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U.N. Has Another Meeting on Climate Change?

I've been hearing about yet another U.N. Meeting on climate change. Please note that they no longer call it global warming. Why, because all the data they have been collecting shows that the planet has in fact cooled during the last decade. This fact makes it almost impossible to bilk countries of Billions of dollars to stop global warming, (it already stopped). How can so many countries spend so much time on unproven speculation? This is where I will lose or piss off libs. This stuff is not science. It is politics and more importantly, global wealth redistribution. Science is not a bunch of scientists getting together and agreeing on an idea. Science is where someone has a theory or hypothesis, and he/she devises a series of experiments to prove/disprove that theory. After they publish their results, other scientists will perform their own experiments to determine the validity of the theory. So far, experiments and data collecting have pretty much disproved the theory of man-made global warming. The number 1 greenhouse gas is H2O. Thats right, water vapor. The surface of our planet is about 70% water. Back in the 80's, remember all the hubbub about ozone holes and rampant skin cancer caused by CFC's in spray cans and refrigeration? Supposedly, the CFCs would break down and release chlorine molecules into the ozone layer and destroy it and eventually us. Did anyone know that the saltwater oceans on this planet emit more of those molecules into the air in one year than mankind has produced in total? NO, you didn't hear that because it would blow their bullshit story out of the water. One of the main results of this bad science? The price of refrigerants (like the stuff in your car A/C) increased tenfold or more. People working on these systems, were forced to purchase expensive equipment to service A/C & refrigeration, which caused an increase in cost to the consumer. So, what we have is 2 major environmental threats (ozone depletion & global warming) that are caused by the oceans. Banning or taxing the oceans is difficult, so we need to blame it on man. Now, is where we get into the political and wealth redistribution part. Rich countries like the U.S., France, Germany, etc. are being told that they need to contribute billions & billions of dollars into U.N. run money banks and international funds to help the poorer countries develop environmentally sound economies. Sound familiar? The rich ones need to pay their fair share. What this, and lately, so many other policies and regulations boils down to, is the expedient acquisition of power for those proposing this stuff. Politically connected corporations/entrepreneurs whisper in a politicians ear that if they back a regulation or law that would greatly benefit their company, they would be willing to donate tons of money to help them acquire or keep their political seat. Can anyone say SOLYNDRA? The expedient part is what has become most troubling lately. I see so many laws and regulations being proposed or passed, that have had little or no thought put into them. It used to be, that responsible lawmakers would draft legislation that tried to cover all the particulars. Details were thought out and changed as needed, prior to even proposing it. Now, we have Obamacare and Medical Marijuana laws that were merely passed and NOW, they try to sort out how it is going to work. It is absolutely irresponsible. They merely throw out a desired idea and get it passed in able to quickly reap the power given them in the law. If the law is too ludicrous to pass, they

simply have a government agency do an end-around, and enact a regulation anyways. This global warming crap is no different. Does anyone remember how many Billions of dollars were scammed into greedy bureaucrats' pockets at the U.N. during the sanction period of Iraq after Gulf War 1? Now, we are expected to trust this anti-American, Socialist outfit with taking care of climate change? Any time I am watching a TV show and I hear them mention global warming or climate change, I switch the channel because the entire show I was watching has an obvious agenda, and it was not education or science. During the early phase of this global warming crap, it was agreed to by a consortium, that Carbon Monoxide was the main cause of global warming. So, they spent millions of dollars setting up CO monitors around our big cities. This would prove that man, and most specifically, Americans were the cause. Increases of CO in the air around the cities would coincide with increases in temperature in those areas. Well guess what? The CO levels increased around our metropolitan areas as expected. BUT temperatures did not! Wouldn't this prove to a scientist (a real scientist), that the theory was wrong? Temps actually increased in rural (farming) areas diring this period. Why? Water vapor coming off the plants. Our planet has been much warmer for longer periods of time, and far cooler for periods of time, especially before the industrial age. Man is not doing it. It is natural and repeating cycles. These facts have been proven. It is not science! It is Occupy Wall Street on steroids. You guys are rich, you need to give us money and reduce your production so we can be equal. Any time you hear one of your politicians mention global warming or climate change, call them out on it and then begin looking for a replacement. It is a giant fraud being forced upon us. How many e-mails and other communications need to be published about these so-called scientists fudging numbers or throwing data out all together because it disproved their theory, before this bullshit stops? It won't stop by itself, we have to stop it. The way to stop it is by calling attention to the hypocrisy and lies every time we see or hear it. Anyone spouting this crap has an agenda. That agenda is to fatten up somebody's pockets somewhere. Refrigerant 12 was selling at around $5.00/LB before it was demonized. After laws went into effect banning it, it shot up to as high as $300.00/LB. You think nobody got rich off of that? How about the new market for refrigerant recovery systems that all of a sudden popped up? It is all a big fraud.