday, 11 December 2011 08:22 -

Report on the gathering of the Leadership Council of Islamic Emirate and its statement regarding the recent bombings on Ashura In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful On the day of Ashura, 10 th of Muharram 1433, inexplicable bombings took place in Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif in w hich tens of our defenseless countrymen w ere soaked in their blood and their families left in utter grief. This incident w as also strongly rejected and condemned by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in the initial hours. Yesterday on the 15/01/1433, the Leadership Council of Islamic Emirate held an important council about this topic. Intense discussions w ere held regarding these incidents w hich w ere described as a pre-planned plot of the defeated enemy and it w as stressed that our vigilant nation must pay astute attention to such actions of our enemy and nobody should be allow ed to reach their sinister goals by creating rifts and divisions amongst our united people on the basis of religion, race, language or region. Similarly, the political and religious sides of our country w ere asked to put the benefits of our country and people ahead of their ow n or organizations benefits and such actions not be undertaken to achieve their political aims w hich w ould mean nothing other then adding fuel to the fire w hich has been lit by our enemy against the unity of our people and country. It w as also said that in these tender moments in w hich our enemy is on the verge of fleeing, it is going back to its natural habit and reaching for grief stricken moments like the day of Ashura so it can divide the unified Afghan people because the enemy w ants to take revenge from our suffering people for their ow n failures. Our alert and unified nation w ill never be deceived by such plans of our enemy but rather they w ill also thw art this plan like all the previous ones. In the end of the gathering, the below statement w as issued after much deliberation:


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1. The Leadership Council of Islamic Emirate w ants to extend its condolence to the affectees and once against strongly condemns such acts. 2. Islamic Emirate considers such incidents the plots and acts of the invaders and the enemies of Afghanistan and calls on all its countrymen to lend each other hands and cooperate w ith each other in preventing such incidents in accordance w ith their national and religious duty because such acts of the enemy are against all our countrymen and are detriment to our beloved Afghanistan. 3. Islamic Emirate personally asks the scholars and leaders of Afghanistans Ahl Tashi (Shiite) to be very vigilant regarding this matter and they should inform their people that this incident can never be considered a topic of enmity betw een Sunni and Shiite. They should never lend an ear to the internal agents w ho w ant to paint this as an internal and religious strife for serving their ow n interests and for pleasing their masters. 4. Islamic Emirate gives guidance to all of its Mujahideen to pay attention to preventing such acts from taking place alongside their other duties.

The Leadership Council of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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