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Team Member Programme

Product sheet for recruitment

Welcome to recruitment for the TM Programme! In this document, you will find three key things to remember when you recruit for Team Member Experience. The value proposition of the TM Programme. The programme conditions and policies. How to sell TMP as a product.

Based on these, you can also see Dos and Donts of GIP recruitment.

Value Proposition
Why it matters: The value proposition of a programme should be the central message you communicate when you recruit students to the programme.

For youth, the TM value proposition is: a practical team experience to gain hard and

soft skills and access the global network of AIESEC. The overall experience needs to give an entrepreneurial and responsible attitude towards being a better leader.

Programme conditions and policies

Why it matters: The programme conditions and policies tell you what defines a TM experience. If you are part of this programme at any level of the organisation, you must live the experience based on these conditions and policies. TMP conditions: TM Programme is an experience hosted by an AIESEC entity in any country or territory. The primary purpose of the programme is to provide a practical learning and development experience to a young person, through being part of a team and having responsibilities towards improving AIESEC performance and the delivery of its experiences. A TM Programme experience is between 8 weeks and 18 months. TM Policies: The policies for the TM Programme are not in place yet. To find an example on 2015 Programme Policies, please check the Exchange Programme Policies legislated in the Global Compendium which are available here.

How to sell TMP as a product

Why it matters: Its important to re-define our approach towards the Team Member Programme, which did not exist in such a format previously, although we delivered similar experiences. This is the most common programme taken in AIESEC, including various profiles of people like new recruits, middle managers, LC VPs, MC VPs and AI VPs. Why do we need to sell TMP? Being the most popular programme, TM Programme has the biggest visibility and target group in the campuses we are present at. However this programme has been sold (during recruitments) and delivered (to the various profiles) quite inituitively in the past. We need to look at TMP as our standardised product to continuously be able to create and fulfill the right expectations of our customers our own team members and leaders, who are the programme participants. How can we package TMP? Selling TMP for students needs to be considered as selling an exchange experience: making a very concrete promise, clear expectations for duration, skills development and learning provided and possible job descriptions of the team member. Defining the needed profiles of students and conscious HR planning can help the LC to align customer needs with organisational goals.