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A1 -Read the passage.Then say T ( True ) OR F ( False ) ( 10x2=20 Pts.) Peter is a young boy from Scotland. He lives with his family in a small house in a village by a lake. Behind the village, there is a large forest. Peter's father Is a farmer and his mother is a nurse at the hospital in the city. Peter is a student at the school in the village. He's got lots of friends. At weekends, there aren't any lessons, so they can go swirnming in the lake or into the forest. Peter is twelve years old, so he can go into the forest alone, but his sister, Moira can't, because she is only three.It's winter now, and there is ice on the lake, because it's very cold. Peter and his friends can't go swiniming, but they aren't unhappy, because now they can go skating. ___ 1- There is a lake near Peter's house. ___2- Peter's house is in the forest. ___3- Peter's mother is a farmer. ___4- Peter and his friends can't swim in the lake now. ___5- Peter's sister can go into the forest alone. ____6- Peter can go swimming on Saturday or Sunday. ____7- Peter's village is near a lake and a forest. ____8- Peter is unhappy now, because it's winter. ____9- Moira is Peter's sister. ____10-Peter's family has got a large house.

A2 - Fill in : at , in on. ( 8x1=8 Pts.) 1) Saturdays, Sally always gets up very early 2) the morning 3) ..about half past six. First, she has a shower, then she gets dressed. After that, she goes to the newsagent's to collect the papers. She finishes her paper round 4) eight o' clock, then she goes home for breakfast. After breakfast, she usually goes shopping with her mum, and then, 5) noon, she meets her friends. They sometimes go to the cinema 6) ..Saturday afternoons. She usually has dinner with her family 7) .the evening, then she plays computer games. She always goes to bed late 8) Saturday night. A3- Write can OR cant .( 8x1=8 Pts.) 1- Fish swim , but they fly. 2-Birds . fly , and they sing , too. 3- A six-month-old baby walk , but he say a few words. 4-I play basketball but I play the quitar. A4- Look at the map and fill in with the blanks with the correct prepositions. ( 4x2=8 Pts.) POST HOSPITAL LIBRARY ZAFER VICTORIA SCHOOL STREET



CINEMA across

MUSEUM between

ZOO next to behind



1.There is a library the zoo. 2.There is a museum . the cinema and the zoo. 3.There is a hospital the school. 4.There is a hotel the cafe

A5- Write the times. ( 6x2=12 Pts.) 1 5 6 2 3 4

1- .. 2- .. .

3- .. 4-


A6 - Match the following.( 7x2=14 Pts.) 1-It's a bit cold today. ( .. ) 2-I've got a headache. ( .. ) 3-I'm very fat. ( .. ) 4-I'm very thirsty ( .. ) 5-The stove is very hot. ( .. ) 6-That bag is very heavy. ( .. ) 7-I'm late for work. ( .. ) a)Take an aspirin. b)Have a cold drink. c)Don't open the window, please. d)Eat less, then. e)Don't carry it alone. f)Hurry up, then. g)Don't touch it.

A7-Write sentences using the verbs in the table under each picture.Use Present Simple Tense.(5x3=15 Pts.) play / iron wash / brush / swim /

A _______________________________ _______________________________ D _______________________________

B __________________________ E __________________________

A8- Answer the following questions.( 5x3=15 Pts.) 1- What foreign languages do you learn at school ? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 2-How many English lessons do you have in a week ? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 3- What time does your school start and finish? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 4- How many minutes are there in an hour? _____________________________________________________________________________________ 5-What cant you do in the class? _____________________________________________________________________________________ TIME: 1 class hour Cafer AHN ALTUNAY Birsen S.BATMAZ Kenan MASAT Emel S.ENTRK Zuhal