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GstarCad Comparison Chart

Features supported Features not supported

AutoCad Premium Std Pro 2010 LT

Light Std Pro

Regular Std Pro

Native IntelliCad

Native DWG Support (OpenDWG Technology) DWG Support for AutoCAD 2.5-2010 Export DWG to PDF Export to DWF 2D & 3D Export to WMF EPS, BMP, EMF, SLD, PNG,SVG, GIF, JPG, TIF, PCX Import WMF Import DWG, DWF Export to ACIS(sat) Import ACIS(sat) Import 3D Studio(3ds) Support for AutoCAD Command Line Support for AutoCAD 3D Surface Commands AutoCAD Menu (mnu) and Script (scr) Files SHX & TrueType Font Support Support for AutoCAD LIN and PAT files Dockable Properties Toolbar Find and replace CUI Multi-documents Window Label Array dialog box Dimension style management dialog box Block dialog box Wblock dialog box v


Design Center and Tools Palettes Auto-recovery & Backup Add Command Modifier Multi -pitch Point Edit Convert Drawing Encryption Visual Menu Customization New Mtext Manager Hatch Editing Block Attribute Manager Dimension and Text to Front View Manager Reactive Text Mline External reference in-place editing Polar Tracking SPLINEDIT Quick Dimension Word paste special into blocks Etransmit Quick Select Qleader Mline & Spline Edit Xref, Block In-place Editing Attribute Extraction Drawing Scale Control Parameters Cross to break width Rotate Cursor Line Such as Chord Extension Normal Connect Flex connect Super Fillet Modify linewidth Cross to break soon Super Axonometric MTP Track Gradient Hatch Associate dimension Layout manager Dwg preview plug-in Improve Hatch function Improvement on Font System Publish Function Calculator

Full ACIS modeling & editing AutoCAD 3D surface commands Advanced Rendering (Same with) ACIS in and out Gouraud Shaded ACIS Realize Complex Computation Visual Styles 3D Real Time Cutting Change 3D into 2D such as solprof 3D Connexion Mouse Interface 7 Kinds 7 Kinds 2 Kinds 5 Kinds Acad 2007 Acad 2007 Acad 2000

CTB Color Table Files STB Color Table Files PC3 Printer Configuration Files HDI third party print drive Intelligent Plot Optimization Drive Arrange drawings automatically PLT Output Tool DWF Virtual Print Driver Same Plot Interface Improvement on Plot Operation Environment DWG File Batch Print Function WMF, EMF, EPS, PDF, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPG and other images Virtual Print Part

Express Tools
Layers Blocks Text Dimension Selection tools Modify Draw Tools Form Tools Drawings Compare GstarCAD Tools AutoXLStable

AutoLISP Support (including DCL) Compatible with AutoCAD VBA completely Menu Diesel Expressions DCL Engine Autodesk Development System (ADS) Support Object ARX Support Improvement on the Lisp Support (VLISP) Compatible with Vlisp, (vis,fas)