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1hls ls a very nlce collecLlon of buslness qulz quesLlons wlLh answers lL wlll help ln several buslness

Lvery buslness qulz enLhuslasL musL read Lhese buslness qulz quesLlons wlLh answers as lL has
lnLeresLlng lnnovaLlve and creaLlve qulz secLlons LhaL caLers Lo Lhe buslness concepLs facLs Lrlvla
corporaLe hlsLory
1) WhaL ls Lhe name of Pead CuarLers of 1aLa Croup?
Answer 8ombay Pouse
2) lndlas flrsL sLeel mlll was bullL by 1aLa ln whlch year was lL compleLed?
Answer 1911
3) AbouL 66 of Lhe 1aLa caplLal ls allocaLed by 1aLa Sons for whlch purpose?
Answer hllanLhroplc LrusLs
4) WhaL was Lhe flrsL lndlan luxury hoLel esLabllshed by Lhe 1aLa Croup?
Answer 1a[ Mahal PoLel
3) 1he 1aLa group conslsLs of how many companles?
Answer 80
6) When was Lhe mlnlsLry of dlvesLmenL formed ln lndla?
Answer 1999
7) Whlch was Lhe flrsL successful dlvesLmenL of a Su carrled ouL by Lhe rullng nuA comblne?
Answer Lagan !uLe Machlnery Company LLd
8) Who were Lhe flnal Lhree bldders for 8alco when lL was belng prlvaLlsed?(8haraL Alumlnlum
Answer SLerllLe Plndalco Alcoa
9) Who was Lhe flrsL mlnlsLer for dlvesLmenL under nuA governmenL?
Answer Arun !alLley
10) under whlch lndlan prlme mlnlsLer were guldellnes for Lhe dlvesLmenL process flrsL lald down?
Answer Chandra Shekhar
11) Who are Lhe 8reLLon Woods SlsLers?
Answer World 8ank and lMl
12) Who ls Lhe resldenL of World 8ank?
Answer 8oberL 8ruce Zoellvlck
13) Who ls Lhe resldenL of lMl?
Answer uomanlc SLrauss kahan
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ul generaLed by Pk8 knowledge 8ase ScrlpL 14) Who ls W1C Chlef?
Answer ascal Lamy
13) When dld Lhe World 8ank come lnLo belng?
Answer !uly 1944
16) WhaL was lormer name of World 8ank?
Answer lnLernaLlonal 8ank for 8econsLrucLlon and uevelopmenL (l88u)
17) Who was Lhe flrsL presldenL of Lhe World 8ank?
Answer Lugene Meyer (18 !une 1946)
18) Whlch Aslan naLlon was Lhe flrsL Lo geL a World 8ank loan?
Answer lndla on AugusL 18 1949 for 8allway 8econsLrucLlon and uevelopmenL
19) When dld lndla slgn Lhe World 8ank ArLlcles of AgreemenL?
Answer 1943
20) Whlch organlsaLlon lnsLlLuLed Lhe nobel rlze for Lconomlcs?
Answer Sverlges 8lksbank (8ank of Sweeden)
21) Who ls Lhe flrsL Aslan Lo wln Lhe nobel rlze for Lconomlcs?
Answer AmarLya Sen (for hls sLudles ln Wellfare Lcconomlcs)
22) Pow many women have won Lhe nobel rlze for Lconomlcs slnce 1969?
Answer none
23) Who ls Lhe oldesL reclplenL of Lhe nobel rlze for Lconomlcs?
Answer Wllllam vlckrey
24) Pow many Llmes have Lhree people shared Lhe nobel rlze for Lconomlcs?
Answer 1hree 1lmes
23) Who was Lhe flrsL governor of Lhe 8eserve 8ank of lndla?
Answer Slr Csborne SmlLh (Aprll 1sL 1933)
26) Who has been Lhe longesLservlng 88l governor?
Answer Slr 8engal 8ama 8a[u
27) Who had Lhe shorLesL Lerm as 88l governor?
Answer AChosh
28) Whlch 88l governor has wrlLLen lndlan Lconomy Lssays on Money and llnance?
Answer ur C 8angara[an
29) Who was Lhe flrsL lndlan Lo become Lhe 88l governor?
Answer Slr ChlnLaman u ueshmukh
30) Whlch brand of scooLer when LranslaLed lnLo lLallan means wasp?
Answer vespa
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ul generaLed by Pk8 knowledge 8ase ScrlpL 31) Whlch popular car audlo sysLem companys name
when LranslaLed lnLo Cerman means blue polnL?
Answer 8laupunkL
32) Whlch brand name ls derlved from Lhe word polar suggesLlng coolness?
Answer olo
33) When LranslaLed ln korean whaL does uaewoo mean?
Answer CreaL unlverse
34) WlLh a presence ln 27 counLrles Lhe name of whlch company means Lhree oceans?
Answer Sanyo
33) Whlch was Lhe flrsL prlvaLe muLual fund company ln lndla?
Answer koLharl loneer(1993)
36) Samlr Arora who recenLly was banned by Lhe SecurlLles and Lxchange 8oard of lndla was a parL of
whlch muLual fund?
Answer Alllance CaplLal
37) Whlch was Lhe flrsL publlc secLor muLual fund Lo be seL up afLer Lhe unlL 1rusL of lndla?
Answer S8l MuLual lund
38) Pow many muLual funds are Lhere ln lndla Loday?
Answer 31
39) PulC SLandard Llfe MuLual lund recenLly boughL ouL whlch of lLs compeLlLors?
Answer Zurlch lndla MuLual lund
40) Whlch ls Lhe offlclal adverLlslng agency of Lhe lndlan governmenL?
Answer ulrecLoraLe of Audlo vlsual ubllclLy
41) Whlch ad agency manages Lhe career of crlckeL sLar ?uvra[ Slngh?
Answer ercepL uMark
42) Whlch lndlan blsculL brand ls Lhe slngle largesL selllng blsculL ln Lhe world ln lLs segmenL?
Answer arle C
43) 1he laLe Lelevlslon sLar and acLress rlya 1endulkar used Lo endorse whlch brand of blsculLs?
Answer rlya Cold
44) Whlch blsculL company was assoclaLed wlLh Lhe 1v programme kaun 8anega CrorepaLl?
Answer 8rlLannla lndusLrles
43) Whlch was Lhe flrsL lndlan bank Lo open an lnLernaLlonal branch and where?
Answer 8ank of lndla ln London
46) Whlch bank was founded ln 1906 aL Lhe Lemple Lown of udupl and ls Loday among one of lndlas
Answer CorporaLlon 8ank
47) When were banks ln lndla naLlonallsed?
Answer 1969
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ul generaLed by Pk8 knowledge 8ase ScrlpL 48) 8ana 1alwar who ls now Lhe head of Sabre CaplLal
was formerly Lhe CLC of whlch bank?
Answer SLandard CharLered lc
49) Who ls behlnd Lhe currenL Wlpro 8rlLannla Marlco and Lakme logos?
Answer ShomblL SengupLa
30) Who was Lhe flrsL lndlan acLress Lo model for Lux soap?
Answer Leela ChlLnls
31) WhaL do you call a sLock markeL Lrend LhaL ls nelLher bulllsh nor bearlsh?
Answer Chlcken markeL
32) WhaL ls plcklng sLocks LhaL have already sunk Lo Lhe boLLom buL sLlll have some bounce ln Lhem lefL
Answer Clgar buLL hunLlng
33) Pow many sLock exchanges are Lhere ln lndla?
Answer 23
34) WhaL are llllquld sLocks LhaL do noL follow SL8l rules called?
Answer Z sLocks
33) 8y whaL name ls Lhe bulldlng hlroze !ee[ebhoy 1owers beLLer known as?
Answer 8ombay SLock Lxchange
36) Whlch companys ad llne was Ceography ls PlsLory?
Answer lrldlum
37) WhaL publlcaLlon adverLlsed lLself wlLh Lhe llnes SofLware for Lhe mosL advanced mlcroprocessor
on Lhls
Answer 1he Lconomlc 1lmes
38) 1he 8rlghLer Slde of Llfe ls Lhe ad llne of whlch of Lhese companles/groups?
Answer Av 8lrla group
39) uonL blend ln ls Lhe ad llne of whlch of Lhese companles/producLs?
Answer LlfesLyle lnLernaLlonal
60) Llfe ls Cne lncredlble !ourney ls Lhe basellne of whlch magazlne?
Answer CuLlook 1raveller
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ul generaLed by Pk8 knowledge 8ase
Q 1. n mutual funds analysis what is SHARPE ratio ?
Ans. Return to risk ratio. AddI return for one more unit of risk
Q2. Who has acquired the italian jewellery brand BULGAR ?
Q3. n stock market lingo what type of a security is a DVR ?
Ans. A share with a differentiaI voting rights
Q4 Why is Warren Buffett planning to spend an entire day at TaeguTec ndia in Bommasandra near
Bengaluru ?
Ans. Berkshire Hathaway's onIy investment In india
Q5. What is the meaning of the phrase 'boilerplate ?
Ans. Standard IegaI text/ fine print added to many contracts
Q6. n internet and media what is a ' Freemium' model ?
Ans. Basic service is free. Premium service is paid.
Q7. 'Every man has his price' is often credited to Dhirubhai. Which philosopher first said it ?
Ans. Frederick Nietzsche
Q8. Name the movie and the studio to start video rental through Facebook .
Ans. Batman-The Dark Knight , Warner Bros
Q9. Name this pioneer of housing finance in india whose centenary is being celebrated this year.
Q10. Which restaurant chain recently overtook McDonalds to have the largest number of outlets in the
world ?
Ans. Subway
Q 11. Name the first and the only app store on the android platform focussed on Adults. phone says no
to adult apps.
Ans. Mikandi
Q 12. Name the London based brand identity firm hired by Hero Honda to create new logo etc.this firm
had worked on the Tata logo.
Ans. WoIff OIins
Q 13. Which iconic luxury car is being distributed in ndia by Shreyans group ? The first dealership is
coming up in Delhi.
Ans. Ferrari
Q 14. Which celebrity 's co has been imposed a penalty of Rs 7.5 lakh for not submitting returns for last 4
years by the CLB ?
Ans. ShahRukh Khan's Red chiIIies entertainment
Q 15. Which co has launched a limited PL edition where PL logo is displayed on the rear and the seats ?
Ans. Volkswagen W Vento

1. "We have learned that if we provide people with an occasion & an excuse to shop, they will come" are
Golden words of whom?
Kishore Bayani (The Chairman of Future Group)
2. What is the Title of Auto Biography of JRD TATA?
Beyond the Last Blue Mountain
3. What is the Title of Auto Biography of Krishna Kumar Birla?
Brushes with History
4. "t happened in ndia" is the Auto Biography of whom?
Kishore Bayani (The Chairman of Future Group)
5. "The End of Ecconomic Man" is the famous book written by whom?
Peter F Drucker
6. "magining ndia" recently published book authored by?
Nandan M Neelakeni
7. What is the Tag Line of Sony?
Like No Other
8. "ndia's Family Store" is the punchline of which brand?
9. Name of the Family Store owned by Kumar Mangalam Birla?
10. "Net Safe Credit Card" is introduced by which Bank?
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PDF Generated by PHPKB Knowledge Base Script11. "Ab Khulke Jeeyo ndia" is the advertisement
slogan of which company?
12. What do you mean by ADAG?
Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group
13. "Kingfisher Red" is the former name of which Airlines?
Air Deccan (that was taken over by Vijay Malya Group)
14. Who is the founder of Air Deccan?
Captain Gopinath
15. "World's Local Bank" is the punch line of which bank?
16. What is the full form of HDFC?
Housing Development Finance Corporation
17. NASDAQ is an acronym for?
National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
18. Expand CC?
ndustrial Credit And nvestment Corporation of ndia
19. "One Family One Bank" is the tagline of which ndian Bank?
Bank of Maharashtra
20. "Express Yourself" is the punchline of Airtel then "Experience Yourself" is the tagline of whom?
Tamil Nadu Tourism
21. "Celebrate Life" is the Tag line of which Company?
22. Who was the founder of Dabur ndia Ltd.?
23. Babool Tooth paste is introduced by which company?
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PDF Generated by PHPKB Knowledge Base Script24. According to an Advertisement Slogan, who is
"Best Employer in ndia 2007"?
Aditya Birla Group
25. "Power of Simplicity" is the punch line of Tally, then "Sense & Simplicity" is the tagline of which
26. Which Company brings CNBC Channel in ndia?
TV 18
27. "nspire The Next" is the punch line of which company?
28. "Born in Japan Entertaining the World" is the tagline of which company?
29. What is name of the series of mobile showrooms set by Reliance Communications?
Web World
30. Which Leadership Guru coined the term 'Transformational Leadership'?
James Macgregor Burns
31. Citi Bank co-brands cards for which oil company?
HP (Hindustan Petrolium)
32. This company is "applying thought" which company?
33. Harmony is the name of which companies' textiles?
34. "Magic" is the brand name of which mobile company's Prepaid Card?
35. Which car gives you "Fun on the Run"?
36. Who has been appointed as the CEO of the CC Bank with Effect from May 1, 2009?
Chanda D Kochhar
37. Who is the first Asian to be appointed as Deputy Speaker of Lord House UK?
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PDF Generated by PHPKB Knowledge Base ScriptLord Swaraj Paul
38. Who is the present Finance Secretary of ndia?
Arun Ramanathan
39. With which form of Economy is the term "Laissez-faire" associated?
Capitalist Economy
40. SAARC aas formed in which month and year?
December 1985
41. Tata's Nano Project was shifted from Singur to which place?
Sanand in Gujarat
42. Next SAARC Meeting is held where?
43. The 15th ASEAN Regional Forum Meeting was held at?
44. Who is the present Chairman of SEB?
Chandrasekhar Bhaskar Bhave
45. n the context of Mutual Fund SP stands for?
Systematic nvestment Pla

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